A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter Volume III Chapter 77 Bajiao Returned

A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter by Qian Lu 錯嫁良緣續之海盜千金 作者:淺綠

Volume III Chapter 77 Bajaio  Returned

Su Su felt that Mo Yu was actually very amusing and she could tell that he was happy event though he tried to appear indifferent and proud. She watched the little guy scoot toward the side again, and she was ready to follow him as before when suddenly there was a heavy weight on her shoulders. A black figure sat beside her. Su Su turned to look, who it is, no other but Mo Yuan!

“Be careful!” Just this noontime, he suddenly collapsed and her heart cannot help but remind him. If it happened again in this place, it was no joke!

Su Su tightly clutched his sleeve and said, “If you don’t let me hold, we will withdraw watching the sunset.”

Mo Yuan let her grabbed his sleeves; he looked at the constantly changing clouds at the distance. Faintly replied, “This is good.”

What’s so good! Unfortunately, Mo Yuan’s stubbornness did not help her. She doesn’t know if it was because of the two bowls of medicine. His face was much better, and the former pale color is restored and the grayish- green color has already faded.

Su Su sighed, she can only let him sit next to her side and if he really collapsed, although she could not pull him, she could entrain him and Li Yang who was standing close behind him, for sure will not ignore it.

Since the moment Mo Yuan sat down, Mo Yu also changed his previous dislike of her. He was stunned! He could actually watch the sunset with his elder brother at Lin Yuan Xuan Pavilion. This was something unthinkable, never occurred something like this would be possible. Mo Yu felt it is actually very pleasant having this woman close by.

The three people sat quietly on the edge of the pavilion and watched the fiery clouds in the distance. The wind around them was very strong and the chill in the air coming from the glaciers is very refreshing. Su Su has to admit that this is stunningly beautiful. Su Su looks down at the glaciers below. Below their foot, at about 10 ten feet there is a big block of the ice surface and the center is a pond with sparkling water. There seems to be something inside the pond, “What is that?”

Mo Yuan looked down at the fishes that were cruising around the pond, and gently answered, “Fishpond.”

“Fish?” Su Su’s pupils widen, stared at the fish pond with a burning look, even on his side, Mo Yu could feel it. He asked warily, “What do you want?”

In fact, Su Su She was very surprised because it was the first for her to see fishes that grew up in the glaciers, and these were actually faint ice-blue fishes. She was is just curious and amazed, but seeing that Mo Yu appeared to have that “vigilant caution against the thief” look in his eyes, Su Su can’t help but want to tease him. She was smiling and at the same time smirking, then gulps hungrily, “Of course it’s for lunch! I don’t know how it tastes…”

“No! That’s Big brother’s…” Mo Yu was not finished speaking yet when a deep sight fell on him and he immediately shut his mouth.

“The fish that I grill is delicious, oh, if you don’t believe, you ask your brother.”

Su Su gently nudges Mo Yuan’s shoulder, he nodded and stated in a definite manner, “It’s delicious.”

Big Brother actually to his surprise said it’s delicious? Could it be that … Big Brother also has agreed and eaten that fish for a few days? Mo Yu was entangled. A small face quickly wrinkled like a steamed bun.

“Really… grill them…”

Looking at the pitiful shilly-shally little kid she couldn’t help herself laughed. “Mo Yuan, your younger brother is so adorable.”

Mo Yu wanted to get angry, but when he saw his brother’s face that was always indifferent and aloof, has raised a faint laugh. Big Brother… Big Brother actually laughs too?! Mo Yu was bewildered, and naturally, he had forgotten his intention to refute Su Su. Mo Yu had a feeling that whatever this woman will say or do, his brother would not be angry.

In such a pleasant atmosphere, the three people continued to watch the sunset until the sun falls on the horizon. Su Su and Mo Yu said their goodbyes and Mo Yuan did not stop them instead, he looked deep into Su Su’s eyes and said, “Remember coming tomorrow to give the medicine.”

Su Su simply agreed, and then he walked out of the door with Mo Yu. Su Su is guessing, this boy will put on a little arrogant appearance after they leave the door, in principle, he would not care for her at all. Unexpectedly, Mo Yu is anxious to follow after her. After he walked a few distances behind her, he hesitated to continue and then call out to her, “Hey!”

She quickly replied. “I have a name.”

“Miss Su ……’

Su turned around, the shaking her pointer finger, saying with a smile, “Your elder brother and I are friends. I am older than you, therefore you should call me Su Jijie ( or elder sister Su Su).”

