A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter Volume III Chapter 92 I Want It!

A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter by Qian Lu 錯嫁良緣續之海盜千金 作者:淺綠

Chapter 92  I Want It! 

    The room suddenly became quiet. After Mo Yuan asked the question, he regretted it right away. The way Su Su was acting just moments ago, he was afraid…she wouldn’t want the lingcao. He did not know what would it be and he could only wait for the answer, every second that passed was torment. 

    Su Su fished out the yellow paper envelope from her waist.  This lingcao was pushed back and forth countless times between them, not wanting to be in their possession. Mo Yuan felt a chill in his heart and just waiting for the next moment for her to put back the lingcao on his hand.

    Su Su did not know what Mo Yuan was thinking right now, she gently rubbed that little paper envelope and asked,” This lingcao how far away from you and how long before the antelope will counter attack? What happens if it devours?” 

    Mo Yuan face sank, “Who told you this?” Even if Su Su was very smart, guessing the importance of lingcao, to his estimate it was impossible for her to know that the antelope will haunt and devour its owner. Who was the one so unruly and couldn’t hold back his tongue! 

    “Answer me.” Su Su careless about the change in his facial expression, she must know the answer. 

   Normally in moments like this, he would like to grab her hand but right now, Mo Yuan felt the hand of a girl grabbing the back of his hand, and the strength of her grip was tight and heavy. 

    Why had he forgotten that this girl was strong-willed?  She would not stop without his answer. Mo Yuan took a deep breath, paused before answering … “Within thousands of zhang ( about 3.3 meters) , the lingcao and the antelope insect will have interaction. If the distance exceeds thousands of zhang, the antelope will not be able to sense the lingcao. If in 100 days, it still can’t interact with the lingcao , then the antelope worms will have backlash, it will devour the host.” 

    “What will happen when it starts to devour the host?” 

    Facing the stubborn gazed of Su Su,, Mo Yuan eyes flickered with light and whispered two words “Will die.” 

    Really! From the moment Mo Yuan said that the lingcao was his life, she guessed it right, that the so-called backlash must be deadly. Su Su bowed her head and stared at the small paper envelope in her hand, whispered. “This is too risky.”

    Mo Yuan’s heart suddenly tensed, afraid and just waiting for the next moment she would put back the lingcao in his hands.  The voice that was always cold and indifferent was now stammering, “ I … I will not let you leave me more than a thousand zhang, even if there is really something wrong, I will find you a hundred days. I will definitely find you!” 

    This time, Su Su did not return the lingcao to Mo Yuan as before. She was just staring at the lingcao like she was staring at a hole. The beautiful eyebrows suddenly twisted, shook her head, “If I am not able to protect the lingcao and it was stolen from me, wouldn’t you be restrained by others?  Can they use it against you? If they destroy the lingcao you are not…” 

    “If only the lingcao is taken away, there is nothing to worry about. No one can threaten me with lingcao, the interaction of lingcao and antelope worms is not as simple as you think. And the lingcao is not so easy to destroy.” Mo Yuan find himself explaining anxiously for the first time, he did not know what he was afraid of. 

    Su Su did not notice that eagerness in Mo Yuan’s voice in explaining. No matter what kind of explanation he gave, she still felt that the existence of lingcao represented a danger for Mo Yuan. She didn’t understand why the Mohist had to make such a thing to harm their own descendants. Why they would put Mo Yuan into this dangerous situation? At this moment, she only felt very angry, so her face became more indifferent. 

    Looking at Su Su’s cold expression, Mo Yuan’s heart turned numb. Yeah, lingcao was his life, but who would be willing to bear the lives of others without understanding about it? Why was he being pushy trying to get someone against their own will? Mo Yuan slowly loosened her hand, as if the strength was leaving him, and said coldly. “It seems that you don’t want it.” 

    After that, Mo Yuan reached out his hand to take back the lingcao. 

    Su Su glanced at him and grabbed the lingcao back from his hand. She said viciously. “I want it!” 

    Mo Yuan’s hand was stretched out hanging in the mid-air. He obviously reached the peak of desperation but to his surprise the mountain road twists around each new peak*, in a matter of seconds it changed. He felt revived! Mo Yuan at that moment can only stare at Su Su, speechless.

*fēng huílù zhuǎn (idiom) –the mountain road twist around each new peak  which meaning things have taken a new turn or opportunity has come unexpectedly

    “Why kind of reaction is that?” Mo Yuan’s face was a picture of surprise and unbelief. Su Su blushed not because of shyness, but because of annoyance. Earlier, she enquired about the lingcao only to know how much influence this thing had on his life and how big was the impact. In the end, this thing was really too dangerous, but even so, Su Su, if she wanted to protect one thing in her heart,  she would continuously protect it no matter what. 

    Earlier, Mo Yuan suddenly asked in a way in his sentence that she would not want it, so she did not have time to think much and she said right away “want it”, was it because she does not have the strength to act with constraint? Am I threatened by him? Then… other girls, how do they answer such questions? 

    Su Su ‘s face was so red again even her ears. Mo Yuan finally saw her embarrassed. At this moment, the surging feeling from his chest was very strange. In his life, he never experienced such extreme happiness. His mouth could not stop smiling, whispered happily, “That’s good.” 

    “Oh.” Su Su bowed her head and this was the first time she was behaving demurely, then hugged the lingcao close to her . 

    The room was very quiet afterward, she could tell that Mo Yuan was laughing, even if there was no sound, but she could feel his cold breath slowly dissipating made Su Su smile. 

