A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: The Pirate’s Daughter Volume III Chapter 68 The Relatives and Friends

A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter by Qian Lu 錯嫁良緣續之海盜千金 作者:淺綠

Volume III Chapter 68  The Relatives and Friends

 “Young Master Mo  please think twice!”  

The sky was clear and boundless. It was blue and the sea was also blue, three gigantic snow white ships were in a row ready to sail and standing in front of the ships were a group of people. The faces of several of them were visibly taut and impatient, though not as angry as they might seem to be and not suffering facial paralysis, at this moment they have been a little more furious than they were yesterday. Mo Yuan watching the group of people at first break of the dawn. He was wearing a black cape as he used too only that his complexion was paler, looking indifferently with his brows knit tightly.  

 Su-Su came behind Li Yang and whispered, “Li Yang, what is the reason why they are so stirred?” Su-Su thought so before that Mohist shun the rest of the world, even possibly xenophobic, in fact, she believed it to be true when several of Mohist men learned that she, Ao San and Sang Nuan were getting ready to go to Mo village, their faces suddenly changed. Looking at the appearance of a few people at the moment, they are like loyal officials risking death … …Li Yang glared at Su Su, but still whispered, “Non-Mohist, no patriarch’s token, not allowed into the Mohist village, this is the custom and rule.”

 There was such a custom and rule, as Su-Su thinks of it since Mo does not allow anyone to enter, but Mo Yuan allowed themselves to come, obviously, this Ling Shi was indeed extraordinary significant to Mohist just as Uncle Ao Tian said.

 In her mind, Su Su got an idea, approached Mo Yuan and patted him on the shoulder as he was about to open  his mouth and said, “Let me do it.”  

Mo Yuan’s body froze when her hand fell on his shoulder, Su Su  stood in front of him and meet the vicious look of those few men and said with smile, “Ah Nuan is the daughter of Mo Sang, naturally the blood of the Mohist and going back to the Mo village should not be considered as bad according to the custom. As for Ao San, he is now my shadow guard, just like Li Yang, following Mo Yuan, he also must guard me all the time, in fact,  you do not need to be this emotionally stirred, you are all expert and do not need to take it too hard. If you think I am not allowed to enter the Mo Village, you men go back and ask the patriarch. If he let me go in, I go in, but he did not let me enter, then I leave, that’s the end of it. This will not be contrary to the Mohist custom then. But it is not about that, it is about the Lingshi, I think the patriarch will be very happy to see me, just giving my opinion.”

Su Su put a serious emphasis on the word ” Lingshi ” and a surprised look crossed the eyes of the few men.

 Su Su  smiled with satisfaction and asked, “So, can we embark now?” Several men look at the one leading, the man thought for a moment, did not say anything, but silently retreated two steps.  Sang Leng has been standing beside Sang Nuan, at the moment his expression is the same with his name, cold, with chilly voice asked, “Elder Sister, do you really want to go Mohist village?”

 Sang Nuan’s mood looks good, smiled back, “The matters of Wolf Island I leave to you. I’ll be back soon, do not worry. ”    

” But … ” Looking at the appearance of the two siblings looked like they were reluctant to part. Su Su funnily says, ” Do not worry, I will certainly take care of sister Ah Nuan. Ensure also you keep yourself healthy and I will guarantee to make your sister invigorated, healthy and very very plump. ”   As soon as Su Su finished speaking, Sang Nuan was gawking at her and Sang Leng’s eyes were also fixed on her,” hurry now, afterward you will be busy to do your business.”

Su Su was laughing happily, ” Ah Leng are you envious? Do you want to come with us? ” Sang Leng did not answer yet but Su Su felt on her back the malicious eyes of several men. What a pity, the looks that were like daggers cannot kill anyone which was why Su Su just completely ignored them.

 Sang Leng naturally also felt the nasty eyes of those poor men, answered quickly, “That place even if I’m asked to come, I will not go.”

