A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter Volume III Chapter 69 The Little Fox

A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter by Qian Lu 錯嫁良緣續之海盜千金 作者:淺綠

Volume III Chapter 69 The Little Fox

“Ah Nuan, don’t you feel that it is getting colder?” “Su-Su tried to shrunk her neck to hide it and kept it warm in the morning. She felt that the temperature around her obviously dropped incredibly low that she could even see a white fog.

” Add another piece of thick clothing.” Sang Nuan calmly opened the wooden cabinet, looked inside, took out a white cloak and handed over to her.

She took the cloak and continued muttering about the peculiarity of the surroundings, “Strange, this is only October, why it’s so cold?” ”

Su Su turned to look at Sang Nuan, she was wearing a long skirt, around her waist were the white jade tassels and a dark purple cloak thrown over her shoulders. She looked very warm with her clothes. Su Su cast a sidelong glance inside the half-open wooden cabinet and she noticed that inside also were few more sets of thick clothing. She remembered that she helped Sang Nuan choose some clothes for changing and washing, and they took with them just a few clothes. Now it seemed that there were far more than what they originally have. Su Su’s eyebrow slightly raised and with the sound of guessing it rightly said with a smile, “Is Mohist village situated above the glacier?” ”

Sang Nuan looked on those pair of quick and clever eyes. She gave a knowing smile but did not say anything. Anyway, for the wise it was not difficult to guess, why waste her breath.

While she was wrapping herself in the cloak, out of curiosity she asked her, “Ah Nuan, are you familiar with the Mohist chief?” Why I have a feeling that you are very familiar with Mohism? ” She knew about Mo’s lingcao and also knew the place where Mohist lived is cold.”

Sang Nuan’s pupils suddenly turned cold and the trace of a smile on her lips disappeared. She turned around and casually appeared to be perusing on the books pretended that she did not hear Su Su’s question. Well, her gestures seemed like she did not want to talk about it. Su Su just shrugged her shoulders and did not continue.

“Knock.. knock.”

Out of the door is the sound of two monotonous knocking. Su Su opened the door just to be greeted by a man with steely face standing outside, “We have arrived, and please disembark.” After that, the man turned and walked away.

We are finally here! She was excited and careless about the tone of the man’s indifference and his complete disregard for her.

The ship finally approached the shore and Su Su assisted Sang Nuan out of the cabin. They felt like a caged bird that once the cage door opened, they cannot wait to fly.

When the two of them disembarked, they were immediately startled by the scenery around them. Everything outside was covered with white snow. The foot of the clear blue sky was all covered with snow that gives one a sense of infinite purity. A person will not be able to identify the boundary between sky and the earth and these chilly feeling of the cold air as you breath gives a refreshing feeling, washing the whole being.

Su Su took a deep breath and cannot help herself but to exclaim, “How beautiful!”

Although, Qiong Yue has four seasons and she experienced winter full of snow every year but for her, this is the first time to see an unending snowscape. She felt that wonder and awe to see such beauty. She now finally understand why the Mohist ship is white, in this vast expanse of snow, the huge white boat is almost invisible to see. It camouflages itself with the surroundings.

When Su Su took a step, the snow underfoot was very thick. The feeling of trampling on a mud and trampling these thick snow was totally different. In the distance, the ice the surface of the docking bridge has created a string of icicles on its corners and some of it were long. Su Su was so excited, “Ah Nuan look! There are very long icicles.” She said excitedly.

Sang Nuan only glanced and gave her a slight nod. She is not in the mood to appreciate the beautiful scenery around her. Her thought is only focused on how cold it is and her body felt very cold too because she lost too much blood for trying to dispel the poison inside Mo Yuan’s body.

Although she slowly recuperated inside the ship’s cabin for nearly one month, her body remained weak. Now standing in the place full snow, she felt that she will freeze to death.

A falcon’s cries resounded above them. When Su Su looked up, she saw Mo Yuan’s bird of prey circling them, rapidly plummets down and gently landed on the shoulder of a person. Following the bird with her eye, Su Su’s gaze ended up hooked on someone’s eye.

