A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter Volume III Chapter 93 Sweeter

A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter by Qian Lu 錯嫁良緣續之海盜千金 作者:淺綠

Volume III Chapter 93 Sweet Moments 

    It had to be said quietly…even this close, he can’t say it?! Mo Yuan saw her expression like crying but no tears and she thought about it. She was able to do a horse stance for half an hour. But her current posture was much harder, it was painful and energy consuming, however, Mo Yuan might be able to finish his story in half an incense time. Well, she thought she will be able to hold, she took a deep breath and nodded, “Okay, quickly then you tell me what are you going to say!” 

   Observing her gritting her teeth and sighing, then planning to listen to him in such an awkward posture, Mo Yuan can’t help but felt funny.

   Su Su looked at Mo Yuan wondering and annoyed, shouted. “Laugh, laugh, say it quickly!” Although Mo Yuan’s smile was truly attractive but with her current situation, she was not in the mood for it. She was really laboring hard! 

    How could there be such a lovable and strong-willed girl, the smile on Mo Yuan ’s mouth became wider and he gently kicked her with his foot on the acupuncture point of her ankle and simultaneously pulled her hand down to his lap? Su Su can only make a low scream as she slumped on his lap, “What are you doing?!” 

   The grip on his hands became tighter and Mo Yuan chuckled in her ear, “You will get  tired to keep your ear near in that posture, Isn’t this more comfortable?” 

    He was right by ratio sitting on his lap was more comfortable than before, but this time the odd feeling was quite foreign to her! During childhood, she was truly hugged by father and elders in the family, sat on their lap, but that was only until she was ten years old. After that, she had never been held in the arms like this, hugged on their chest and completely leaning on others … really… too… weird sensation. They were close to the point that she could smell his breath and was it not his hands were always cold? Why now she thought that the hand wrapping her waist was so warm! 

    “I, I am still…” Su Su thought of getting up, but she was now being hugged by this person in his arms, and there was no point of struggling at all because her every move will only make the hands on her waist tighter. 

    “Don’t move, there is still wound behind you. Sang Nuan is not awake. If the wound splits open at this time, then I am the only one that can help you with the medicine.” Thinking of the wound behind her, Mo Yuan was also afraid of hurting her. He can only hold her waist tightly with both hands, not letting her move heedlessly. 

    Su Su’s back stiffened, and then she gave him a look. Ahem, “There is Mu Xue.”

    Mo Yuan raised his eyebrow slightly. “Do you trust her that much?” 

    Su Su while glaring her eyes replied, “Although, I don’t know why Mu Xue didn’t like me I didn’t feel any malicious intention in her either. And she is an extremely smart girl, even if she wants to do something to me; she will not choose to do things on the medicine.” 

    Mo Yuan felt her comment funny, she understood Mu Xue on the contrary, should she say that she was sharp, or being slow was better? 

    Mo Yuan laughed and said nothing, but Su Su cannot wait a moment longer. Anyway, she cannot move and she simply sat up straight and kept telling herself that Mo Yuan was just a chair! When the hot feeling on her face faded, Su Su seriously asked, “Okay, you can say it now.” 

   Su Su waited for a moment but Mo Yuan still did not say anything.  Su Su looked sideways and saw Mo Yuan.’s face turned heavy and his cold eyes had bottomless darkness. If it was not for the hand that was hugging her waist that was warm, Su Su thought that he looked like an ice sculpture at the moment. Su Su did not keep quiet and waited silently. After a few more moments,  Mo Yuan finally spoke. “The Mo family began from ancient times, and the clansmen were expert at divination. They watched the sun’s movements and calculate the secrets of the heavens. Therefore, Mo over the millennium was famous in the world, they had shaken the world and everyone avoided its sword, but then the Mo family began to shun the world, this is not to conform with the heavenly affair, but … have to hide.” 

    Had to hide? When Su Su’s brows wrinkled slightly, but she did not interrupt Mo Yuan, who suddenly sneered and said, “Do you think that the patriarch of Mo is too young?” 

    Su Su hesitated to answer at first but slowly nodded. Mo Yuan did not wait for her to ask and continued. “The secret mysteries are known only to heaven, we could casually peep at it. But if we have to look at the whole heaven’s mysteries, whoever dared will damage its life. The Mo clan was not a pure-minded group of family. Its ambition became too big.  Some clansman did not only want to have glimpsed of the secrets but had recklessly attempted to become the master of heaven and earth, master other’s fate.  Unfortunately, not only did the attempt for dominion fail, but also almost destroyed the whole clan. At that time, in order to survive, they chose not to mingle with the affairs of the world; avoided the world to recuperate but even so, Mo’s lifespan had already shortened. Then hundreds of years ago when the Lingshi was lost and without the protection of  Lingshi, the life of the clan became even shorter.”

    What? Now, Su Su was staring at him with wide eyes.  Is that the reason why Mo had hidden from the world?! That… that Mo Yuan… Su Su wanted to ask but did not know where to start.  Mo Yuan gently caressed the hand on her waist and patted it. His voice was a bit lower than the previous, “It was also Patriarchs of the Mo clan and the elders who thought of refining the antelope grass and worms. You have always been very curious, why the people of the Mo clan do make the lingcao. It was simply because the lingcao is used for the renewal of life. The antelope snow grass lives in the spiritual illusion environment that was actually inside the forbidden place of Mo territory. The grass can only breed once every ten years. In the whole illusion environment, there were only a dozen or so. The Mo family claims that only the patriarchs and elders and relative bloodline can refine the antelope snow grass just because the number of antelope snow grass was limited. There was always a fear that the clan will fight for it and for those who have no lingcao were Mo clan of the new generation and the rest lived to 50 according to year mandated by the Heaven.” 

