A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter Volume III Chapter 94 The Fight Over A Person

A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter by Qian Lu 錯嫁良緣續之海盜千金 作者:淺綠

Chapter 94 Fight Over A Person

“In the future, you are not allowed to grill fish for others.”


Who should follow what now, ah, this person was too overbearing?! Su Su was about to refute when they heard a few strange noises coming from outside of the cabin. The two looked at each other and carefully listened. The foot movements and sounds were obviously coming from the place of Feng Yi Qing. Who were likely to set out something like that here? Wouldn’t it be Feng Yi Qing and Tan Tai Feng again?!

When Mo Yuan was distracted wondering what the commotion was, Su Su took advantage of the moment to pop out of his shoulders she was leaning on, then jumped and escaped his embrace that made him feel at a loss as she ran towards the door.

Mo Yuan looked at the back of a person that was more flexible than a rabbit, raised his eyebrows slightly, and followed her behind outside the cabin.

When Su Su opened the door, he saw Li Yang standing outside the door and two people fighting hard in the courtyard. As she predicted it was Tan Tai Feng but the other was not Yi Qing, but… Ao San !

The two people were fighting like it was a provocation to kill and it does not look like they were comparing martial art techniques. Su Su can’t help but feel confused as to why these two people were fighting? Su Su Su moved to Li Yang’s side and asked in a whisper, “What’s wrong?”

Li Yang hands were folded on his chest watching and enjoying the two skilled masters’ fight. He did not want to pay attention to her, but when he saw his master standing at the door looking at him with a cold look, Li Yang quickly stood up straight and replied earnestly… ” Tan Tai Feng wanted to sneak inside to grab a person but Ao San doesn’t let him enter the door. The result was this…”

“Grab, grab person?” Su Su was stunned for a moment. “Who is it?”

“Ah Nuan?! Su Su jumped and immediately ran towards the room of Sang Nuan. The door was left open and she saw that Sang Nuan was lying on the bed just the same when she left her. Her heart relaxed after seeing her and closed the door behind her as she went out of the cabin.

At this time, Su Su was back in her good mood and critically watched the two people fighting in the courtyard. Ao San was originally an assassin, ambush, and sneak attack was his strength and his every movement was vicious, his skill was to kill but it was not suitable for a long battle. On the contrary, Tan Tai Feng‘s moves were for battle, big and wide movements full of strength, and he was accustomed for long battles. If the fight would drag on, Ao San would suffer. Su Su stepped up, but did she not intend to discourage the fight, only to give an advice in a clear resonant voice, “’ General Tan Tai, if there’s any misfortune, it also befalls to a generation of famous generals, and what you are set out to show for a younger generation, it is bad. ”

Tan Tai Feng ’s facial expression turned stiff. This girl was asking him to ‘hold his horses’ and he should not bully a person junior to him. There were a group of young people in the yard. It was really inappropriate for him to fight with anyone the second time. Su Su saw that Tan Tai Feng had stopped and she whispered quickly, “ Ao San, stop.”

An assassin always took hold of the fortunate timing, but when he saw that Tan Tai Feng withdrew, he also stepped back. He continued defending the front of the Sang Nuan’s cabin.

Although Tan Tai Feng also withdrew his hand, his face still looked angry. Su Su smiled and greeted him, said, “I don’t know what happened? How did General Tan Tai got annoyed?.”

Tan Tai Feng brushed his sleeves and coldly answered. “I just wanted to visit Sang Nuan. I want to see how her health is. Who knew that this kid suddenly launches an attack.”

He just wanted to visit Sang Nuan to check on her illness and Ao San started attacking him? Although Su Su thought the reason was unbelievable, it would not be easy for her to pursue the subject at this time. She just smiled, “The General is kind, I went to look at Ah Nuan, but she was not yet awake. Although you’re a senior, after all, because of the difference in sexes and because of Ah Nuan’s situation, at this time the visit is not appropraite.”

The Tan Tai Feng’s eagle-like eyes looked at the closed door and suddenly smiled. “Sang Nuan is my daughter. The father is simply visiting his daughter, why not suitable? ”

What, what? ! Daughter!

