A Mistaken Marriage Match 5: Pursuit of Murderer in Liao Yue Chapter 10 The Mysterious Person

A Mistaken Marriage Match 5: Pursuit of Murderer in Liao Yue by Qian Lu(错嫁良缘系列之燎越追凶)

Chapter 10 The Mysterious Person

When the group was about to walk out of a small enclosure, Fang Ru Hui who had been quietly standing at the side suddenly said, “On that day when the hospital was about to close, there was this person.”

Mu Yuan, asked immediately, “Who is it?”

Fang Ru Hui tried to recall the event that day and answered saying,” It was a woman. She is less than 30 years old and she was wounded at an inconceivable position, it was between the web of her thumb and forefinger of her palm. The wound was very deep. According to her she was  careless and accidentally cut her hand using the sickle of the family. However, the sickle is curved and  the wound is not consistent with a cut from a sickle.”

A woman? Mu Yan frowned unaware. He had not expected that a murderer can be a woman. However, currently they do not have other suspects, but then again her wound and story have some discrepancies, this woman was also very suspicious. Mu Yan asked for more details and pelted him with questions, “What time specifically this happened? The appearance of female do you still remember? On that day, what was she wearing? What kind were they and her appearance? How does she look like? If you see her again, can you still  recognize her?”

Fang Ru Hui nodded, recalling the details from his memories one by one, “It is about 7 to 9 p.m. She was wearing a very ordinary dark purple dress, her sleeves, front blouse and skirt have big blood stains. There was nothing special about her stature, very ordinary. She has a slim build and about five feet high. If I could see her again, I should be able to recognize her.”

“Did anyone accompanied her?”

Fang Ru Hui with definite answer said, “No, she was by herself. There was no one accompanying her. After the wound was dressed properly, I examined her again only to see that her face was very pale and she looked weak. I offered her to remain to rest for a while. She could stay in one of the rooms but she refused. She did not stay and left immediately.”

Mu Yan took down the details of Fang Ru Hui statement one by one as he narrated them. When they were about to leave, suddenly there was a great commotion outside the hospital. A voice of a man was screaming with panic and urgency, “ Is the doctor in? Ask him to come out quickly! Save somebody!”

“Oh, my God! A bloody mess!”

“This is just so terrible.”

The crowd could not help but to express their shock for what they were witnessing. One can hear their whispers one after another and even so, there was also a woman’s voice crying out of fear.

Fang Ru Hui was the first one to react. He was almost running towards the hospital hall. The three doctors also hastily followed after him.

As constables, hearing the word ‘blood’ was very sensitive. They looked at each other and immediately decided to keep up with what was happening.

Lou Chen was standing at the door hall in between the room while Fang Ru Hui walked in and lifted the curtain and he noticed outside the hall there was a gathering of people. There a man was kneeling down on the ground and a big pool of blood on his side. Even inside the pharmacy, the smell of seeping blood permeated.

Lou Chen was not ready to come out yet, however, she noticed the man kneeling before was now standing in the middle of the crowd. He was wearing beige commoner clothes whose shoulder and back was full of blood stain and the color of the blood… … it gave her concern.

Lou Chen thought for a moment before she went out.

Fang Ru Hui exited the hospital towards the hall and waited for the people to step back. Several people in the hallway also rushed to follow behind. Outside the hall, there was a man whose body was stained with blood said hurriedly, “Doctor Fang, this person on my back, I found him in a laying in a small alley. He was covered in blood and took him quickly on my back and brought him here! Quickly give him a look and see if he could be saved?”

Fang Ru Hui half squatting down prepared to lift the man’s bloodstained clothing. He could visibly see that he was wounded in his chest. When he was about to touch the wounded man, he felt someone suddenly seized his shoulder, he looked up and saw Jin Yan Hen with serious warning expression between his heavy voice he said in a whisper, “ Be careful the man is poisoned.”

“Poisoned?” Those that stand far off will not be able to hear, but the man who brought the wounded man standing near Fang Ru Hui heard it clearly. His face suddenly turned pale, frowned and asked, ” I carried him all the way to come here, his blood was all over my body. In this case, will I be poisoned too? Doctor, please take a look at me too.”

After the request of the man who carried the wounded man, the nearby spectator was also frightened and hurriedly retreat several steps. Everyone carefully stared at the man now laid down on the ground.  He was wearing a Chinese style black dress and they could not see clearly how many wounds he had, but his grayish ghastly complexion was still scary for them to behold. The panicked-stricken crowd could only talk in whispers.

