A Mistaken Marriage Match 5: Pursuit of Murderer in Liao Yue Chapter 17 Assassin’s Identity Part 1

A Mistaken Marriage Match 5: Pursuit of Murderer in Liao Yue by Qian Lu(错嫁良缘系列之燎越追凶)

Chapter 17 Assassin’s Identity ( Part I)

Qu Ning Shuang was shocked at Jin Yan Hen’s expression, his eyes turned dark and she hurriedly added, “But don’t worry, she just have a stabbed on her shoulder. She is in no danger! Really!” Jin Yan’ Hen responded with a chilling silence, Qu Ning Shuang and Wu Yi’s glanced at each other puzzled, but neither of them dared to ask anything.

“What about the sword?” An equally cold voice suddenly sounded. Qu Ning looked at Lou Chen, licking her lips, she whispered, “It was taken away…”

Lou Chen and Yan Hen were not surprised, given the circumstances they expected it. Qu Ning Shuang saw that the two were not moving and do not know what they are thinking. She tug the sleeves of Lou Chen and say, “Don’t you want to go back and see it?”

Lou Chen glanced at Yan Hen, his face has recovered its usual expression, his long and narrow eye at this moment slightly narrowed, looked alluring and the pair darkened look just a moment ago was gone.

Is he going to start pretending again? Lou Chen scoffed in her heart, her face still perfectly maintained her alienated cold look, remained silent and just listened to Jin Yan Hen in the clear tone like a hooligan,” Someone was murdered on the mountain. When you walk up the bamboo path, to the foot of the mountain near the stream, there is a woman’s body, Wu Yi, you go up and guard the corpse to prevent people or wild animals from destroying the scene and the evidence. Qu Ning Shuang, you go back to the Yamen and tell Uncle Xiao to come over and take a Look.”

After hearing the assignments of tasks made by Jin Yan Hen, Wu Yi is not happy with the arrangement replied, “What about you?”

Jin Yan shrugged his shoulder and replied, “Of course, I am going back to see my aunt.”

Thinking that Jin Ru was actually hurt, Wu Yi though reluctant to do the task but in the end, he didn’t say anything. He just gave him a look of disbelief and turn to walk towards Lou Shen River Mountain.

“I am also going back to the hospital.” She had already taken some sample of residual poison from the mouth of the dead person. How to make a detoxifying concoction, she knew fairly good. Fortunately, the hospital’s stash of medicinal herbs were sufficient. Otherwise, even if the villagers did not die, their bodies probably would have some after effects.

Jin Yan Hen cracks a grin and immediately walks up to Lou Chen and smiled, ” Chen’er will accompany me, well it’s naturally better.”

Qu Ning Shuang disdainfully looked at Jin Yan Hen, finding someone attractive, he was so brazen and shameless to stick to this beautiful woman, inwardly comparing him to good Brother Hui, he is not the type to be enticed by the beauty!

Jin Yan Hen winked at Lou Chen, but unfortunately she completely ignored by him.

The three started walking towards the town together, Qu Ning ran back to the Yamen and Yan Hen and Lou Chen returned to the hospital.

The Thousand Grass Hospital which has a large number of patients, was utterly deserted today. From time to time someone would pass by and curiously look inside, but no one dared to walk in.

When Jin Yan Hen and Lou Chen entered the room, they notice the big mess. Several assistants were tidying the broken jars of medicine, tables and chairs, and there a body lying on the right side of hospital covered with white cloth. Mu Yan is frowning, standing next to the corpse. Jin Ru sat on the only good chair and her injury on her shoulder had been bandaged. It did not look very serious. However, she was terribly upset and stares at the ground without saying a word. The whole person is just staring at one spot, quiet and looked serious. She totally looked like she is out of sorts and even Jin Yan Hen walks in, she did not even notice.

Mu Yan saw them and wanted to say something. Jin Yan shook his head at him and went to the side Jin Ru and whispered, “Aunt.”

Jin Ru did not respond, he squatted and held her hand, her hands were cold and her palms were full of sweat. Jin Yan Hen called again, “Aunt.”

Maybe it was because her hand has been held, Jin Ru has finally recovered. When she saw Yan Hen, she has a vacant look in her eyes. Then she quickly flashed a moment of anxiety, blinked and said in a low voice,” Ah Hen?”

Looking at Jin Ru’s expression in her eyes, he pretended that he had not notice anything off with her. He worriedly asked, “How are you? Is the wound on your arm hurting?”

Jin Ru lifts a smile on her face and replied, “I’m fine, just little wound.”

Jin Yan Hen looked to Lou Chen, from his eyes, she saw a pleading look. Lou Chen walked to her side and grabbed her wrists, she did not break away. At this time, she had no strength like yesterday talking incessantly, now she felt awkward and uneasy.

Lou Chen released her hand and said, “The sword has a poison. However, people in the hospital should already have given her medicine.”

Jin Yan Hen sigh and relaxed smiled Lou Chen. Lou Chen heart was a little worried. Thousand Grass Hospital’s two precious herbs, she’s afraid, it would not be enough for three people to use for detoxification.

Lou Chen looked to the body on the ground. The assassins, who will carry an antidote?

Lou Chen walked to the side of the body and opened a white cloth covering the body. Her hands were rummaging through the assassin.

Mu Yan originally wanted to stop her but Yan Hen suddenly stopped him and asked, ” Where is Xing Mu?”

