A Mistaken Marriage Match 5: Pursuit of Murderer in Liao Yue Chapter 22 The Tufo is Not So Delicious

A Mistaken Marriage Match 5: Pursuit of Murderer in Liao Yue

Chapter 22 The Tofu is Not So Delicious

If Lou Chen would like to catch up with the two men that were escaping, they wouldn’t be able to escape the fierceness of Cang Feng, however, she couldn’t pursue them now. She put back the Cang Feng around her waist and ran towards Jin Yan Hen.  He was not completely unconscious but he appeared very distressed.

This time the poison used was obviously more powerful than the poison used by the previous assassins. The skin that was exposed and not covered by clothing was now red and looked scary, the appearance was like a fire had burned the skin.

Lou Chen gritted her teeth, ” Another poison!”

 She took out a porcelain bottle from her sleeves and poured two antidote pills into the mouth of Jin Yan Hen, whispered, “ Swallow it down.”

Jin Yan Hen was on a brink of losing consciousness and after hearing the voice of Lou Chen, although it was difficult to swallow, he still swallowed the two pills.

After seeing that Jin Yan Hen was able to swallow the pill himself, her heart eased a little. She looked around. The surroundings looked unfamiliar. She was not sure how far they were and how long it will take them to go back.

The rain got stronger and the fog caused by the rain filled the whole forest. Lou Chen decided to bring Jin Yan Hen to the nearby cave.

Jin Yan Hen could hardly walk. Lou Chen supported him and it took sometime before they were able to return to the cave.

Finally, Lou Chen settled the person down. She also sank herself down on the side also for she was tired with all the weight she had to carry. She secretly took deep breaths and when she gained a little strength, she immediately grabbed Jin Yan Hen’s wrist to check his pulse.

The antidote pill finally had some effect. The red burnt marks on Jin Yan Hen’s body slowly subsided and the person who was in stupor finally woke up. He was staring at her with clear eyes and he doesn’t appear to be confused or distressed anymore.

Jin Yan Hen’s pulse seemed to stabilize and when she was about to drew back her hand, Jin Yan Hen suddenly caught her wrist with his big hand. When she looked at him, she saw a frowning face. The red big marks on his face disappeared and the always “peach look’ was now replaced by a pale look. Looking back at her, in a very faint voice he said, “Your hand is injured.”

His bright and shining eyes were staring at her and she felt a little uncomfortable. She pulled back her hand and replied, “This is nothing.”

It may be because the rain washed away the assassin’s sword, her wound on the hand did not turn black, and this was a good sign that she was not poisoned. Jin Yan Hen breathed a sigh of relief, but even so when he saw the wound on the back of her hand, a strange feeling emerge in his heart. He felt pain and some annoyance. He whispered to her, “Bandage your wound first. I am now feeling little better.”

Lou Chen tore two strips of cloth from her garment and was ready to bandage her wound, when a hand suddenly reached out in front of her, holding two pieces of leaves … Lou Chen looked, her eyes widened and glared at the hand fiercely…. It was the leaves of the King’s grass!

Lou Chen looked up and sure enough, she had not noticed how that mud ball with king’s grass was opened, now she only saw the hand was holding blades of Kings grass! She got frustrated and burst out in anger. “ Do you have any idea how precious that is? You actually wasted my elixir!”

Jin Yan Hen’s heart jumped a beat. When she gave him the same leaves to medicate him, there was no hint of hesitation and her brow did not even wrinkled but now she doesn’t even want to use it for herself? His heart warmed up but at the same time, he was also worried that he felt she did not cherish herself as much. He continued to hold his hand in front of her holding the leaves, “Anyway, I already plucked it. It is better that you use it quickly. Did you not say before that this medicine will not leave any scars?” 

This King’s Grass had only about a dozen blades and now that he took out two of the blades, this made Lou Chen very annoyed. It was cut off anyway and it will not last very long, she decided to grab the leaves from him and squeezed the juice into her wounds. Her anger was not put down easily and in a very frosty tone of voice, “ There are other medications that can remove the scar, but King’s Grass is very rare that even in a hundred years, you might not find one again.”  

This person who was always indifferent to be angered this way only showed how strangely important this King’s Grass. Jin Yan Hen still did not feel that he did something wrong but looking at her face, it seemed that he did something terribly bad. In a tender whisper, he tried to console her, “This plant is used for healing and your hand was injured and it was only natural to use the medicine. This is not a wasting, but better make the use of it. You also said that the medicine is very rare but today you encountered it. This is called not a coincidence, this is an opportunity. You don’t have to feel sorry for this opportunity.”

His downcast voice had a hint of tenderness, the manner he spoke was like to pamper her. Ayy oi! Lou Chen let out a sigh of air to flatly rejected his opinion. She doesn’t want to argue further and decided to bandage her wounds. She took the King’s Grass from him carefully protecting the remaining leaves that left. She packed the King’s Grass neatly and made sure placed it away from Jin Yan Hen’s reach.

Jin Yan Hen was watching Lou Chen with amusement and smile on his face. He hadn’t thought that such a cold beauty had a childish side.

