A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: The Pirate’s Daughter Volume II Chapter 66 Who Dares Bully My Sister Ah Nuang?

A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter by Qian Lu 錯嫁良緣續之海盜千金 作者:淺綠

Volume II Chapter 66 Who Dares Bully My Sister Ah Nuan?

Su Su came and guessed correctly the situation inside the cave was not good but had not expected to see such spectacle. At the center of the cave, Sang Leng was holding the silver gun, glaring and pointing the gun towards the Mohists and Yi Dang Jia. Those people were looking at him coldly, also at Sang Nuan that was standing behind him. They were not paying attention to Sang Leng but at the corner of their eyes, they were more concerned about Ao Tian. They were dreading him more than anyone inside that cave.

Sang Nuan’s appearance looked very concerning, her forehead was full of sweat and her face looked deathly pale. She was biting her lower lip as if she was making an effort to stay sober and not faint. Her eyes have no trace of fear or do not seems to back down, her vision was fixed at the people’s eyes opposite her whose eyes were always looking at her with indifference.

Ah Nuan !” Su Su ran to the side of Sang Nuan to hold her shoulder. She felt that the person’s whole body was shaking inside. It does not matter if these people were having a confrontation but for Su Su, she rushed to Sang Nuan’s aid and quickly sat her down on a chair.

When Su Su suddenly ran inside the cave, the Mohist people turned their attention towards the entrance and naturally saw Mo Yuan with that same look of cold indifference.

When the man headed toward Mo Yuan saw his deathly pale face, he had a frown inside his heart. He did not make his reaction obvious and he did not make comment about it but he still moved forward to respectfully salute before him, “ Lord Mo shao shu”.

Mo Yuan did not say anything. He just nodded his head in response and continued standing. This task took an enormous amount of effort from him, just for such simple task, it was consuming all his strength.

Sang Nuan’s body was still shaking even though she was already sitting down. Su Su was greatly worried, wanting an assurance she asked, “Ah Nuan, are you alright?”

Sang Nuan shook her head. Su Su glanced at Mohist people who were looking at Mo Yuan and then looked at Ye Dang Jia who was partly hidden behind the Mohist . Su Su in a tone of voice not caring about what the other party’s reaction asked her, “ Did they bully you?”

Sang Nuan sneered, “ Whatever, anything that came from them is not worthwhile.”

Sang Nuan’s voice was chilly. Her eyes were full of the look of indifference that though she was sitting weakly on the chair at this moment her manner remained imposing.

Yi Meng regretted it so much from the beginning when Mo Sang died, these two bastards were only about two years old. During that time, there were countless men that were loyal to Mo Sang and he does not know if these two children were his own. Only if he were not dreading the Mohist that time, he would have killed them already. If he only knew then what he knew now, that the Mohist were not even aware of their existence! He should have killed these two troublesome bastards then.

His heart was full of anxiousness, also thinking of that traitorous Xiang Erye who actually run off unexpectedly taking with him several people and at leaving him alone. Now, he was by himself. What was more damning was that this wicked woman, Sang Nuan, unexpectedly studied deadly poisons behind his back. In the past he defeated Mo Sang’s poison technique, however, that was many years ago now he must remove Sang Nuan in any event, otherwise, she will get the Wolf Island. If that ever happened he won’t be able to preserve his life. But before any of that, he wants to settle the issue of that woman from Su family, she must be dealt with first.

Yi Dang Jia quietly observed the face of Mo Yuan and in his heart, he thought of something. He pointed at Su Su and said on top of his voice, ” She is to be blamed for this. She was from Su family and she conspired with Sang Nuan, also she is the one who also colluded with Tantai family. Together, they wanted to snatch for themselves the Mohist precious treasure. This woman came on the island with a disguise and tricked Mo shao shu from the beginning. After winning his trust, they then poisoned him! You take a close look at Mo shao shu’s appearance. Didn’t he appeared poisoned and it is by them! There is definitely a conspiracy between Su family and Tantai family! Now that Tantai Ye Lie escaped, do not let this woman escape also!”

Su Su raise her head and stared at him with firmness, in a chilling voice scolded him,” Is that all you have to say? You better shut up now because if you do not shut up this very moment, I will make you shut that mouth forever! ”

Yi Dang Jia suddenly opened his eyes wider, angrily glaring at Su Su , ” Small silly girl, big words do not ……”

Yi Dang Jia does not have the time to finish his words when he felt a bright and cold object touched his nape, followed by the gushing of warm blood. The clamoring person just a moment ago now lay dead.

