A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter Volume III Chapter 75 The Person Lives In This?

A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter by Qian Lu 錯嫁良緣續之海盜千金 作者:淺綠

Chapter 75 The Person Lives In This?

Feng Yi Qing does not know what to think of the scene, his face paled and blanked, then his expression turned awfully indescribable. Sang Nuan turned her gaze to the two-story small building not far away. What she is looking for should be inside.

The two people inside were not aware that they are the center of attention. Su Su’s focus is on the bowl of concoction. She sent the last spoonful to Mo Yuan’s mouth, relieved and sigh heavily, “ Well after drinking, take a little rest.”

Mo Yuan swallowed the concoction. His throat and chest were painful, the feeling of as if it is being burned. Only on the first spoon, he frowned slightly and he swallowed the rest of it without a sweat.

Silently waiting for the burning sensation to slowly fade, Mo Yuan whispered, “Li Yang, help me return.” Is it because of the medicine or because of poisoning, but Mo Yuan’s voice is a bit hoarse, not as crisp and clear as it was before.

Su Su stopped Li Yang and said hurriedly, “No!” What Ah Nuan said just now, she understands it very clearly. Even a tiny movement will be painful for him, even the concoction, he can’t drink on his own, now he wants to move freely?

Although his chest was burning hot and painful, at the moment, looking at those worried eyes makes Mo Yuan feel good and whispered, “This is Mr. Pu Shan’s residence. He does not like outsiders staying here. As soon as possible we will leave, Okay.”

“But, wouldn’t it be painful if you move? Even if Mr. Pu Shan doesn’t like outsiders, you can rest for one or two hours.”

Mo Yuan’s internal strength slowly dissipated and the poison now is interacting with the medicine, his body is indeed in severe pain and he couldn’t move, Mo Yuan understand why she had to feed him the medicine…

Mo Yuan did not force himself, originally half of his body is already out of bed slowly. He reclined back to bed in a sinking voice, “My residence is not far from here, let Li Yang take me back. I do not need to move, and here is not suitable for resting.”

Su Su looked at the small uncomfortable wooden bed and also thought of the sinister Mr. Pu Shan outside, decisively said, “OK, let’s leave!”

Su Su just finished speaking, Mo Yuan turned and signaled at Li Yang with a wink. Li Yang understood, came over but did not carry him but just helped him get up instead. They immediately walked towards the door. Considering Li Yang’s extremely tall stature, even if he was holding Mo Yuan, he still can move very fast.

Su Su followed the two, when they reached the yard she saw Mr. Pu Shan standing in the center of the courtyard, his face is pale, and Ah Nuan was standing beside him with her usual look.

Su Su whispered, “Ah Nuan, let’s go.”

Sang Nuan shook her and return to her with a smile and said, “Mr. Pu Shan ‘s skill is good. I would like to stay and seek advice. You go ahead. I’ll go back later.”

Su Su wanted to persuade her to come back with her first, but she hasn’t spoken yet when Sang Nuan in a gentle voice said,”Don’t worry, I will be fine. I will help and watch how Mo Yuan’s medicine is being cooked and afterward, I will have people send it over.”

Su Su frowned, those beautiful eyes looking back at her reflects the firm and resolute decision. Finally, Su Su can only say, “ Okay, but make sure you come back early.”

Sang Nuan smiled softly, “Very well.”

Su Su continued to follow Mo Yuan and Li Yang outside the courtyard. She stopped her footsteps and whispered, “ Ao San, you stay here.”

“My duty is to protect you.” In a place no further than ten feet behind her, the black figure halfway lazily leaned against the stone wall, he was always following Su Su but did not take the initiative to appear. If she did not ask him to come out, no one will even find out that he was always there.”

Su Su definitely knew Uncle Ao’s order to Ao San before they left. In fact, Ao San does not have to listen to her. Even if she commands him, it will be useless; the best is she could only negotiate with him. In her best tone of voice, “I know. But Ah Nuan will be left here. I am not at ease. And I will not be in danger with Mo Yuan and Li Yang. I promise you, since you are not on my side, I absolutely will not run around. Will you help me, please, stay here and watch Ah Nuan. OK?”

If Su Su uses her identity and authority to threaten him with his identity, she being the master, he wouldn’t care for it at all, but this master put other humans above in her heart and so eloquently nice. Ao San doesn’t know how to respond to it and to think that it is this woman who has no martial arts skill is always restless and not put in place, on Ao San’s callous face his brows wrinkled.

