A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter Volume III Chapter 82 Finding You

A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter by Qian Lu 錯嫁良緣續之海盜千金 作者:淺綠

Volume III Chapter 82 Finding You

On this snow-capped mountains, snow falls all year round but winter sleet is most frequent during winter. It was now winter and the cold weather were more severe but the Mohist people were all accustomed to this. This was just one of those ordinary days, where the snow was falling for three straight days. Li Yang cannot be bothered about it. Today, the snowfall was not much but he felt flurried, like falling into ice house! The cause of all this was the woman who said she will be there at yǒushí 5-7 pm, but he still does not see a trace of her shadow at the moment.

In Lin Yuan Xuan Pavilion, Mo Yuan sat in the courtyard and the snow falling on him. It was obvious that he had been sitting there for a long time. On the sandalwood coffee table, the small charcoal inside the bamboo basket had been extinguished and the medicine in the middle was already cold.

“Li Yang, what time is it?” The voice was cold and deep than ever before.

After returning from visiting Madam Mo, his Master’s anger did not dissipate over time but became increasingly fierce. In the short period of time, he had already asked five times. For the first time, Li Yang wished so much that the young lady of Su family to appear quickly.

Li Yang dared not hesitate for a moment and replied, “Three-quarters past yǒushí,.”

Mo Yuan suddenly took the bowl of medicine that was almost frozen and drank it all. He tossed the medicine bowl back to the bamboo basket and got up and walked outside the courtyard. Currently, with his health condition, his body cannot be exhausted at all.

However, Li Yang dared not speak out, because it will be useless. He could only follow him closely behind him.

Mo Yu was examining his crossbow, thinking about Su Su’s suggestion when suddenly his courtyard gate opened like the gates were being knocked down. The strength was tremendous that it made a loud creaking noise. Mo Yu looked up frowning. Who would dare to do this? Who would dare not follow the rules and customs? He went out of the pavilion and about to open his mouth to reproach, he was however shocked when he saw the person standing at the door, “Big, big brother?”

“Where is she?”

“Su Su?” Mo Yu said guessing. After mentioning the name, the cold expressions in his brother’s eyes become frightening that he felt like hiding, he quickly answered,” She left at once about shēnshí (3-5 pm).”

“What did she say?”

She did turn strange asking about the antelope grass (ling cao), and then hurriedly left. He dare not say this to his brother; his expression right now is just too scary. Mo Yu just shook his head, “Nothing, she said that the hour is already late and then left.”

Mo Yuan stared at Mo Yu for a moment. Mo Yu was so scared that his feet shook. He finally withdrew his sight and turned away.

After Mo Yuan left the City of Domain, he suddenly stopped. His chest swelled with sudden pain. It was like a lightning searing through his body that almost made him fell. Li Yang quickly stepped forward and anxiously called out, “Master!”

Mo Yuan tried to control the pain only to find out that he could no longer gather his internal forces together. He was panting heavily but still manage to say, “Send people to the Keju (Living in Strange and foreign place)and Shang Sang ( Vicissitudes’ of life ) courtyards to see if she is there.”

“Yes.” Li Yang had already understood the status of Su Su in his master’s heart. Now, fearing his master would extremely worry and hurt himself more, he immediately called for servants to look at those places. After a quarter of an hour, they came back with the news.

Li Yang stood behind Mo Yuan and whispered behind him, “Lady Su is not in the guest house, nor has she been to Shang Sang. The other places were also searched but she was not there.” Sure enough, when the young master heard the news, the color of his face turned very pale and turned grayish. Is the poison launching an attack?!

Mo Yuan at the moment has doesn’t care about his body jerking and had no inclination of anger either. There was only one thought in his mind and heart, “Where would she possibly go?!”

Based on her character, since she had promised to come over, she will not fail to keep an appointment for any reason even if there was an urgent matter that needs attention. Lin Yun Xuan Pavilion was not far from the city. It was not difficult to leave a message to a servant either through a note or by word of mouth, but she actually disappeared silently.

What matter was it that made her leave quickly? Was she kidnapped?!

Was it the Tan Tai clan? That would be impossible. They just arrived in Mohist’s state and even if they want to take away Su Su, it should be after Tan Tai Ye Lie’s detoxification. Mo Yuan thought of the last thing she said, it was about the little silver fox. It went missing again.

Bajiao… did she chase after that little fox… and went out.

Silver foxes are fond of all kinds of precious herbs and yào lì qiángdà (meaning fruits with powerful medicinal properties) were its favorite. The Mohist State, however, has a magical matrix guarding the territory, various living creatures cannot enter, and the silver fox itself cannot enter the scope of the Mohist, but since Bajiao was brought in by Su Su. All kinds of rare herbs and grasses were in the restricted area, Bajiao could be…

As soon as Mo Yuan’s thought of the possibility, his heart suddenly sank deeper, she can’t be in a restricted region; she won’t survived?!

∼∼♥♥♥∼       ∼♥♥♥∼∼

In the midst of winds and snow, Su Su felt the cold passing through the vest of her clothes. The four snow wolves stopped in front of her 10 ten feet with eyes fixed on her and sharp claws digging through the snow on the ground. The claws were so sharp that ice was smashed and splatter; also deep scratched marks were left behind. Su Su clutched the red copper fan firmly and tried to suppress the fear rising in her heart. Facing a formidable adversary, once she gets paralyzed, she will surely be defeated!

Whether or not these snow wolves were real, she will not allow a few snow wolves to bite her. In such a case, surely there will be a battle!

