A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter Volume III Chapter 80 Why Do You Do That?

A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter by Qian Lu 錯嫁良緣續之海盜千金 作者:淺綠 Chapter List

Volume III Chapter 80 What Do You Do?

After the three had finished eating their lunch in silence, Su Su was upset all the way through. She put down her chopsticks and asks, “Is the medicine here already?

Li Yang pointed at a bamboo basket next to him. “Just arrived.”

Su Su got up, picked up the bamboo basket and returned to the table. When she opened the lid, she found that there was a big bowl in the middle of the bamboo basket with burning charcoal in it and on top of it is the bowl of medicine. No wonder, the medicine can be kept warm.

Su Su carefully took out the medicine bowl, scooped a spoonful of concoction, and blew it, saying nothing. She sent the spoon to Mo Yuan’s mouth, who obediently opens his mouth and drank the medicine.

“!” Mo Yu sat sideways, his eyes were full of surprise! When he came yesterday, this woman and his brother were having dinner. When he came today, they were playing chess. He had never seen this scene. He was so shocked and wanted to pinch himself and see if he was dreaming. Actually, someone dared to feed his brother a medicine and his brother also just took it readily? !

Is this person really his elder brother, the one who does not like to be close to people?! For the first time, Mo Yu’s looked at a person with admiration.

After feeding the last spoonful of medicine, she removed the bowl and immediately got up and said, “I’m leaving” and then turns to leave.

Mo Yuan narrowed his eyes and called out in a low voice, “Su Su…”

She was still in a very good mood when she played chess with him. She had lunch and she liked to eat roasted chicken. Mo Yuan does not know what made her angry suddenly and he did not know what to say except to call her name.

In fact, Su Su was living up to her own temperament. The way between this mother and son, she had no right to meddle; she was just but an outsider? He and his mother get along with each other, what qualifications does she have for an outsider to put an opinion? She had no right to judge their happiness. Her facial expression had not returned to normal, but her tone is softer now and said, “ Youshi (5-7pm), I will come again.”

When Su Su left, the atmosphere in the yard instantly became different, and Mo Yu immediately rose, saying, “Brother, I also will go.”

After Mo Yu finished speaking, he walks out briskly and relaxed only after he left the courtyard. Although he did not know the reason, he felt that when Su Su was not around, his Big brother was still the same big brother!

When Su Su went out of the yard, she saw Mu Xue standing not far from there, her clothes were covered with snow, though she looks cold, she just stood there like part of the landscape. Su Su also noticed that the look in her eyes doesn’t look the same as she had seen her at first and for whatever reason, she doesn’t want to unravel. Again, she was but a stranger in this land.

Ah Nuan and Ao San is not in the “Kèjū” and Bajiao she doesn’t know where it goes. She felt bored after she returns. She doesn’t know where to spend this two hours, Mo Yu just got out of the courtyard walking very fast as if someone was chasing him. She got the idea, with a smile on her lips, she now knew where to pass the time.

Su Su did not hide her whereabouts and walked behind him 10 feet away. Mo Yu found out that there was someone following behind him. He turns around and saw Su Su. Though he did not display arrogance this time, his tone of voice was not courteous either, “What do you want from me?”

Su Su shrugs and while walking, she said, “I just arrived in Mohist state. I have nothing to do. I want to visit your courtyard.”

“You can’t,” Mo Yu said without even thinking about it he readily refuse flatly.

“I’ll just browse. You are busy with your own thing. I won’t bother you.” She walked to Mo Yu who now stopped his footsteps and Su Su breathe a sigh of relief, once again, the sad stare on his face is similar to that of Mo Yuan, after a deep breath she said, “I owe you an apology boasting in front of your brother after losing of that you are polite and zealous. I cannot think of a place to go now. You don’t have to invite me to sit in your courtyard if you don’t want me to…”

Sure enough, when Su Su first mentioned about Mo Yuan, the firm face of Mo Yu immediately hesitated. It was like he had done some psychological struggle. Then Mo Yu said loudly, “Okay, I can only sit for a while, and besides you have to promise you can’t mess with my stuff!”

