A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter Volume III Chapter 74 Bone Devouring Poison

A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter by Qian Lu 錯嫁良緣續之海盜千金 作者:淺綠 Chapter List

Volume III Chapter 74 Bone Devouring Poison

 “Mo-Yuan?!”Su Su quickly reached out and tried to hold him up. But Mo Yuan was so much taller than her that she could not hold him up, both of them will fall to the ground. Suddenly a dark shadow like a flash came over and steadily holds Mo Yuan and stopped him from falling down.

“Master!” Mo Yuan did not only have purple lips but his complexion also began to turn blue-green. Li Yang was trapped in the pit tomb in Wolf Island and he had never seen how vicious Mo Yuan’s poisoning was. At this moment, he was also taken by surprise and helpless.

Right now, Su Su cannot continue to allow the awkward atmosphere between the two people, she cried out in front of Sang Nuan, “Ah Nuan, you come here. Quickly, Mo Yuan fainted!”

Sang Nuan looked at the unconscious body of Mo Yuan, wondering in her heart. The poison of Mo Yuan she was sure, it has been suppressed, how the poison appeared to have attacked his heart?

Sang Nuan hurriedly walks to Mo Yuan’s side, picked up his wrist to take his pulse. The strange man seems to have recovered from his initial shock. He swept his eyes and said coldly, “He can’t die.” The man’s voice was grim and he tenderly added the word, “Ah Sang”.

Su Su now was frowning. “Are you Dr. Pu Shan?” He may not be that Dr. Pu Shan, that doctor is a kindhearted man with good medical skills. He often walked around the world more than 20 years ago. He rescued the common people and was praised as a Miracle Doctor. That’s how he got his name kindhearted doctor or Pu Shan . Although he lived in seclusion afterward, he has been praised by many people for many years. How the man in front of her was full of gloom and evil, nothing of semblance to that one in that generation.

In the eyes of a man, it seemed that Sang Nuan was the only person present and turned a deaf ear to the questioning of Su Su. She decided to ignore him also, with tightly knitted brows, anxiously asked, “ Ah Nuan, what is the reason why he is like this?!”

Sang Nuan let go of the wrist. But instead of looking at Su Su, he looks at the strange man, her face full of seriousness. “You neutralized his internal strength?”

The man looked at Sang Nuan with bright eyes, unexpectedly his mind began to wander again, whispered, “Ah Sang.”

Sang Nuan’s face sank. “Don’t call me that. I’m not her.”

The man’s long and narrow phoenix eyes gaze at Sang Nuan’s eyes full of complexity. After a long while, he sighs, “You are her daughter.”

Sang Nuan did not pick up after his words, She continued saying, “ Mo Yuan’s poisoning is very vicious and unyielding, you neutralized his internal strength, if the poison is not cleared in his body in three days, he will die!”

After listening to Sang Nuan’s words attentively, Su Su heart skipped a beat suddenly. This feeling where her heart is being gripped and ruthlessly crushed, she is very unfamiliar with this. The pressure inside made her feel very uneasy and she tried to restrain her heart’s uneasiness as she waited for what the mysterious man will say next. She doesn’t believe in the absence of uncertainty. She was sure, he knew what he was doing, if not, he will not dare to neutralize Mo Yuan’s inner force.

As the man listened to Sang Nuan, in his heart, an excitement raises, that feeling he lost a long time ago. He used to talk to Ah Sang about poisons. For many years, he becomes uncommunicative and rarely discusses and explain them carefully. “ He was hit by the bone-devouring poison and one of a kind in the world. His poison is only suppressed temporarily; the poison will slowly devour his internal strength, then his flesh and blood, then his bones. This poison changes day by day, he will decay day after day and until his last remains. It is not difficult to detoxify the poison. But the only way to detoxify the poison is to bring it to the bone and then give the antidote. The internal strength will only delay the onset of toxicity.”

