A Mistaken Marriage 4: Pirate’s Daughter Volume III Chapter 79 Boring or Fun

A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter by Qian Lu 錯嫁良緣續之海盜千金 作者:淺綠 Chapter List

Volume III Chapter 79 Boring or Fun?

“What’s wrong?” Sang Nuan pushed the door open and saw Su Su’s expression anxiously calling the name of the little fox. She was frowning and her face had a serious appearance. Bajiao seems to be … gone.” If it would run out yesterday searching for food and today, it has full of injury, what would be the reason. What it is that attracts it so much? Could it have been taken away? Impossible. She did not believe any master could sneak into her room without fully alerting her or Ao San, besides the fox is very flexible and couldn’t be seized easily. Why did it disappear?

Sang Nuan patted her shoulder to comfort her.’ Don’t worry, maybe it will be back again by evening.”

Now it’s only like this even if they go out and try to find it, it would be impossible to find. She got up little late today. Su Su looked at the hour in the sky, it sishi (9-11am) she remembered her promised to Mo Yuan and she quickly asked, ” Mo Yuan have to take his medicine three times a day.  What time?”

“Three times., sishi, wushi and youshi.(9-11am, 1-3 pm, and 5-7pm). ” Sang Nuan was puzzled, how many does Su Su think?” Looking at her appearance, she obviously cares for Mo Yuan. Why does she feel nothing about him? This girl is wonderfully rare.

Su Su was completely unaware that she had become a wonderful girl in Sang Nuan’s opinion. She also smiled and asked, “I’m going to go and see him now. Will you go with me?

“No, I’m going to Shang Sang courtyard.”What she was searching for had not yet been found

Su Su knew that Sang Nuan has her own thing to do for coming here. She did not insist and just simply say, “ Ok, let Ao San accompany you

“No…!” The words were not spoken yet, she stared at Ao San with a cold look, shut his mouth and in the blink of an eye, he was beside Sang Nuan.

Su Su’s mind was always thinking and worrying about Bajiao . When she came to Lin Yuan Xuan Pavilion, she did not notice that the courtyard that was closed all year round was wide open. Li Yang’s glanced is somehow bad.

After entering the courtyard, she discovered that the yard had more objects at the center, a square ebony dwarf coffee table and a few wooden stools. Although it was simple, it gave the empty big yard a bit of human touch.

There is a chess board on the coffee table. Mo Yuan did not stay in the pavilion but sat next to the coffee table. He held the black mole in one hand and the white son in another hand and played chess with himself.

He was dressed in a black suit, without a cloak in the snow-covered courtyard, his tall, upright and handsome appearance was particularly conspicuous. Probably because he was in his yard, he was not wearing a crown. His hair was made sloppily into a bun behind his head using long hairpin made of ebony, his slender fingertips gently pinching the white son and black mole, seemingly thinking, but also conveniently dropping the pieces, revealing a hint of leisure, quite pleasant in the eye.

If only she did not see the bowl of medicine next to the chess board, and the medicine looks like it was already cold. Su Su would have continued to appreciate the beautiful scenery, but at the moment, she turned furious.

She walked around Mo Yuan, reached for the medicine bowl, really, as she expected, the concoction was already cold. Su Su stared at him, angrily, “Can’t you move? Why didn’t you drink the medicine?”

Mo Yuan did not even lift his head; a black mole was laid down on the board and in a low-pitched voice replied faintly. “Yesterday you promised to come over to feed me the medicine. I am waiting for you.”

“I promised you that I would come and for me coming late is my fault. But you have no alternative. You must drink the medicine!”Su Su was angry. Does this person know how to cherish his own body?!

Mo Yuan holds appreciatively the remaining white son, looked sideways at her, and replied:, “It doesn’t occur to me that I have to drink it. I am simply waiting for you to come so I could drink again.”

“You!” To that pair of the black pupil, Su Su doesn’t know where to vent her fury. It was like a fire in her chest trying to escape. She now thinks that because of her coming in late leads to the situation, it will be even worse to snarl at Mo Yuan, she can I can only stare at the concoction, grab it and sigh, “I don’t know if this medicine if cold, will it affect the efficacy…”

While she was thinking about whether or not to heat the medicine, a voice leisurely said, “No, I already asked.”

Mo Yuan’s insipid appearance made Su Su angrier, she just grinds her teeth. She wanted to scold him but there no point arguing, “Open your mouth.”