The goal was achieved, Su Su said immediately. “I promise!”

Mo Yu gave her a glimpse to make it clear and then led her in the other direction. Before long, she walked to a courtyard, the gate is quite satisfactory. There were two words on the threshold, “Yù Chéng” or City of Domain.

Su Su smiled and the name was quite domineering. When Mo Yu opened the door and she saw the arrangement inside, she could not help but raise her eyebrows. This courtyard was also very large, and his hanging pavilion was not small either.

On the right side of the courtyard, another huge pavilion was also built. However, unlike in Lin Yuan Xuan, this pavilion is not a room for Mo Yu. There are two long tables. Then another table with tools like an ax, chisel, iron sheet, wood, knife, pliers, gloves, everything on the other table, there are a lot of strange objects. Others may not see it, but growing in Su General Mansion, at a glance, she could tell that these are all kinds of improved weapons and small concealed devices.

She went into the pavilion and swept a glanced at the small fine gadgets that are considered exquisite. She laughed. “Are you doing all this?”

Mo Yu slightly tilted his head proudly but must appear like he doesn’t care about those gadgets very much,” I do casually.”

She nodded her head and she did not hide her love for these gadgets. She exclaimed.” Mo Yu, this is fierce!” Really powerful. These things, she saw in their own weapon room. There were too many, of course, more delicate than these gadgets, but also more lethal. She likes weapons, when she was at the age like Mo Yu, she also made small things in the weapons room too. To be honest, at that time she was completely inferior to him compared to what he can do now at this young age. It’s really amazing.

Su Su really praises him. He was actually little embarrassed, head down, he whispered, “I am not as fierce as Big brother. When he was my age, he had already broken the northern heavens matrix strategies of the elders.”

In the end, how much this child adores his own brother? Su Su lift her hand and rubbed his head smiling, “It is enough that your brother is skilled at fighting against the law of illusion. You are in weapons production, and in the institution manufacture and ingenious invention. That is not worse than your elder brother, you were similarly outstanding, you know?

Mo Yu took a step back and patted the hand of Su Su. He obviously felt and accepts that affirmation but he wants to pretend that he did not care.

Su Su has long been accustomed to his awkwardness, smiled and said nothing more. She began to seriously look at the objects on the long table; one of the crossbows caught her attention. Su Su stretched out her hand and Mo Yu immediately said nervously. “You, be careful! Don’t break it.” Though he said so, he did not prevent her from touching his treasure.

Su Su just pouted and picked up the long crossbow with one hand. She seemed to have some understanding of what was going on why this child was nervous. This was a very heavy weapon, it was much heavier than the average crossbow and she took a closer look. All of the parts were replaced with iron, which made it more durable. Three arrows can be issued simultaneously, it could also withstand the user’s strength but it is too heavy to use.

If you say what weapon is most familiar to Su Su in addition to copper scale fan, her favorite is a bow. Since this crossbow has given up its lightness, then it should focus more on striking power, the strength and speed of the arrow should be raised. When he came up, she bent down and handed the crossbow to Mo Yu and pointed six places to him. She said, ” Mo Yu if you can set up another group of shrapnel in front, you can send six fire at a time. It’s twice as powerful as it is now.”

“Let me see!” Mo Yu heard her, his eyes suddenly lighted up, and he immediately took it with both hands and studied it.

She was apprehensive and was now satisfied that it seems the payback to grow, the pressing idea in one’s frame of mind. Looking at Mo Yu with eyes shining, perhaps he may have thought of a better idea. Su Su did not bother him and slowly strolls around the small yard of Yu-Cheng.

Unlike Lin Yuan Xuan Pavilion, there are two wooden rooms in the yard aside from the pavilion. One of them looks large and the other is much smaller. The big room should be a living room in Mohist state. It is not very interesting, but the one next to it looks very special. The log cabin is really small, and there is no door. There is only a bamboo curtain across the room. The ray of light in the cabin is also very bright, inside one can vaguely see that it is very spacious.