Seeing that the smell of gunpowder was getting more dense and stronger, Su Su winked to Sang Nuan for her to comfort and appease her younger brother, turned around and arrived before Ao Tian. “Uncle Ao, I’m leaving. Don’t worry,  I am quick witted. I will not make trouble, the worst outcome to this will only go as far as just throwing me out of the door and not seized an insignificant girl like me, you rest assured!”, Su-Su feels some eye’s sockets were hot on her. Every time Uncle Ao visits her at Qiong Yue to see her, he would leave without bidding goodbye to her, so her heart did not have the opportunity to experience this sour feeling for goodbyes, and now that she tasted it, the feeling is not quite good.

Looking at the little girl’s eyes turning red, Ao Tian’s heart a softened and tenderly touched her head. Laughing, “Go. Do not play too long, come home soon.”     

 “Um.’ Su Su nods.  Ao Tian waved his hand, turned around and help Sang Nuan to embark the ship.

The  Mohist ship’s cabins were clean and comfortable, because of the huge hull, so at the sea, the feeling as it sailed was completely different than that of the fishing boats, it was steady and fast. Su-Su when she just embarked on the ship was very very excited, but a few days later the excitement vanished.  

“This is just but few days?!” 

 On the sheet of a solid wood round table, a woman lazily lying on top of her stomach, very bored to death.

The Mohist, after all, were influential family, when they come to visit, they have to pack to clean up on their own before boarding. Sang Nuan and Su Su find themselves two simple and elegant ladies clothing to wear. This moment, she was wearing a yellow goose necked Chinese style long dress, with buttons down in front. If her hair was not casually to tied in a long pigtail or braids, it will be naively coiled in a chignon, and only for a second she was sitting down straight properly, with a somewhat decent appearance for a lady.  But now, how pitiful … …     

 “Ao San?” Su-Su soon called lazily. Unfortunately, nobody can advise her to mind her appearance. 

 Cupping her cheek, Su Su was not in a good mood continued to say, ” Ao San, you do not really need to work as a shadow. You tell me, today, is what day?”  “Seventeenth day.” He was leaning in one corner and got back to his place after one word and then remained quiet.

 Ao San also is very boring! Now she only felt that the ship was too steady and there was no exciting fishing boat around. Those people do not allow them on the upper deck but to stay in her room all the time. Staying in the room felt the bones of her body already hurting.  Su-Su was lying on the table, playing the copper scales fan with her hands, she has been sitting for the entire day, there is nothing special to pass the time, asked, “Ah Nuan, Mo Yuan’s current condition, is it very bad?”   

 On a soft couch by the window, Sang Nuan was comfortably lying down and reading, absent-mindedly replied,” He’s okay. ”   

 Okay? Su  Su frowned, “So why is he so strange recently. He is just hiding in the cabin all day, does not even join us for a meal? It has been a few days that I did not even see a glimpse of him.”

The beautiful pupil that was hidden behind the book narrowed, her voice was unrestrained, spoke with all her heart, “Do you want to see him?”

Su Su grabbed the fan with another hand and then paused, have I wanted to see him? Su Su had never thought of it, replied, “I’m just a little worried. I am afraid if he vomits blood again?.”

Sang Nuan finally put down the book, supporting her body halfway, laughed, “When was the last time he vomited blood?”

 “Last time when I was talking to him, he suddenly vomits blood.” Sang Nuan mouth pouted a little and asked, “What were you talking about?”  Sang Nuan’s eyes have a touch strange of radiance and Su Su subconsciously decided not to answer. Coughing lightly before she replied, “Nothing. We are just casually chatting.” 

 Watching her vigilant appearance, Sang Nuan smiled happily, “Oh ~ maybe he is afraid that casually chatting with you will make him vomit blood again, that’s why he was hiding and does not come out.”  

  Su Su wished she has not listened to Sang Nuan teasing her. She was rather very stupid and gave her glaring eyes and decided not to speak with her.

