A Mistaken Marriage Match 5: Pursuit of Murderer in Liao Yue Chapter 11 The Beautiful Lady Ru

A Mistaken Marriage Match 5: Pursuit of Murderer in Liao Yue by Qian Lu(错嫁良缘系列之燎越追凶)

Chapter 11 The Beautiful Lady Ru ( Ru Měirén)

” Ah Hen, what is it that you want to provoke to trouble?”

As soon as he heard the moderate voice of a woman, Jin Yan Hen’s body suddenly stiffened. He was signaling with Mu Yan fiercely but though how much Mu Yuan wanted to help, he was unable to think of anything to get out of there quickly enough. In resignation, he just quietly moved two steps to one side giving way to the lady.

Jin Yan Hen glared at Mu Yan with eyes full of spite but by the time he turned around, he hung a perfect facial expression that was somewhat surprised and worried, “Oh, you come here? Are you not sick anywhere?”

The woman was not touched completely by his acting and complained in a low voice, said, ” I have not seen you for three days three and nights. You, young man, was off earlier than chicken in the morning and in the evening returns very late at night. I cannot wait for you at home like a dog so I come out only to find where you are.”

Jin Yan Hen put his hands on woman’s shoulder and called out like a thug, ” Rú měirén … ” ( T/N: The word měirén  just a change of stress of the tone the meaning could change from beautiful to pungent).

The women squint her eyes before fiercely reaching out to Jin Yan Hen’s ears, clutched his left ear and twist it really hard. Jin Yan Hen lifted his right hand to protect his left ear that seems to tear out from his head and simultaneously used the other hand to tightly grasp the woman’s hand. Giving her a pleasing smile and laughed,” Paternal Auntie, what I meant was that you are beautiful like flowers in a full bloom and full of elegance. I am actually complementing the well-deserved beauty.”

What Jin Yan Hen said was not actually a lie. The woman he called was his paternal aunt. She has a fair and delicate skin, looked like over 30  in appearance with a pair of phoenix eyes slightly picked upward. Her eyes and Jin Yan Hen’s looks like very much alike only that Jin Yan Hen’s eye shape was longer and narrower. She wears a dark red dress with a wide black waistband that grasps gracefully her waist. She was not like any other woman, very few women of her age wear this color, but on her, it was actually exceptionally appropriate.

Jin Ru enjoyed it very much when she is being praised by Jin Yan Hen, like the way it is now. However, her face must remain and carry the impression and manner of a dignified elder, “Explain and report to me in the past few days what are you doing?”

Jin Yan Hen curled up his lips before answering saying,” I am a constable, in town, there are actually many homicide cases, naturally I am working.”

“There is also Lao Xiao and Mu Yan with you. Besides work, was there something else that kept you busy, usually I don’t see you work so energetically? What is it this time? What is the truth that you are trying to hide from me?” Jin Ru’s eyes were both staring intently at Jin Yan Hen face to catch for hints just in case he lies.

” Am I even able to hide the truth from you?”Jin Yan Hen turned his eyes towards the sun outside the room and said, “Time is so late, ah! The case was not yet solved. I have to leave to continue investigating first. Mu Yan let’s go, hurry.”

Mu Yan cried out to her, “Auntie Ru, we will leave first.”, then quickly ran to catch up with Jin Yan Hen.

They quickly ran far away. Jin Ru was so annoyed but she was helpless. She could only grudgingly criticize this “smelly brat”. She definitely can smell something and she will not back down and will surely find the means to eventually find out the truth.

Jin Ru reached the medicine cabinet where she planned to buy some medicinal herbs to be put in a stew. She was planning to prepare a soup for Jin Yan Hen to keep his body healthy. As she was preparing the raw materials to be purchased,  when she heard several people in front of her talking among-st themselves about the commotion that happened moments ago. She was curious what these people were talking about?

A tall man said in a hushed voice, “You said that a moment ago, the very attractive girl comparable to an angel is actually a doctor in Thousand Herbs Hospital? ”

The old man around him nodded, “Yes, didn’t you see her went back inside?”

