A Mistaken Marriage Match 5: Pursuit of Murderer in Liao Yue Chapter 18 The Assassin’s identity Part 2

A Mistaken Marriage Match 5: Pursuit of Murderer in Liao Yue by Qian Lu(错嫁良缘系列之燎越追凶)

Chapter 18 The Assassin’s Identity (Part 2)

“Who is it? Whose seizes the sword? Who?” Jin Ru that has been very silent suddenly spoke, staring at Xing Mu; her eyes were fully alert and fierce.

Several people looked strangely at Jin Ru for her reaction. Yan Hen and Lou Chen were both pensive. Mu Yan knew Jin Ru’s disposition. She is a relatively straightforward person. It may be because the assassin injured her and cannot take it, so she wants to know the assassin’s identity.

There were some hesitations in Xing Mu’s heart. He was tangled within if he would tell them about the assassin’s identity. Finally, Xing Mu’s eyes fell on Lou Chen who was looking indifferent but her eyes are clear, she just stood there quietly with the sharp sword around her waist. It reminded him of the feeling when he first saw the portrait of “Cang Feng” in his father’s study. It is cold, shining and hiding its sharpness. It was inexplicable. Xing Mu suddenly felt a hint of restlessness from her stare and quickly pulled back his gaze.

After he recovered his gaze from Lou Chen, he looked up to find out that besides her, several people were also staring at him closely. Thinking about the current situation, Xing Mu finally decided to say it. Anyway, he could not think of any better way that will help the case now.

Secretly took a deep breath, Xing Mu whispered, “Have any of you heard of … Lingshui  League?”

Lingshui League?  Yan Hen and Mu Yan glanced and looked at each other’s eyes. They knew that the other person, like himself, knew nothing about the name. Jin Yan Hen subconsciously looking at Lou Chen, he has not yet seen how Lou Chen reacts, but he felt his Aunt close by him listening does not take it so well.

Jing Ru stared at Xing Mu. Her face turned white, yes, it was kind of pale without blood, she was trembling from top to bottom, and her eyes were covered with abhorrence. “You say it again…”

Everyone saw that Jin Ru was not her usual self and Xing Mu probe her, “The lady knows Lingshui League?”

“No!” Jin Ru suddenly stood up and whispered, “I don’t know. I don’t know what Lingshui League is.”

“Aunt?”Jin Yan Hen gripped Jin Ru’s hand. Perhaps the temperature of his palms and the power of his grasp finally brought her senses back. Finally, when she turned her gaze to Jin Yan Hen, her hatred was instantly replaced by horror. Talking back her hand she hurriedly said, “Ah Hen, I don’t feel well. Will you help me walk? I want to rest inside the room?”

Jin Yan Hen slightly narrowed his eyes and gently replied, “Good.” Yan Hen did not say anything more. He assists his aunt as she walked towards the backyard.

The three people left had not spoken either, the hospital was in total silence. Xing Mu had a mixed feeling especially recounting the responses of Jin Ru these past two days. He suspected that Jin Ru knew of the Lingshui League. She seemed to have an inexplicable sentiment to Zhi Ge. Probably… she knew the owner of Zhi Ge? But he never heard his father’s mention of Jin Ru?

As the few people were secretly pondering, Jin Yan Hen came out, and several people looked at him somewhat surprised. Everyone can tell that Jin Ru has been so anxious to take him away out from conversation. She would certainly do not want him to come back and mix with them. At this time, she will only hold him back tremendously. How could he be out now?

Yan Hen just shrugs, compared to the people with the serious looks, he appeared relaxed and smiled. “I ordered her sleep drug. Well, Xing Mu continue and talk about the Lingshui League.”

Xing Mu’s eyes looked more profound than before and tried exploring from his eyes if his Aunt has given him any information. It is a pity that Yan Jen is as ignorant and incomparably curious in appearance.

Xing Mu regained his gaze and whispered, “The Lingshui League is a mysterious pugilistic faction. The current leader is the daughter of the former leader Zhan Guxing, Zhan Wuxin. The Lingshui League’s conduct is bizarre and the method is heartless, they will not only collect money but also kill people. There is a news at the pugilistic world that all trades that is done, as long as the Lingshui League settled a contract, they will not be stopped even if that means killing until the goal is achieved. Just as it is, my father learned that the league is eyeing Zhi Ge. It is the reason why he made me leave and go to Su Family immediately. Although Xiao Jian Villa has some fame on the Pugilistic World, it is definitely not a match to Lingshui League.”

In other words, the Lingshui League is eyeing the sword endlessly? Mu Yan was even more disgusted with the Lingshui League, and coldly asked, “Is the Lingshui League collected a huge money to take the sword because it has something special? Or is it that the owner of the sword is special?”

Xing Mu with a wry smile and replied, “I really don’t know. My father attached great importance to this sword, but he rarely mentioned the thing about this sword. If you want to know the identity of the senior generation is only to go back and ask Father. However, right now the most important thing is to get back Zhi Ge!”

What happened today is too sudden. Even the people who are as calm as Mu Yan has an inexplicable fire in his heart cried out in anger, “What you said is right! What do you want to do?”

Jin Yan Hen looked at Mu Yan and whispered, “Although the assassin escaped, should he be injured?”

Mu Yan nods. “Of course, he has various stabbed wounds with a sword by me and Ru, and even if he didn’t die, he would soon be wasted.”

