A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter Chapter 64 The Lingcao

A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter by Qian Lu 錯嫁良緣續之海盜千金 作者:淺綠

Volume II Chapter 64 The Lingcao (Spirit Manuscript)

They bullied Uncle Mo Bai before and then later Ah Nuan also. She was a family but was disregarded and not even cared for. Su Su had a veiled criticism against the Mohist people from the very start. And that man, who just came also, does not dare to look straight at her in the eye. She focused her attention to him but his eyes kept moving left to right. They might be indifferent in terms of political things and material pursuits but then to treat and look at her with coldness was simply outrageous! Is Mo that amazingly great?! Well, who cares because she was not simply absorbing and enduring such treatment?

No more Mo people, shake them off and she cannot attach that much importance to them now because for right this moment she must hurry and rescue someone! Su Su’s cow-like eyes sparked and looked at Ao Tian with adulation, smiling “Uncle Ao, can I borrow Ao San again. “

Ao Tian tried to hold his laughter but he was not successful. This small smiling face were just seconds ago was full of arrogance flipped faster than a book’s page. Standing behind Ao Tian, Ao San does not need Ao Tian to give him a command but quickly went beside Su Su, “Young Miss Su, please tell me what do you need.”

Su Su smiled at Ao Tian and then turned to Ao San and asked,” Do you know how many caves are in the jungle? “

“Seven of them. “

“How many have water in them?”

Ao San thought for a moment before replying, ” Three.”

Three? Luckily, there were only a few. Su Su continued to instruct him his mission, ” You arrange some people to go. Find that three caves and look for someone on a cave that has a channel of flowing water, the channel will slowly narrow but it will lead into a big cave. Inside that big cave is a pool, the pool water has undercurrent. Go through that undercurrent and it will lead you to another cave. That cave has another channel and that channel has a stone wall at the end. At the end of the stone wall on the top is some kind of mechanism, there is a trace of depression on the wall the shape of the copper mask. Put the copper mask on the depression and it will open another chamber. The cave is semi-circle and there is a luminous stone with a well next to it. Follow that pit hole beside the stone because Li Yang is on that cave below. Remember to bring long rope about 70-80 ten feet. After getting down you must be very careful, there is a ‘Land of Fantasy and Illusion ‘and toxic gas in that cave.

Su Su gave the instruction very slowly but she thought the path was also quite complex. She was a little worried so she asked, “That’s all to it, do you think you can remember? “

Ao San nodded, calmly and said, “I’ve got it. We will bring back Li Yang.

Su Su thought of the strange grave, coldness and the pitch darkness. She can’t help but worry and instructed, “Bring in a few more people. Again must be very careful. “

“Yes. “In order to complete the tasks he will rush through whatever forbidding place, Ao San gave no importance about the ‘Land of Fantasy and Illusion” and toxic gas. Su Su’s eyes were full of worry while looking at his cold and callous face that had an extremely shallow perspective, totally no idea to what was waiting ahead.

Ao San sets out to rescue someone. Su Su also prepared to leave, but she saw Ao Tian’s facial expression was not good and in a voice that was devoid of warmth asked her, “Where did you break into? “

Su Su hesitated to say it for a moment but then replied truthfully, “Mo Sang tomb pit .”

Ao Tian’s countenance suddenly look grave, more than 20 years ago, he had seen Mo Sang once and that woman was not someone like Mo clan. Arrogant and aloof but not from worldly affairs and seeks revenge at the slightest grievance! They went into her tomb pit, how they were able to get out. Ao Tian examined Su Su one more time all over for fear that she has something that was not right with her.

Su Su swiftly said, “Uncle Ao, I’m pretty alright.” After saying that, Su Su turned back quickly from going towards Mo Yuan’s direction, she spun around in a circle for Ao Tian to see that she had no injuries and she has a ruddy complexion.

Finally, Ao Tian’s tensions on his face faded and Su Su again said with calmness, “Now, I want to see how Mo Yuan is.”

Looking at her appearance cautiously, Ao Tian does want to part with her but he was not willing to tell her that. He just sighed and said, ” Go ahead.”

Su Su nodded and ran towards the direction of medical shed immediately. Ao Tian was staring at Su Su’s back for a long time, feeling a little complicated, every daughter in his family and friends had grown-up?