During the time inside the ship, Su Su did not see him at all because she was hidden under the ship. Mo Yuan’s complexion is pale as always. He was wearing a black sable cloak and his body did not show any trace that he was poisoned. Strangely though, in the middle of the snow, his whole being doesn’t look as steely or indifferent as before but looking at his jet black eyes, there is an obvious faint display of happiness?!

Keeping the gaze on that pair of black eyes, Su Su walked over to ask, “Mo Yuan, are you feeling better now?” Su Su thought that it was some kind of silly nonsense question but she doesn’t know what to say or to think because her mind is in chaos while looking at those pair of black eyes that has somewhat has strange look on them!

Mo Yuan has been avoiding her these days because of what San Nuan said about her. She is Dàoguāng, the way to the light. People living in cold and darkness would want to seize her.

He didn’t know if he was one of those living in cold darkness. He didn’t find the answer these past days but moments ago, he was looking at her as she surveyed at the scene that he had seen countless times, even to those frustrating glaciers that he often sees, she looked at them with clear eyes, smiling brightly muttering “how beautiful”. In her eyes, this endless white snowscape does not look so lifeless and dull, but she looked at scene full of fun and vitality.

“I’m better.” Mo Yuan replied with a smile at Su Su. Now, he knew the answer that he wanted, seize this light, no matter what, not for the others but for himself. This moment, it was clear to him that she put life to his tasteless existence.

Mo Yuan was smiling at her, Su Su didn’t feel differently about it because this is not the first time that he showed those smile. Unlike the previous smiles that looked so strange, this time he looked tranquil and free. Su Su thought it looked good on him and he should smile more. But unbeknown to her, several people were looking at their Master smiling and their steely facial expressions changed.

Su Su had no idea that the hearts of the people behind her were panicked stricken. She was so immersed gazing at the beautiful scenery around to her. Noticing that the place has not one structure in sight, Su Su curiously asked, “Where is your home?”

“At the mountain’s summit.” Mo Yuan calmly answered.

After hearing it, the smile on the lips of Su Su’s mouth froze completely,” the mountain … top … ” What did he just said … at the summit?! Those snow-capped mountains are so far away from sight. One can barely see them. How long is this going to take them to get there?

Then she heard the calm voice of Mo Yuan telling to her, “ We better start walking now, otherwise we will not reach it by night time.”

It’s still morning, so they have to walk all day in the snow?

The Mohist people move fast and their things inside the ship were unloaded quickly. Then they began their hike towards the snow-capped mountains as if walking towards that mountain summit is an ordinary occurrence. On the three ships, each had 10 people who disembark and all of them have very light footsteps as they carry boxes. They are walking in the snow ground like a wind, barely leaving a trace and before long they stood beside Mo Yuan, waiting for further instruction.

Mo Yuan nodded toward the leader of the group, who then took several men to walk in front as a guide.

When they started, the ground is mostly made of ice, although a little slippery, walking up is not laborious, the more they walk, the snow became thicker and soon enough the snow has now reached over her calf and every step on the ground leaves a hole. Su Su is doing fine. She has a lot of endogenic force to keep her warm, her qing gong is good that she walked effortlessly, and her facial expression is glowing. Sang Nuan, on the other hand, the situation is different. She starting to have heavy breathing, having a feeling that the chill is taking over her body, sweating profusely and she is slightly shaking.

Su Su bent down and said, “Sang Nuan, let me carry you.” ”

Sang Nuan looked up and now she was staring at the person already squatting down in front of her. Sang Nuan was touched dearly in her heart, patted her shoulder and shook her head with a smile, “I can walk. It will be slow but we rarely have a snow, we should enjoy it.”

She knew she refused to be helped but Su Su would not pay attention to her reluctance but instead grabbed her arm and put it on her shoulder. She said with a smile, “At least, let me assist by holding you.”

“Ok”. This time Sang Nuan did not refuse, relying on the help of Su Su by her arm, the two women can barely keep up with the front team.”

Ao San has been staying behind after the two maidens while Mo Yuan was away from them by distance. They already walked for almost two hours and Su Su can feel that the person beside her has reached her limit. Sang Nuan ’s whole body was leaning towards Su Su, it seemed that all her strength already left her that she could barely stand on the snow. She has to rely on the help of the Su Su, she doesn’t have any power left to lift her legs to make another step. Sang Nuan was tightly biting the lower lip, refusing to give up and stubbornly trying to move forward.

