A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter Volume III Chapter 73 Dr. Pu Shan

A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter by Qian Lu 錯嫁良緣續之海盜千金 作者:淺綠

Volume III Chapter 73 Dr. Pu Shan

The expression of Su Su looked very humiliated. Although the little fellow was inexplicably liked to cling to her and she did not put it out, and they spent less than a day together. However, Su Su grew attached to the little fox and intended to keep it to her side. Now, Bajiao suddenly disappeared, it would be very hard to comfort her.

Sang Nuan pats Su Su’s shoulder and said, “You don’t worry first. It should not be able to run so far. Hurry, we go around looking for it.”

“Okay. ” She nodded and the two went out of the small courtyard.”


“Bajiao, come out.”

When they entered the Mohist territory yesterday, it was all dark and everything around was unclear. The two were feeling overwhelmed right now. The territory was really big. The Jiangnan Pavilion and the tower now look completely different. The two stood in front of the courtyard and looked outside. In about one or two yards distance, they were surrounded by a vast area of snow.

There are not many footprints on the snow. Apparently, not many people are moving around and Bajiao is small, light and fast. It would be impossible to trace any of its footprints on the snow. Feeling defeated they can only call its name while they are looking for it.

When the two people gradually walked out of the perimeter of the small courtyard, a slim figure appeared behind them, “What are the two ladies looking for?”

When Su Su turned around, she saw a white figure, it is Mu Xue.

“I’m looking for a white silver fox, about this size.” “Su Su was gesturing the size of Bajiao and then continued, ” Have you seen it? ”

Silver fox? Mu Xue knew that she is looking for something, but she did not expect that the last thing this lady would be looking for is a silver fox. The silver fox mostly exists only in legends, and a lot of people haven’t seen it in their lifetime. She just heard that she called it Bajiao. The silver fox even have a name? Mu Xue guessed and asked, “ Miss Su, you brought the silver fox with you when you came?”

Su Su was nodding as she spoke, “Yes, I met that silver fox at the foot of the mountain yesterday. Looking at it, it is fated, so I took it with me. This morning, it is still in the courtyard with me, it was just missing right now.”

The silver fox is always alone since birth and now she wanted to catch it and make it her pet? Knowing the silver foxes’ agility and speed, if it escaped, how can she even find it? If the silver fox doesn’t exist, then they probably just wanted to explore the Mohist territory in the guise of looking for a silver fox. She should not be concerned. She already told them where they couldn’t go, even if they wanted to go they will not be able to find the entrance, anyway. After figuring these, Mu Xue did say anything more, shook her head and replied, “ I did not see any silver fox.”

Su Su also is not too disappointed. The little thing is very cunning and even if it really ran out, it won’t be easy for people find it. Su Su smiled, said, “Well, then we find it ourselves. Mu Xue, you go, we don’t want to hold you back from your work..”

Mu Xue just nodded and left.

Sang Nuan was staring at the back of Mu Xue and sneered secretly. Even though she has no martial arts skills, that doesn’t hinder her to see people who were skilled at it. This woman left footprints that were very shallow than an average person, the walking posture is elegant and she could say that her martial arts skill is not weak at all. This explains her lofty indifference; unconsciously revealed as she spoke that she is definitely not a simple servant. Mohist masters to monitor on them would go to such expense and send such person.

Seeing the indifference from the eye of Sang Nuan, Su Su whispered,

“ What’s wrong?”

Sang Nuan just turned around and remained quiet.

Sang Nuan after seeing Mu Xue in this kind of facade, she thought Su Su will not be able to understand her mood, not to mention, Sang Nuan did not disguise her dislike of the Mohist. Su Su put her hand on Sang Nuan’s shoulder, touch her head like she is having a headache, whispered in her ear, “ Here is the territory of the Mohist, there are no rules to what kind of people they have to send to ‘take care of us’, this we cannot dispute.”

After consoling Sang Nuan, her face eased a little and signaled with her eye, “ We keep looking?”

The two women widened their search using the small courtyard as the center, they looked outside again. Su Su kept sighing and lamenting, how big Mo residence is and besides how come there were very few servants. They have been looking for about an hour and they only met 3-4 people, who just give long stares towards them, then left.”

The two women were looking for quite some time but still did not see any shadow of Bajiao. Because no one was guiding them, they lost their way. They just felt that they reached a place that was more desolate than before, they saw neighboring house but no one is inside, besides that one, they also see another vaguely, a house surrounded by snow.

Su Su was disappointed, but what can she do, “It seems to be, the little fellow really left.” Forget it, also it is almost noon, we’ll just go back. The little fellow is very smart and fast, no one can seize it easily. If it still wants to follow me, it will go back to the cabin to find me. Now, let’s go back. ”

Su Su turned around when she suddenly felt that someone grabbed her wrist. When she looked up, she saw Sang Nuan, her eyes  was staring at the house in the distance, her voice was not gentle as normally, “I want to go over there and look.”

At the very beginning, Su Su already knew that this adventure to accompany her is not Sang Nuan’s main and only reason, although she wasn’t sure what she wanted to find out, she did not prevent her from accompanying her. Su Su said smiling lightly, ”OK.”