“After the sword was robbed, he chased out with us. He didn’t get far and he fainted. Now he hasn’t woken up yet.” Mu Yan kept his eyes down on Lou Chen, who by this time has already finished rummaging the assassin’s body. She took out two white porcelain vases, then the assassin’s clothes were untied and his body was carefully examined.

Mu Yan was shocked. This was a dead body. Although she was a doctor, she is not a medical examiner. After all, she was a woman. How could she still be so calm about a dead body, and she seemed to be very… skilled?

Lou Chen did not find tokens or tattoos on the assassin that could show his identity. Fortunately, she found two small white porcelain vases.

Lou Chen did not dare to carelessly pull out the cork, she opened it gently and she did not put the bottle on the tip of the nose either but she gently fanned her hand in the mouth of the bottle and then came close to identifying the smell…

Lou Chen did not speak for a long time. Mu Yan could not resist asking: “What is it?”

Lou Chen only returned one word, “Poison.”

These assassins methods are cruel. Lou Chen knew that they surely ruthless and if they do not succeed, they did not think of the way out for themselves. They only carry poisons and no antidote.

Lou Chen got up and walked to the wooden table, took one of the bottles of poison, poured some in a small dish, carefully looked at its color, smelled careful and thought for a moment before picking up the brush and quickly wrote something on the paper. After writing a few lines and folding it off, he said to the gentleman from the pharmacy who was cleaning, “Mr. Zhang, according to the proportions on this prescription, take with you nine proportions and send it to the village under Luo Shen Mountain. Fang Ru Hui needs to use it.”

The pharmacy knew that the young man had gone out to treat the villagers early in the morning. Hearing the words of Lou Chen, he quickly took the prescription and said, “Okay, I’m going to dispense the medicine immediately.”

Lou Chen walked to the side of Jin Yan Hen and put one of the two bottles in his hand on the table and said, “I think I found the murderer who poisoned the woman.”

Yan Hen looked at the small bottle surprised and his eyes instantly became cold.

Mu Yan does not understand the meaning of Lou Chen and asks, “Who kills by poisoning?” What is the case? How come doesn’t know?

Lou Chen has always been a person with few words, to say that such explanations she surely will not do it. Under the gaze of Mu Yan, Jin Yan Hen had to do the explaining, “This morning, there are several villagers that became unconscious and they are from a small village under the mountain of Luo Shen River. I went out checked with Chen’er and Fang Ru Hui and discovered that there was a problem in the drinking water. We went up the hill to see the water source and saw a body of a poisoned and dead woman. The wrist was also cut open. The poisonous blood flowed down the villagers’ bamboo pipes for the water. The villagers who had drunk the water in the morning were all poisoned.”

The medicine bottle on the table was found on the assassin. If you combine the words of the Jin Yan Hen, Mu Yan can already guess the whole story, thinking about it his face instantly becomes ugly. “In order to guide you away, they actually use such a poisonous method. They simply do not take human life seriously and what kind of a person who had this kind of behavior?”

All three people now have fallen into silence. The answer to this question is what everyone wants to know.

“Your poison was not yet solved and you still have an injury. You can’t move!” The quiet room suddenly heard a low cry. Then there was a sound of table and chair crashing. A staggering figure lifted the curtain. When he walked out of the room, he didn’t look at anyone outside; he just went straight ahead and walked.

A child came out from the inside chasing after him and was stopped by Yan Hen.

“Where are you going?”

Yan Hen’s clear and bright low deep male voice rang from behind, Xing Mu’s staggering footsteps stopped and he turned his head was on full alert to see it was Jin Yan Hen and Lou Chen, and upset expression on his face had receded, but he said with a gritted voice, “I want to go and get back Zi Ge!”

Jin Yan Hen chuckled and his eyes were full of disdain. “You can barely stand and you are killing your life. What do want to do, take it back? Then, you don’t know who is the one who wants to kill by the sword? Then do you even know how and whom to get your sword back?”

There was a glimmer of gloom and embarrassment on Xing Mu’s face. The apologetic look was actually on Lou Chen.

Lou Chen can feel that Xing Mu’s attitude toward her is very different, she hasn’t seen that manner before. He can’t possibly know her identity or it must be because of Cang Feng. This person cares so much about Cang Feng and she thinks also that he wanted to know how she got hold of the sword. If he cares so much about the owner of Cang Feng and not know about its secrets, she doesn’t believe it.

Lou Chen welcomed the eyes of Xing Mu with a slight frown, coldly said, “You really do not want to say it, we can’t help you, if you have to pursue it, you go yourself and chase it.”

The cold voice mixed with some loathing, Xing Mu anxiously and explained, “I didn’t want to say it before. I’m afraid that I might implicate you. I originally planned after I recovered, by tomorrow I will immediately cross the river to Qiong Yue and rush to Su family as fast as I can. I did not expect that they moved so suddenly and so fast.”

Xing Mu shook his head and his eyes were full guilt and sighed, “In the end, you get implicated.”

Mu Yan looked over the bottle containing poison on the table, he was upset and resentful, and coldly said, “Since they’ve all been implicated, let’s make it clear. The sword is lost; whatever is the secret of the sword doesn’t make any sense now.”

These people are too cruel; to lure a tiger from its mountain they would not hesitate to kill innocent people. If they still remain in Luoshui Town, they do not know how many things they will do.

(Lure the tiger from its mountain meaning lure the enemy from its stronghold.)

“Who is it? Who is the man who took the sword?” Jin Ru who has been silent, stared at Xing Mu, the look in her eyes is swift and fierce.


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