Room inside? Ah Jin was staring at that direction moments ago when she came in. So, it was inside the room! Jin Ru perked up her ear and listened diligently to the people in front of her if they were to add anything more.

“Is the medical skill of the woman doctor also good? A moment ago took she took the pulse of the man then Doctor Fang asked her opinion if the man can be saved.”

“No matter what kind of medical skill she has, I have not seen in any case a woman that looked so attractive.”

“I only cast her sidelong glance. Her whole body looked like of a noble but the temperament is so aloof. I do not dare to stare at her to look more.”

“Same here, also!”

Several young men echoed the same in a hushed voice, their faces were covered with the expression of shyness and look of fascination.

Jin Ru brows raised, then twist and went to reach out and grab the youngster inside the small drugstore, saying, “Xiao An, you come here.”

Xiao-An was caught by a hand out of nowhere. She had a scare and when he recovered her senses to see clearly the person that grabbed him, it was Lady Jin Ru. He quickly smiled, ” Auntie Ru it’s you. Did you also come to be examined?”

“Right!” Jin Ru eyes twinkled with an idea, started to act as if something wrong with her stomach, furiously rubbed it and said, “Recently, I was always uncomfortable and wanted to be examined by Ru Hui. However, I heard that your Thousand Herbs Hospital has now a female doctor that sits and examines, also that she is  attractively beautiful, is that true?”

Xiao-An scratched his head and shyly replied saying, “Young Master truly invited the woman doctor to come back, her appearance I do not dare to discuss randomly, but I heard that her medical skill is excellent.”

Jin Ru now approached Xiao An closer, whispered a question, “Has our family’s Ah Hen met that female doctor yet?”

Xiao-An does not understand why Jin Ru asked for something like this, but still answered her, “He definitely  has seen her.This woman doctor, it was Ah Hen who brought her yesterday?”

Where did the Ah Hen get to know this kind of woman? Jin Ru maintained her poise and continued with her request, ” Help me arrange quick, I want this female doctor to examine me.”

Xiao-An nodded, points at the door saying, “Good, Auntie Ru you only need to pass through that and go to room inside directly, then it will lead you to a small courtyard, you can see the small clinic there used for examination. Today, there are not many people so you just need to wait for a little bit.”

“Good.”Jin Ru patted Xiao An’s shoulder and said with a smile, “You are busy. Get going.”

Xiao-An immediately complied and busied himself with his own matter. Jin Ru did not waste time, turned around to walk towards the inner courtyard.

When she entered the courtyard, Jin Ru noticed a pair, a mother and daughter, sitting on a bench under a shade of a tree. The gate to the inner courtyard and the clinic door was separated by some distance. The clinic was covered by a gauze curtain and across that curtain were two people sitting, the curtain offered some privacy so no one can see clearly the activities behind.

Jin Ru was not anxious at all and confidently sat down beside the mother and daughter. That woman doctor does her examination really fast because before long the facilitator called for the mother and daughter to go inside in which they immediately came in. In less than half a quarter of an hour, they came out.

By this time there were three women that entered and waiting with her in the yard. Jin Ru got up and walked into the small clinic.

She lifted the gauze curtain and Jin Ru eyes behold before her,  sitting on a long table a woman wearing a black clothing, head was bowed as she was writing something. The jet black hair behind her seemed like its flowing even though the room had no wind. Her sleeves also flutter about sending out a feeling of slight graceful dance movements. Jin Ru had not seen the face of the woman yet but her heart was already feeling some kind of fear.

For a long time, Lou Chen did not hear any sound just a sense of human presence. She lifts her vision and met Jin Ru’s eyes looking intently. She withdrew her gaze, put down her pen and said in a low voice, ” Take a sit “.

The sound of her voice was pleasant though slightly chilly. Jin Ru finally saw the woman’s face, this time she was not surprised. She just had a glimpse of beauty a while ago and she felt that the woman was much more beautiful than she imagined her to be.

Jin Ru obeyed dutifully and sat down then placed her hand on top of a cotton pad and a cool hand gently touched her wrist.