They merely live for 50 years?!.” Su Su thought the problem of Mo clan was simply inconceivable, totally beyond her imagination. She had now a more profound understanding of the meaning of the phrase, “the lingcao is my life”. She bit her lip and she looked at Mo Yuan and whispered, “Were the people with lingcao able  to live for a long time?” 

    Was she worried about him? Mo Yuan’s secretive black pupil covered the turbulence and surprise. Possessing the lingcao didn’t mean one can indiscriminately pry into the mysteries known only to heaven. Before knowing her it didn’t make a difference for him actually. Now, it turned out that someone was worried and cared about it, this made him feel truly good. 

    Mo Yuan was silent, but in  Su Su’s perspective, his silence had another meaning. To have a lingcao, does it offer any longevity? If this story was to be true, meaning Uncle Mo Bai, Sang Nuan, and Sang Leng were not living beyond their 50? ! Mo Wu Chen together with Mo Wu will all live only to their 50?! 

    Su Su fiercely grasped the hand of Mo Yuan and quickly asked, “Is there a way to save?” 

    “We didn’t have it before…” 

    Mo Yuan hasn’t finished yet, and Su Su anxiously interrupted.”Now, we already found the lingshi!” It is the purple gold disk, right?!”

    Mo Yuan looked at her anxious appearance and was silent for a while before continuing to say. ” Right. There is a record in Mo’s ancient books that lingshi is a treasure of heaven and earth, and it has the power to change the order of life or one’s fate. At that time, when Mo’s ancestors lived apart from the world, Mo also gradually fading, and its prestige was now far less than that of the Su family. Now, even the Tan Tai family of Liao Yue are more famous than Mo. The patriarchs and elders of the Mo family in the past was not willing for the race to fade and have been looking for ways to open the power of the stone. If they can gain the power of reincarnation and can discover the technique of longevity and can I live for a long time, and how many people can possess that strength? I have hidden the Spoon of Lingshi in the hope that I can use the strength of Lingshi to untie the disaster and the curse on Mohist’s shortened existence.” 

    After listening to Mo Yuan, Su Su’s felt her heart was like being press by a rock. It was stuck on her chest and her ins ides were churning. She shook her head after a long pause and said, “You said that the Patriarch Mo and elders were able to obtain the method of reincarnation, it is not necessarily able to reverse the Mohist’s shortened lifespan? This is cannot be right…” 

    Mo Yuan chuckled, his voice was light and distant,” You didn’t really experience the callousness of Mo’s family. After you have an experience and gain more knowledge, at the opportune time you will know what is not possible. ” 

    Su Su stared at Mo Yuan, his eyes were calm and he even gave her a faint smile, as if he just said something ordinary. 

    This is precisely his home?  His clan? When did he become aware of this? During the time he knew about it, his heart sure to feel upset? 

    Su Su slightly relaxed her body and gently leaned on his shoulder. She whispered. “In that case then,  you will  know how to get the power to change fate?” 

    “I don’t know, the appearance of the bagua disk may be the turning point.”

    Su Su felt the hand that embraced her waist tightened and when she looked up, Mo Yuan eyes was calmly and earnestly staring at her, without concealing the worry in his eyes, “Su Su, the first time I saw  you, I felt the Spirit of the Ling in your body, and you also found the bagua disk.  You must have some kind of connection with it before. When I tried to peep at your divine future, nothing can be seen. So, when you enter the forbidden area, always follow my side. Not by any means act rashly. You have the lingcao in your hand and the magical land of illusion will try to continually trap you. In short, you promise me to protect yourself!” In fact, if he had the choice, he wanted to say, she must not go to the forbidden place. However, his clansmen would want her to go, so only by taking her with him can she protect her better. 

    Oops, her heart began to beat madly this time she lowered her eyes. She lightly cough and said, “I know, I am also very reluctant to go. I also very much love my life. If it is dangerous, I will certainly run and not go forward.”

 Although the mouth said such things, Su Su was considering carefully this matter in her heart. Before, she wanted to go to the forbidden place for fun and amusement. Now she was thinking of going there to find out if there’s any connection between golden and purple bagua disks. She looked at the bagua disk differently now because it was now related to Mo Yuan, Uncle Mo Bai, Sang Nuan, Sang Leng and Mo Wu’s life! This power to make them live longer, she must get it anyway! 

    Both of them were thinking and they were relatively quiet for a while. When  Su Su returned from her pensive thoughts, she discovered herself comfortably sitting on the lap of others, even leaning on his shoulders! This… this was going too far! Her cheeks blushed again, she said in a rush, “Is it finished? Then… can you let me get up now?” 

    The hand on her waist loosened and then as if he was suddenly reminded of something, Mo Yuan tighten his embrace again and with an indifferent expression. “There is one more matter that you have to promise.” 

    What is it?! Looking at his serious appearance, Su Su leaned slightly towards him, turned sideways and whispered. “What matter?” 

    “In the future, don’t casually grill fish for others to eat.” 


    Who should follow closely on anything… 


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