Su Su just entered the inner courtyard of the medical shed when the door inside the little room just opened. Su Su immediately approached someone and asked, ” Ah Nuan, is everything okay? ” Sang Nuan’s face was pale and colorless, she appeared to be at the verged of collapsing. Su Su rushed to hold her and give her support.

Sang Nuan rubbed her aching forehead, took a deep breath and said, ” The poison was too hard to manage, even with my blood, the poison cannot be cleared completely. I can only suppress the toxicity and I have to find another method of treatment again. “

Ah Nuan has no cure, then who we can ask to help for a cure ? Can Aunt be able to give the treatment? If not, can Uncle Ao find the ghost doctors and seniors? They should be able to treat it for it was said that there was no poison in the world that he cannot cure. But what if he’s not willing to cure it, what shall I do?

Sang Nuan was watching Su Su’s as she indulged in her pondering and her face was getting shoddy. She held her hand tighter and patted the back of her hand, and said, “I can’t work this poison, Mo people naturally have the solution, even if Mo House can’t find a cure, they can always have someone to work it up, so you don’t worry too much. “

Right! There were Mo people, who she actually thought were several indifferent people. Su Su frowned, with a helpless voice said, ” Ah Nuan, I have something to ask you.”

After hearing the seriousness in Su Su’s voice, Sang Nuan looked at her quizzically, “What is it?” “

Su Su did not speak, but went outside the medical shed with Sang Nuan, asked her to sit down and took out the ‘pingyan fu’, the yellow paper was hidden from her belt. She handed the paper to Sang Nuan and said, ” What the hell really is this? I want to hear the truth, if you don’t tell, I won’t compel you, but the friendship between us will whittle away in the light of this. “

Sang Nuan does not know whether to laugh or cry. Is this not compelling? This woman was indeed daring to say such! Sang Nuan then had a change of mind after giving it some thought since she assists her a lot her to keep her position on the island, she was truly dependable. If she declined to let Su Su learn the truth about this, she would always think that she was missing out on matters related to her, if she chose not to tell her, indeed what friendship was there to talk about.

The afternoon sun was shining through the half-open window spilling inside the room and shrouded Su Su. Sang Nuan remembered that afternoon, where she was standing and told her to, “take care”. She does not wear a mask today showing fully those fine facial features with very clear eyes that were less chilling but consistently have that display of firmness and that deep faint glow of integrity and uprightness. Yes, uprightness that she just had witnessed in Wolf Island only now. This was something that she has never experienced before.

In Wolf Island were all cruelty and Mo’s indifference, it was incomparable to Su Su’s uprightness and integrity. She naturally favored Su Su above Mo House and it does not matter if this will cause a provocation to Mo House.

Those translucent eyes were staring at her without blinking. Sang Nuan smiled to answer her question, “Well, don’t look at me like that. Let me tell you, this is Mo’s Lingcao. ” ( Lingcao meaning antelope grass or spirit grass)

Lingcao? What is that thing? Su Su was confused and stared at Sang Nuan with a look that absolutely forbidding her in just giving her a perfunctory answer, “What is the use of it? “

Sang Nuan has no intention of keeping a secret and honestly answered, “It has a lot of uses, for example, when you took the lingcao, regardless of where you are, Mo Yuan as long as to he uses the blood direction compass, he can find you. Another example, who has it, even though there are hundreds of poison that person will not be affected in any way. It was even effective against all poisonous insects and snakes … ….”

“Wait, you said lingcao can avoid a person from being poisoned? ” She did not imagine that this small thing could help prevent the invasion of poison inside the body. Su Su’s guilt feeling right now can’t be described, if Mo Yuan did not give her the lingcao, he would not need to shed blood for her to find her and he will not suffer this poisoning?

” Ahem!” Sang Nuan hummed to get her attention, “You and Mo Yuan, Tantai Ye Lie together burst into my mother’s grave? You know that their internal force and martial art skills are higher than yours however, both are more dead than alive right now. Look, you can stand here and talk very well and did you ever give it a thought why is that? ” Mo Yuan sacrificed himself for Su Su to dispel the calamity that was to come to her beforehand, followed Su Su’s desire to enter the tomb now it was clear to Sang Nuan how he got contaminated by poison according to his account. Although she was angry for the trespassing in her mother’s grave in the final analysis, it was Tantai Ye Lie’s fault that’s why these two people were there.

