A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter Volume III Chapter 78 Pitiful Young Master

A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter by Qian Lu 錯嫁良緣續之海盜千金 作者:淺綠

Volume III Chapter 78 Pitiful Young Master

 Su Su was clutching Bajiao on her chest, swallowed, and moved uncomfortably in her seat before asking worriedly, “What are you doing …why on earth are looking at me like that?”

She had goosebumps all over. Sang Nuan turned serious suddenly and asked, “What do you think of the Mohists?”

 “What is it like?” Su Su hasn’t regained her grief and quietly watched Sang Nuan for a while. She finally composed herself. It was not like Sang Nuan was joking. She carefully thought before answering, “This famous clan that has alienated the world is mysterious and secretive. It also has little contact with outsiders. After being a famous clan, it thought of itself to be infallible, isolated itself and confident, which is something normal. After all, it has a long-standing reputation, it is not lacking,” 

 Sang Nuan though does not agree, but she did not refute but continued to ask, “Do you like the Mohist?” 

 This time, she did not have to think about it carefully. Just answered and said, “I am not fond of it.” The people here are always desolate. It’s like everyone has a mask on their faces and they look uncomfortable. Talking of comfort, she grew up in the capital, at the foot of the Imperial City and it was always very lively. Furthermore, General’s House, every day she is mingling with friendly people, and the surrounding is always lively. Here is cold, she really does not like it, but … … doesn’t really matter whether she likes it or not. When Mo Yuan recovered and is in good health, after she done what she must do with the Ling Shi, then she will go home. 

 Although Sang Nuan expected that answer what surprised her is that she answered quickly without hesitation. When she answered the question directly, that caught Sang Nuan off guard. The color of her pupil became deeper and Sang Nuan moved closer to her and asks, “ How about Mo Yuan?”

“ Do you like him?” Sang Nuan did let her escape, first, she feared that the question will scare Su Su; second, she is in no way a matchmaker, according to the blood relationship, though he is his cousin, but she did not have a good impression of the Mohists people, she does not have a favorable impression about them, naturally will not go to pull the red line, she is just curious,  if she like Mo Yuan? 

 Su Su frowned,   “What about him?” 

Sang Nun sighed in her heart. “Nothing. I am just curious what do you think of him?”

 “Oh.”   Su Su gave a cry, nodded, smiled, “Besides being an indifferent person, sometimes baffling, stubborn and he does not listen to advise, he is pretty good.” 

She only mentioned all his shortcomings, and called it pretty good? Sang Nuan remembered Su Su’s impression of the Mohist. She whispered, “Do you think, he is living in a cold Mohist environment, don’t you think he is very pitiful?” 

 Pitiful? Su Su is now suspicious! Looked at Sang Nuan and replied,  ” Being born in a Mohist family is not his choice and absolutely not pitiful. Even though the Mohist clan was indifferent and alienated, but being a descendant of Mohist, Mo Yuan has acquired that as an inheritance. Part of his inheritance is awe of the world. military prowess and martial achievements of Mohist which were beyond the reach of others. Just like being a prince and enjoying the dignity and power that the royal family brought him. It is necessary to shoulder its responsibility, make sacrifices, and compromise. Like me, my family has given me glory and gave me a skill. As a family member, I will fight for the honor of the family; I lost nothing and so why I would be pitiful? There is nothing pitiful and regretful. Again, he should not need anyone to pity him.” 

Sang Nuan now felt bored and deeply frustrated, she is now asking her feelings for Mo Yuan, not to analyze his identity of the being Mohist’s Younger Master! Sang Nuan deeply sighed and said helplessly. “I think he … is rather pitiful.” So, pitiful that he had fallen in love with you! 

She was suddenly confused, “Do you think so?” 

Seeing that Su Su was completely perplexed and unaware, Sang Nuan wanted to grind her teeth! “I do!” 

“Oh…”  Sang Nuan said it directly to her ears, Su Su see in her eyes like she did something to hurt her. Ah Nuan felt that Mo Yuan was pitiful. What pity? What did she do? Why she had to glare at her?! 

I was talking simply to the head of an elm tree! Sang Nuan decided that she wouldn’t trouble herself finding Mo-Yuan issues in the future with this girl. Once is enough. Is this girl really has no intention?

 Actually, Sang Nuan really treated Su Su unjustly. From the moment she learned how to walk, she was already surrounded by a large group of men, love and protected her to great extent. When she grew up, she’d leapfrog with them, carried heavy loads and climb together with them, practice swords together, and arrange battles together and fall in line with them. Sometimes also stealthily drink with them behind her mother’s back. Naturally, Su Su is not like the ordinary princess that depends on a man to look after her. A man not because he is closer to her, doesn’t mean she has to develop ambiguous thoughts or fluttering flags. When others offer everything to her, she would not think that they like her. In her understanding, men and women becoming friends is the usual thing, she did not want to go and speculate on that aspect … … 

Su Su was bewildered by the sullen look and helplessness in Sang Nuan. She waved her hand and Sang Nuan got up and walked away, “I will return to my room.”

Su Su quickly nodded.” Ah Nuan, go rest. ” 

 Sang Nuan ignored her and left. Sitting on the edge of the bed, looking at little darling lying down on its palm, she whispered, “Bajiao, is Mo Yuan really pitiful?”

