A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter Volume III  Chapter 96 A Bǎobè

A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter by Qian Lu 錯嫁良緣續之海盜千金 作者:淺綠  

Volume III  Chapter 96 A  Bǎobè

Mo Yuan finally smiled but not because he was happy but it was more to ridicule. “The Patriarch believes in the technique of divination. It is no wonder that this moment is so out of control. Vague, that what you should have said about her.  You are unable to see anything, just now you are at a loss right?” 

    Mo Zhe’s expression on his face changed greatly. The Mo families divination techniques were “ to know all under heaven and were exceptionally endowed, So for life’s direction. Mo clan actually rarely practiced fortune telling. Ah Yuan’s answer indicated that he must have looked at her destiny. If it was the case, Mo Zhe must be comforted, but it was simply a temporary carelessness because things about her were very vague. He also had to admit that the woman was indeed unique. 

   Mo Zhe and said after a long pause. “She… is a variable…  unpredictable. The Mohist really needs something variable. She may be the hope to solve the impasse of the Mohist, but you, Ah Yuan, your life does not need variables. The unknown might harm you.” 

    Mo Yuan stood quietly and did not refute his words. Mo Zhe knew that he would not listen to his opinion.  His son was hailed by the elders as the rare talent that appeared after a century. Mo Zhe felt very complicated, he can’t urge but in the end, he couldn’t help but advice. “What is the benefit of your stubbornness? Do you know what the girl thought about it? It is your business; don’t say that the Mo family will not agree, that is, Su family will not permit also for you to be together. The road ahead of you will only be like a piece of mud and you might fall into a deep trap. Regret will come late. It is better for you to break free now.”

     In the cold wind, the two figures were both silent, after a while, Mo Yuan shook his head and said softly, “It’s too late.” 

    He was a person walking in the dark who suddenly saw the light. He suddenly found the joy of living in the midst of endless loneliness; the heart that was shrouded with cold suddenly touched by warmth.  Even if he went forward to an abyss, he was not willing to return to that cold and desolate place again; therefore it was too late to turn back. 

    ———***——— ***    ———***——— 

  “ Come on tell me.”

  He just walked into the house and he heard that voice with faint eagerness asking. His drudging his footsteps and replied coldly, “What to tell you?”

    Su Su pulled a wooden chair and sat down, then patted the empty chair beside her,  smiled before asking him. “Why don’t you start telling me about Tan Tai Feng?” 

    After saying this, Ao San’s countenance tightened slowly, “I saw him sneaking into the room. When I saw it, I feel that he has an evil intention and didn’t feel good about it, so I just got into it.” 

    Su Su’s mouth smacked and with a smirk on her mouth, “And just because of  that, you need to go to that deadly fight?”  It was unexpected for Tan Tai Feng to come in, holding him back will not be the end of it, why just let him come in and let him go out, was it worthwhile to have this big fight? She just saw these two fought to leave no room and she thought there was a lot of hatred and desire for revenge. 

    Su Su thought of something when suddenly Ao San stared at her angrily roared, ” Didn’t you say to protect her?!” 

    “Calm down, it ‘s alright, Ok!” With the shout like that, it was so awkward, and Su Su unconsciously shrunk her neck and whispered. “Oh, Ao San, if I didn’t know you before, how come your temper become so bad.” 


    If the look can kill, Su Su felt that she might be lying on the ground dead by now. Su Su smirked again and laughed. Ao San turned and walked straight outside the room. He appeared like he doesn’t want to be bothered by her anymore. Su Su hurriedly called out. “Don’t go, I want to talk to you about something else. We will go to the forbidden territory of the Mohist tomorrow.” I am very worried that you and Ah Nuan.  The Mohist magical matrix of illusion is very powerful, if they don’t have evil intent then it is okay, but  if to some extent there is  something else planned, I am afraid we will not be able to deal with it…” 

    “In that case, it is vital to hurry a little.” Her words were not finished yet, but the man who already walked to the door suddenly turned around and cut her off coldly. 

    Su Su looked at his paled look. “I didn’t finish with what I was going to say. You will carry Ah Nuan tomorrow at your back. Try to stay with me as close as you can. If something goes wrong we can act together faster.”  

  After her sentence and was he rude for any reason, after listening to her, he just answered “ I know.” and quickly run out of the door as if something was chasing him. 

    Staring at the back of the person that was leaving in a hurry, Su Su put her hand under her chin and whispered. “Has he taken a wrong medicine? His behavior is different than usual.”

    She stretched out her back and arms and she remembered Bajiao who refuses to get up in the morning, and Su Su got up and walked inside the inner room. After passing the screen, she only saw an empty bed, and there was no shadow of the little fellow. She frowned and whispered. “Baijiao?! Are you there? Come out!” 

    Did it sneak out again? Just when Su Su started to be anxious and angry, she saw something moved under quilt. 

    Su Su went towards the quilt quickly and gently opened the corner and saw a bunch of white silvery hairs cuddled in Sang Nuan ’s arm. It struggled to climb out. Su Su carried it upon its neck and she felt like laughing, “Why are you hiding here?”

    Bajiao was waving its two small claws in the air, helpless. She sighed and put it back in its bed. When she turned around to help cover Sang Nuan with the quilt, she found that her sleeves have a few scarlet stains Su Su was shocked and quickly grabbed Sang Nuan’s arm and saw that her arm had three long scratched marks. She looked at the place where the little fellow was nestled peacefully and looking innocently, she whispered, “You little rascal, you scratched Sang Nuan’s arm.” 

     Fortunately, the wounds were very shallow and there were only a few drops of blood. The wound had already stopped bleeding. Su Su went to get a small box to help dressed Sang Nun’s wound. After picking up the cotton cloth, Bajiao who was peacefully nestling suddenly rushed over and jumped on her hand, almost knocking down the piece of cotton cloth. 

