A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter Volume II Chapter 65 Do You Care About Me?

A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter by Qian Lu 錯嫁良緣續之海盜千金 作者:淺綠

Volume II Chapter 65 Do You Care About  Me?

Su Su unconsciously gazing intensely at Mo Yuan, her stare was full of warmth coupled with secret sighs. Those closed eyelids slowly opened. Su Su was defenseless on collision route against Mo Yuan’s overwhelmingly deep eyes.

Yes! These were these eyes, the first time she saw them, it only displayed the coldness inside of his being. They do not have the vitality of life but displayed like a cold deep pool which was stagnant, no billows nor waves and very indifferent,  always keeping people away at a distance. But at this moment, these eyes that were so profound as before but strangely no longer like the cold stagnant water, but actually the opposite.  These eyes gave the impression that there were undercurrents buried below the tranquil water surface, seemingly surging an inexplicable mood, making the human curious and want to discover more what was hidden behind those gazes. Finally, Su Su unaware she was sucked gawking into those deep thoughtful eyes.

Su Su was really fascinated and captivated to the point that she had not realized that the person she was staring at was already completely awake, who had now narrowed his eyes looking back at her. He gradually met those pair of clear eyes radiating an overflowing worry and anxiousness. Suddenly, Su Su snapped back to reality and realized that he was now similarly looking at her. She seemed to have innocently stared at his eyes for a very long time.

Su Su was leaning at the door while standing while gawking at those pair of a black pupil, now feeling a little embarrassed, she quickly straightened up and cough twice to masquerade her earlier discourtesy. She arrived at his bedside, slightly embarrassed to herself and said, “You woke up”.

Mo Yuan, whose heart was bubbling with an inexplicable feeling of helplessness, though his mind was conscious and awake, it took a lot of time and effort from him to actually open his eyes and wake up.

 Su Su was tracing her nose as her usual habit while saying,” The elders from your family came in three ships and they were now anchored on the beach, they want to meet you.  You should send a message and give them back an answer to connect with them.”

 After Mo Yuan heard the report, instead of being happy, he frowned and also looked like he was unwilling to do anything. Why they come around? In his letter, he clearly stated that they should defend outside the dense fog. After thinking for some time, he looked at Su Su and asked, “Are they being difficult and made you feel awkward?”

Su Su sneered and snickered loudly, “ For who was being difficult and felt awkward, that I am uncertain.”

Mo Yuan thought back for a moment and then nodded in agreement. If she did not feel awkward then the other party could have, that was good then. On the other hand, actually based on his experiences nothing he could think off will make Su Su feel difficult or awkward.

When Mo Yuan’s face appeared to have agreed, Su Su withdrew from this topic and decided to talk about something else, “I will make these people meet Li Yang,  so you do not need to be worried. Also, your poison, Ah Nuan said she does not have the means to expel it out, the Mohist should have a way, right?”

Mo Yuan did not reply but remained silent. Su Su thought that he was not aware of what was happening. Su Su now was also speechless. She doesn’t know what his mysterious silence meant, since nothing could be done about it, nevertheless was it better not to know? She simply said, “Or, why don’t you come home together with me and find a person that could cure you.” Aunt was the favorite disciple of the famous ghost doctor, moreover, Aunt cherishes her that’s why if she asked Aunt for help, she will definitely comply.

Mo Yuan remained silent all throughout and Su Su now was little agitated and added, ” For believing so much that I could change someone’s opinion, your clan chief will find methods for your case anyway!”

Mo Yuan was staring blankly, just a moment ago his mind from the beginning was continuously thinking about Shu Fu (Father’s younger brother Fu; Shu means uncle)  and for what reason he landed on the island so suddenly, if whether or not there was an unforeseen event. It has not occurred to him that Su Su thought of detoxifying his poisoning so carefully herself and he was not expecting that. The poison gas launches a physical attack inside his body which continuously putting pressure on his chest but now suddenly it has loosened and eased a lot that the corners of his mouth unconsciously moved to show a weak smile most adorably like in a customary manner of that a master and disciple.

The complexion of Mo Yuan was originally white, after poisoning however his color became even paler, his face appeared very sick, his lips were very dry and pale that showed that he was not in good health yet he still brought out a smile. Su Su saw that smile and she was not pleased and happy at all,” What do you smile for?”   