As they get closer to the courtyard of the house, Su Su could also feel that Sang Nuan’s growing nervousness for her hold become tighter.

The two women soon arrived in front of the courtyard of the strange house and the layout was totally odd. It had no door and beams, however, at one side stood a large common stone with two words inscribed on the rock – – Shāng Sang.

T/N: Shāng: meaning war casualty; unwelcome change of circumstances or vicissitudes of life

  Sang meaning: Mulberry

Su Su was staring at these two words for a good while, Shāng Sang? What a strange courtyard name? She glanced at Sang Nuan. The person’s condition does not look quite right. She loosened her hand and she rubs the surface of the coarse stone, anxious and tensed at the same time. Whatever mood she was in, it faded slowly and she seems to have a different kind of stillness afterward.

Su Su suspected though that Mo Sang did actually live in this courtyard before.

The courtyard was very strange because after entering you don’t see a square yard but passages. The passages were wide enough to accommodate five or six people walking through it. It was very long, about hundred feet. Su Su thought there was something odd about this place but before she could figure it out, Sang Nuan already walked in and she could only go after her.

Su Su was fully alert along the way, fortunately, and nothing strange happened. After passing through that long passage, Su Su thought they would meet the owner of the house, but unexpectedly no one, yes, there was nothing. It was as if they just passed the tunnel to go to back to the original snowy place where they have been before. However this time, there was the figure standing in the middle of the snow, it was very evident.

The figure was that of a man. He was standing with his back to them, clad in a purple gown, wide-sleeved, and his cloth was magnificent. His style was definitely different from the simple style of the Mohist. His hair is long snowy white, no trace of dark at all. It was not like that of Uncle Ao’s silver hair, the aura is not the same. Uncle Ao’s silver-white hair made him look like a general wanton and reckless person, giving him an aura of’ he is born like no other because of his silver hair’ and definitely not because of his old age. However, this person’s white hair reveals of vicissitudes of life, like it was polished by years of life in suffering and one without love or mercy, that the original black hair turned into frost just looking at his back, there is no feeling of vitality, just a general feeling of lifelessness.

To Su Su’ s guess, this person is probably the oldest person she would have seen. The man seems to have heard their footsteps and he slowly turned around.

When she saw his face, she gasps in surprise. The ray of light shining on his face reveals that he is not old, but actually very young. His long and narrow phoenix eyes made him look like an ill-tempered man, his pupils’ light was dim and sad as if all things in the world for him were meaningless, the whole person gives an aura of lifeless existence and unbearable brokenness. Strangely, when his eyes fell on Sang Nuan’s face, his eye widened and his expression changed, making him look different.

“Ah Sang …”

The sound of his voice is a little hoarse, but unexpectedly pleasant to hear, absentmindedly muttering something affectionately, like a claw, gently scratching one’s heart.

Sang Nuan just looked at the man coldly, and the man looked like he lost his sanity, staring at the Sang Nuan’s face, stunned.

Su Su felt this man is bizarre. She did not dare to leave Sang Nuan too far, fearing that he would suddenly do something unfavorable to Sang Nuan.

“How did you get here?”

Just as when Su Su is devising a plan how to pull Sang Nuan away, behind her sounded a familiar male voice. She looked back and to her surprise, it was Mo Yuan?!

Su Su was astounded. This?! What is going on? Shouldn’t Mo Yuan suppose to visit Mr. Pu Shan this morning? Why is he here? Is the poor man before us is actually Mr. Pu Shan? It is impossible, according to her Aunt’s stories, Mr. Pu Shan and ghost doctor are predecessors, they should not be young, even if he is a teenager then, he should be more than 40 years old now, but this mysterious man’s face looks even younger than the Mo Yuan …

Su Su’s eyes fell on the face of Mo Yuan only to discover that he appears very sick, much worse than yesterday. Her brows were tightly knitted, when he was being treated by Sang Nuan, his lip color begin to be restored, but this time his lip color is purple.

Su Su worriedly asks, “What’s wrong with you? Did the poison flared up again?”

Mo Yuan doesn’t seem to hear her questioning, “How did you get here?” ”
The sound of his voice felt like he is enduring something silently. Su Su answered, “ Bajiao disappeared and we tried to look for it and we ended up searching here.”

“Leave …” Mo Yuan suddenly grabbed her wrist commanded with a voice trembling.

Su Su assessed that in the present situation, the best choice is to leave. This man, whether he is friendly Dr. Pu Shan or some stranger, she doesn’t know. However, watching him give Sang Nuan a burning stare and an indistinct look, if at present Sang Nuan makes a move, she does not know what kind of provocation it would be to him.

Su Su’s eyes were vigilantly looking at Sang Nuan and the mysterious man. She slightly leaned to her side and whispered, to the people around, “I will leave slowly, Ah Nuan, how will you go about it? It is better..”

Her sentence has not finished when she suddenly felt a tugging pain in her wrist. The person on her side suddenly collapsed.

Mo Yuan?!”


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