Su Su was staring at lingcao and anxiously, “Can this cure the poison? ” If this lingcao prevent the poison from plaguing the body, then there was something the paper bag, that can also work out the poison? Su Su gave Sang Nuan a hopeful look, yet it was unfortunate that the answer was disappointing. Sang Nuan shook her head, “Lingcao can only avoid the plaguing of toxin inside the body but not to cure.”

Still, Su Su’s vision never got away from that lingcao, after a long time of pondering she asked, “This lingcao must have other functions, too, besides that.” If the use of lingcao was only avoid being poisoned, Tantai Ye Lie will not take such risk to rush inside the tomb pit to steal it.

Sang Nuan took a deep breath. Just as expected of her, her mind was always keen and sharp, ” Mo House was able to shun the world and hide away from the sight of the world for many years. No one can find them as well as their villages and even if there were few people who were able to find it because of the law that was passed down by the Ancient Mo guardians, no one can enter the Mo villages unless they were allowed to pass. Ancient Mo spread a matrix strategy protection (like bobby traps and matrix of illusions ) so no one can enter the villages however with the lingcao, it was the only way a person can resist and cannot be blocked by matrix protection and will have free access to Mo village.”

Su Su stared at that humble little paper insulated bag in her hand, murmuring, “In this world, there is something so mysteriously magical? ” No wonder when Mo Sang died, this stuff was buried with her. Mo Yuan, on the other hand, did not hesitate to even risk his life, as soon as Tantai Ye Lie took it, it’s a disadvantage for the Mohist. This does not feel right before I did not know that this thing was so precious to Mo Yuan and I must return it to him.

This thing was naturally amazingly mysterious, this small packet of lingcao was not really that insignificant. However, how the lingcao protects, Sang Nuan had no plan of telling Su Su, after all, she had not asked about that yet and just let her gradually discover it herself if it was really precious or not? Her other cousin was not anxious and in no hurry to tell, she what was there to be anxious about.

“Well good that you are here, you watch him, I have to do something. “With that, Sang Nuan held the handle of a wooden chair and slowly stood up.

You don’t look very good. Go and have a rest.” Sang Nuan looked very frail and she feared that moment ago she infused to much blood because the smell of blood still lingers. She looked like as if in a slight gust of wind, she would be blown away.

“I am all right.” Liao Yue had withdrawn and now there were many matters were waiting for her.

“And also, there were several Mo people that came.” Su Su could sense that Ah Nuan has inexplicable hatred to Mohist people. Although she does not understand the source of it, she must warn Ah Nuan ahead of time, so as to avoid a sudden situation that might get out of hand.

Sure enough, as soon as Su Su finished speaking, Sang Nuan’s feet paused and her body shivered slightly and the frail hands clenched into fists.

Su Su patted Sang Nuan’s shoulder and said in a hushed voice, ” Ah Nuan, now is not the time to provoke them. “Su Su was very clear and in her appraisal she can in no way looked down on those people a moment ago. She courageously said what she did and dealt with them that way because she was of Su family and the daughter of Su, behind her, was the support and protection of the entire Su clan. Uncle Ao also stood beside her, so she can be crazy and acted arrogantly. Equally, that several Mo people were also arrogant and harsh, but Ah Nuan cannot act that way. At least, for now, she cannot afford to. Su Su was distressed to tell her this but she cherished Ah Nuan dearly.

Sang Nuan’s body shook violently for a very long time before it slowly returned normal and her voice mild as usual, “I know.” She answered without turning her head and slowly went out of the medical shed.

Su Su walked into the small room once again, but without knowing the reason why she did not dare to go in. What was this? She does not know. She took a deep breath at the door several times before she pushed open the door gently.

When she saw the man lying down quietly on the bed only then she was able to calm down. Although Ah Nuan said that she can only suppress the poison and cannot help Mo Yuan to detoxify, but his present appearance was really a lot better than before. His grayish face faded completely and his lip color also was no longer black.

Su Su was standing on the doorway, observing quietly the person lying on the bed, thinking the first time she saw him, he was very pale and without a hint of color which currently at present … …

Su Su without realizing that her clear eyes were gazing with scorching intensity towards those of closed pair eyes. She sighed deeply secretly when … …slowly her clear eyes were defenseless in collision with pair of very profound black eyes looking back at her.


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