A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirates Daughter Volume III Chapter 76 Person with No Authority, Get Out of the Way

A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter by Qian Lu 錯嫁良緣續之海盜千金 作者:淺綠

Volume III Chapter 76: Person with No Authority, Get Out of the Way

Mu Xue ‘s beautiful and prideful cold face cannot cover her surprise. She stood uneasily in her spot and her expression was very complex and difficult to read.

Su Su believes that practice to makes things perfect. Although it was only the second time she gave medicine and coupled with the very close cooperation of Mo Yuan, the bowl of medicine was quickly fed. After she finished, she placed the medicine bowl on the side of the table, turned back and saw Mu Xue holding a tray. It was a lot bigger than the one she had in the morning. There was a strange expression in her eyes.

Su Su got up and smiled, “Mu Xue, I’m sorry you have to be bothered to bring my meal here. Thank you.”

Mu Xue gathered herself and lifted back the cold look in her eyes. She placed the tray on the desk and replied, “Miss Su is very polite.” Su Su looked at the five or six dishes on the tray. It was definitely not for one person. Mu Xue took out the dish from the tray. Place them on the table explaining, “I also bring the dinner of Young Master. Miss Su, eat your meal first because when it is cold, it will not be delicious.”

After that, Mu Xue carefully filled a bowl with the fish soup and then went to the side of the bed and whispered, “Young Master, let me feed you some soup.”

“No.” Just after drinking the medicine, the voice of Mo Yuan was a bit hoarse. However, compared with the past, it was less but there is a chill on it. Mo Yuan slightly sat on the bed and reaches the bowl of soup from Mu Xue’s hand, and started to drink, where just a moment ago he was lying down weak and frail in appearance.

Mu Xue body stiffened and slowly recovered her hand.

Su Su had only a bowl of porridge and half steamed bun in the morning. She was hungry and now her stomach was cooing. Her attention was entirely on the several dishes and she did not think that Mo Yuan need to be feed with soup, only the medicine…

“Mu Xue..” The trays are very rich, but most of them are light dishes. Just like Mu Xue’s said in the morning, ice fish soup, steamed egg, for a change, winter fungus with shredded pork and winter bamboo shoots… … Shredded pork into braised bamboo shoots. Shredded pork is also considered meat?! She has a feeling of weeping without tears.

“Miss Su is not satisfied with the meal tonight?”Mu Xue saw Su Su’s facial expression changed and also glanced at the dishes on the table. To count it, Ms. Su has three dishes and this, is this … not counted as meat?

She has the image of a person that will be flustered and panic not to have a meat for a day. This meal she was not satisfied but she thought of her situation, she was a stranger in somebody else’s home, and she must not be picky and make many requests. Mohist diet was always light. It is alright then. If she likes to eat those different dishes, maybe the cooks won’t do them, she calculated in her mind that she will bake those dishes for her good for two days, why would she embarrass and give others difficulty? She shook her head and smiled, “I’m satisfied.”

Just now her appearance was obviously not satisfied with the dinner, but then suddenly changed her mind, is this because she wanted to appear in front of Young Master that she understands the proper etiquette? Mu Xue’s brows slightly wrinkled, at this moment, she heard that hoarse voice surprisingly with a hint of faint amusement. He said, “From tomorrow onward, her meal will be sent here. And, tomorrow, send roast chicken and sauced beef.”

When she heard roast chicken and roast beef with soy sauce, her eyes immediately sent a spark of happiness. Mo Yuan watching her reaction couldn’t help but smile back, although he could have a laugh more it only made his chest hurt severely, nonetheless, he can’t stop that heart from smiling.

Catching in her ear a muffled delighted laughter, Mu Xue was distracted and stared blankly, she never saw him laughed before, he was always cold. He was like the snow-capped mountains, can only look up at the clouds, distant and alienated and unpredictable. But this moment, he laughed because of this woman’s spark in her eyes. Mu Xue couldn’t tell what she felt but she suddenly felt her heart was overwhelmed and she did not like this feeling very much.

Su Su was really hungry. She bowed her head and busied herself eating. Naturally, she didn’t noticed. The woman who had finished speaking gracefully turns to the side and stood there without leaving.

It wasn’t until Mo Yuan whispered, “Retreat”, only then Mu Xue had come back from her trance and now have to but obey somebody. She still gracefully turned and walked out. The elegant and light footsteps of the past were lost, each of her steps was little heavy.

Mo Yuan picked up his chopsticks and heard Li Yang’s slightly hesitant voice. “Master, Mo Yu is outside.”

She was chewing on rice and her heart couldn’t help sighing. This is the younger brother of someone’s family. She had other three mischievous boys in her family after they let her know that they are there, all will go straight running into her yard, passing her room, only when the two uncles have taught them mercilessly a lesson, only then they learned some propriety.

Now thinking back her own household younger brothers, they were liked by adults, they are being ridiculous and funny as children making people laugh and happy, and people in her family are fond of them. She glanced at Mo Yuan and smiled, “Xiao Yu is here to visit the sick, right?”

Su Su tilted her head, looking at the yard, but she did not see that little figure. Mo Yuan after taking a deep breath, said, “Let him come in.”


Soon after, Mo Yu walked in with Li Yang and saw Mo Yuan eating. He looked a little bit uneasy, “Brother, I don’t know you’re eating your dinner.”