 After packing up her treasured plant, Lou Chen went back to the Jin Yan Hen’s side and asked, “How do you feel now?” The poison used by the man in gray, she had not seen it before, her detoxification technique actually she only learned it superficially, not in depth, this poison will slowly explore his body now. Jin Yan Hen carefully considered what his body’s state before he answered,” My limbs are weak, my skin felt like it is burning and my chest is very painful.”

“Can you use your inner force?”

Jin Yan Hen did not speak, but the next moment, his face turned very pale. Lou Chen knew that he had already mobilized his internal force. She held his wrist to take his pulse and found that it was in extreme mess, he was heavily panting. Lou Chen quickly instructed him, “I know, don’t mess, don’t use your internal force.”  

This poison seemed to be directed inside the body’s source of internal strength. It can impede the internal force of a person and make one paralyze and not be able to use his internal force again? This was to waste a person’s good martial arts skills through maliciousness means.

Lou Chen face was now very dim and from the porcelain bottle she poured out five pills, all stuffed into it inside the mouth of Jin Yan Hen, who with a wry smile said, “ Don’t give me so much…this detoxification pill is also difficult to make.”

For the first time, Lou Chen’s heart that was always calm seemed to turn grumpy. “If I let you eat, just eat, don’t talk of so much nonsense.”

Under the watchful cold look of Lou Chen, Jin Yan Hen just obediently swallowed all the pills.

The rain outside was stronger and fortunately, the cave was very big and the rain was not getting in. However, the sky was getting darker and soon it will be completely dark.

Both of their clothes were wet. It was late autumn, and it will be cold at night. Lou Chen looked around the cave and she found some dead tree branches. After some tossing about, she finally managed to make a fire.

Jin Yan Hen was leaning on the cave wall, looking at her making a fire; her clothes were torn and dirty, also stained with mud and blood. Her hair was wet by the rain but still, she still looked very elegant.

Jin Yan Hen was silently watching when suddenly his vision turned blurry and he tried so hard to stay awake.

Lou Chen found that Jin Yan Hen condition was not so good after making a fire. He was very weak and he seemed to plunge into unconsciousness at any time. They haven’t eaten all day and now they have no food to eat. When Lou Chen saw his lips were very dry, she ran out of the cave and picked up some rainwater back with her hand and tried to feed him some .

” Please, give me a little more water.” The breath he exhaled was very hot, but she now had neither medicine nor silver needle in her hand. There was no way to relieve him for the time being. “

 After several trips to pick up some water to drink water for him, even if he was still thirsty, Lou Chen did not gave him any more water.

She shifted the fire to his direction and watched his clothes to gradually dry. Lou Chen was relieved. She hoped the rain will stop by the morning.

Lou Chen sat by Jin Yan Hen side and closed her eyes. Jin Yan Hen felt the person came close to his side.

When Lou Chen opened her eyes, she saw Jin Yan Hen was curled up and trembling slightly.

Lou Chen hurriedly held his shoulder to help him sit up halfway. She reached for his wrist and asked, “What is happening?”

Jin Yan Hen did not answer her but his body was trembling non-stop, whatever was wrong both with his consciousness and body seemed to be terribly unclear.

The whole person’s body was so close to him and his arms suddenly hooped around her waist embracing her bosom. Lou Chen stiffened, “ What the  hell are you doing?”

“I’m cold.” For a long time, Lou Chen did not saw a person who was capable as getting close her like lovers do, like lips and teeth (idiom) and using a trivial reason to make an advance so suddenly.

Lou Chen did not hear clearly, approached him closer and asked again: “What did you say?” ”

The body of the Jin Yan Hen was still shaking and one can even hear the crown of the tooth cackling. After a while, a very light whisper rang again. “It’s so cold…”

“Cold?” This time Lou Chen finally heard him.

Jin Yan Hen said he was cold and his body was indeed shivering, but because he was holding her tightly, Lou Chen can feel that he was actually having a fever that she could even feel the heat through their clothes, she even think that the heat from his body was enough to burn her, but he actually saying he was cold!

Lou Chen calmed her heart and took his pulse again, but she found that his pulse was extremely unstable. What the hell was this poison, it was so powerful. He had taken the whole bottle of pills and it had no effect?

Jin Yan Hen was still crying cold and his hands hugging her waist were getting more tighter.

Lou Chen’s brows wrinkled more tightly, her eyes were fixed at the person who kept on shaking. Suddenly, her eyes twinkled as an idea flashed to her mind. The next instant, she lifted her right hand as to strike with the handle of a knife that neatly landed on the back of the neck.

Jin Yan Hen looked up and he suddenly felt a pain in his neck and just as Lou Chen had hoped for, he went unconscious. Jin Yan Hen’s body truly felt a blood-curdling cold. But even on this occasion, he did not lose his sense of reason, though his mind was not very clear he had not thought of this outcome. He only originally wanted to borrow his poisoning to eat some ‘bean curd’ but the outcome was deadly stunning.

Now that he was knocked out, he will naturally not feel cold……


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