Bone devouring poison? Just lightly listening to names it is already scary, this poison is too sinister, and even there is an antidote also, he also has to suffer some pain inside for it to be resolved. Su Su pondered for a moment, then whispered, “ Is there any other way?”

The man looked Su Su and laughed coldly, “There is! No need to manage it. He will suffer several times every month from internal pain. It will take a year or more to erode the poison by the internal force.” Since he rushed to Ah Sang tomb pit and disturbs her sleep; he should be of course affected by these bitter sufferings.”

Su Su in her head is already burning in anger, she glared at the man, but he did not purposely mean to break inside Mo Sang’s tomb, if not of him, Mo Sang’s relics have long been captured. Why did this man blaming Mo Yuan?!

Su Su eyes were looking at him sharply, the man does not care and even laughed, ” As if it’s not you, his little darling, who came to disturb him. If he only obediently stayed in his room and control his internal force, he probably would have not fainted.”

Su Su was grinding her teeth secretly. She can’t offend him at this moment, otherwise, it would be bad.

As the people were discussing this matter, Mo Yuan face turns gray. Li Yang panicked, and said, “

Sir, can you let master go in and rest first?”

The man waved his hand and Li Yang immediately put Mo Yuan back up and flashed him in a small door just next to the passage.
Su Su did not expect that there was a small door concealed by such a narrow passage, and he did not think much about it and she also followed after them to the threshold.

The scenery inside the door is very different than the outside. The ground is green and the and there is no snow on the surface of the blue stone slab. It is smooth and like a mirror. There is a small two-story building and there are seven or eight huts next to it. The courtyard feels very cramped, but it also has all kinds of medicinal incense. When Li Yang entered the courtyard, he took Mo Yuan into the wooden hut; it was the one closest to the small door.

Su Su wanted to follow Mo Yuan but at the same time worried about Sang Nuan who was facing that strange man by herself. Sang Nuan smiled at her,” You go and watched him first. I will follow. Don’t worry, I will be fine.”

Su Su also noticed that Sang Nuan seems to have something to say to the man. Observing the man’s attitude towards Sang Nuan, she shouldn’t be in any danger. She nodded and followed Li Yang into the hut.

After Su Su left, Sang Nuan did not beat around the bush and asked directly, “Which one is my mother’s residence ?”

When he heard Sang Nuan’s words, the man gave him a burning look again, and he stared at her closely and asked, “Is she the one who brought you back here?”

Sang Nuan sneered, “She has been dead for 16 years.”

Yeah, she died.

The brilliance inside the man’s pupil turns gloomy, and the devastation of knowing she’s dead once again filled his eyes. He looked at Sang Nuan eyes with warmth. He finally returned to normal. “What’s your name?”

Sang Nuan frowned and pondered for a moment, before answering, “Sang Nuan.”

“Nuan.” The man was a little lost, and then he laughed without warning. “I unexpectedly imagine that she will give you such a name.”

The man’s laughter is crisp, it should be very pleased to hear, but with his gloomy eyes, it’s the indication that he always feels better not to laugh.

The man finally stopped laughing, staring at Sang Nuan’s eyes, said, ” My name is Fēng Yi Qīng.”

(Fēng mean: style, wind or news Yi: saying one word at a time Qīng : the color green)

Sang Huan was having the sense that he came over this place on his own, looking for the person who was connected to her by blood, which is her mother. Sang Nuan thought it to be ridiculous. The person had been dead for so many years; the situation is already like this, nowadays, what benefits will it do to still look for her?

Sang Nuan’s line of sight turned on the small two-story building, that should be her mother’s residence, it should be in this small building, but why, Feng Yi Qing will live in his mother’s courtyard?

At this time, a child came up with a bowl of dark red concoction. The air was filled with a smell of blood. Sang Nuan frowned, “Cù wēi cǎo?” (micro quenching grass)

Feng Yi Qing phoenix eyes brightened, he raised a glorious smile full of satisfaction. “Sure enough, you are her daughter.”