Su Su gathered all her energy and then flicked her wrists. Each tip of the fan of the red copper fan stretched out four to five inches longer like a treasured sword leaves that sheath, making a great display of one’s endowment, the tip front red copper fan was exuding silver lights, a bone-chilling cold aura of death coming from Su Su ’s body.

Perhaps because of the great changed in her aura. The four snow wolves also started to move. They slowly separated and encircled her.

As soon as they moved, Su Su understood their intentions and what will make them prevail. If she was surrounded and attacked from both sides, surely she must take the initiative to rid of them first.

She saw the white shadow. She attacked toward the front trying to break and run out of the encirclement. The snow wolf that was facing Su Su also did not retreat but rather throw itself fiercely toward her. Su Su quickly moved to the side to avoid the attack and escaped the full blow. What a pity, she hadn’t steadied her footing when two other wolves on the side rushed towards her at the same time. She could only turn back and let them rush past her from front to back, slightly missing their sharp claws from touching her face by an inch. She could feel pain from their sharp claws in her body. Fortunately, her waist strength was good and escaped the danger.

She realized that she can only dodge, hide and attack. But how long can her internal forces last? Her eyes firmly resolute, she focused herself on the strongest of the four snow wolves. Regardless of the threat of the other three wolves, she suddenly rushed to attack.

The head wolf was also very keen, feeling that the person ’s swift murderous attack, and before Su Su could touch his neck with the red copper fan, it rolled towards its side. Su Su followed suit and tried to stop it from escaping.

As the wolfs tumble, it revealed its stomach. Su Su did not waste the chance and stabbed its stomach and the wolf mourned as the blade slammed in. The dying wolf whined but still tried to reach Su Su’s arm with its claws. Su Su quickly pulled back the copper fan and rolled to her side. But she did not seem fast enough because she could feel a sharp pain in her shoulder.

Su Su looks down and examined herself from shoulder to her elbow. She had some wounds staining her clothes. Fortunately, her clothes were thick for this winter and her clothes now was tattered and torn. The wound was not deep but still big and blood covers her entire arm. The blood had soaked the copper fan then flowed to the tip of her fingers, she felt her arm getting tired but she still tightly held into her weapon.

What kind of magical illusion was this place, she does not understand?  Right now, she only knew that these wounds were real! If she does not go all out, she will die here today!

The wolf was dead, and the remaining three snow wolves were not panicking. They look at Su Su with fault and blame. This time Su Su did not dare to take it lightly but moved closer to the dead wolf and the copper fan made a buzzing sound of the metal as the fan opened fully simulated by her internal strength, she waved the fan forward and fine silver needles swept out like a rainstorm. The needle speed was strong and as it fast grazed the nearest wolf. It fell and it did even have a chance to sob, it died. The snow wolf next to it was shot by more than ten silver needles; it sat down looking at Su Su with bloodshot eyes.

Su Su’s use of fan’s concealed needles had thoroughly provoked the remaining two wolves, with abandon they insanely attacked Su Su on both sides. Su Su gathered her copper fan and tried to stab their stomachs. One snow wolf actually rushed in front of Su Su, who seizes this opportunity to stab the abdomen with the copper fan. The wolf did not care and did not even dodge but Su Su tried to flee but the sharp claws reached Su Su’s shoulder. Su Su did not have the chance to escape as wolf heavily fell on her. Both pounded the ground as they fell together.

Su Su did not know what pierced her as she fell down. She only felt sharp pain had hit her. It felt like she was being pierced by countless long needles. She felt that excruciating pain to the point of fainting. This time she heard a familiar name.

“Su Su!”

Because of the pain, the Su Su could barely open her eyes. She only felt that the weight that was pressing her body vanished, a pair of trembling hands held her and fell to a warm embrace.

“Wake up! Please, wake up! Please, open your eyes and talk to me, ah! Don’t be afraid. No matter what you saw before, it’s over. Su Su, please open your eyes…Su Su!

That person did not dare to hold her tighter but just letting her lean in his arm, his voice was hoarse and deep, it was a familiar voice. The sound was not lively.

After getting accustomed to the pain, Su Su finally opened her eyes and in front of her is a color of a black, she moved a little bit she realized she was being held in a bosom. Su Su looked up to see the face of Mo Yuan but the look expressed in his eyes make her heart sank. Those black eyes express deep distress and anxiety. How come Mo Yuan’s eyes look that way? Mo Yuan’s eyes are always lonely, indifferent and calm. This person was not Mo Yuan!

She suddenly got up and moves away from the man’s arms. She swept the surroundings with one look and she did not see any snow wolf in front of her, she was actually standing in a large area of big thorns. The place she was standing were all sharp thorns.

Su Su understood at that moment that snow wolves were indeed an illusion. Her wounds were not because she was scratched and bitten by the snow wolves, she was fighting with the illusionary snow wolves and tumbled in this thorny place! She was actually fighting against herself. If this vicious illusion persisted, if she does not die of exhaustion, she will perish because of excessive blood loss.

Su Su couldn’t help but sweat coldly and once again, she stared at this man who had very anxious eyes. She gazed at his man nervously. Su Su looked at his eyes with indifference and withdrew several steps backward. She stood up and asked him, “Who are you?”

The Mohist’s magical illusions were so fierce, it’s like a battlefield! Previously, in the magical illusion, Su Su met the abnormal mother. This time her heart was firm that the person in front of her was not Mo Yuan, but just another trick of magical illusion.

This person had spent all his heart and strength, and endured the pain of poison attacking his body, grieving as he had tried his best to find her, only to be asked, “Who I am?!” Mo Yuan’s face completely turned sinister, “ You are asking me, who I am?”

∼∼♥♥♥∼       ∼♥♥♥∼∼

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