A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter Volume III Chapter 70  Bājiāo ( aka in English Banana)

A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter by Qian Lu 錯嫁良緣續之海盜千金 作者:淺綠

Volume III Chapter 70 Bājiāo (Banana)

After seeing the whole appearance of the little creature, the old man that disembarked with Su Su has eyes opened wide in disbelief and cried, ” A silver fox?!”

A silver fox?! The old man pinched the back of poor creature’s neck, carried him to study it more closely. The little guy’s two front paws kept covering its tiny furry head, while the two hind legs kept in kicking the air. Su Su shook her head in dismay how she could not easily recognize that this tiny soft creature is actually a fox, “This is a fox?” It is too tiny. “It’s really small and light and it feels like just carrying a chick that just hatched.

Su Su’s appearance of disbelief annoyed the old man and told her off the truth, ” Let me tell you, young lady, this silver fox is still very small and this does not look like it has even reached its full month yet!” ” Silver foxes as these are kind that thrives in snowy field, this is a peculiar variety, it extremely spirited also extremely rare, because it is small and moved fast, it is not easy to see them, just because this one is still young that was the only reason you have been able to grasp it.”

Not yet a full month, oh my, Su Su was afraid that he might hurt the little creature. She put the little fellow in the palm of her hand, looked around and said, ” Where is the mother fox?” “Generally small animals when young, the mother will be close by to guard and protect it, even if she is out looking for food, she won’t be just around the vicinity. But when she catches this little one, she did not see any other fox and not even a nest around.

Mo Yuan was watching her and she looked like she wanted to find the mother of the little fox. He explained something about the nature of these animals. “Silver foxes were different from the other foxes, after giving birth, they leave their young alone so the silver fox will try to survive on their own. That’s why they are fast, keen and even at that young age, people had a hard time seizing them.

So, silver fox after birth was left alone in the middle of snow to survive on its own. Su Su felt pity and mercy for this little creature in her palm. But it is survival of the fittest, this is their nature, she has nothing to say. She gently pinched the little fox’s ear and finally, the little fox put its front paws down from his head, tilted head, those pair of gray eyes were now looking at Su Su. Su Su was laughing in admiration, touched its nose and said, “Little poor thing, let me dig you a nest.”

She opened her cloak and threw the little animal inside. Such very tiny creature and she was afraid to put it on the ground, if a passerby did not pay attention to where it is going, it may be stepped on, apparently, she has forgotten just how much time and effort she has to endure before she was able to catch the little creature.

This silver fox is also very clever. After determining that the person will not hurt him, it shrinks itself inside Su Su’s bosom and stayed there without moving.

Mo Yuan was observing what Su Su was doing, he did not say anything but his brows were knitted tightly. Sang Nuan, on the other hand, was just looking, laughing and did not make any comments.

Su Su was squatting seriously trying to dig a nest for the little creature and she was unaware of the expression of the crowd watching behind her. Though this creature was just a small, it will grow up later and better dig a hole bigger as his nest now.

After repeatedly checking that the nest is strong, she nodded with satisfaction, “Very well. ”

Su Su took the little creature out of her cloak when suddenly a cold wind blew, the little fox shook a bit and scurried to go back inside Su Su’s cloak. Su Su was very sharp and grab it quickly to put it in the hole that she dug but just as she was taking her hand back, the little fox fluttered forward, with the short claws almost scraping the wrist of Su Su. Like a hairball tied around her wrist, she tried to shake it off twice. “ Hey, you let go!”

Sang Nuan can’t help laughing more, “ Su Su, I think it liked you and intend on staying and not letting go.”

Sang Nuan was looking at Su Su only to see that on her hand was a white cowhide like a cotton candy wrapped around her wrist that no matter how hard she shook, it won’t loosen. Su Su pinched the neck of the little fox and tried to pull it out small white ball like cowhide , no matter how she tried to shakes it off it won’t let go. She decided to use her other hand pinched the back of its neck and pull it out but the little legs suddenly grabbed her hand with its claws scratching Su Su on the wrist and two beads of blood started rolled out of the wounds, looking like it was cut by blades.

“Hiss! “In fact, the wound doesn’t hurt but thinking of the fact that this tiny animal’s claws are so sharp, when it grew up it would be incredible.

Su Su’s hissing sound was barely a whisper but Mo Yuan who was closely watching still heard it. “ What’s wrong?” Mo Yuan went to Su Su’s side when he saw the little creatures pointed claws, the streaming beads of blood and little fellow’s tongue was licking the blood.

Mo Yuan’s eyes darkened, his big hand reached and quickly grabbed the little creature’s fragile neck and the next moment he flung the little the white furry ball seventy-eight feet away.

Su Su looked at the small white ball that hit the ground rolled few times and it quickly scurried back like a lightning in her direction. The next moment, Su Su felt that her wrist was heavy again and the little fox had been hanging back on her own wrist. Su Su was suspicious when she saw the small shallow pits in the snow. Did the little fellow just get thrown out by Mo Yuan?

Su Su felt helpless and look at the ball hanging on her wrist that constantly licking her wound.

Mo Yuan stared at the little fox that slipped back and at the blink of an eye, with a darkened expression he moved to grab the little fellow to be thrown out again, Su Su quickly cried, “ Please, don’t!”