Jin Yan smiled slightly, and the curvature of her mouth was somewhat chilly. “Luoshui town has more than 800 miles to the next town. Even if traveled with the best horse, it has to ride day and night. He received a heavy wound, if he doesn’t want to die halfway, he will surely not hurry along. They have chosen to lure the tigers away from the mountains. They should also know our strength, they are inferior to us. They are afraid that Xing Mu will cross the river tomorrow and go to Qiong Yue. They can only seize the sword first then hide, and wait for someone to aid him. We must find the assassin before the person who comes to aid him reached Luoshui Town.”

Mu Yan shook hid his head and looked reluctant, there are difficulties to face, “Luoshui Town is big, not small, if you think it is small, it is not small at all. We do not know the location where the assassin will hide, it is not easy to find. If we go from household to household, it will take us two days at least.”

Lou Chen, who had been silent for a long time, finally spoke. “Since it is an organization, there will be special communication methods. The most common one is to leave a secret code in some secret place so that they can find their companions.”

The cold voice sounded so sweet, but the brow of Mu Yan wrinkled and tightened, sighing, “We do not know what their secret code is?”

In fact, the so-called Lingshui League’s secret code, Lou Chen knew it, it is a positive diamond pattern, in the middle, there are two intersecting cross-links, inconspicuous, but it is appropriate to use as a signal code.

Lou Chen actually knew about the matters of Lingshui League. One winter eight years ago, when the plum blossom that year was very good, she and Su Su went to play at the Sheshan Academy. She was only ten years old then. When she passed the study room, she heard her father and the Emperor talking about the league. They seemed to have completely destroyed the alliance. Lou Chen that time was also curious because this kind of pugilistic organization, the royal court had never tried to control and left them to themselves. In Qiong Yue County, there are many of this kind of organization. They were also extremely vicious and even made some poisonous entrance. They were some arrests made to people who are refining poisons and who made big harm. The royal courts even how extreme they sometimes turned normally do not try to control these organizations, but with the Lingshui League, it actually alarmed the emperor.

She was truly puzzled, so when Aunt took her to come and called them over to eat, she secretly entered the study and look at the booklet his father gave the emperor. It turned out that the royal court had smashed Lingshui League’s power, now for nearly ten years and the Lingshui League’s forces were almost completely removed.

There should also a reason why people in Lingshui League did not wait until they received help. Once Xing Mu entered the territory of Qiong Yue, Lingshui League’s people cannot chase the after the sword, if not they would immediately become targets.

How she got this information and knew about their secret code, Lou Chen cannot reveal it here because she does not have a means of explaining how she knew about the league, how she knew of the Qiong Yue’s secret demolition of the alliance. How she would say it without arousing their suspicions.  Although she may choose not to still explain it, this will inevitably cause them to be suspicious. She does not want to expose her identity yet just a few days after her arrival.

Lou Chen thought for a moment, but in the end, she only suggested what they should look for in few words. “First of all, look for all the strange graphics. Lines should not be missed. There will always be clues.”

Now it can only be this way. After all, those assassins are too dangerous. Mu Yan grabbed his sword and walks out the door. He says, “You guys look for it first. I’ll go find Uncle Xiao and Wu Yi to discuss it with them. Everyone let us go and find it together.”

Xing Mu quickly said, “I will also go, after all, that sword was lost in my possession.”

Yan Hen knew that Xing Mu is absolutely determined and stubborn person. Even if they did not let him, he would certainly go. He said, “We should move separately. You will look for two or three streets down around the vicinity, Okay. ”

Xing Mu nodded immediately, “Okay.”

Lou Chen and Yan Hen walked out of the hospital together. Lou Chen turned to the left side of the street and walked out of more than ten feet, the person beside her was carefree and followed after her full of leisure. Lou Chen stopped and said, “What are you doing with me? Did you not say before, we will look for it separately?”

Jin Yan Hen placed his hands on his chest, sluggishly smiling, “No, I thought I’d follow Chen’er. It is easier to find clues.”

Lou Chen narrowed her eyes, what is he guessing?

Facing the icy look of Lou Chen, Yan Hen moved few steps back, smiled happily then flattered her, “ Chen’er has a photographic memory, I have such a stupid brain that not good in remembering patterns. So naturally, it’s better to follow Chen’er.”

Stupid? Lou Chen slightly raised her eyebrows, but did not say anything, continue to walk forward. Jin Yan Hen, of course, followed immediately.

Lou Chen chose the secluded streets while paying close attention to pavements and stone walls along the way. After walking through the five streets, Lou Chen suddenly stopped at a corner, then knelt down and stared at the ground.

Jin Yan Hen also knelt down and saw an ordinary diamond pattern on a stone. The picture on the stone was very shallow and it is not neat. The diagonals of the lines of the diamond are all connected by straight lines. One of the sections of the lines was raised. It seems to be a child’s drawing but if examined carefully, one may discover that the raised section is pointing to a direction?

Yan Hen looked at Lou Chen and faintly smiling asked, “This is a secret code?”

Lou Chen ignored the complex light in his eyes and turned to go in the direction pointed by the secret code. He looked at the blue figure, his mouth was slightly raised. Lou Chen’s identity was truly not common. He was even more curious. What is he going to do?

They found two such similar signals along the way. After that, they lost their clues. The two stood on a deserted road, looking around and there was nothing to hide.

Jin Yan Hen holding his chin and said, “There are no people in this neighborhood. He is most likely to hide…”

The two looked at one another and said, ” Lou Shui Mountain!”


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