Someone was watching and saw the dilemma of Ao San in his face and there is no reason for him to get irritated. A voice spoke coldly, “I will not let her get into an accident.”

Ao San looked up at Mo Yuan and looked at Li Yang again. Finally, he nodded.

Now that Ao San was willing to stay behind, Ah Nuan shouldn’t be in danger. Su Su was finally at ease.

Sang Nuan was not with them, Li Yang and Su Su ’s qinggong was in full trottle and both were doing it excellently. In less than a quarter of an hour, the trio reached a courtyard.

Standing at the door of the courtyard, the door’s decor atmosphere suggest being different. Four words were inscribed on the threshold, “Lin Yuan Xuan Pavilion. It was written in lóngfēi fèng wǔ way ( written flamboyantly like flying dragon and dancing phoenixes), it’s a public display of aggression. Su Su thought this was awfully opposite of Mo Yuan’s personality and disposition.

When she opened the door and walked in, Su Su saw condition inside and couldn’t help but stared with wide eyes. “You live here?”

There is only one thought in her heart, that is—here is not the place for people to live?!

Su Su cannot actually say that Mo Yuan’s Lin Yuan Xuan Pavilion is not a good place. Rather, on the contrary, this is simply a paradise on earth. Inside the courtyard, she discovered that what Mo Yuan said that Mohists lived in snow-capped mountains, she did not believe it at first but standing in the middle of the courtyard, she can clearly feel that they were indeed at the top of the snow-capped mountains.

Standing in the courtyard, you can see the endless glaciers, misty ice fog and the blue sky, and the distant clouds, constantly changing beautifully. In the front of the vast landscape, it allows a person’s frame of mind to broaden. This place is suitable to simply enjoy the beautiful scenery, watching the sunrise and sunset, watching the winds and clouds, nothing can be better, but unfortunately, it is not suitable for recuperation!

Owing to the fact that there is no hut, room or cabin in this courtyard, yes, she is not mistaken, there is no hut! The pavilion was covered with dark ebony near the edge. It was very large. Half of the pavilion was almost hanging in the midair. In the middle of the pavilion, there was a stone bed and there was a big table next to it, there is also a desk with few books on it and a simple wooden chair. And then… no more!

Su Su stared at the stone bed and couldn’t help thinking that this bed was not as comfortable as Mr. Pu Shan’s small wooden bed! Why does Mo Yuan live in a place like this? Sleeping here, there is no difference to someone sleeping on the ground with a curtain? At the same time, imagine that when he sleeps at night, the whistling cold wind blowing around could send a shiver to the bones!

Su Su gently coughs and walked into the pavilion, hesitated for a moment, still can’t help but asked, “You have nothing else in the yard?”

Mo Yuan’s black jet eyes just looked at her, waiting for her next words. Su Su sighed and said, “ This is not a right place for a sick person. The wind is strong and the lights are too bright. You should be able to rest well.”

Ah, It turned out; it was because she worries about him. His mouth raised an arc and then nodded and said, “ Well, it is not suitable but Mohist houses are really not much to it. I also have no other place to recuperate.”

Li Yang bowed, silently retreats a few steps, for fear that his shocked expression will be seen by Su Su. He did not know how his master could lie through his teeth without even blinking an eye. The territory is sparsely populated, there many things in the courtyard, and there are other courtyards, a lot more, there are more!

There is no other home? Su Su thought for a moment and said, “That’s not so good… how about if we temporarily close the pavilion with a screen? In this way you can rest and not worry about the wind and the sun, we can remove the screen afterward to enjoy the scenery! What do you think?”

Although he did not expect this answer, for he originally wanted to hear something else, after listening to what she said, Mo Yuan become radiant in appearance, it lifted his spirits, “ That’s good”.

After hearing Mo Yuan permission, Su Su measured the pavilion using small steps and calculated the necessary materials. She looked up and said to Li Yang, “Li Yang, get some people to move six or seven wooden screens here, it should be able to block the wind but not the sunlight.”

Li Yang quietly looked at Mo Yuan lying on the bed, whose eyes were constantly staring at the woman who kept contemplating where the screen is to be placed. He perceived him looking at him, he turned his head and just gave him a nod, and did not gave pay attention to him afterward.

Li Yang wisely retreated and waited for an hour before bringing a dozen of his servants carrying seven ebony-made screens, they stood and waited outside the Lin Yuan Xuan Pavilion.