The little fellow struggled to escape Mo Yuan’s hand, looking at Su Su with eye’s that was about to cry and its small ears were flicking, looking very pitifully, so pitifully.

It was funny. After taking the little creature back from Mo Yuan, the little fellow now behaves well. It stayed motionless in her palm. Su Su sat down again and pointing at the hole that she dug, she coaxed the little fox in a whisper, “ You do not like the nest I dug up for you? You look first before deciding.”

Of course, the little fox does not understand or just pretending not to understand, in short, it even it did, it didn’t even lift its head, not turning to any direction but climbed back to her hand and continued to licked her wound, turned its back away from the hole. Su Su felt irritated and at the same time laughing, “You little fellow, you liked me… … oh, my blood?”

The furry little fellow was so absorbed licking the wounds. Su Su patted its little butt and felt that the furry ball is actually covering a scraggly body. Su Su sighed, ‘Well, then you come with me.”

“Su Su …” The Silver fox is after all still a fox, that by nature is a cunning and ferocious animal. For so many years, he has not heard of a silver fox for they are very rare, also he does not know their habit, this one only seems to have special preferences for blood. Mo Yuan is worried if it grew big, will it hurt her?

Su Su apparently was not worried at all. Patting and rubbing its small ears, said to Mo Yuan with a smile, “Although the legend is deceptive, but my blood can’t be consumed without gain, this being the case with my blood, I am reluctant to accept this difficult job; perhaps, this good for nothing is really a treasure.”

“Right?” While Su Su is talking, she is also patting the little fellow’s head, unfortunately, the little creature’s attention was entirely focused on Su Su’s hand ignoring everything else.

“…” Mo Yuan was thinking and remembered that two people had said it before, this little precious thing could recognize their own and again watching Su Su’s beaming appearance full of smiles, his heart was bursting and he was speechless. He does not want to discuss the matter right now and just put it later. Since she was fond of it at once, he presumed that she could keep it.

Su Su glanced towards Mo Yuan’s shoulder, looked at the complacent Red Falcon with no name, she laughed “My children can’t have no name.” She thought for a moment,” then she said with a laughed, “You will be called … Bājiāo! ( English meaning is banana)

Sang Nuan after resting for a while was felt recharged and now feeling better. After listening to Su Su, she asked smiling brightly, “Why Bājiāo?”

” It sounds nice or perhaps we could name it … … Xiao yín? (meaning Little or Young silver) ”

Sang Nuan mouth twitched. What was she expecting from Su Su? She looked at the little fellow who was attentively never stopped licking Su Su’s wound, she shook her head and sighed, “Bājiāo, it is.”

Su Su was very satisfied with the name and rubbed the silver fox’s head and laughed, “ You little fellow will now be called Bājiāo.”

The wound finally stopped bleeding and the little fox finally took time to lift its head to look at Su Su. She places its face on her palm and looking at the soft little face only the size of dumpling, Su Su was in a very good mood, “ You liked the name too. You be obedient, your master will fill you with enjoyment.”

The man before her has seen how Su Su was with the rare snow silver fox and who now decided to take it in as a pet, the man’s heart was irritated and unhappily commented, “ You are going to Mohist Village to play, now also you will bring a pet?”

Mischievousness had crossed Su Su’s pupil and while holding Bajiao, glanced at Mo Yuan, innocently replied, “If I do not play, what I am supposed to do?”

“…” The man was stopped up, stifled and two eye-popping out in disbelief. Su Su was indeed too much, nobody could handle.

Sang Nuan did not care about the embarrassment and laughed openly. Several Mo people faces don’t look agreeable but rather offended. However, when looked at their Young Master, he only did not say anything instead he too was actually smiling rather than angry?!

Mo Yuan lightly cough,”Ahem, let’s walk.” With just those words, they continued their journey.

She knew that they were going to sleep in the snow. After putting the little fox under her cloak, Su Su went to Sang Nuan to help her and continued to walk, but the snow is getting deeper and deeper and they have been walking 3 hours non- stop before they finally reached the foot of snow-capped mountains.

Su Su looked up the sky, the sunset, and the scenery is very beautiful, also very unkind and now it’s very dark. The mountain does not look high but climbing at night will be too risky. If they have to sleep, they better find a good place at the foot of the mountain to spend the night.

She looked at the man who was leading and said, ” You should send someone up to tell the patriarch and say that someone from Su Family of Qiong Yue is here and seeking the Mo patriarch for the matter of Lingshi, we are at the foot of the mountain and will be waiting for the news. If it is agreeable to the patriarch, then we will go up early tomorrow and if he doesn’t agree, we will immediately turn back.”

The man looked at Su Su and his facial expression changed favorably. So this girl also knew some sense of propriety, knew when to advance or retreat, “Then young miss wait here.”

After the man has spoken, he nodded to several men behind him and turned toward the mountain. A strange thing just happened, after walking just 100 feet, the man’s figure disappeared in front of everyone into thin air…


Dear readers, this translator loved the book series when someone first translated the first two series from Chinese into English. I so loved the story that I even bought the books in Chinese. However, there is no way I could understand the story unless I translate them into English. This is how this hobby started. This is an MTL of a fan.

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