    “Is your wound still hurting?

Was this Mo Yuan? In addition to being cold and indifferent, his voice can also be so gentle? ! Su Su was looking at Mo Yuan who gently lifted her wrist and then carefully lifted up the sleeves of her dress to see the wounds. She quickly waved her hand and said, “It’s all right, Sang Nuan help me put a medicine, I don’t feel the pain anymore and it just needs more time to completely heal.”

 Mo Yuan glanced at her, and once again reached out his arm on her back. He gently pulled down the sleeves and untangled the cotton bandage and inspected the wound and asked. “How is Sang Nuan now?”

 Mo Yuan’s movement was very gentle and the bandaged was loosened by him. In fact, the wound was healing slowly, but she didn’t know why his face was dim.  She didn’t know how where he got his bottle of ointment, he rubbed a little ointment on the wound and Su Su dared not move this time. She couldn’t even look at him, but still answered back, “ I don’t know, she is still unconscious. I can see that   Feng Yi Qing can’t find a way, but the Mohist, do you have something that can help Sang Nuan?”  

“The Mohist does have a potion, not only can solve hundreds of poison, cure the disease, and even revive a person from death.” Mo Yuan continued talking while rubbing the medicine. Su Su thought his actions were simply tormenting, not from pain but from good itching.  Su Su moved a little, Mo Yuan gave her an expression of disapproval and Su Su finally did not dare to move again. She endured the odd itching feeling and let him freely put the ointment.

Mo Yuan finally finished, his eyes swept over her shoulders. Su Su unexpectedly shivered. He took a step back quickly and said anxiously,  “Just stay in place,  do not move!” 

Mo Yuan was holding the medicine bottle and that always pale skin unexpectedly had a faint touch of red which was not normal. 

Su Su put her hand on her forehead, what did she do? 

Inside her heart, the atmosphere was getting very awkward and embarrassing.  Su Su was eager to slide and escape but Mo Yuan suddenly spoke,  “There is  an  efficacious spirit fruit that grows only on the forbidden land, and after the fruit is picked, it  must be consumed immediately, otherwise it will not work its wonders, so If you want to save a person with the fruit, you must bring the person to the forbidden land. Inside the forbidden land of the Mohist family, no outsider is allowed to enter. Therefore, even with this elixir, few people have the opportunity to get it.” 

 After hearing this, Su Su collected her feet back, and earnestly. “So, isn’t the Mohist willing to use this efficacious  spirit fruit  to save Ah Nuan?” 

Mo Yuan shook his head, and the ice-cold pupil that had faded before was once again displayed in his eyes. Feng Yi Qing will not let  Sang Nuan have another accident, Tan Tai Feng, on the other hand, might take this opportunity to use the Spoon of Lingshi in his hands. To require the  Mohists to save. Now, it rests on you, ask the Patriarch for  permission  to access the spiritual fruit to save Sang Nuan.”

 It truly seemed that in order to enter the forbidden area, the key to the stone relic was very important. She had to ask the question that she was dying to know the answer, “Speaking of the Spoon of Lingshi, I remember that we also found one in the tomb. Are there two keys? ” 

  “No, there is always only one.”

 “Are you saying that the Spoon of Lingshi in the hands of Tan Tai Feng is actually a fake, but Tan Tai Ye Lie saw the key from the wooden box, he should know that you took the key, how can he present a fake one? Is he pretending? No, at that time, Tan Tai Ye Lie may have been unconscious. When he took out the fake key, he didn’t know that you had the real key…Su Su looked at Mo Yuan and whispered.” Why don’t you expose Tan Tai Feng? Mo Yuan, what do you want to do?” 

 Mo Yuan was the young master of the Mohist family. There was really no reason for him to do such a thing, however, why was he doing it? 

 Mo Yuan kept silent. Su Su thought it might be related behind Mohist’s secrets, for her to dig on it was not also appropriate. She rubbed her nose, too embarrassed and said with a chuckle, “ If you can’t say it, don’t have to tell me. Just forget it.” 

 Su Su wanted to step back but she felt a tightening on her hand. She did not expect Mo Yuan to suddenly pull her, and her feet went out of balance. She was about to fall but Mo Yuan quickly reached to her waist so she didn’t fall to the ground. However, she was able to prevent herself from falling on  Mo Yuan’s lap. His voice echoed with a low laugher, “There is nothing that can’t be said, only that I don’t you to see the disgusting old ways of Mohism.” 

  Right now, she was not in the mood listening to these, she just almost fell and so she didn’t respond. At this moment, she could only hold the shoulders of Mo Yuan for support with one hand and hold the tea table with another hand. She put the strength on her waist to prevent herself from sitting on Mo Yuan’s lap completely. This position was really too uncomfortable and more tiring than doing a horse stance! 

 Mo Yuan looked at her extremely distorted posture and replied with a faint smile on his lips. “You don’t want to hear me? I thought you want me to tell it to you?” 

    “I… I am suffering unbearably right now, can you let me get up first?” Her thighs were cramping and her waist was in agonizing pain. 

    Mo Yuan did not let go, but on the contrary, he embraced her waist harder and whispered. “No, there are ears in the wall. This can only be said quietly in one’s ears.” 

 Quietly in one’s ears…not even this way? ! Mo Yuan’s manner and expression were saying that she must be very close to him. Su Su wanted to cry without tears just thinking about it. She used to be able to do a horse stance for half an hour before, but this posture was more laborious, but for just 15 minutes she should be able to hold it.  She took a deep breath, nodded and said, “Well, then let me hear it!”


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