Mo Yan opened his mouth, and then a full spoonful of concoction poured into his mouth. The act of feeding the drug was very rough, but it was still it was given by spoonful. Ah Nuan said, the medicine must be feed to him slowly and she still remembered.

Regardless of the strength of medicated drugs, Mo Yuan silently swallowed the medicine. After feeding a bowl of medicine, the fury of Su Su also disappeared. She put down the spoon. “ Bajiao disappeared,” she said in a whisper.

” …” Mo Yuan looked up at her but said nothing.

Su Su continued, “It was gone yesterday morning. I had been looking for it with Sang Nuan for a long time. I didn’t find it but found the house where I met you. It came back on its own in the evening, but it was full of wounds, I was so guilty. I did not realize that this morning, it disappeared again.”

After she finished talking, her head hangs low. Mo Yuan slightly frown and enduring the soreness in his throat, whispered, “It will come back tonight. The beast has their own way. You don’t need to worry about it. It is useless to worry.”

Su Su knew that Mo Yuan was right. She just couldn’t control worrying about the little fox. When her mood returned to normal, only then she noticed that Mo Yuan’s voice was terribly horrible. After pondering over it, Mo Yuan seems to have no way to speak every time he finishes drinking medicine. Even if he speaks, it was very hoarse. Looking at the empty medicine bowl in her hand, she asked, “Isn’t it hard to drink this medicine?”

She did not expect that Mo Yuan gives her an incredible smile before answering, “No.”

She was not convinced, but she cannot taste a mouthful either.

She put away the medicine bowl and look down to see that Mo Yuan was holding the white son gently putting it down.

Looking at the situation of the chess game, Su Su could see that the white son and the black mole is evenly matched. She is very puzzled. “You are playing by yourself, isn’t boring?”

Mo Yuan picked up the black mole and look like he didn’t care replied. “No. ”

When she was home, one of his uncles often played chess with himself. She asked once when she was a child, why? Her uncle said that because nobody can play chess with him, he could only do it with himself…

Then, what about Mo Yuan? Is it also because no one plays chess with him? Thinking about how she could make him happy last night, the opportunity has now come! Would he be happy if she played chess with him?

Su Su held down Mo Yuan’s hand, smiled and challenged him,” Boring is relative to interesting with respect to the existence, and I will let you experience, what is fun, Come, let me accompany you to the next game.”

Mo Yuan gently raised his eyebrow but he did not interrupt her clean up his unfinished chess game. In no time the chessboard is empty.

Su Su think of getting the black mole first, she always like attacking first then defend. She readily holds the black mole and calmly put it down. Mo Yuan saw her provocative smile and his heart suddenly jumped, under the spark of his eyes he hastily collect the white sons and followed to drop one.

Su Su family always proficient at offense and defense, and is good at planning. Mo Yuan was born at Mohist, and he is skilled at calculating and projections. Both of them have their own strange moves. At the same time, they all feel and exclaimed that the opponent’s strategy and tricks are novel and ingenious.

Occasionally, Mo Yuan would look up to see her face; the frowning eyebrows, or the smile in her lips, or the contented expression or that look that fall into hardships, and he could not help but feel that her changes in facial expressions are more interesting than the chess game.

One inning down and actually an hour has passed, Su Su looked at his white son and her black mole, under the situation she has no black mole to relinquish, readily said, “I lost.”

Su Su on ordinary days does not like to play calmly and quietly. Her skill can only be considered upper middle and depending on the temper of his uncles that teaches her how to play. According to his strength, Mo Yuan should be able to win more thoroughly. Unfortunately, someone is not wholly absorbed and begins to look at various things and the mind is wandering, winning against him will be a mere luck.

Su Su played chess against him to make him happy. Naturally, she doesn’t care if she loses. She is holding her cheek and smiled. “How is it? Is it fun?”

“Um, it is fun.” Before, he never thought of playing chess with anyone besides himself. Just like yesterday, he was restless after he sat the whole night. He can only play chess with himself to relax. Before also, he did not know what is interesting and naturally wouldn’t know what is boring. Now he knows what is interesting. Days with her is interesting, and without her company is boring.

She does not understand. Mo Yuan’s confesses with his mouth it is fun and how can his expression be so serious? Not happy at all’

After the game was over, Su Su looked up and saw the small figure standing very upright outside the gate. She smiled and cried.” Mo Yu!”