Fang Ru Hui’s expression turned into slight dread, although his family for generations practices medicine, seeing the common people in this small town, some mostly come for examination of disease and flesh wounds. When it comes to internal injuries, he was not an expert in this field, let alone poison. Similarly, the old doctors in the hospital also did not have much experience in this field of endeavor. Even though, Fang Ru Hui worries but he did not show them on his face. For now, he can only give the people some assurance and said, “According to common sense, so long as on you do not have the wound, even if his blood is poisonous, you will not be affected.”

Thousand Herbs Hospital in this small town was famous and everybody also trusts Fang Ru Hui very much. When the crowd heard him said that, they felt relieved and calmed down.

Fang Ru Hui took a deep breath, ready to squat again to first check the man’s injury when someone suddenly yelped!

“Be careful!”

The incident happened in a flash. Fang Ru Hui’s hand has not reached the man’s shirt when the man who looked like dead suddenly opened his eyes, sat ferociously and the hand that was full of blood tried to grasps Fang Ru Hui on the neck. It was good that the man behind him reacted swift enough. Jin Yan Hen who was standing behind him swept him to move backward.  Also at this time, a blue figure quickly arrived beside the poisoned man, lifted her hand to strike the man on his neck’s vital points. She quickly put the unruly poisoned man in control. By the time Mu Yan catches up, there was a sound of something being pounded or falling to the ground. ..thud. The poisoned man hit the ground and now lay motionless.

Jin Yan Hen’s gazed constantly focused on her, glancing at Lou Chen  making sure that she was okay before turning his head to asked Fang Ru Hui, ” Are you all right?”

Fang Ru Hui sighed heavily and shook his head. When he looked once again towards the man’s direction, the man was already lying on the ground.  To his amazement, Lou Chen was already squatting beside the man and neatly pulled out his shirt. The man’s tears were flowing freely. The man’s chest was very big. He had numerous wounds, both small old wounds, and new wounds. The most fatal strike was that knife on his left shoulder just under his rib, it was deep and long. What was worse right now was the blood coming out of the wound from his limb.  The dark blood coming was accompanied by small pus.

Fang Ru Hui saw that Lou Chen quickly choose several acupuncture points on the man which obviously made the blood flow slow and he also saw her took the man’s wrist to check his heart’s pulse. Fang Ru Hui asked in her in a low voice, “How is it? Can he be saved?”

After the moment, Lou Chen released the man’s wrist hand and stood up, chuckled and said, ” He is in a luck.”

All people were bewildered and wondering what she meant. They looked at each other in blank dismay for none could give them the answer.  Jin Yan Hen for a time cannot also understand what she meant. Lou Chen looked at  Fang Ru Hui with a smile, the tone restored its coldness as in the past, ” He could be saved, but I saw your hesitation and in your mind already gave up.”

“Provide help with your heart and mind” those were instructions from Fang Jia Zu, his grandfather. He taught and admonished him since young. Fang Ru Hui naturally does not have anything that he could not bear however he quickly nodded and said hastily, ” Saving his life was most important. Tell me, how he can be saved?

“Ma Mi grass, Wei Huai leaf, Daqing (Isatis tinctoria) leaf and Weeping Forsythia boil them in clean water to clean the wound.  The Chinese violet and Patrinia scabiosaefolia grass, pound them together, add the Rongshan snow ginseng and Ji Wei root to the concoctions and give it twice a day orally. If he could endure for three days and more, the poison can be cured. “

Lou Chen said it very easily without a hint of strain. Whereas the doctor was now in dilemma, he was not so sure if there these complete ingredients in the pharmacy.  ” We have all these in the pharmacy except Rongshan snow ginseng with Ji Wei root, where can we find them?”

Lou Chen slightly raised her eyebrows, “Since I said that he was lucky. Naturally, it is in your Chinese pharmacy. You have all these medicines.”

Fang Ru Hui was silent  for a moment and relaxed his agitation, “Concoction of Roshan snow ginseng roots and Ji Wei root, we really have them?” Now, it was clear to him why Miss Lou Chen said earlier that this person was lucky, in the formula of counter poison drugs he needed to concoct Roshan snow ginseng and Ji Wei, these were snow mountain ginseng and herbs that was very rare to find.