Mo Yu brows twisted, twists into a frown and when he saw that she turn to walk away, he quickly cried out. “Oh… Su Jijie .”

“That’s clever. What’s the matter?” Su Su turned, her heart is laughing, but she dared not laugh out loud and just smiled.

“Will you again come to see Big brother tomorrow?”

She nodded and said, “I am coming.”

The little fellow was dawdling and didn’t know how or what he wants to say. After some time of painstaking inner indecision, he gently whispered. “Then… can I come too? ”

Su Su gawked if he wants to come to visit his brother, what that got to do with her?

Su Su laughed. “You come around after you finish the matters you need to do since you want to come and see him, then come.”

Mo Yu lightly coughed and asked. “That… what time are you coming.”

Looking at his uncomfortable appearance, Su Su finally understood that he is embarrassed to come on his own, Su Su smiled widely. “It should be all right to come during lunch and dinner time.”

Mo Yu after getting the answers what he wanted to know, the aloof and indifferent person re-emerged, coldly said, “Yeah, I know.”

He then nods his head toward Su Su, turned and walked away.

Looking at the back of the person leaving leisurely walking in small steps, Su Su shook her head with a smile, “This little fellow is actually a big rascal.”

Su Su can see that Mo Yu wanted to get along with Mo Yuan so much. However, his big brother’s temper is always cold; Mo Yuan is also afraid how he would get along with children. She will help them have a chance to interact, get along and cultivate their affection. She believes that Mo Yuan, in the end, will feel grateful. Su Su was in a good mood and walked back happily to the “kèjū”.

When Su Su returned to the ” kèjū,” and it was already dark and some of the lanterns along the gate was already lighted. She pushed open the door to enter, the courtyard was dark. It was already late and Ah Nuan has not returned yet. Su Su went to the front of her room, pushed the door to open when suddenly a dark shadow slammed into her. It was fast as a lightning and it was too quick for a person to respond.

She was shocked for an instant. She only has enough time to turn her body slightly. The dark shadow brushed over her coat and fell to the ground. The shadow rushed back toward her very quickly, she hurriedly guarded her chest and one hand traced the copper fan hidden in her boots.

When that shadow crashed to Su Su, it fell into her hands. She felt that the thing seemed to be a little familiar to touch. She gets up a little, it was dark and only can see a shadow, she said in a low voice, “Bajaio?”

The small shadow in her hand moved and made a very fine whimper. Rapidly, a light movement, the shadow liked to hide and rub her chest. Although she cannot see the shadow clearly, she is certain it is Bajaio.

Su Su enters the room carrying the little furry chap and lights a lamp. When she finally illuminated the little shadow in her hand with light, she had a scare when she saw its appearance.

“How do you get yourself looked like this?” Su Su quickly put Bajiao in her palm. The snow-white fur is now covered in dead leaves and mud. It both large and small wounds, dried blood entangles with the fur. The little body in her palm curled up and slightly shivered. The pair of silver-grey eyes looked at Su Su piteously. Su Su was annoyed, having loved him so dearly, now it is distressed; it would run back quietly after making a mess of itself.

Su Su was holding the little fellow with one hand and gently help clean up the dirt and body wounds, her hand was very light and gentle, while her mouth was snappily scolding in a low voice, “It hurts, right? Who told you to run all over the place?”

Su Su viewed that most of the wounds on Bajaio are scratches. He might have looked for food, drilled into dead trees or caves, and scratch the fur with dead branches and rocks.

Su Su cleaned Bajaio up with great difficulty when she heard a sound of gentle footsteps in the yard, she asked in a loud voice. “Ah Nuan, is it you?”

When the sound of the footsteps gradually came nearer, it was followed by a soft female voice behind her. “Well, I’m back.”

When she turned her head to look at Sang Nuan, she seemed okay but also looked exhausted. Ao San was standing behind her at the door, the face was gloomy and somehow someone had provoked him. Su Su just about to ask him how is he when the person had already turned and walked away.

“What happened to Bajaio?” At this time, Sang Nuan saw the little fellow that was held in the palm of Su Su’s hand. Although it was a lot faster than before, there were wounds that could not be wet, and the blood stains on the fur could not be cleaned.

“It came back on its own, I don’t know where it went, and hurt himself now looking like this.”

“Let me see.” Sang Nuan went to sit down next to Su Su. Su Su wanted to put Bajiao in Sang Nuan’s hand but the little fellow was holding tightly her forefinger and refuses to move. Su Su has no choice but holds the back of its neck, lift the fellow up and place it on the table and said in a low voice, “Well, hang in there and let Ah Nuan examine you.”