Jin Ru looked secretly and trying to see some hint from her face, but what a pity for she achieved nothing. She cannot be defeated. Jin Ru smiled and coughed a little, then opened her mouth, “Girl looks unfamiliar. You are not from the town of Luo Shui right?”

She was answered with a room full of silence. Jin Ru persisted and casually chatted and asked again, “You are such a youth and now can already sit at Thousand Herbs Hospital to make a diagnosis, your medical skill and knowledge is surely excellent, I wonder who is your teacher? “

Lou Chen released her hand and pick up a pen and paper wrote some words. Jin Ru did not lose heart and continued to ask, ” Girl, you have a celestial angelic appearance, it is certain that you are already betrothed  to someone right?”

She continually asked several issues and giving her opinion, however, Lou Chen did not reply, not even once. Jin Ru looked straight continuously but Lou Chen did not even bother to look at her eyes. Jin Ru’s heart was annoyed but it was not good to manifest it this moment. Then unexpectedly a yellow paper was handed in front of her.

Jin Ru stared at what she received, “This is ……a prescription?” She readily threw the prescription on the table and sneered at Lou Chen saying, “I observed that you only took a pulse and did not ask exactly where I was uncomfortable. Now, you directly prescribed me a medicine. You as a physician worked contrary to what one might expect, you take things effortlessly,  not very seriously.”

Jin Ru’s unstated criticism, her body was healthy and to prescribe any medicine randomly, then that person’s medical skill and knowledge are very questionable indeed!

Lou Chen gently pushed back the prescription to Jin Ru, ” The lady’s throat will become very uncomfortable.”

Cold voice faintly sounded or can be even counted on as gentle. Jin Ru’s body has no signs of a cold and for a time did not understand the meaning of Lou statement. Lou Chen did not make it troublesome for her to guess for her to get her meaning, she continued to say in a low chilly voice, “Every day, if you speak this many words, your throat truly would not withstand.”

Is this saying that she talks so much?!

Jin Ru pounded the table, stood up and stared Lou Chen walked ablaze with fury and rushed to go out without taking the prescription.

She was out of a small courtyard but Jin Ru’s face was full of rage and if there was anything remaining that will be a room for worries.

This woman has grace and talent, bearing appeared excellent and the looks of it she was not raised by a common family. To wish the safety of Ah Hen through his lifetime, they need to be cautious and timid*, ( T/N probably meaning go under the radar) to be prudent to hide the spearhead. If this woman gets entangled together with Ah Hen, by no means that should happen! It is not good. She must find a way to avoid them from having a contact with each other.

Lou Chen found that in the afternoon, the patients were more compared to the morning but fortunately, all are common illness, the diagnosis was not troublesome. Even so, she diagnosed more than 20 patients before the sky started to darken, it was already long time passed of her agreed time to leave.

She tidied up the paper and the ink stone, and in the afternoon she had to write prescription drugs to give to the pharmacy to preserved. As she finished doing all of this, the gauze curtain was lifted again and in a threatening manner a pretty form was burning in anger appeared before the clinic.

“Lou Chen!” Qu Ning Shuang arrived in front of Lou Chen and called out breathless in anger, ” I want to hear it from you. What did you do for Elder Brother Hui?”

Lou Chen’s beautiful eyes cannot look at her straight for she feels like laughing seeing her this way. Qu Ning Shuang ignored those satirical eyes and went straight to say in a crackling voice, “Do you know that now the entire Luo Shui Town were crazily talking about the beautiful doctor that came at Thousand Herbs Hospital! They said you are not only a person of beauty; your medical skill is excellent, and they also said … … they said that you… as a talented woman and Elder Brother Hui are a perfect match. They said the two of you will make a perfect pair. What is more hateful, but also some people said that you are at the threshold of marrying him to become his wife and now started to help to manage the hospital with him!”