Mo Yu was wearing a light blue little gown today he was dressed in a small cloak in the same color. He looked pretty cool and handsome, but what was funny, he always tries to imitate Mo Yuan. He is the small version. She couldn’t help laughing. “Mo Yu, have you eaten? Do you want to eat together with me?”

Mo Yu slightly lifts his chin and said coldly.” No, I already had my dinner.”

Su Su raised her eyebrows slightly and her mouth smoking mad but of course she wouldn’t say it. She can’t be angry with this small kid; however, she didn’t speak with him again.

In fact, everyone in her household did not care much about this etiquette. When they ate, they would occasionally talk and chat. But after all, it was at home and but outside their house, they have to be very polite, so both continued eating quietly.

Mo Yuan looked at the bowl of hot soup. He intended to stop eating because of the severe pain, again he picked up the spoon and he continued eating. It turned out that having a company even though it is a quiet dinner, it was totally different from eating alone.

She ate very fast and soon she was already full. When she put down her chopsticks, she saw Mo Yu still standing at the same place, with hands behind his back, the small body is standing very upright, just looking at Mo Yuan a bit perturbed.

She glanced around the surroundings, except for the stool under her own butt; there was no place to sit in the pavilion. Su Su whispered to Li Yang, “ Li Yang there will be many guests who will visit the sick. It would be better to have spare stools. Otherwise, the guest will be standing while talking, that would be very awkward. She was so embarrassed to sit on the only chair.

This time, Li Yang did not need to look at Mo Yuan, and he was eager to answer, “Yes.”

Su Su was very happy because she felt that Li Yang’s attitude toward her seemed to change for the better. Unlike before, he would stare and roar at her at every turn. Now, it seemed that she also made a friend in him.

Seeing that Mo Yuan slowly drank the last spoonful of soup and put down the spoon, Mo Yu then asked, “Brother, how’s your body? What does Mr. Pu Shan say?”

Mo Yuan replied lightly, “Nothing.”

“Oh. ” Mo Yu looks like he doesn’t know what to say anymore and Mo Yuan had an appearance that he is not in a mood to talk, so, the two people were both silent.

Su Su was very mystified, the two brothers interact in this way; can’t they really express their deep affection? In her family, there are four children, they grew up together from childhood and they are always very noisy. Su Su doesn’t understand Mo Family‘s way of getting along. Therefore she will not rashly make judgments, and she just sits quietly on one side looking at the small figure standing in front of Mo Yuan. After a while, he lowered his head and said, “Then you have a good rest. I will go back first.”

Su Su’s mouth twitched, this non-verbal exchanged between brothers is not really good! Seeing Mo Yu quietly turned to go, Su Su also got up and said, “You take a rest early; I will not disturb you further.”

Before she could make one step out of the pavilion, Mo Yuan’s deep low voice cried, “Hold on.”

Mo Yu did not know who he called to stop; he looked back and saw that his elder brother is looking at the woman. His voice was not as cold as before, there is warmth to it. “It is your first time to visit Mohist state and I can’t accompany you around. This is the most beautiful place to watch the sunset. You might as well stay first and appreciate it.”

“Really?” Su Su looked up from the gap between the screens, indeed she can see the sky outside, the setting sun is like a big fireball suspended in the sky. The sky is full of wonders. When she turned around, she saw the small figure ready to go out, she smiled, “Mo Yu, your brother isn’t lying to me right?”

Mo Yu did not expect that Su Su will suddenly ask him, he wishes to believe that also. “My brother will not deceive people.” After he finished speaking, Su Su’s face has a flash of tease and his has a look of embarrassment, he whispered back, “I… I haven’t seen it.”

Su Su smiled; it was not an ordinary smile but a smile to captivate him. “Do you want to stay and watch it together with us?”

“You can let me?” Mo Yu jerk his head and his eyes are staring at Mo Yuan. Although he tried very hard to show indifferent appearance he couldn’t conceal the heart that hopes in that small eyes.

Su Su winked at him, and Mo Yu relaxed his heart, Ah. Mo Yu seems to have some great chance. Su Su’s wink is like a big benefit. Su Su wanted to laugh, she is taking back her words before, Mohist people, this little guy is actually very adorable.

Su Su slightly moved the screen and sat at the edge of the pavilion, hanged her feet in midair, pat the space the next to her and waved to the boy, laughing. “Mo Yu, come here. Let us sit here and watch. together”

Mo Yu glanced at Mo Yuan, and then he looked at Su Su again and eventually went to sit down next to Su Su, but with some distance from her.

Su Su couldn’t care less but happily moved next to his side. Fortunately, she also spent so many years of being the big sister and to deal with young children, she had some ways.

Two people sitting at the edge of the pavilion, if one moved a little, the other also followed and moved a little. Mo Yuan couldn’t stand it anymore. Just about to get up and Su Su immediately yelled at him. “You don’t move! Let Li Yang help you move the screen beside the stone bed so you could see. Stay lying down to watch the sunset and so you will be more comfortable!”

Mo Yuan now has a gloomy face, staring at that small figure and appeared to have an uncontrollable burning rage.

Mo Yu suddenly felt that there was a line of sight such as a thorn on his back. Elder Brother seemed to be very unhappy? He did not dare to look back, but he quietly asked himself, today, did I come at a right time or I should have not come…?

(T/N: Little boy, wrong timing. Somebody was trying to have a “date” with someone.)


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