A Mistaken Marriage Match: Pirate’s Daughter Volume III Chapter 72 Little Fox is Gone

A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter by Qian Lu 錯嫁良緣續之海盜千金 作者:淺綠 Chapter List

Volume III Chapter 72 Bajiao Is Gone

The snowfall came early, and when the first rays of sunlight pierced the clouds, it is a mark that a new day had begun. In a small courtyard with simple and elegant decoration, the snow was already swept clean, exposing a blue-gray slate at the center. The courtyard also was furnished with a stone table and a stone bench. The four wooden rooms were facing each other, two in each side. The layouts of the rooms inside the courtyard were very different than that of ordinary houses.

The courtyard had a passage in the middle and a beautiful figure like a small frog was leaping and hopping forward. It jumps back and forth and totally looks ridiculous.

Su Su thought now she must be going crazy. When she was at home before, almost every few days, she would be punished by her mother without mercy by doing a frog jump and at that time she would try to evade it as much as she could. But this moment, however, she could not sleep and so she decided on her own to jump until her body produces that heat and her legs become numb, that tingling sensation in her legs is quite good. The small courtyard where Madam Mo arranged to be their lodgings was written “kèjū ” on its doors. The two words are very appropriate for their status, people would know of their identity at a glance, it is that clear, it also a constant reminder for them of their status.

kèjū meaning: living in a strange or foreign land

Small courtyard door was unlatched and it just passed chen shi ( 7-9 am) when from the courtyard door came two knocks, the door was gently pushed open. Inside came a 17-18-year-old woman dressed in white and her hand was holding a tray. When the woman came in, at one glance she saw in the courtyard Su Su doing her frog jump. The woman eyes showed a sudden touch of surprise, but it also disappeared in an instant and withdrew her gaze from her. She turned a blind eye to her bizarre behavior and announced, “Miss Su, please breakfast is ready.”

Su Su let out an “ah” sound as she jumps and did her last lap before getting up. She was rubbing the sweat on her forehead with her sleeve as she walked towards the stone bench and she did not feel awkward at all. After all, doing those frog jump are things she has done since childhood, there was nothing to be embarrassed about.

For the sake of convenience, she did not wear a long skirt and her hair was tied in a bundle. Her out outfit looks valiant but unavoidably, she appeared to be clothed in a crude manner.

Su Su recognized the fact that last night, this woman was also the one that delivered their meal. The woman’s face is delicate, temperament calm like water. She is also very fair but the aura that she gives is completely different. If it is said that Su Su is blue orchids in an empty valley, she is a lotus in clear water. Su has to admit, Mohism is really outstanding, not only magical but here people are all elegant.

Su Su sat down on the stone bench and the woman placed the tray lightly on the stone table in front of her. Su Su is in a very good mood, but the good mood completely dissipated after looking down on the items on the tray. Her face suddenly twisted.

There is a small casserole on the tray, and the pot is filled with rice porridge with overflowing fragrance and next to it were three saucers of pickles with different flavors, and four steamed buns next to it.

This breakfast is not bad. Su Su was thinking of the dishes last night, it was a boring meal. After seeing the broth, her stomach starts feeling the pain.

After putting down the tray, the woman is about to turn away when Su Su immediately called out. “Hold on”.

The woman stopped at her feet, Su Su raised a smile and asked, “Young lady, I don’t know your name yet?”

The woman returned with a faint smile, “Mu Xue.” (Meaning Mu : bathe Xue: snow)

“Mu Xue, I want to ask you something.” ”

Su Su’s appearance is very serious, Mu Xue was also curious about the noble daughter and what she will ask her, with face remained unchanged, Mu Xue said, “Miss Su, please speak.”

“What do you have for lunch and dinner today?”

Mu Xue didn’t expect the dignified and solemn look; a very serious appearance is actually just going to ask what would be on the menu? Fortunately, Mu Xue is not a fussy person. After recovering from initial surprise, she whispered in reply,” The lunch will be fresh mushroom soup, fried spring vegetables, and stewed tofu and for dinner ice fish soup, snow ears braised bamboo shoots, steamed eggs.”

Su Su was listening attentively then her brows twisted into knots. She only felt that the future days is dark, “ Was your meal usually like this?” Naturally, she did not feel that the Mohist were treating her differently, and so they are only giving her this food to eat but she cannot imagine eating like this all year, will she lose weight?

Seeing Su Su’s painful expression, Mu Xue finally understand what she meant, she lightly smiled, said, “The official residence diet was always light, it may not suit your taste, you can let me know if you have some preference and Mu Xue can tell them.”

Su Su nodded and replied, “I want to eat meat.” “If it was just a matter of days to clear her stomach, she could be patient, but she did not know how long the patriarch was going to retreat and if she could keep eating this … …

When she heard Su Su stressed that she wanted to eat meat, Mu Xue suddenly had an urge to laugh. She thinks this noble miss from Su family is really very interesting and funny, but many years of practice, she learns not show her amusement or anger, only nodded in reply, “Mu Xue understand.” ”

After ensuring that her future meal will not be made only of radishes and green vegetables, her good mood came back. She asked again with a smile, “Is there any forbidden places that I can’t go?” It is the first time I came to this place, I want to tour and see the place and I am afraid that I may inadvertently break to a place where it is bad or forbidden.” The reason why she asks is not really because she is afraid of the forbidden land of this mysterious magical family, just for the sake of being curious.