 However, she was extremely bored. Good heavens, how long it is before they are going to reach their destination? It was suffocating.

One side of poisoned delegation has not yet arrived at  Mo village, over the other side, Tantai Ye Lie because of the poisoning has fallen into a coma. Behind the screen, a gray-haired old man was treating the person on the bed, from his serious expression one could tell that the man on the ship was in very critical condition.

 “Finally, what’s the matter?” A man more than 50-year-old with well-built stature, tall and straight asked. He was solemn while standing outside the screen. His pair of hawk-like eyes was full of indignant stare at the man, and though the tone was very low, a person who hears him will shiver.

 “Tantai  dàgē… …” Xiang Guan He called him that title 20 years ago, but seeing the man looked cold, he immediately shut up, thought over and over again before speaking with a quivering voice, “General, this matter with Ye Lie was in fact not surprising and cannot be blamed for the young general. If there was to be blamed, blame it to the sudden appearance of a girl from Su Family.

Dàgē meaning eldest brother.

 ” Su Family? Tantai Feng’s perceptive eyes flashed with surprised. Is Su Family also looking for the Ling shi?    Xiang Guan He nodded quickly, “Yes, the Su Family of Qiong Yue!”  

 He quietly looked up and saw Tantai Feng’s look of confusion, Xiang Guan He continued, “The young general had been successful and infiltrated the island at the beginning. He also discussed cooperation with Sang Nuan that as long as he helps her removed the Yi’s and few more men, Sang Nuan will tell the young general where the Lingshi was hidden. Who would have thought that the young girl of the Su Family unexpectedly rushed to Wolf Island? She also exposed that Sang Nuan and Tantai Ye Lie were the murderers. As for the Lingshi, it was taken away by Mo Yuan. I was chosen to build Mo Sang’s grave in the past and at that time I fear to send her corpse inside the cave so I secretly build another passage after the funeral. This I told the young general and I do not know how he was poisoned, I … … ”       Xian Guan He also wants to speak more but behind the partition has some movement and an old man came out from the inside. Tantai Feng gently beckoned with his hand to  Xiang Guan. He tactfully withdrew immediately and went go out.

Tantai Feng went over and in a very polite tone, ” Imperial Doctor Rong Yu, how’s the child?”

Doctor Rong Yu shook his head and wiped the sweat on his forehead, saying: ” Your child’s poison is very vicious, it is very potent, if not for his deep endogenic force, perhaps he had not survived these many days. Well, this old man is incompetent to help him detoxify, the only useful technique is golden needle technique so the poison right now can be sealed in a hole of acupuncture points to prevent further attacks to his heart and glands, within 49 days, we have to find a way to detoxify him or else… “

Tantai Feng’s face sank,” Who can cure? ” Doctor Rong Yu is the capital’s most prestigious doctor of Liao Yue, if he cannot treat, Ye Lie cannot survive? Is this it?     

Imperial Doctor Rong sighed and said, “To my knowledge, there are only two people in the world today who can understand this poison, one is a ghost doctor and another one is Mr. Pu Shan. However, Mr. Pu Shan is living in the Mohist village and almost ignorant about the outside world. The ghost doctor, on the other hand, has a strange temper and the whereabouts of both are not easy to find. In recent years, I heard the ghost doctor have a close disciple whom he teaches everything, maybe you can try, but that is Qing Feng empress and precisely the favorite concubine of Qiong Yue emperor. Getting near and asking her for the whereabouts wouldn’t be that easy.”

Tantai Feng put his hand across his chest in humility,” Doctor, carry on put the needle on the child first.”   

Imperial Doctor Rong Yu sighed and walked inside.

Through the partition he looked at the bed lay a dying person, Tantai Feng closed his eyes, his heart is grieving in pain. Ah Sang, so many years have already passed; you are still this ruthless, so overbearing. Since you hurt my son, that antidote can only with be with the Mohists!


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