A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: The Pirates Daughter Volume II Chapter 67 She is Dàoguāng

 A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter by Qian Lu 錯嫁良緣續之海盜千金 作者:淺綠 Chapter List

Volume II Chapter 67  She is Dàoguāng  (  She is the Way to the Light)

The fairly spacious wooden hut suddenly felt crowded after the pouring in of few big brawny men. Several men respectfully stood in the corner quietly. Sitting in the center seat was Mo Yuan, also quietly resting to calm himself, not saying a word.

 After a long silence, a man steps forward slightly bowing his head down, said, ” Young Lord Mo , you have been out more than two months, your servants were anxious about your safety.  Being alone on the island, think about yourself and act accordingly, please treat yourself kindly. ” The man spoke in a calm tone more of a plea and the look that he did not think they did something wrong. 

 Mo Yuan seemed to have been accustomed to the attitude of man for a long time, only faintly answered with two words, “Wrap up” 

” I can not leave today, I have Li Yang take care of some matter and he has not returned. ” 

 ” Master shao, Li Yang is your shade servant, he should have not left you at the time such as this. ” 

Mo Yuan ignored him, only whispered,” Su Su will go back to Mohist village together with me, make the preparations. ” 

The man calm expression suddenly changed, looked up and stared at Mo Yuan and anxiously protested, “ Master shao, absolutely she cannot! The patriarch of Mohist has strictly taught us that a non -Mohist shall never enter Mo village.” 

 “Chen Wu. “ The low deep voice called his name, the man wrinkled his brow and realized his impolite behavior but did not lower his head.

 “I have my own reason why I am taking her back to Mo village. If the father has to blame anyone,  I will bear it. Only you must remember your status, complete your duty if you can.” His voice was like a clear water springing from a rock with no trace of indignation or fault in his tone. The man’s body was shaken and immediately bowed his head. “Yes.”   

” Drawback.”

 The men inside the room have nothing to say anymore, after the ceremonial salute, they drew back.

 “Cough… cough… cough … …”  inside the log cabin, they left behind a sound of suppressed coughing.

Inside the medical shed, the two women just finished their vows and chatting in whispers when a  tall silhouette suddenly crashed into the room. Su Su subconsciously supported the weak Sang Nuan when she fell back a few steps. When she saw clearly the person’s face, Su Su was surprised and called out,  “Li Yang!”

The person present in front of her was really trapped inside the grave almost the whole day. His clothes were dirty, the hems of his garment and the hair were dripping with water. The only part that was clean was the pair bloodshot eyes like of tiger staring at Su-Su. Those eyes looked very distressed and embarrassed, Su Su whispered, “Are you all right?” 

 Li Yang swept a glanced around the room and did not see the person he wants to see. In a cold voice asked, ” Master?”       

Several Mohist came  and they should be in his cabin now … …”  After hearing that Mohist came, suddenly there was a sharp change in his expression and quickly left the medical shed. She hasn’t finished her words, Li yang’s shadow was already long gone. Su Su just pouted her lips, confident of his ability and did not bother about him anymore she turned her attention to the person standing outside, Su Su smiled to  welcome him,  “Ao San, are you all right?”

Ao San’s black clothes were also covered with stains. His neck seemed to have wipe of blood but he did not mind at all. The usual pair of eyes with cold looks, however on the contrary with Li Yang, he does not appear to be embarrassed or distressed. 

 “Everything is okay.” Ao San just answered curtly and then smoothly handed a thing in front  Su Su. She took a look, her eyes brightened after sweeping the thing with her gaze, it was the copper mask!  Ever since she saw this mask even for the first time, she liked it a lot. Ao San actually remembered to bring it back.  Su-Su was very pleased, stroked the mask and laughed, “Thank you. ” 

 Su Su was about to turn around to enter the shed when she caught a glimpse of two figures coming from the side. The person steps were steady, back as always tall and straight, but obviously, the pace of the other has slowed down a lot.

Su Su frowned, there were so many people looking at her and she did not dare come forward to assist him as he slowly walked into the medical shed. Su Su quickly pointed to the nearest chair saying. “Hurry, sit down.”

Mo Yuan looked at her, but like a little darling he was very obedient and sat down. However, after sitting down, he did not speak for a long time. Su Su was worried, “How come your complexion looked so bad? Did you vomit blood?” In the presence of Mo Yuan she speaks with ease and intimacy. Su Su has a foreboding fear if he vomited blood again.  

Vomited blood? Sang Nuan gave Mo Yuan a sweeping look. She used her blood to give him some resistance against the poison and also gave him a pill to take to take care of his heart and with his skill, how would he still vomit blood? 

The appearance of Mo Yuan was truly not very good; he was controlling his breathing secretly for some time before speaking, “Tomorrow, I will start my journey back home to Mohist. Are you coming back with me?”

When Mo Yuan was talking, Su Su wasn’t even looking but she knew that he was asking her.  Su Su did not hesitate and nodded,  “I will go”.

Mo Yuan who was gripping his hand on a fist hold slightly loosened but the next moment,  Ao Tian’s icy voice spoke, his ten fingers abruptly tightened again. 

 “It’s out of the question.”  Hearing that deep voice,  Su Su’s heart lightly skipped and wanted to say something but after quick glimpsed at  Ao Tian looking at her, she immediately shut up.

 “Su Su, you follow me.” Ao Tian took the lead to first to go out, Su-Su-nodded and lowered her head and followed sluggishly. 

 Ao Tian did not lead her very far out of the stone steps of the medical shed, “You and Mo Yuan going back to Mohist village?”    

 Su finally raised her head and bit her lip, spoke in a whisper, ” Uncle Ao, I will go to Mo house for a reason.”   