Qu Ning Shuang talked with great agitation that her cheeks blushed looking at Lou Chen who remained casual in appearance. In reality, Lou Chen, care less about this matter and deemed Qi Ning Shuang’s big news like a story from a storyteller, with an attitude of nothing-is- new and this is just another ordinary matter. Qu Ning Shuang got angrier, “How aren’t you pissed off or mad?”

Lou Chen with the rare smile answered her, “What is there to be mad about?”

Qu Ning Shuang frowned and now more puzzled than ever, “They talked absurd things about you, but also spoke irresponsibly that you are betrothed to others. This will go bad on your boudoir reputation, shouldn’t you be mad?”

What is the fastest and most incredible thing in this world? Naturally, that is gossip. Common people in small town will stop for this and will embroil in a quarrel for what they “know”, be it right or wrong. The ability of the small town to spread rumors compared to Qiong Yue is simply trivial, they were simply dwarfed by the city folks and it was not worth mentioning. If this little rumor was worth being mad and then she estimated that all her life she would have spent it living angry.

Lou Chen was so lazy to explain things, she sat to examine the whole day and was already very tired. She leaned herself against the back of the chair and cast a sidelong glance at Qu Ning Shuang eyes, said reluctantly, “You rushed all the way here to say these unworthy matters to me?”

Qu Ning Shuang answered back loudly, “Certainly not!” She does not know why but she does not want to lose face before Lou Chen. She wanted to be acknowledged for her ability and today she investigated and found a new clue. Finally, Qu Ning Shuang looked happy and her face was full of smiles, “I went door to door to inquire at Wang Si’s back lane today and I finally find two witnesses, on the 14th from 5 to 7 p.m. about three quarters, they noticed that an injured person ran from the direction of Wang Si’s backyard, you cannot think absolutely what I found, unexpectedly that person was actually a woman!”

“Is she wearing dark purple clothes and was injured in her palm?”

Miss Qu’s self-satisfied proud smile did not last long on her face. The thoughts that she was about to say was immediately crushed by Lou Chen casually. Qu Ning Shuang was panic-stricken, “You ……you even ……knew!”

During the time with Zai Feng, Lou Chen said some things that she also saw but has not actually thought of. She believed then that Lou Chen has exquisite intelligence and an excellent way of thinking. But this time she did not even went to investigate but surprisingly, how could she be so precise?

For the first time, Miss Qu wanted to cry, the disparity between her and this person was really… really… big?

Qu Ning Shuang looked deeply disappointed and on the verge of crying. Lou Chen shook her head for she does not want to leave behind that deep psychological harm to her. Lou Chen explained her good intention, “At noon today, Jin Yan Hen and Mu Yan came to inquire about the day of the murder. On the same day if there was anyone that was treated for a flesh wound. Fang Ru Hui said that there was a suspicious female, wearing a dark purple women’s clothing at around 7 to 9 p.m. He treated her flesh wound on palm and piecing the two incidents together with what you are sharing, it was not difficult to guess.”

Sure enough, after listening to Lou Chen, Qu Ning Shuang sighed deeply, she finally breathes a sigh of relief and put away the despair on her face. Lou Chen had not planned to continue listening to her sighings. In a cold voice, she said her thought of the matter, ” Feng Qian Feng side there are not many women capable of killing her, the murderer has a flesh wound in the hand and it is not very difficult not to find her. Perhaps, by this time, Jin Yan Hen had already caught the person. “

Miss Qu finally recovered from self-pity, urgently said, “What? I cannot miss the process of arresting the perpetrators! I will go first.” That moment the sound dropped, the person’s shadow already vanished in the small courtyard.

Lou Chen shook her head, this girl she feared needs a long time to be able to learn how to be calm. Lou Chen was deep in her thoughts when suddenly she heard a loud cry, immediately the sound was something she was very familiar. It was Miss Qu who just walked out.

“Who are you? Do not mess with him, otherwise, I am sorry for you!”

Lou Chen’s heart was frightened, immediately sets out to walk outside. The youth in charge of pharmacy happened to meet her. He was anxiously rushing and in panic, panting and trembling. ” Lou Chen not good. The poisoned man woke up. Come, he caught my young master!” 


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