The medicines in the pharmacy of Thousand Herbs Hospital to be complete were only by chance. He heard his father said before that Roshan snow ginseng only grows in North Qi Roshan at the peak of the mountain. It only comes out few days in several years in this small state, that’s was why this it was considered very precious. Twenty years ago, there was this beggar that he saved. If not for that the beggar would have died in his injury. After father cured his wound, he wanted him to stay and become a hospital helper, so he does not need to beg again and wander on the streets. But the beggar refused however before leaving he left my father a small cloth. Inside the small clothed wrapped a Roshan snow ginseng root. Though this was just a small piece, it will be difficult for him to trade.

His father often uses the story of this herbal root to warn him to have a charitable disposition, think and feel only with good thoughts and blessings will follow.  This legendary herb can solve hundred of illnesses and comparable to hundreds of drugs. Unfortunately, Lou Shui Town was just a small town and they only look into minor illnesses and actually, there was no need for this holy ancient detoxification herb.

The medicine was to save others and if it can save others life now, he naturally does not have anything not to give up. Fang Ru Hui hesitated for a moment then said, “Ji Wei roots in Chinese medicine shop not ……”

She did not wait for Fang Ru Hui to finish and Lou Chen said in a whisper, “East side of pharmacy the medicine-chest, count on the third row from bottom to top, from left to right it is the second row.”.

Fang Ru Hui gawked at her. After he recovered, he nodded towards his side for medicine boy to go, who was standing behind him. The boy ran towards the big pharmacy hall immediately. Before long, came back running again with some paper wrapping in his hand. He stretched his hands in front of Fang Ru Hui while handing him the medicine, laughing joyfully, “Young master, we really have it.”

Fang Ru Hui looked surprised. The paper-insulated bag wrapped 5 to 6 pieces of something that looked like common tree root from a deadwood. He thought that this was also one of the medicine that his father collected. At that time his father said that this was root constantly fights and clean the body poison inside however if not used properly it was also not good, instead of saving it will kill. Therefore, he has not thought of using it. Many years that passed by, he had forgotten.

 But wait, the question was now, how did Lou Chen know that the pharmacy has the raw material for medicine that he himself does not remember? She was also very accurate and aware in which medicine-chest?! Fang Ru Hui somewhat rudely step forward  and pursued to ask her, “How do you know?” He was really curious.

Lou Chen answered lightly, “You brought me in that day in the pharmacy and let me look around.”

The people in hospital understood completely and they begin to laugh. She previously visited the pharmacy, no wonder she knew.

The people finally relaxed except for Fang Ru Hui and Jin Yan Hen. They were actually startled in their hearts especially Fang Ru Hui, nobody knew it clearer than him. Actually, on that day Lou Chen followed her in the pharmacy for a brief moment. It was less than half column of incense (15 minutes) and she has not done anything but looked around. He cannot believe in such a short period, she had completely mastered the place. The average person let alone those who carried medicine boxes with labels in each were still reluctant, but she ……unexpectedly she did not write them down but still remembered it so clearly!

Fang Ru Hui stared at Lou Chen like a deadened fool. Jin Yan Hen patted his shoulder and said loudly, ” If you do not arrange for someone to concoct the medicinal herbs and processed his wounds, he will be dead.”

Fang Ru Hui recovered from his reverie and quickly arranged for men to carry him into the treatment room. Lou Chen already turned and walked towards the backyard when Fang Ru Hui was still in a daze.

The three doctors started to examine the poisoned man, they encircled him in the hall and the crowd also to quickly dispersed outside, went back to their line to see a doctor.

Mu Yan was staring at the ground, examining the dried up blood and said as a matter of fact,“ That man does not look like that he is from Lou Shui town. It looked like he was chased down to be murdered. His identity is certainly not simple.”

Jin Yan Hen crossed his arms over his chest, restored a careless appearance like before, said with a smile, “He is not simple. He did not die. None of this things mattered to us.”

 “What about her?”  Mu Yan pointed towards the direction of Lou Chen before pouting.

“Her?”Jin Yan Hen smiled happily, “On the contrary, I actually wished to be very involved with her.”

Mu Yan eyes glared at him and scolded him in a low voice, “You are not afraid to provoke troubles.”

Jin Yan Hen gently shook his index finger, said with a smile, “The word trouble is bad, but trouble such for her I am willing to provoke.”

“Ah Hen, do you want to provoke trouble?”

A woman’s voice behind them resounded.  Jin Yan Hen’s whole body turned stiff and signaled fiercely with his eyes to Mu Yan. Mu Yan looked like he wanted to help but too late, and could only quietly moved two steps to the side.


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