A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter Volume III Chapter 95 I Will Be Afraid

A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter by Qian Lu 錯嫁良緣續之海盜千金 作者:淺綠

Volume III Chapter 95 I Will Be Afraid!

Tan Tai Ye Lie was just watching at the sidelines and never said a word from beginning to end. Only when Mo Yuan mentioned the white jade key, that a light flashed in his pupil and then continued his silence.

Mo Zhe sighed, it seems that he did not wish the two parties to have a conflict and he had to mediate, “The two of you do not have to quarrel over this, for the time being, no matter who has the genuine or fake, please may I asked for you to bring out the two keys and then we will compare and the difference will be apparent.”

Su Su’s eyes narrowed and looked away. Instead of taking out the white jade key to his hand, on the contrary, she collected it in under her sleeve and smiled. “Mo Patriarch, have you ever seen the key?” Even if you compare, can you tell the genuine from a fake?” She remembered that Ah Nuan said that when Mo Sang found the key, Mo elders demanded that she take out the Lingshi also, and she then decided to escape from the Mohist. It was more likely that Patriarch Mo Zhe would not recognize the markings of the genuine.

Sure enough, when he heard Su Su, Mo Zhe face turned pale and awkward, though it vanished quickly, it was enough for Su Su to see it clearly.

Feng Yi Qing who was not willing to believe that there was a close sentiment between Tan Tai Feng and Mo Sang, now after hearing that the key in Tan Tai Feng’s hands was a fake, his heart was joyous. He looked at his rival eyes full of sarcasm. “Hmm, Mo Sang’s relic in the hands of Sang Nuan, so naturally, that one is genuine, and the key in someone else’s hand, I’m afraid when Mo Sang did not pay attention to him, he took advantage of her and made an imitation of the key, right?”

Tan Tai Feng’s eyes glared, instead of shame and humiliation for the slander, his was full of anger and screamed from his heart, pointing to Feng Yi Qing. “What a nonsense, this key is what Ah Sang gave me twenty years ago. How can it be a fake? If you think it is a fake, then think that it is, you may think of me as making something falsely, who cares this was something I collected and treasured for myself!”

Su Su and Mo Yuan looked at each other and sighed. He was really amazing. If not for the key that they recovered from the tomb pit of Mo Sang, the key in his possession with his affectionate attitude at the moment will make everyone believed he had the genuine key!

Mo Zhe had a slight frown on his face. This matter was related to Lingshi and he can’t be negligent about it but be careful to deal with it. He had to go forward and mediate to appease him, “Tan Tai Feng do not be quick. This matter is of great importance. The Mohist family will not treat it lightly for sure.”

Tan Tai Feng flung his sleeve and turned his back. He made it look like he was not interested and seemed to be reluctant to pay attention to him. Only Feng Yi Qing doesn’t believe his act and he still gave him a mocking expression. Several people in the small courtyard had a different expression and the atmosphere was somewhat cold and stiff.

Cough …cough… Everyone’s eyes turned toward the man silently standing at one corner. He looked at everyone, smiled before saying, “I heard that the white jade key is called the Key to the Lingshi, which should be used to open something. Well, it’s not difficult to distinguish between genuine and fake. Just use the two keys to try it out.”

Mo Zhe thought for a while, not saying anything good or bad but not reaching an agreement would hurt no one. But if Tan Tai Feng had the real key… then his own son’s proposition was not bad either. He said, “Okay then will do that. We will go together with Su Su and we will test the key in their hands to go and try, who has a fake and who has the genuine.”

So it turned out …Tan Tai Feng also just wanted to go to the forbidden ground! Looking sideways at the closed door, Su Su shook her head and said, “Ah Nuan is my sister, she remains unconscious for a day now. I don’t have the time to try any key.”

Mo Zhe hesitated for a moment before saying, “ Su Su doesn’t need to worry about that. I have already discussed it with Feng Yi Qing. There is this fruit in the forbidden land. Its juice can cure various diseases. If you pick it up and put it under Sang Nuan clothes, she will be healed. But the place where the key is needed to open the Lingshi is in the forbidden place. Are you willing to go?”