“There is no forbidden area. If there is a place that you cannot enter, the young lady will not be able to get in.” The North court is the host’s residence, if not summoned, Miss best or not to go in as well. ”

Mu Xue looked calm and sounded clear. She might say something where is not welcomed, but Su Su could understand the meaning. Mu Xue did not belittle, she just wants to say the fact, the kind of self-confidence expressed, Miss Su, on the contrary, appreciated it very much.

Today, Mo Yuan will visit Dr. Pu Shan. She wanted to wait for him to come back and asked him what the miracle doctor said. Thinking of it she doesn’t know where Mo Yuan was staying, freely asked, “ Do you know where Mo Yuan stays?”

The woman’s eyes showed some hint of hesitation, but still answered, “Young Master live in Lin Yuan Xuan Pavilion.”

After noticing the hesitation in her eyes and after hearing her answer, it is wise that she doesn’t ask for its specific location and smiled. “I understand, thank you.” 

“The lady is very kind.” When Mu Xue saw that she nothing to ask anymore, slightly nodded then turned and left.

Su Su looked down at the big pot of porridge and she cannot help but sigh. The food here is not really suitable for her.

“What’s the matter, a frown early in the morning?” ”

Su Su is still sighing and groaning when she heard the voice of Sang Nuan behind, teasing her. Su Su turned her head and replied back in a pitiful manner, “ Ah Nuan, I think I’ll be turned into a rabbit. ”

Sang Nuan swept a look at the tray before Su Su and then the sad expression on her face, she could not help laughing out loud. Speaking of it, having a status that belongs to an Imperial family, she definitely grew up eating what she wanted to eat. But according to her usual observation, Su Su was not actually picky when eating, in Wolf Island there is no exquisite diet, most of them were fish and chicken, she did not complain. But thinking of last night’s dishes and today’s breakfast, Sang Nuan was now faintly aware that this girl loves to eat meat …

Sang Nuan smiled and coax her, “Well, let’s eat quickly, the porridge will turn cold.” In this cold weather, Sang Nuan observed she was wearing unlined clothes, Sang Nuan frowned,” after eating pay attention into adding a piece of clothing or you will be only drinking porridge once you get sick.”

Su Su does not feel cold, but she doesn’t want to worry Sang Nuan, “Well, I will put more clothes after eating.”

Although she dislikes the light meal she also can’t go without breakfast. Su Su put a porridge in one side and then called out, “Ao San, eat breakfast.”

“You eat.”

A deep voice suddenly sounded. Sang Nuan was startled, she didn’t realize Ao San was actually in the courtyard. When she looked up, she saw a black figure lying on the roof, invisible among the black tiles, if he doesn’t make a sound, even during the day no one will notice his presence.

Ao San said he doesn’t want to eat. The two eat their breakfast in haste. Right after putting down her chopsticks, Sang Nuan out of nowhere said, “ Take out your hand.”

“Why?” she said. ” Su Su looked at her puzzled and looked at her own hand.

“Let me see the injury in your hand.” “Yesterday, they walked all day and Sang Nuan arrived really dizzy and retired to bed early. In the morning she remembered the hand that was scratched and if it is not taken care of well, it will give them greater problem later.

Injury? Are you asking about the wound because of Bajiao ?” It suddenly dawned on her, raised her eyes, and replied,” It’s alright.

Alright? Sang Nuan brows unconsciously wrinkled as the hand of Su Su was stretched over. Sang Nuan saw the white hand, skin was smooth and there no trace of the wound. Where was the wound?

Sang Nuan grasped her hand and carefully examined the place where it was initially scratched. She can see two very fine scars. However, according to yesterday’s depth of scratch and bleeding situation, how could the wound be healed overnight? Is the body of Su Su special, or is there any other reason?

Sang Nuan thought for a moment and asked, “Yesterday, you did not feel pain? Is your wound always like this, it easily heals.

Su Su glanced at her own hand and shook her head, replied, “I have suffered a lot of injuries while growing up. I did not feel that my wound healed any faster than normal. As for the scratch on my hand, I did not care actually before. This morning when I went to wash, I did not feel any pain, the wound also I didn’t see it there anymore. Maybe, it is because Bajiao claws were too sharp that is why it closed up faster and also here is cold, it probably helped in healing.

Sang Nuan gave her a thoughtful look, whispered, “Can you let that little fellow out and show me?”

She nodded, facing the open door and cried, “Bajiao, come out.”

She waited for a moment and when she did not see that little furball, she stood by the door and called, “Bajiao?”

And waited for another while, but there’s no movement. Su Su ‘s heart has now a bad feeling, this small fellow like to cling to people and even uses her skirt as a nest the night before. Last night she has to get him out of her chest several times, she woke up in the morning and found it gotten into her quilt. Su Su was gripped with fear, did she accidentally laid down on it and flattened it.

But when Su Su frog jumped out in the morning, the little thing hasn’t woken up, and she left it in the room. In accordance to Bajiao clinging habit, the little fellow should be quick to run in her arms, but she called and called but even its shadow or any remnant is gone!

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