Su Su was dumbfounded, this was… what was the situation? How Sang Nuan became a daughter of Tan Tai?! Not only Su Su, but everyone in the courtyard was stunned for a while that even Tan Tai Ye Lie who had been critically watching in the corner look extremely surprised.

“Utter rubbish! When did Sang Nuan ever become your daughter? You are just boasting!” Suddenly, outside the gate came a sound full of hostility, it was thunderous that finally awakened everyone from their surprise.

Su Su glanced at Feng Yi Qing who was rushing in with a sullen face, and there was a black figure behind him. The wide black robe, the godlike handsome appearance, at one look, she knew that it was Patriarch Mo. In contrast to Yi Qing, although there was a little hint of surprise on his face, he was still calm and composed.

Seeing that Yi Qing and Mo Zhe coming in, Tan Tai Feng’s expression returned to normal. Instead of showing a slight panic, he actually sneered and said to Yi Qing. “What is the relationship between me and Ah Sang? How much do you know? My daughter, is she your daughter? When Ah Sang was most in need of people to accompany and take care of her, where are you? Mr. Pu Shan was busy aiding the world, what time do you have to attend to children’s relations?!”

Feng Yi Qing did not say anything to admit defeat but in the end, someone had spoken of something painful, his face became so sad that he remained on the spot and couldn’t retort back, not even a single word.

What happened in the past, Su Su naturally did not know, only that right at this moment, Tan Tai Feng was claiming he was the father of Sang Nuan. Mo Zhe, who was Sang Nuan’s uncle was just standing on the sidelines, thinking deeply. The situation was really confusing.

Feng Yi Qing and Mo Zhe did not say anything. Tan Tai Feng turned again and walked toward the room of Sang Nuan. Su Su brows knitted and when the hand of Tan Tai Feng was about to reach the door bolt, she raised her hand to stop him.

“How is it that you are preventing the father from visiting his daughter?”

Good heavens, his eagle-like eyes were glaring and he bowed his head low with a fierce expression like he wanted to kill someone. It was like the same murderous temperament that permeated his body when he goes on battle all the year round. Su Su held her breathe in fear, but her tall and straight beautiful posture had not changed, just as her daddy always said, even if a magnificent army with thousands of men and horses * was standing in front, she must not take a step back, she must hold her stance for it will be like admitting a defeat! Su Su pressed down the fear in her heart and greeted the sharp line of sight. She smiled and said politely, “General Tan Tai is making a joke. As far as I know, Ah Nuan is born in Huan Lang Island, and she grew up in Huan Lang Island. Her mother, Mo Sang, have never been married to General Tan Tai. It seems that Ah Nuan and Tan Tai family has truly no relations. Today, you’re claiming that she is your daughter, is she really your daughter?”

*qiān jūn wàn mǎ (Idiom ) equivalent to English all the king’s horses and the king’s men

Tan Tai Feng watched the girl who was able to smile even under tremendous pressure. He cannot help but admire her in his heart and truly this girl was worthy of Su family’s reputation. She looked calm. Tan Tai Feng sighed before answering, “I know that you and Sang Nuan are good friends, and having a friend like you, it is her good blessing. As a father, I am also very happy for her, but now she is unconscious, as a father, visiting her daughter, and you as a friend of her should know when to advance and retreat.”

Was he saying that she was just an outsider who can’t meddle with their father and daughter affairs? Su Su looked at Feng Yi Qing was still greatly distracted in his own thoughts. She also cast a glance at Mo Zhe who continued to kept his silence. Now, anger rose in her chest. How come when Sang Nuan needed them most, where were these people?! This Tan Tai Feng was claiming outrageous things, Sang Nuan’s mother was dead and Sang Nuan was in a coma, none of this people was defending her! Since she believed there was no one now she can brace for support and will that be the case?! Well…very well… today she’s afraid someone miscalculated the situation.