“Okay.” Her goal was achieved, and she readily agreed. Anyway, she wanted to go to the forbidden ground also.

Mo Zhe nodded and his face returned to the satisfied and calm appearance. He said, ” Well then it’s agreed. Allow me to prepare and we will leave tomorrow morning.” Then his gaze looked intently at Mo Yuan and Tan Tai Ye Lie, sighing… “Ah Yuan and Tan Tai son doesn’t have to go, stay here, detoxify and get well.”

“No way!” Su Su said anxiously. ” Tan Tai Ye Lie doesn’t need to come but Mo Yuan must come.” In the end, what kind of forbidden land the Mohist had, she did not understand. If Mo Yuan would not go there would be no contingency, if the elders of the Mohist gained the power to change the order of life or one’s fate, would that be awful? !

“Oh?” Mo Zhe deep black pupil swept over Mo Yuan, and then looked at Su Su and smiled. “Why does he have to go?”

“Because…” Su Su was at a loss for words. Of course, she couldn’t say, in order to fight against you over the power to change fate?! She gently bit her the lip, Su Su glanced quickly at Mo Yuan, thought about it, said: “Because if he does not go, I will be afraid.”


The small courtyard was quiet, and everyone’s reaction varied.

Tan Tai Ye Lie recalled clearly, during the time they were at Huan Lang Island, she examined the corpse and solve the crime, and also fiercely fought against the poisonous frogs. When the two armies confront each other, although they had weaknesses and he displayed their strength but she didn’t flinch. She did not retreat. Well now, what she was afraid of?

Su Su thought this reason should be okay. She was also unfamiliar with the people and the territory. She was familiar with Mo Yuan, for him accompanying her so she would not be afraid should be okay. ..But at present what this meant? The courtyard was deadly quiet. Everyone looked at her with various weird expressions in their eyes. Especially Mo Yuan, she obviously felt that his breathing stop for a moment and looked at her very intently, and that pair of black pupil that was staring at her and it made her uncomfortable, and she was a little worried. Did she say something wrong?

Mo Zhe looked at his son, and his eyes never have a hint of fluctuation. At this moment, it was like a fire, staring at the girl who had bowed her head and keeping her silence after speaking. Mo Zhe’s dark eyes had complex expression and difficult to read, then his expression gradually turned chilly.

Breaking this weird atmosphere was the low-pitched male voice once more. Tan Tai Ye Lie came out of the corner and walk beside Su Su and smiled, “Xioa Shu, doesn’t need to be afraid, although I don’t know if there will be danger in the forbidden ground, since you and I are old friends, and together here as a guest, father and I will not allow you to be in danger.”

Su Su under the gritted teeth was thinking. She was not really afraid … not really afraid…

Then she suddenly felt her hand tightened under her sleeve and was held by a person, “Do not be afraid, I will accompany you.”

Su Su ‘s heart began palpitating. She doesn’t know how to answer it but she didn’t dare move. There were so many people standing in the courtyard including the many elders, and the wide sleeves were covering her hand. Mo Yuan held her hand secretly. If she made one stirring movement, it will attract people’s attention, and she can only say “oh” in a low voice.

Mo Zhe lightly cough and the light smile hanged on the lips as before and said with a smile, “If this is the case, then everyone will go together tomorrow morning, rest well tonight everyone.”

After hearing Mo Zhe refreshed voice, and the reversed temperament Su Su had a bad feeling. That was the forbidden ground of the Mohist and how can Mo Zhe spoke so lightly and will put so many personnel and idlers to go in? Thinking of the fierce magical illusion of the Mohist family, Su Su was convinced that tomorrow’s trip was definitely not peaceful.

Her hands unconsciously touch her belt searching for the lingcao that Mo Yuan gave her.