   Su Su stared at Bajiao that was acting strangely and whispered. “What are you doing?”

  Bajiao jumped up and down for a while, seeing that Su Su  did not comprehend its action, the little fellow ran to the side of Sang Nuan and kept stomping on her arm. Su Su thought of picking it up like in the past but it was fiercely showing its teeth… 

    Su Su looked at Bajiao and at the wound Sang Nuan hands, then smiled and rubbed its little head saying, “’I know she has a poisonous blood, I’ll be careful, do not worry. ” 

   Even after saying that, the little fellow still remained restless. She put the little fox inside her clothes and it was not able to climb up. Su Su was able to dress Sang Nuan’s wound and after wrapping her arm she looked at the beautiful hands, fingers like that of a goddess.  Suddenly Su Su thought of something. Su Su reached out and explored her sleeves and waist for a while but she couldn’t find what she was looking for.

    Su Su sat on the edge of the bed, staring at the tranquil and soft face of Sang Nuan, pondering… 

   It’s the beginning of winter and after a month, it would be New Year. She was sitting at the door, eyes fixed at the bright moon in the sky. She can’t help but wonder, what are they doing now? Are they worried about her leaving home for so many days? Do they missed her, and she really missed them …… 

    Mo Yuan looked in the distance saw a girl wearing only a frail gown sitting outside staring at the night sky. What a silly woman. His pace quickened, “Why are you sitting here?” 

    Su Su was lost in her reverie when she suddenly heard a disgruntled voice of a man. When she looked up, she saw that Mo Yuan was standing in front of her. He took her arm and pulled her up. 

    Su Su patted the snow on her skirt and smiled. “You are back.” 

    “You are waiting for me?” 

    Su Su felt that Mo Yuan was still holding her and she gently break away, Su Su nodded … “Yeah, were you scolded by your father?” 

    Mo Yuan profound black eyes looked at her with deep meaning and earnestness and she did not know how to respond, she felt cramp. She never imagined that these profound black eyes, every time it would look at her, she was always at a loss. “Ahem..” She pulled her up a smile, ” Then if you are fine, I will go back to sleep.”

 Her feet had not taken a step yet when she felt that her wrist was caught again. She doesn’t need to look for she was very familiar with the feeling of the cold hand that grabbed her. She was a little annoyed, what this man wanted to do this time?

    “If you are lost on the road ahead, you can’t see what the future will be. Everything is unknown. What do you do? Will you give up?” 

    Ah? He quietly asked such a question in a whisper. Su Su paused for a moment to recover from the little shock, it never crossed her mind that Mo Yuan would ask such a profound question and would like to hear her perspective. She smiled before answering in a clear chilly voice imitating how the people in the Mohist region would talk,  “What can be seen clearly in the world? Even if you see the future now, will it change? Let say the road ahead is unknown, even if it is full of thorns? Whatever path you choose, just walk on.”

    “Are you sure?” Mo Yuan stared at her with deeper earnestness likened to someone who doesn’t want to miss anything in her expression, and held her tighter. 

    “Of course!” Su Su felt that this question was too good not to give a response. “If everything in the future is so clear that the moment you took a step, you already know what will be your next step and also know what will happen, though the unknown is frightening, it also makes human to anticipate or expect something. If life is like a road, ahead is not a mystery anymore, it will not be interesting. The pattern is always the same and doing a motion like a puppet, what is the meaning of such a life?” 

   Mo Yuan nodded, “It is meaningless.” 

    Today in front of the patriarch, he was calm and poised but inside his heart was in chaos. He can’t make mistake in front of the patriarch and must be careful not utter wrong words. In fact, he was not sure what Su Su thought also in her heart. If the road ahead was unknown, will she be afraid? If she was not frightened by it, what was it to her?  Does she like a common life? She has light, warmth, and vitality. She doesn’t need to be with him, she will not have a predictable life, she will struggle in the mud, that made him afraid. 

    But just now, he suddenly understood that the future was unknown and for the Mohist people, unknown was the synonym to fear, but for her, she was accustomed to the unknown and she even approaches the unknown with enthusiasm and found it interesting. His existence, he was originally always restraining himself like someone caught in a trap. Mo Yuan suddenly understood and his heart opened up, and his mouth couldn’t help but raise a smile.

    Su Su saw the changed in his expression. She frowned. “Did I say something funny? You’re laughing again?” 

    Mo Yuan was in a very good mood and pulled her across the courtyard and the smile on his face did not go away. 

    In the middle of the night, he suddenly laughed happily. This was so odd. Su Su pulled back her hand and whispered to him. “Mo Yuan, you always laughed without reason that is not good!” 

    Mo Yuan slightly raised his eyebrows, “I laughed without reason?” 

    Su Su nodded with a certainty, “Yes, you do.” 

    “Do you want to know why I laugh?”

 Ahh  … he looked at her closer and took a  small step. Her heart shivered and when she was  about to shook  head to say that she doesn’t want to know, but she missed the opportunity because Mo Yuan was already very close and whispered in her ear, “Because …… in the end I got for myself a bǎobè and I am very happy, so I laugh.” 

Bǎobè-  is an objecttreasuredarlingbabycowrygood-for-nothing or queer character.  (T/L note. I don’t want to lose the meaning in translation, it could be any of this or all of it)

 Su Su eyes brightened, one curiously asked, “What have you gotten?”

    Looking at her with sparkling eyes, Mo Yuan laughed again, patted her shoulder and left with instruction. “Go to sleep,” and then turned into the cabin.”

   Su Su stared at the back of the man and couldn’t wait to go over him and trample him under her feet. How could there be such a person, evoked the curiosity of others and not to explain clearly! 

    Simply hateful!


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