Mo Yuan also looked up and the dark pupils looked at Mo Yu. Mo Yu shivered immediately. Why Big Brother’s eyes could be so scary today?

“Why don’t you come in?”

“…” Mo Yu quietly stepped back two steps.

Su Su waved at him and smiled, “ Come in quickly.”

So, Mo Yu was going through the cold look from Mo Yuan and burning look from Su Su. Slowly walks into the courtyard and saw the gloomy face of Mo Yuan. Mo Yu explained in a hurry. “Big Brother, I, I have done my homework today, and I’ll go back to practice my martial arts soon!’

The fearful appearance of Mo Yu is too funny. Su Su now thinks that this little guy is more lovable than her several younger brothers. They are interesting in their own way and she liked them dearly also. She pulled Mo Yu to the place where she used to sit down and said, “ The hour is early, later we can have lunch immediately and after lunch, we go back. I just played chess with your brother and I lost to him. Mo Yu help elder sister to get her revenge.”

Mo Yu was startled, stood up and quickly waved. “I, I’m sure I’ll definitely lose to my big brother!”

“Who said that? A young boy couldn’t give up. You try it before you know.” Su Su pressed him on the chair and he thought about it. She can’t stay with Mo Yuan forever, later when she returns home. Mo Yu can accompany him.

Mo Yu looked nervously at his own brother and he could not even dare to play chess until Mo Yuan slowly picked up the white son under the ‘look of anticipation’ of Su Su. Mo Yu relaxed and faintly excited. He actually can play against his big brother! This is something he never dreamed about.

After taking a deep breath, Mo Yu cautiously dropped the first black mole.

In fact, Mo Yu’s chess skill is not bad. Unfortunately, he is young after all. Compared with Mo Yuan, he has too much to lose. In addition, this time, Mo Yuan has no intention of throwing the game. However, after half an hour, Mo Yu can no longer lay down a game piece.

Mo Yuan puts down his white piece and said lightly, “You lost.”

In the great winter, Mo Yu’s forehead has a bead of sweats, head hang down low, “I’m sorry ……”

“Victory and defeat, it’s a commonplace in the military, don’t be sad Mo Yu and maybe next time we will win.”Su Su was comforting Mo Yu but her nose smelled a strong roasted chicken aroma. She looked up and sure enough, she saw Mu Xue was holding a tray standing in the yard.

She quickly helps to put away the chessboard, put on the ground next to her. She smiled at Mu Xue, “ Mu Xue, you work hard.”

This time Mu Xue didn’t return her words as usual, but she gently nodded her head. She also did not mind because her focus is attracted by the fat roasted chicken on the tray. She cannot be blamed for this, she was inside the boat for 20 days and did not eat well. The Mohist diet is light, it would be strange if she doesn’t look at it with a spark from both eyes.

After Mu Xue brought the food out of the tray, she stood beside Mo Yuan and whispered, “Madame asked Young Master to pass by in the afternoon.”

Mo Yuan did not look at her from beginning to end but only replied. “Got it, retreat.”

“Yes.” Mu Xue did not say anything more, turned around and went out.

Su Su was already in good mood after seeing Mu Xue with the chicken but he mood instantly reduced to a freezing point. Mo Yuan was poisoned. To detoxify the poison, he doesn’t have internal force, it’s gone. If the poison is not solved on the 3rd day, Mo Yuan’s might not be saved. As a mother, even if she did not visit personally but at least send a person to check on him. What is even worse, she asks the emaciated son whose body is wrecked by poison to come and pay her respect?! What if there something, can’t this discussion be put off after three days?!

Su Su was burning angry. Mo Yuan turned his head to see that the eyes that were staring constantly at the roasted chicken suddenly turned chilly, and he immediately put the whole tray of roasted chicken before her. “All for you.”

Even she doesn’t have the same opinion, she can’t be disrespectful to elders, then with an indifferent face, she clamped one leg of the chicken and give it to Mo Yu, then the other leg she clamped also and passed it to Mo Yuan and says coldly,” Eat!”

The unexpected anger was too baffling and in her aura, her anger is clearly shown. Whoever provoked her was unlucky.

Mo Yu and Mo Yuan looked at the chicken legs in their bowl and silently lowered their heads to eat.

Outside the door, the elegant figure did not leave. She was just watching with indifference in the yard. The two most honored men in addition to the patriarchs of Mohists were sitting next to the side of this woman, one on her left and the other, on her right, obediently eating their meal!

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