Actually, it is not because Sang Nuan is that awesome, rather this quenching grass was extremely unusual. In mother’s handwritten notes, this is the only herb would give off a smell of blood. She had never seen this herb in Wolf Island but from her notes, she knew that the medicine was extremely overbearing and could not be decocted or mixed with other herbs at the same time. The smell was spicy and will give a burning sensation to the mouth. It was extremely difficult to swallow.

Sang Nuan took the medicine bowl and walked to the hut where Mo Yuan rests.

This hut and Sang Nuan’s medical huts in Wolf Island was very much the same, not a big place and inside is just a small bed. Mo Yuan was now laying on the bed and Sang Nuan went over and standing by the bedside was Li Yang who prepared to take the bowl from Sang Nuan but Sang Nuan turned and brought the bowl to Su Su and said, “Su Su, medicine has been heated well, you better feed it to him or make him drink it.”

Su Su took the medicine bowl that was handed to her and puzzled, “Why?”

“He now loses his internal strength, the poison will devour his internal organs, every move will give him excruciating pain, and this drug is not the same as ordinary drugs. It has to be taken slowly, It is good to feed him by the spoonful.

The smell of blood in the concoction was thick enough and even Sang Nuan did not mention it, she could tell that this bowl of medicine was unusual. However, even getting up to drink it is that painful? But today, he even went out… …

Su Su felt that inside her heart there arose that strange emotion again, and she held the bowl tighter. The heat from the bowl was scorching but her hold did not loosen. She whispered back, “ I know.”
Sang Nuan nodded, she did not stay and retreated outside.

She doesn’t know if Feng Yi Qing still had some time this morning, as soon as she left, Mo Yuan woke up.

As she was looking at his deep black eyes, Su Su ‘s hand could not help but shook a little. The soup in the bowl was almost spilled. Su Su lightly coughs to cover her mistake,” You wake up, please drink the medicine.”

Of course, Mo Yuan just remembered, and he tried to get up but he kept sliding down. Suddenly, he felt a pressure on his shoulder, “You don’t move. I will feed you.”

Mo Yuan’s body suddenly stiffened, his eyes were looking at Su Su as if he couldn’t believe what was happening. Su Su careless how much he looked at her, she picked up the spoon and took a spoonful of the concoction, then carefully sends it to his mouth.

Mo Yuan was staring at Su Su and unconsciously opened his mouth. Su Su took this chance to pour the spoon of medicine.

Just at the entrance of the mouth, a burning sensation like that of heated oil hit him and it crosses his throat. Mo Yuan’s brow creased.
“Hot?” Su Su as if she remembered that she has to blow it before giving the medicine to him. I was the first time she will give him a medicine and she did not expect this. She gave Mo Yuan an apologetic look.

Mo Yuan, slightly shook his head and faintly answered, “No.”

Su Su eases. When she fed him the second time, he finally remembered blowing it before sending it to Mo Yuan’s mouth. Mo Yuan’s face was calm as usual and swallowed it obediently.

So this is the picture, Su Su is taking a spoonful of the concoction and blow it to cool it down, then feed it to Mo Yuan slowly. The medicine is sent to Mo Yuan’s mouth little by little.

“Or you’re terrible.” Outside the house, Feng Yi Qing looked at the two people. The mouth was unconsciously smiling. The quenching herbs have extreme burning sensation, taste is weird. Even if you cool it down and then drink it, it still has that burning feeling. Giving the medicine by mouthful slowly is simply giving someone a torture. “

Looking at the two people in the room who were quietly feeding and taking the medicine, one is very cautious and the other one is slowly swallowing it. Sang Nuan replied coldly, “How do you know if somebody is not taking it as “sweet as syrup”?( meaning: enduring it gladly, actually enjoying it)

Feng Yi Qing doesn’t know what to think or supposed to believe in the end, and his face burst a blank and awfully difficult expression to look at.



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