Su Su opened the bamboo curtain and walked in. In the empty room, one could see ‘a thing’ in the center.

It was a plant being grown in a white jade vase. Yes, she was not wrong. It was a vase, not a flower pot. The vase was tall and slender in shape. She did not know the name of the plant, she thought she had never seen it before. The plant had a delicate branch, roughly as thick as a thumb, and there were seventy-eight inches revealing above the vase. The branches are slightly curved; with about five or six slender leaves similar to a willow leaf at the top. The most peculiar thing is that the plant’s root is normally white, but this one is not purely white. There is a trace of red silk interspersed among them. The tip of the leaf is a faint red, and the degree of redness of several leaves is not the same, some are deep and shallow.

Su Su was curious about this thing and her foot unknowingly proceeded to look nearer.

Next, to the white vase, there is also a black crock, not too deep, nor too big. Just like a bowl of soup, very similar to it. Su Su vaguely smells the scent of blood and wants to look closer if there’s anything inside the jar. Then suddenly, behind the curtain behind came rushing a little figure and pushed her away from the vase

“Stop! Mo Yu’s voice was very low as if he was afraid of clamoring, but his eyes were fierce and anxiously alarmed. “You walk away, and you mustn’t touch my antelope grass!”

“Antelope grass?” Mo Yu did not say it better than pick up all the curiosity of Ms. Su. This is the grass in ping yan fu that had the ability to avoid hundreds of poisons, and can also be used as a pass to Mohist state. Su Su did not care even though Mo Yu pushed her instead she moved a bit closer. Curiously asked, “Original grass grows like this, but inside Mo Yuan’s yellow paper this grass was a powder ?”

Mo Yu knits his brows tightly and looked at Su Su. “You saw my brother’s antelope grass ?”

“I have not only seen it, I have taken it, ” under Mo Yu’s poor look in his eyes, she smiled and whispered, “Just seen it, once or twice.”

Mo Yu was envious of her again. She was inexplicably bewildered. She did don’t know which one of her words caused little ancestor to be annoyed. So, she decided to ask another question. Her eyes glanced sideways at the black clay pot and asked, “What is that?”

Su Su was extremely curious and she did not show an appearance that she would stop asking questions. Mo Yu thought that since the big brother had given her the antelope envelop a few times, then the antelope grass for her meant nothing, after all, this is not secret in Mohist state.

Mo Yu moved sideways, letting her see the contents of the clay pot, and the voice was still very low, saying, “This plant is called lonesome snow grass, and the antelope insect is in the clay pot, they are gathered together and Mohists call them “antelope grass”.

Su Su suddenly realized that the “antelope grass” was not just a name for the grass, ahh. Su Su looked at the black crock, and there was nothing strange, there was a shallow layer of water in the crock, or not probably not water because it’s a bit sticky and she did not see any antelope insects;

Seeing that Su Su has some doubts, Mo Yu glanced a look and answered, “The antelope is very fine, like silk threads, you can’t see it.”

Looking the way how Mo Yu was taking care of the snow grass and antelope so carefully. Su Su said with a smile, “Look at you, so cautious, isn’t it easy do it?

“That’s natural,” On the small face of Mo Yu is a serious look. “The lonesome snow grass is the grass that grows in the virtual illusion, a fairy grass. After it grows up, the part of the small roots will be accompanied by an antelope insect and after 49 days, the snow grass will be collected, the grass and the antelopes will be separated, and they will be fed with the blood of the host, respectively until they are trained. The insects are trained for 16 years then the insects are implanted into the body and using the magical spells of Tao and Mohism together to make the lingcao (spirit grass) . The sixteen-year period is not short, a little mistake could happen like an antelope or lonesome snow grass dies or the insects could not be trained adequately. To put it in a blood vessels Mohist host, the chance is only once in life.”