– The lingcao is my life, can only be given to people who would be with him for a life – She did n’t know why but heartbeat became chaotic.

“Ah Yuan, you come with me.”

The voice Mo Zhe was always gentle, but it made her heart shudder. The Patriarch will not put Mo Yuan in trouble, right? After learning about the Mo patriarch’s in the room just moments ago, she began to abhor the Mohist completely.

Su Su looked at him worriedly, but Mo Yuan just smiled and replied. “It will be alright.” He squeezed her hand very lightly then Mo Yuan let go of her hand. He followed Mo Zhe and walked out of the small courtyard. However, when he passed by Tan Tai Ye Lie, he suddenly stopped and looked back at Su Su and said earnestly. “Remember, promised me, comply with my request.”

What? Su Su tried to recall what did she promised? He raised his head and smiled at Tan Tai Ye Lie in the middle of the courtyard and the, Su Su like a miraculous light hit her, she remembered. Ah..he said not to … grilled fish!

Looking at the back that had already gone a distance, Su Su couldn’t help but laugh in silence.

Seeing the pleasant smile on her lips, Tan Tai Ye Lie did not know why a sad feeling suddenly burst out of his heart. He whispered. ” Xioa Shu isn’t afraid anymore?”

“Ah?” Su Su recovered from her ‘moment’ and shook her head. Smiled. “Not afraid anymore. I will go back to the room first.” After saying it, she ignored him completely and walked toward the room.

Su Su pushed the door and saw Ao San leaning against the pillar of the side of the door, staring at the ground, not knowing what he was thinking. Su Su paused and said, “Oh, Ao San come here.”

The back of Ao San stiffened and there was a faint panic displayed in his pupil and he forgot to breathe for a moment. After a long time, he took a deep breath and calmed himself, followed Su Su inside the cabin.


On the vast snow, two black figures walked in side by side, walking in the middle of silvery white surroundings. Such beautiful scenery was meant to be enjoyed but the two black statures were just walking straight, tall and dignified. After reaching a distance, they both stopped at the same time.

The cold wind was bone- chilling and their clothes were flapping fiercely as the wind blew. Mo Zhe’s pair of luckless eyes did not even blink, shook his head and sighed, “ You have wisdom and you have been taught since childhood, you did not make any trouble since a child, but now, do you even know what are you doing?”

The indifferent eyes that had no trace of waves remained calm, spoke in a low voice with firm words. “I know.”

After a long time, no one had spoken a word. Mo Zhe sighed and said, “ Su Su is smart, bold, pretty, lovable and to be fascinated by her, that is nothing strange, the only problem is, if you want to be with her, you should always check the forecast if the marriage affinity with her is predestined by fate.”

Mo Yuan brows knit and without glancing, the sound of his voice was still indifferent and steady, replied. ” I have not.”

“Good!” Having an appearance that oil and salt couldn’t be mingled, Mo Zhe suddenly smiled and said, “I calculated the fortune for you. You and her, there is an uncertain future ahead, so you still have to insist?”

Mo Zhe did not expect that Mo Yuan since his face remained the same will not turn hostile, and to the most, he will only be surprised or probably not even that. But what a pity, he’s wearing a deadpan face that can’t be guessed. Mo Zhe was angered said, “Why, don’t you believe in the divine foretelling of the Mohist? Or do you want to naively say that the fate is in your hands?”

Mo Yuan finally smiled, not like because of happiness but more like a ridicule, “The patriarch believes in divine foretelling, no wonder now you are losing your self-control. Uncertain? What are you saying about her, you actually cannot see anything, you are actually vastly confused and perplexed, right! ”

Mo Zhe ’s face turned pale ……


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  1. Thank you very much for the translations and the chapters 😀 ☺♥☺♥☺ 🙂

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  2. I hope the patriarch will realize being obsessed with viewing and controlling again will only repeat past mistakes and lead to further ruin.
    Also, after a long marathon, I’ve finally caught up! Thanks so much for all the translations you’ve done!
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