The little fox naturally unable to answer her stretched out and covered its head with its front paws. She doesn’t know, probably was still angry with her for digging out its mouth, it gave Su Su a ’ don’t want to be bothered look.’

Su Su grinned and her one hand plucked Bajiao’s small head. She recalled that Mohist people and Mo Yuan were similarly indifferent and desolate, shuns the world. However, the rest of the Mohist people always had a faint ambiguity in their coldness, as if they were superior, but Mo Yuan is not. His indifference totally ignores others. It seems that no one is able to enter his eyes, his interest and his heart as a person. 

He suffered from such poisoning. Except for the twisted younger brother, he did not seem to have other family members to visit him. The place where he lived is also strange. The glacier is beautiful, but there is no trace of human spirit, like a sense of family. This place is not like home. The place where he lived as a child, did he lived grew up there? In that pavilion? Whatever his family does, they did not care about him. Such a thought, really ……a little pitiful. One hand is touching Bajiao and the other is supporting her chin. Su Su looked at Bajiao, murmured, “about that ……what is it that can make him happy?” 

The little fox buried its head deeper, moved his short legs and wanted to put its buttocks against her. She was annoyed. It turned over and licked the hair on its ear. Su Su angrily, “ I am talking to you Bajiao!”

Bajiao probably afraid of Su Su throwing him out, and regardless of the blood in his body, it slipped into her silk clothing quickly, with hands and feet clinging to her coat extremely nervous and trying to avoid the coat from being raised again.


 The time has passed midnight, the scenery is magnificent and the sky is like a fairyland. At the moment the wind is swirling like a dragon devoured by the darkness. Tonight’s full moon shines an afterglow of clouds carried by the wind. Some motley glows and shines the darkness.  In the pavilion, two people were not moving enjoying the beautiful scenery of the evening. A dark shadow sat quietly on the spot. Even in the darkness, the eyes looked cold and desolate. He seemed to be accustomed to the gusts of winds that hovered over his head and the dark clouds rising above the head. At a closer look, he has a frown on his face and his lips are tight, restless, even with some point of irritation. 

This is unusual for him and even the bird of prey that perched on his arms could sense it. It only dared to stay in place, motionless.

“You say it…” The deep voice sounded in the cold wind, it was very clear. When the owner was alone, he seldom spoke.  The bird of prey heard the sound and turned its head, the scarlet eyes stared at Mo Yuan, he is ambiguous and seems to be a bit puzzled. 

“Would she like …” Mo Yuan also stared at the falcon’s harsh eyes, not knowing if he was talking to him or talking to himself. 

 “ it here?” The voice was even lower, except for him. It was estimated that Li Yang, who had an excellent ear behind him, heard the words. 

 Li Yang secretly whispered in his heart. Master what you really want to ask is if she can like you, right?! From the moment when his master gave the golden envelope of lingcao to Su Su, he had already guessed that the woman was different from other people in the owner’s heart. On the ship’s return trip in more than 20 days, he knew it very clearly that his master liked the girl. Every time Sang Nuan takes his pulse, he knew that he will be teased. He always asked for Su Su. He wanted to see her but he refuses to go. Every time he walked to her door, he stood there for one or two hours not saying a word. 

 When Li Yang thought about it, he did not feel that there was anything that Miss Su is worthy of his master’s heart. He could not help saying in a low voice, “Master, you…what do you like about her?”

 “What do you like about her? Like her being dauntless when faced with danger? Like her humanity to save people fearlessly? Like her dedication to the truth? Like her unbridled laugh when she is happy? Like her cursing without any scruples when she is angry?” Probably, because it resembles none of him…

Born as Mohists, his world seemed to have only one color forever. It was monotonous and boring. His heart was a deserted, dark and cold like a dry well. Therefore, there was nothing that makes him happy or unhappy, and there was nothing to worry about. It was like his seven emotions and six sensory pleasures were being imprisoned, there were no emotions, no laughter, no sorrow, anger, and happiness. But that person, she was so lively, so vivid, it seems that if she just stays with him, his heart is wafting with a feeling that he can’t even tell. The truth is he hadn’t felt this before, so he wanted to seize it, but what to do… to take hold of it …but how.

 Li Yang asked that sentence, he knew that it was over his position to question him but the master did not even care, he was not angry. It was just like this, he continued sitting. 

Su Su didn’t know she had a restless night. She couldn’t sleep well and kept on tossing and finally fell asleep. The little fox was resting in her arms. After she had fallen asleep, she seemed to put out the little fellow. When she woke up and she didn’t find Bajiao in the blanket, she was a little guilty and called out cautiously. “ Bajiao ?”

The room was very quiet, but she thought it was angry and hurriedly got out of bed to look for it, “Bajiao… come out, I’ll find something delicious for you in a little while.”

 Su Su called several more times, and there was no response. Su Su felt something was not right. Her tone was a bit anxious now. “Bajiao, be obedient, Come out! ” 

 Sure enough, it is not in the room. 

Su Su went to the yard and called, looking for it. “Bajiao! Bajiao coming out now!” 

 “What’s wrong?” Sang Nuan pushed the door open and saw Su Su’s worried face calling for the name of the little fox.

 Su Su frowned and her face is serious, “Bajiao seems to have disappeared.” 


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