Only after Li Yang summoned them, only then they dared to move inside cautiously. They stop outside the pavilion and whispered a salute, “ Young Master.”

They are trembling not because of fear but because of excitement. This Lin Yuan Xuan Pavilion, their Young Master’s house, besides addition to Li Yang and Zhang Bo who is responsible for cleaning and delivery, almost no one can enter into the courtyard. They are all coming for the first time. At the surface, they looked calm, but in reality, their hearts were excited.

Mo Yuan nodded indifferently and was about to get up when a slender hand pressed his shoulders again and said quickly. “You don’t move! You just lay down, and there’s nothing to be satisfied with your mouth.”

Without even waiting for Mo Yuan to say anything, she directed the people where to move the screens inside. She had thought about it for a long time and had already had an idea, she directed them where to position the screens.

“This one is over here.”

“This fan put it…right there.”
“You move it over, you can cover a little bit of light.”

Mo Yuan was sitting on the bed and gazing at the woman in front of him, commanding the crowd of people to move about in a clear voice. It is the very first time he has this much movements and voices inside his courtyard, it is unbelievable, he did not feel bothered by it.

The screens were soon laid out in accordance with Su Su’s requirements. Near the door, Su Su only placed two screens and the other was placed outside, going around and the wind blow coming in become softer and the snow and the sunlight became less dazzling. She nodded in satisfaction and look back at the man lying on the stone bed “How is it? Is there any need for more adjustment?”

“No, it’s very good.” Mo Yuan’s voice is still very faint and hoarse, those deep look in his eyes always fell on her.

Su Su was also very satisfied. She smiled at the dozen men standing inside the room, “ That’s good. Thank you, guys. I’m sorry to keep you away from your work.”

Everyone hurriedly resigns, but before leaving, they never forget to sneak a glimpse of this woman who can be so comfortable in front of their Young Master.

When a dozen men left, Li Yang walked in with a bowl of medicine. “Master, Mr. Pu Shan sent someone with a bowl of medicine.”

Su Su was looked at the sky outside, the afternoon has passed so quickly.

The black eyes of Mo Yuan darkened, even more, when the big man walked beside his bed with the bowl of medicine, seeing the darkened look, Li Yang quickly turned and handed the bowl to Su Su. Li Yang said with much difficulty, “ I am not able ..”

After picking up the medicine bowl, Su Su actually did not care. After all, compared with a big man like Li Yang, it is better than she does the feeding. She picked up the medicine bowl and sat down next to the stone bed.

Once again, he felt the deep look of his Master. Li Yang with much difficulty said, “Miss Su, with the matters of the medicine …”

“I will come. I will ask Ah Nuan this the evening, how long often and how he needs to drink the medicine, then I’ll come over to  feed him the medicine.” She came to Mohist state with Mo Yuan because of Ling Shi and until he dispels his poison, now that the patriarch is on retreat for how long, she doesn’t know. She doesn’t have anything to do anyway. Seeing that she doesn’t even have a little girl or maid to take care of him, therefore she readily agreed.

Li Yang secretly relaxed.

She doesn’t know what they put on the medicine but it was incredibly hot in her hand. Su Su already knew, she took a spoonful of medicine and gently blow it before sending it to Mo Yuan’s lips.

This time Mo Yuan did not readily open his mouth, but the pair of black eyes was staring at her with without the familiar indifference. She couldn’t tell what it is but it made her a bit uncomfortable and shy. She took another look at the spoonful of concoction and she coaxed him earnestly, “Not really hot.”

Mo Yuan’s heart was filled with a deep sense of helplessness, and at the same time, she felt that her serious explanation and her appearance is funny. So, this time when the medicine was given, Mo Yuan did not only frown, but his mouth maintained a slight smile.

Then a few light and gentle knocks came from the door outside. Soon after, Li Yang’s voice rang outside the pavilion.“Master, Mu Xue sent Miss Su her dinner. “

“Su Su ‘s dinner.” Mo Yuan’s brow knit unconsciously. He wanted to ignore it, but when she thought about someone’s obsession with food, he finally nodded.

Mu Xue came in with the tray, but before she entered the pavilion, she saw that her master was lying on a stone bed. Su Su was sitting next to him and slowly feeding him something from a bowl. He has not let anyone come this close to him, but right now, he was drinking from the spoon without resistance.

The beautiful, prideful and cold face is unable to conceal the surprise…



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