Ao Jie with a blank expression drew back his sword. After striking his target, he walks silently beside Ao Tian.

The death of Yi Meng, the pirate’s chief, apart from a frown from Su Su’s face, nobody really cared.

The man in his early forties from Mo clan took the initiative to ask Sang Nuan in a tone of apathy, “The thing that Mo Sang left behind, where is it?”

“Except for several books about plants, my mother did not leave anything to me?”

“Look here! Considering that you are a Mohist offspring, hand over Ling Shi and Lingcao of Mo Sang if you think I can’t kill you.” The man’s voice was calm but carried with it an infinite coldness. Su Su knitted her brows and when she was just about to speak, Sang Nuan stood up in reply, “I am not a person of Mohist, I am not in the past and neither in the future! I told you what my mother left behind, none of these things that you claimed. Even if my mother left me with anything, I will not give them over to you; do as you wish to do if you have the ability to do it.”

After saying those words, she reached out with one hand to push Su Su away. Her hand gesturing for her not to come nearer and meddle when out of nowhere, a white mist ascended from her fingertips but it did not scatter but her intention was set clearly.

The people of Mohist clan definitely saw clearly the white mist from Sang Nuan’s hand. Their expressions changed whereas the indifferent eyes were now covered with vigilance and an intention to strike back.

“That’s enough.” A man’s whisper sounded in an instant. That whisper shook the two groups of people like a quake. They could not refrain themselves from falling one step back.

He still dared to use his internal force unexpectedly! Su Su raised her head and watched the man that was still standing at the threshold of the cave. She then heard that cold voice once more, ” I got the Ling Shi. I also looked everywhere on the Island. Younger Aunt did not leave behind any relics.”

Su Su felt strange and wondered what his heart’s intent was. He has the Lingcao and the jade tassels of Mo Sang, why was he claiming that he does not have the relics in possession? What was Mo Yuan planning now?

After listening to the words of Mo Yuan, the chief elder did not want to make things more awkward with Sang Nuan and replied, “ Since this is the case, the Ling Shi was found, give Mo shao shu back to his servants. “

Su Su seemed to feel that these Mohist elders truly respect Mo Yuan. Their respect was not only because he was their leader but it was coupled with a deep reverence .

Su Su was carefully analyzing and observing these people when she heard Mo Yuan called them, “ You come with me.”

Su Su wanted to call out after him and stop him, owing to the fact that his health was not suitable to show off such endogenic power again. But in the end, she did not make a noise thinking that Mo Yuan had a reason for doing what he does. Though it was unclear to her whatever his planning, she did not believe that it will add further to the chaos.

Su Su just exclaimed a sigh and look back just to see Sang Nuan paralyzed and collapsed on a chair. The white mist from the air has long vanished. Her face was deathly pale but her lips have a trace of a sneer, smiling to her coldly, assuring her that she was alright. Su Su suddenly thought of something… …

“Uncle Ao, Su Su will ask your help and do me one more favor?”

Ao Tian looked at her stern and serious appearance with some curiosity. “Help.” She seldom uses this word.

Su Su shook her head, “ What do you say Ah Nuan, let’s go to the medical shed.”

Su Su and Sang Leng held Sang Nuan together and returned to the medical shed, sitting her down on the chair, Su Su suddenly asked, “Ah Nuan, could you also help?” ” What do you want to do?” Sang Nuan was puzzled, the poison of Mo Yuan she already tried her best to managed . There are no other people who was injured by poison, what does she need in her place?Seeing that Sang Nuan’s spirit was pretty good, Su Su said to Sang Leng that was standing nearby, “Sang Leng , help me find an incense burner and a fragrance.”

Sang Leng looking at her strange behavior, asked, “ What are you going to do? “

Su Su glared at him and said with a snort, “ Just find it and you will see.”

Sang Nuan knew that Su Su could be very well into some funny weird stuff, without thinking said to them, “You do not need to look everywhere. The medical shed has one, it’s in a low cabinet.”

Sang Leng went over to open the low cabinet and inside there was really a small incense burner and a fragrance less than half full. Su Su let him put the fragrance on the table and then moved the table towards the door front.

“Uncle Ao, I want to swear sisterhood with Ah Nuan properly. In my heart you are an elder, I thought of you to help me and become our witness.”