Su Su knowing her condition frowned and decided to put a stop to it, she stopped and called out to the people in front of them, “ Hey! We have been walking so long. ”

Several men ahead of them stopped and looked at them. Su Su now made Sang Nuan sit on a dead branch. One of the men who was leading frowned as he looked and about to say something but Mo Yuan whispered in a low voice, “ Rest a quarter of an hour and we will continue walking.”

Several men stopped their footsteps, some seemed like they wanted to continue on but they could only resign to the fate and also rested.

Su Su cared less about their facial expressions, she squatted beside Sang Nuan worriedly looking at her. “ Sang Nuan, are you alright?”

Sang Nuan was too tired that she could not even speak and only gestured to her that ’ it was nothing and she is alright. ‘

Su Su feared that darkness may come soon and consider the speed they are walking now, they might have to spend the night in this cold snowy foot of the mountain. She was worried and thinking how Sang Nuan could stand this? Su Su looked at the summit still far in the distance and now she is little irritated.

“Hey?” Su Su exclaimed as she was staring at a spot nearby, patted Sang Nuan’s hand and asked, “Ah Nuan, hurry, look! What is that? ”

Sang Nuan had been sitting for quite a while now and she started to have a normal breathing again. When she heard Su Su, she narrowed her eyes to look at the place Su Su was pointing. She could only see white, everything in her eyes are just white and few dead trees. She did not see anything special. Sang Nuan shook her head and replied, “ I don’t see anything peculiar?”

Su Su sweep her eyes through the spot and excitedly exclaimed, ‘ It’s behind the tree it’s moving!”

Sang Nuan looked intently behind the withered tree that Su Su was referring too, but no matter how she looked, her facial expression was simply daze and blank, she did not see anything. Su Su decided to prove to her that there was really something on that place. “ I will go and grabbed the thing to show you.” Right after she finished talking, she quickly leaps and darted like an arrow towards the distant dead tree. “

Sang Nuan called out quickly, “Su Su do not go, be careful!”

Ao San’s reaction is also extremely fast. When Su Su ran suddenly, in a nick of time, he was following her behind. However, he had no intention of stopping her but he simply followed her and kept a ten feet distance.

The other people were watching only see a white figure leaping back and forth, moving very quickly above the snow-covered ground and around the trees chasing something. It was because of the very fast movements, the people watching cannot see clearly what this figure was actually doing.

Mo Yan was watching at the white figure nimbly leaping here and there in the distance, whispered. “What is she doing?”

Sang Nuan helplessly shook her head, she has no martial arts skills, her eyesight is also not very good and she does not really know what was happening before her eyes.

Several Mohist men also very surprised. They did not expect that this gentle woman’s qing gong be this good. On a knee-deep snow, she moves very fast and only leaving a shallow footprint. Even with their ability, all they could see is a remnant of her shadow and their eyes could not follow her movements completely.

Su Su was tossing here and there for a good while when she suddenly jumped forward grasped something in front of her. Then she stood straight laughing triumphantly, “I got you !” ”

Caught what? The crowd looked up at her right hand and saw in her palms holding a white shiny object. Was she holding a snowball?

Su Su smiled brilliantly, ran quickly back to Sang Nuan to show her the object in her hand. “ I told you. You see, I said there is something behind that dead branch, but what is this?”

The crowd carefully examine the object in her hand, only to find that it is not a snowball. The white shiny object is not snow but actually a glossy soft fur. Su Su’s hand opened up a little and the object that shrunk inside her palm now suddenly move and its small claws came up desperately struggling to be free. Pitifully, the little furry thing can only go back and forth under Su Su’s grasp. This little animal with silvery white fur does not have the black pupil like common creatures, but silver-gray eyes and if one will not look carefully, it looked as if it is blind.

Seeing a crowd staring at him, the little furry creature was afraid and its two front paws came up to its head to cover it and shrink back inside the palm. Interestingly to say that the little thing is white all over its body, except for the two ears. The ears had a handful of black hairs sticking to it that made it look ridiculous.

After seeing the creature clearly, the old Uncle who disembarked together with Su Su was wide-eyed in surprise and cried out.

“A white silver fox?”


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