Though it irritated her, she did not pursue the matter and just let it go. She actually discovered that Mo Yuan’s expression was happier and the smiling expression became deeper. Su Su sighed and admonished herself to just ignore it, every time he smiles or laughs anyway it was full of unfathomable mystery or for reason unknown to anyone (idiom mòmíng qí miào-). Mo Yuan’s mood was very happy and he partly haunched his body to a sitting position on the bed, saying, “You should not forget to meet the terms of my affair.”

“What affair?”  

Has she forgotten? Mo Yuan frowned and said whispering, “You are coming home with me to Mohist village.”

Su Su thought of the matter. She truly said that if Mo Yuan would assist her she would go back to Mohist village with him. Originally ……he gave her the lingcao, then anxiously searched for her, all for this, so she can follow him to Mohist village and untie the mysteries of purple bagua disk?! This Mo zhao shu ( son of the master) was really dedicated and will do the best for the Mohist.

Su Su does not understand why her heart was feeling depressed, could it be attributed to her loathing of the Mohist.  Su Su did not answer Mo Yuan concerning the matter either she will be following him to his village. Instead, she suddenly pulled out the yellow packet of lingcao and handed it to him, “This is yours, you take it back. Since the lingcao can evade hundred of poisons, you carry it around, perhaps to your body can still have some benefits, even if it cannot dispel the poison, at least you will not be contaminated with other poison again.”  

Mo Yuan stared at her once again as she handed the yellow paper in front of him and in a cold voice said, “Sang Nuan told you? What else did she say?” 

Su Su raised her eyebrows. Does this lingcao have other secrets? It seems like she needs to have another good chat with Sang Nuan, a really good chat.

“We talk in brief. This thing you have to take it back and do not separate with it even for a minute, understand?!”This time Su Su did not give Mo Yuan the opportunity to reject the lingcao. While she was talking she grasped his hand and placed the yellow paper in his hand, wrapped his finger with it until he was holding it tightly with his hand, holding it there until she was perfectly satisfied.

Mo Yuan did not resist and just let Su Su pull his hand. Her hands were very warm. Her touch was, in fact, burning him and he could not help but just looked at those slender hands holding him, let her take control and tightly gripping his hand with her hand after putting the yellow paper inside his hand.  He did not shake it off even though it was hurting because it touches the wound in his palm. When Su Su let go of his hand, he looked intently at Su Su and asked in a very soft whisper that one can barely hear clearly, “Do you, care about me?”

Su Su was surprised at Mo Yuan’s mood with those look in his eyes, something very complex was radiating from them but she could not exactly pinpoint and explain what it was. But still, she took the question for granted and answered as a matter of fact, “ Of course, I care about you. You helped me with the defeat of Liao Yue. I will follow you home at Mohist Village even earlier. Anyway, you also gave me this lingcao and if not for this little-treasured paper, I should be the one being poisoned. Rest assured, I am obligated to help you find the cure for your poisoned body!”  

Su Su thought she said all the right words and she wanted to assure Mo Yuan that she was not an ungrateful person. What a pity, someone’s face in front of her darkened, the happy expression on his face disappeared and the smile that was hanging on his face froze. Suddenly… …

After a low several sighing, an irrepressible sound echoed inside the peaceful hut, “  Hai!.. Hai…  ”  The sound of someone expelling something from the mouth, blood started to flow out of the corners of Mo Yuan’s mouth

“This ……” Su Su’s both hands and feet were flustered and she panicked, how can he vomit blood for what I just said? It was not customary for her to carry around handkerchief and she looked left and right but could not found one nearby, she was obliged to grab the sleeves of the clothes and wipe the bloodstain of Mo Yuan’s corners of the mouth while saying anxiously, “You? Where is uncomfortable? Quick, lay down quickly!”  

Just a moment ago his mind was covered with rage and annoyance. Mo Yuan closed his eyes and too languid to look at Su Su again directly for he was afraid to be annoyed to death by this woman. Su Su on the other hand at that time was scrambling and does not know what to do when a sound of rapid footsteps approaching can be heard from outside the hut. Before long a familiar figure was standing at the entrance of the hut. Su Su quickly recognized this person to be Ma Shu (Uncle Ma).