 Ao Tian nodded, as if he already guessed what she will say, with calmness, he replied, ” I am listening but if you cannot convince me, you are not going. ” 

Su Su took a deep breath and gathered her courage before speaking,  “First, I have an agreement with Mo Yuan before that if he helps me fight Liao Yue, then I will return to Mo village with him. This time he did not only help me fight Liao Yue but also saved me from that wicked poison.  Therefore, I must follow him to the Mohist village and if they cannot cure him, I will find aunt to try and help him. If that is not enough, I will trouble you and aunt to find the ghost doctor.

After Su-Su finished speaking, she carefully observed Ao Tian’s face.  Ao-Tian just says, “Um” and said nothing. Su-Su continued. “Second, the Mohist covered Lingshi was actually a hidden bagua disk was strangely similar to Su clan’s gold disk. Mo Yuan actually wanted to unravel their origins to which in fact I am curious also to know.  The third … “

 Su Su moved two steps forward with a smile then subsequently with a face like full of pain, said, “Uncle Ao, you do not know, also this time Sister Chen, Sister Ning and I run away from home together and agreed to be away for one year, afterward we will come back! Not now, if I go back this time, then I will lose the bet. Father and mother will not let me off after this also without mentioning mother’s sister and the uncles who will show concern and care for me. Uncle Ao, you loved me right and you won’t let me be miserable, right?

 Su Su thought that since Uncle Ao Tian have found her, Mother will surely soon find out about it! In today’s world, only the Mohist village is the village that they cannot visit and take her home, so she better hide in the Mohists village. 

With this thoughts, Su Su  grabbed the sleeves of AoTian and tenderly asks, “Uncle Ao, I beg of you ~”  

 Ao Tian was not moved by Su Su, not one bit, even though how earnestly she acted like a spoiled child.  Ao Tian’s  face was even more dignified and not one bit relaxed. “The Mohist is not as simple as you think. The Ling shi is of extraordinary significance to the Mohists, and not everybody can cross the threshold. If you are trapped in it, we may not even have a means to rescue you … …”

 ” Uncle Ao. ” Knowing that this time it was useless to act coquettishly,  Su-Su stood upright, like a small pine, seriously looked at the eyes of AoTian , gently and solemnly said, ”  Your concern, I understand, but you should believe me, just as my mother believes I am capable of handling  crisis around me. ” 

The woman in front of her was calm, sound bright and her eyes were a display of fierceness and sharpness, bringing him back to the memory of that person, how similar, as assertive and as stubborn.

 Ao Tian took a deep sigh and finally shook his head and laughed, “My roast chicken and grilled fish?”

 Agreed! Su-Su cracked into a grin and said, “I’ll roast for you before I leave!”  While saying this, Su Su was already halfway in entering the shed where the food supplies were being kept. Her heart secretly sighs with relief.  She knew as long as she makes mention of her mother, Uncle Ao Tian will be defeated. Today was also the same!

As soon as the shadow of Su Su disappears in front of Ao Tian, he whispered. “ Ao San, together you go with her.” 

 “Yes.” A dark shadow quietly chased after Su-Su.  

 Inside the medical shed, Mo Yuan had not spoken, but obviously, he was looking for some distraction.

 Sang Nuan warm slightly narrowed her eyes and suddenly remembered, “Sang Leng, Yi Meng died, you and Ma Shu to deal with  at once or the island I am afraid will turn chaotic.”

 “Good.” After many years of tacit understanding, Sang Leng naturally knew that his sister has some words for Mo Yuan. She was telling him to leave in a tactful way.

 “You, by letting her come with you on your journey to Mohist is doing her harm.” The accusing tone, no trace of tenderness like that of Su Su, so much so it even carries some reproach.

 “Mohist is not that dreadful.” Mo Yuan’s eyes still remain outside the cabin; the voice was more desolate than usual, “Since I bring her with me. I will naturally protect her well.” 

 “Is that so?” Sang Nuan lowered her head to laugh, “I want to accompany her.” 

Mo Yuan finally turned to look at Sang Nuan, his eyes displayed an obvious questioning of the validity of what she just said.

Sang Nuan smile has full of warmth, “I just swore sisterhood with Su Su, our oath is to be together in fortune and happiness, will not let people bully her and naturally I have to accomplish that.” 

 “You want me to believe that? “Mo Yuan truly does not believe. Perhaps others may not know, but he knew this seemingly gentle and tender woman, her heart was very resolute.

   “Believe it or not, I want to go to Mohist, of course partly also because of my mother, but I would not necessarily want to set foot on that cold and heartless place if not for Su Su.”

 Sang Nuan was aware of herself very clearly. This is the time to hold a sharp boning knife to take the meat from the bone. In those days of helplessness and pain, the knife of the shearer cut her completely beyond recognition, leaving only the bones, coldly and desperately she fought to survive living together with Ah Leng, then reclaiming everything that belongs to them, that is the only reason why she goes on living. She was like a skeleton in the snow, there was only endless darkness, but just in time, that bright girl insisted she wants to take an oath with her, after a long time she felt that warmth and sincerity. Perhaps she could one day laugh like her warmly and brightly, carefree and dauntless. 

Sang  Nuan unexpectedly got up and walked in front of Mo Yuan, whispering something that only two of them could hear, saying, “She is the way to the light, people living in cold and darkness want to seize her. Mo Yuan, actually, you and I are the same, why deceive others and yourself.”


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“Sovereign Lord, as you have promised, you may now dismiss your servant in peace. For my eyes have seen your salvation, which you have prepared in the sight of all nations: a light for revelation to the Gentiles, and the glory of your people Israel.”  Merry Christmas!

Luke 2:28-32 



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