Sang Nuan gently looked at its wound then he lifted Bajiao’s paw and smiled. ” Bajiao, open up the paws.”

The little fox ignored her and even hid the paws in its back. Su Su grumpily grabbed its paws, hummed, “ Claws!!”

Bajaio looked at the Su Su and finally brought out its paws.

“Bang”, a low sound coming from the thing caught in its claws fell off. Su Su looked at the thing with one eye and since it is dark she couldn’t make out what it is. The object was finely crushed. She squeezes it, it was wet and felt like some mud. She did not care about it anymore and looked at the fox’s claws. It is sharp, actually very sharp like machetes with hooks. Sang Nuan grabs its claws and gently stroke it on the table. It easily left three scratch marks.

Su Su was startled secretly, so to speak, yesterday this small creature’s claw actually has allowed her some mercy.

Sang Nuan gripped the forelimbs, Bajaio was irritated, withdrew its paws, and began to lick Su Su’s hands.

Sang Nuan had no intention of letting it go, hold down its small head and said, “The little guy, stick your tongue out.”

Bajaio was angered this time, throwing its head violently and opened its mouth trying to bite Sang Nuan fingers. Su Su quickly caught it and rubbed it’s head before it gently forced opened its upper and lower jaws.

Bajaio was still not very happy, but he did not dare to bite Su Su, but only gritted its teeth. In its mouth, in between the teeth, they discovered that it had some bright red object, like a silk thread.

She frowned while examining it and then whispered, “It’s not blood.”

“What is it?”Sang Nuan is far and couldn’t see clearly.

Su Su looked closer, it is like a plant juice, it has a smell of sweet taste, but she couldn’t specifically identify it,. Su Su shook her head, “ It was broken up too much.”

Bajiao was impatient and was trying to break free. Its limbs were constantly struggling and at last, when it was brought back to her palm, it quickly sprang up and dashed to Su Su’s cloak and snuggled inside.

“Bajiao…” She cried helplessly, and the little fox hiding in her bosom moved, but still continued to snuggle and she couldn’t help but lift it up and place it back on the table and held it down. “ It has so many wounds, do you want to put a bandage?”

Sang Nuan looked through the wound again and said, “No, it’s not a serious wound, and the blood has stopped. Don’t you remember? The wound on your hand, it licked your blood to clean it.”

Su Su glanced at her smooth hand and whispered. “You mean… my wound healed so quickly and it is related to the saliva of this little thing?” Su Su looked suspiciously at the little creature that was pressed down on the table, plainly stared at it. Is this possible? Its saliva can cure injuries?

Sang Nuan rubbed her painful temples and replied, “Perhaps, it licked its own wounds and they will know by morning the condition if the wounds.”

Sang Nuan appeared really exhausted and patted her shoulder, she whispered: “Are you tired? Did you find what you were looking for?”


Sang Nuan stiffened and Su Su’s hand gently rested on her shoulder but the hand felt heavy, mouth open wide but eventually she couldn’t say it. Although she had no friends in the past, she knew that friends are friends and you are, to be honest. Not to mention that they become sisters. If she hides many things from her, will Su Su be disappointed with her?

Sensing Sang Nuan’s dilemma, she appeared to be in a difficult situation, she couldn’t help but laugh, and the hand on her shoulder moved forward, tapping her shoulder and laughing. “If you don’t want to say don’t say it, I am not forcing your, why are you so nervous!”

Su Su understood Sang Nuan’s situation. Today, at a glance, she knew that she was heading to her mother’s house. She speculates that she was searching for something that her mother might leave behind. After she asked her, she doesn’t know what frightened her this way.

Sang Nuan bit her lip, looked at her and seriously said, “I’ll certainly tell you. ”

“Well, I’ll wait for you, if there are places you need help, let me know, and try not to be brave.”

“Okay !”

Seeing Sang Nuan obviously relaxed, Su Su smiled and did not continue with this subject.

Thinking of going to Mo Yuan the next day, Su Su asked again, “Oh yes, by the way, how long will Mo Yuan take that medicine for bone devouring poison? How often does he need to take it and what time he needs to take them? What is the other effect of those medicines besides removing the poison is it also poisonous or it will have no impact on his body? Also, his internal force with Mr. Pu Shan, will he recover it after the poison is cleaned… “

As she spoke, Su Su’s voice becomes softer because Sang Nuan’s look turns very strange, and the lips that always carry a faint smile, what happened? Su Su was holding Bajiao across her chest, swallowed her saliva, shifted on her seat and roughly asked, “You, why on earth are you …… looking at me that way?”


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