Su Su raised her brows and in a clear voice, she said with chuckle… “Great General Tan Tai Feng, what you said just now? I want to correct that, actually, Sang Nuan and I are not friends…”

Tan Tai Feng’s face sank, and he sensed somehow that what the girl will say next will be hard to dispute and will make him powerless.

Su Su said with moderation so she can be understood clearly, “I have sworn an oath with Sang Nuan, we became sisters, in bad times or good times, and this was witnessed by the Master of Ju Ling Island. This time, the reason why Sang Nuan went back to Mo territory is simply to accompany me. After that, she will return to Su home with me. I sent letters to my parents and they too, they all like Ah Nuan. When we return home, she will formally meet the elders as an adopted daughter. She is now a daughter of the Su family, by calculation, being my sister seemed to be closer than your self-proclaimed fatherhood?”

Why the heart of Tan Tai Feng suddenly sank?! Sang Nuan was just an orphan girl in the pirate’s nest. How can the Su family let Su Su sworn sisterhood with her?

In fact, he was not really sure that Sang Nuan was even his daughter. However, the day Sang Nuan was born, he calculated that she was probably his child. Even if he recognizes her as a daughter, it is impossible for her to be accepted by his elders. But, how can the Su family easily accepted Sang Nuan as an adopted daughter? !

Tan Tai Feng shook his head and his pair of eyes have that “ you’re young and naïve and you are not to blame“ look, his rebuttal speech also came clear, “Su is a noble and famous family, for a girl to be recognized as their adopted daughter, it is not a game, how can a little girl’s opinion be trusted? How do you obtain the letter of acceptance from your family?”

Su Su did not argue, just smiled and asked. ” General Tan Tai, your statement is also an opinion. Talking about the letter of acceptance from my family being artificial, that also is not enough to win other’s trust. I am the one who swore allegiance with Sang Nuan and having my family supporting it, even having the letter right now is not enough for people to believe me. Mo Sang had passed away for many years now, between my claim and what you claim, which is more impossible to prove?”

A woman with a sharp tooth! Tan Tai Feng’s face was now a picture of sorrow. Su Su also did not show any weakness, she was not backing down . Just when the two people were stiffly facing off, Mo Yuan walked slowly to the side of Su Su, and whispered, ” Su Su’s words are not empty and made up. On Huan Lang island, they both sworn sisterhood. Sang Nuan also in return gave her aunt’s relics, a white jade key as a gift to Su Su. ”

“The white jade key of Mo Sang?” Mo Zhe who had been silent for a while had a sudden changed of expression, and the pair of cold eyes stared at Mo Yuan, quickly asked … “Where is the key?”

When Mo Yuan walked to her side, he stuffed something into her hands through his wide cuffs. At that time, she didn’t know what it was, that very moment, she naturally understood . .. “Ah Nuan’s gift naturally is with me.”

“Can you bring it out and let me have a look?” Mo Zhe finally stopped staring at Mo Yuan’s face, turned his eyes at Su Su, but working hard not to show his eagerness making his expression looked laughable, trying hard to suppress his curiosity and excitement.

Su Su had not decided whether or not it was a good timing to take out the key when Tai Tai Feng suddenly said, ” Mo Sang ’s white jade key is only one. In that case, yours must be a fake.”

Su Su felt tickled … ”I never said that the key in the hands of General Tan Tai is fake. Why did the general is contending that the key in my hand is fake?”

Tan Tai Feng was utterly speechless because the white jade key in his hand was indeed a fake. He saw the key when he was just more than twenty years old. At that time, he spent some fortune on imitation. After he copied it, he felt that he was exactly the same as the original one. He sent Ye Lie to Huan Lang Island just for that key, who thought that he will fail with his mission and also came back poisoned.

If he did not suspect that the white jade key may be in the hands of Sang Nuan, he will not venture into the room of Sang Nuan and be discovered by Ao San. Unexpectedly, the key was actually given by Sang Nuan to Su Su!

Tan Tai Ye Lei had not spoken a word from beginning to end. Only when Mo Yuan mentioned the white jade key, that his eyes sparked and then fell silent.


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