Su Su suddenly said such words and Ao Tian expression did not change, but on the other hand, the siblings were greatly surprised and shout at the same time, “ Su Su?!”

When Ao Tian heard Su Su previously that she wanted an incense burner and fragrance, he already guessed correctly what she wanted to do. Sweeping a glance at Sang Nuan and Sang Leng’s shocked faces, Ao Tian commented with a smile, “You have not sworn brotherhood yet?”

“Before it was to prevaricate Yi Dang Jia, it was said casually, however this time it is to swear before the incense with heaven and earth as a witness .”

Su Su’s face was very solemn, Ao Tian knew then that for her it was not a joke, but still, he has to verify, “ Have you thought about it and have no doubts about it?”

Su Su nodded and earnestly replied, ” I am very sincere and have no doubts about it.” She truly appreciated Sang Nuan before. During that time when she discovered that the murderer was Sang Nuan, she was awfully sad and distressed. However, she felt sorry for her and loved her more dearly, this woman, granted if she was not same as a lotus to grow out the mud unblemished* (figuratively means principled and incorruptible) , to survive in the middle of steep escarpments, even plum flower have to survived the poor frosty environment and has to be equally stubborn to bloom fully. She liked her and enjoyed her company. She loved to be her sister! Ao Tian was never a stodgy nor pedantic as a person since Su Su established it in her heart, he will not oppose, ” Well then, let’s begin.”Su Su smiled gleefully and picked up the incense and was about to light it up but heard a voice of a woman’s whisper, “ No”.

Su Su frowned, “Ah Nuan , don’t you want to?” Sang Nuan smiled and in a soft lowly voice coldly said, “You are the only daughter of dignified Su clan and your status full of honor, your virtue is incomparable to be tied to you as a sworn sister. Forget it, I am alright.” Su Su felt sorry if she is a young Mo lady, but she will never be a Mo lady, she will even take the initiative to boast and swear sisterhood. But, since she is just a pirate, hands were covered with the blood of the pirate.. … that’s why she thought they do not deserve to be sworn together.

“I want to be sworn with you not to boast my noble identity, though I am a daughter of Su family which is right I am still just Su .” Su Su looked at Sang Nuan with a dazzling smile. Sang Nuan deeply sighed, “Su Su, I am a pirate.” How could a Su possibly accept a pirate as their daughter’s sworn sister, in the end, I might incriminate you to get a scolding from your family members.”

Su Su cannot comprehend it, pirate? Her mother often mentions of the Northwest warrior rider chief and about their head of the clan named Mu Cang. Mother was full of praise for her. Su Family never asked them to look at the status of their friends, it is not like younger auntie of Su family, she has to marry father’s youngest brother no matter what just to steal the surname.

“I care whether you are a noble daughter or a pirate, we hit it off well and I liked being sworn to you. I am the person you are sworn with, why you are over thinking so much? “

Su Su stared at Sang Nuan with a sweeping look, very earnest and loving. Sang Nuan surprisingly cannot think of words to refute her, “You… …”

Sang Nuan tried to shirks continually and Su Su was starting to be annoyed, ” You are so womanishly fussy? Vowing or not vowing? Say something.”

Sang Nuan this moment was biting her lip until she gradually tasted blood in her mouth. When she finally firmly made a decision, “ Will vow!” Now she was ready for any sacrifice, Su Su was like a light to her life and she wanted to seize this light.

Su Su was overjoyed, lit six incense and handed three to Sang Nuan, with their body facing towards the door, bend their knees and swore before the burning incense.

“I, Su Su, today swear and bond with Sang Nuan as my sister, from this day and onward, for good times and bad times we will be sisters, if I violate this oath, let God in the heaven bring me my punishment!”

“I, Sang Nuan, today swear and bond with Su Su, from now on and forever, for good times and bad times, we will be sisters, if I violate this oath, let God in the heaven bring my punishment !”

After they vowed their way, they rose and smiled at each other. Su Su grabbed Sang Nuan’s hand and said gleefully, “ Very good. Ah Nuan is now my sister, no one can bully you!” Sang Nuan also firmly grab Su Su’s hands and firmly shaking it gently and softly making a pledge, “ Su Su I will never let anyone bully you.” Su Su smiled and nodded. Sang Nuan suddenly clearly said to tease, bending slightly towards her, softly whispered, “Oh, also cousin too. I will not let him bully you.”

” Ah?” Who?


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