Planting the antelope insect inside the body… Isn’t it like raising a bug in the body? Oh, my goodness! Again, she looked at the earthen pot of black blood that was still faintly distributing a faint smell. She is guessing, it is blood. At this moment, if anyone looks at the beautiful red leaves of lonesome snow grass and blood, a person can’t help but shudder. They are all raised by the blood… she suddenly gasps and whispered, “Why are you… Mohists do such terrible thing?!”

“What do you know?” When he heard that Su Su actually criticized Mohist’s practice, Mo Yu was very unhappy, because he himself did not accomplish it yet. His voice was much higher than before. In the forbidden area of illusion, only those who have developed antelope grass are qualified to enter!”

The ones with antelope grass cannot only enter the Mohist state but also into the forbidden land? ! Su Su murmured, “It’s too dangerous. If you were robbed of lonesome snow grass, then you wouldn’t be able to break into your forbidden land?”

“When the lingcao (spirit grass) is stolen, and the antelope grass leaves the owner’s side.” The antelope insects will respond, and if they are really stolen, the host can find the habitat of the thief using blood gua , so even if someone wants to steal the lingcao, they will soon be caught. The antelope grass can only leave the owner within a certain range. It’s okay, but it can’t be too far away and too long. Otherwise, the owner will have fǎn shì zhè huíshì, a backlash from the antelope…”

fǎn shì zhè huíshì – return back to devour its own master or oppose its own master

“Wait!” Su Su stared at Mo Yu, whose face now is gloomy. “You said lingcao cannot be too far away from the host side for too long, otherwise it will attack the host’s body?

Glancing at her strange expression, Mo Yu answered in a very soft whisper,” Yes ah …… ”

Su Su’s brain just fell into chaos, so in Wolf Island, Mo Yuan had a big wound in his hand because he used the blood gua? No wonder he found her so soon. And how far is the zone he was referring to and and how long it would have to be, if at that time Tantai Ye Lie abducted her, his purpose was not Mo Sang’s grave, but to directly take her away by the sea, at that time also the Mohist ship is not on the island, will Mo Yuan be able to follow? Does he want the antelope to backfire? Why did he do such thing? It’s too risky…

Su Su’s face suddenly turned pale and Mo Yu whispered, “You…it’s okay…”

Su Su recovered, shook her head and said, “The hour is late. I’m going to go.”

Mo Yu didn’t know what happened to her; the person suddenly looked a little strange and distracted. After Su Su finished speaking and regardless of Mo Yu, she turned and left the small courtyard.

From the small courtyard all the way out, Su Su’s heart was scared, if at that time she was really brought to Liao Yue, then the Mo Yuan will suffer a false counter-accusation from the antelopes, what happens? Will there be a backlash? Will he die?

Su Su was walking absentmindedly when a stream rushed over her in a flash, she had no time to think anymore, she looked down and unexpectedly it is Bajiao that went missing in the morning!

Bajiao is in her footsteps, and she was happily squatting down. She was pleasantly surprised. “Bajiao, you come back!”

Bajiao is in distress, she quickly looked at his wounds and the wounds today is not in the same place as yesterday. The serious wounds that were there last night have actually healed. Is it really true that this little fox’s saliva heals wounds? Today, his injuries were more serious than yesterday, with dirt, dead leaves, and bloodstains everywhere. Su Su whispered, “What are you doing?”

Usually, the little fellow would have already gone to her bosom, but at the moment, it was only biting her skirt and dragging it backward. That little figure certainly is trying to tow her. Su Su whispered, “You want me to go with you?”

Bajiao kept whining and when it discovered that it couldn’t drag Su Su because she just stood there motionless, it loosened its bite and ran two to three feet away and looked back at her.

When she didn’t move and it stopped and looked at her. Su Su assumed that Bajiao wanted to take her to the place it’s visiting. It Immediately jumped excitedly two times, after going forward seven to eight feet, it would stop to look back at Su Su until it determined that Su Su is always behind, two or three feet away, only then it began to rush to one direction.

Her excellent qing gong skill made it easy for Su Su to catch up.

Where it is taking itself? Is that place the reason for its disappearance without reason for the past two days?


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