Upon seeing Su Su,  Ma Shu appeared to look like he found a savior and quickly said, “ Miss Su can you go to the cave, there was something unforeseen that happened?”

Something happened? Is it Ah Nuan? Su Su hastily asked, “What happened?”

Ma Shu glanced to Mo Yuan who was lying down on the bed who gingerly had his eyes closed, then looked at Su Su, considered for a moment before answering,” I followed according to Miss Su’s instruction and brought the guests towards the cave to rest. A little later,  Yi Dangjia came and said to the eldest Mo people that the young lady colluded with Liao Yue throughTantai Ye Lie. Also, he said that the treasure that was kept by Mo Sang in the island secretly was given to Tantai Ye Lie, and not only that, he claimed that Young Master here was killed by poison. Unfortunately, the young lady just went inside the cave at that time and was blocked by Mohist people and confronted her right at that moment. Now, several sides were in confrontation and I fear that the young lady will suffer a loss, that’s why I ran over here to ask Miss Su to come and intervene.”

Ma Shu stood for Ah Nuan side publicly and naturally, he hoped that Wolf Island will come under Sang Nuan. He saw clearly that Mohist people were not sociable and difficult but on the other hand, he can’t contend with them.  There’s only one person he’s afraid that can withstand them, that is Dao Ao Tian of Ju Ling Island.  Miss Su and Ah Nuan were sworn-sisters and loved each other, so he first thought of Su Su for help.

Su Su secretly scolded herself and cursed, she only remembered to remind Sang Nuan not to act rashly with the Mohist people but forgotten about Yi Danjia, who was also someone not easy to deal with.

 Su Su thought for a moment and then asked, “Is Uncle Ao Tian inside the cave?”     

Uncle Ma nodded hastily, ” Dao Ao Tian is there .”

Su Su sighed and relaxed since Uncle Ao Tian was there, Ah Nuan should not be in any danger temporarily.

” Mo Yuan, have a good rest. I want to go and see what’s happening.” Actually for Mohist people at this moment as long as Mo Yuan showed up,  the issue should be resolved. But he just vomited blood, Su Su was reluctant to leave him and go.

 Su Su just turned around to leave, the person behind her sat down unexpectedly and slowly sets out saying,” I will go together with you.”

“Your poison … …”

Su Su was not able to reply yet but Mo Yuan already lifted his quilt cover and got out of bed, “Temporarily, there is no harm.”

As he was saying not to be mindful of him, he stood up.  He hasn’t walked two steps and he began to stagger and almost fell down. Su Su anxiously hurried to support him and held his arm and said, “ Look, forget to come with me. It will be the same also if I just bring them here.”

Mo Yuan just remained standing, and in a weak voice instructed her, “ I’m okay. Go, walk.”  

Mo Yuan was so stubborn and Su Su could not stop him so she can only hold him to walk slowly outside. Ma Shu followed closely behind them and his heart can’t help to worry, but he could not argue also. He could only constantly rub both hands in distress.

Very soon the three people approached the cave and from the inside, they hear a low roar, “Who dares touch my elder sister, I will kill at once!”

This is ……Sang Leng’s voice, Su Su and Mo Yuan glanced at each other wondering what was happening? What was the matter that made people inside the cave so heavily engaged?

They soon entered the cave. Mo Yuan patted Su Su to let go of his hand. Su Su was puzzled but dropped his hands nonetheless. Mo Yuan secretly controlled his breathing and straightened up his body, then strolled into the cave, put on a cold and alienated appearance, the very same indifferent look when he first saw him.

Su Su could not understand really. He was obviously poisoned, his body was extremely weak, so why he had to appear like he was alright? Aren’t these people from also from Mohist, one of their own? Although previously, these people were very arrogant towards them, they don’t come off as crafty and cunning disciples, why Mo Yuan had to show off strength before them? Moreover, why he has to linger that appearance of indifference in his whole body, what’s really the reason?

After seeing Mo Yuan entered immediately into the cave, Su Su does not have time to ponder and immediately followed behind him. 


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Those following the story closely, my apologies not to be able to publish as quickly as I used to. Life happens, school started and my son went to a new school which required many adjustments for me as a single mom beside that I took a new job that required a lot of time away from this hobby. I tried my best to translate at least a page a week which means it will take me almost a month for a chapter to finish.  I am grateful for your patience.∼ Mayo∼ 



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