A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter Volume 3 Chapter 97 Sang Nuan Woke Up Part 1

A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter by Qian Lu 錯嫁良緣續之海盜千金 作者:淺綠

Volume III Chapter 97 Sang Nuan Woke Up (Part 1)

“Good morning, Xiao Su.”

Su Su did not sleep well the night before, thinking of today’s trip to the Forbidden Land, her heart was very anxious and also somewhat expectant. When she opened the door early in the morning, she saw a handsome face with a sunny smile on his face and greeted her. She couldn’t help but nodded in response, Morning.”

Su Su was smiling but secretly thinking in her heart that the young general was really like a mud fish. Just yesterday he was almost dying but right now he looked stronger and calm, really weird person.

“Good morning.” Another male voice with a smile but with a low pitched sounded in the courtyard, and Su Su looked up and it turned out to be Mo Yuan. Today, he wore a silver-gray robes, his waist tied with smoky gray belt, a piece of Mo embroidery in black hanging in front of the lapel, his skin color appeared fairer and his outer cloak was different from the past, although it was also all black this one, the placket and hem were embroidered with cloud pattern, making it look luxurious.

She had never seen him dress up so elegantly and she can’t help but glance at him a few times. If they said that fashion made a person, right now, he looked really handsome, although not as good as his own brother (TL: actually cousin, Lou Xian ) at home but also very attractive. Today, he has a slight smile on his face breaking the usual indifferent aura, he appeared gentler.
Whatever baobei he picked up for himself the night before must be very rare. It made his mood good. But she still thought that he was stingy that he was not willing to tell her. She was still mad inside and she gave him that disgruntled glance to remind him.

Mo Yuan slightly raised his eyebrow while looking at her and his beautiful smile became wider.

“Are you all set?”
Everyone was gathered in the small courtyard when Mo Zhe ’s clear and pleasant voice called the attention of everyone. It seemed that he was standing at the gate waiting for the right timing for everybody to get ready.

“Let us start early so we can go back early”. Su Su took a deep breath and took the lead towards the courtyard gate, said with a smile, “We are ready, let’s go.”

Ao San was carrying Sang Nuan on his back followed right after was Su Su. When Feng Ye Qing saw these scene, his face turned stiff and angrily said, “ The sedan was prepared for her, put down Sang Nuan.”

Unfortunately, Ao San ignored him and leaned forward to make his body more comfortable.

“Women and men are different, it is not decent for you to carry her like that?!” Tan Tai Feng also frowned and for the first time, he agreed with Dr. Pu Shan’s opinion.

Su Su winked at Ao San and let him out of the yard first and met and the two angry adults with smile, “ The place where are going is considered to be off limits and the road might not be easy, carrying her behind Ao San’s back means nothing, why would you constrain a Jiang Hu native and make it looks bad?”

At this time, Ao San already left the Shang Sang Courtyard, his figure already gone from their sight. It was irrelevant to say anything more. They can’t delay anymore and they also started moving out of the small courtyard.

Mo Zhe look at Mo Yuan seeing that his gaze always fell on the petite girl. He can only sigh for unfortunate fate. If he was only able to foresee earlier he would have not let him go to Huan Lang Island. However, during that time, the news about Lingshi appeared only Ah Yuan would be able to find and turn around their fate. Who thought that as the Lingshi was being retrieved, upon its return this joker was the one who lost his heart.

Shaking his head,Mo Zhe did not comment and just went out of the courtyard. Tan Tai Ye Lie was secretly observing Mo Zhe and caught the glimpse in his eyes, he was chuckling as he followed Mo
Zhe outside the small courtyard.

When she saw that everyone was gone, she quickly walked over to Mo Yuan and asked. “Is the lingcao of Mo Sang with you?”

When Su Su asked this, Mo Yuan had already guessed what in her mind, and whispered back, “ Aunt was already dead, the lingcao will also die, it will not serve its function any more.”


He can’t bear to look at her disappointed expression, Mo Yuan said again. “Don’t worry, as long as we haven’t reached the place of the Key of Lingshi, all of them is unlikely to do something.”

“Unlikely to do something?” This made the brows of Su Su wrinkled tightly. What does this mean? After they reached the place, their lives cannot be guaranteed? This restricted region was really a dragon’s den!

Mo Yuan didn’t know what she was thinking but only saw her beautiful little face quickly wrinkled like buns. He gently held her hand and laughed ” Still angry?”

Su Su’s eyes narrowed and she gave him a slanting glanced, blushing in red crimson she said, “Hmmp, If you want me not to be angry, then you tell me, what treasure did you pick up yesterday?” She was really curious what made Mo Yuan be in a good mood. “Whatever the treasure is even if I can’t see it, at least let me know what it was.”

Mo Yuan was staring at her big eyes full of curiosity and anticipation and he couldn’t help laughing in his heart. This kind of joy inside his heart, he felt it for the first time. He clears his throat and with a smile in the corners of his mouth, he shook his head and seriously replied, “This, I can’t tell you.”

“Then just forget it.” Su Su snorted and slammed his hand that was holding her, then ran out. Su Su ran very fast and she never looked back and naturally someone had complex gentle and tender expression in his eyes following her with his sight.

The martial arts skills of this group of travelers were not weak. Even Tan Tai Ye Lie and Mo Yuan’s treatment under Dr. Pu Shan has restored five to six points of their skills, only after a quarter of an hour, they came to the vast area of snow. Mo Zhe suddenly stopped his footsteps to warn them, “ The front is the beginning of the restricted region, you must be vigilant.”

Looking ahead, everything was covered with snow except for being vast, there was nothing worth mentioning. After hearing Mo Zhe, everyone raised their vigilance and moved forward more carefully.

“How come you bring it with you?” He was worried about her and walked purposely to her side. Who would thought that he would see a bunched of white hair drilled in her bosom? Mo Yuan stared at it unhappy.

“Why can’t I bring it? Even if I don’t bring it with me, it will run out on its own.” Bajiao heard Su Su’s voice and the small fox move up, with two paws clutching her collars and its head resting on her chest. White hair on the neck tickled her skin and she couldn’t help but laughed. “ Ok, I know you are going to behave.”

Su Su was laughing when she turned her head she stopped laughing for Mo Yuan stopped her footsteps and whispered,” Give it to me and I will hold it for you. The Forbidden Place has a lot of turmoil and it might get enchanted by magical illusion. You have to look after Sang Nuan and Ao San, you shouldn’t be concerned with many things.”

Su Su can’t believe it! ” Fox can be enchanted by the illusion?”
“As long as it is a living creature, it will!”

She thought the enchantment would only affect the human mind, she did not consider the animals. Animal also had the mind of their own, not to mention Bajiao’s was smart. Su Su glanced towards Ao San and Sang Nuan, she really couldn’t take care of so much and grinding her teeth, Su Su could only nod in agreement. She took the small fox from her bosom and handed Bajiao to Mo Yuan. “ Well then take care of it for me.”

“Very well!” Bajiao did not have a chance to react when pulled up so quickly. It felt pinched on its neck by a big hand and was stuffed directly on his sleeve. It wanted to struggle but it was too late. The neck was already buckled down by powerful slender fingers and he couldn’t move anymore but stayed still.

    The group took another tea time when Su Su saw a clump of thorny forest. It was the place where she was injured the last time.
It was no wonder that she was enchanted the last time. Bajiao took her to the forbidden place and looking at the forest of thorns, she felt a chill ran through her spine. If it wasn’t for Mo Yuan, she could have perished here.

    Su Su glanced at Mo Yuan. He looked coldly at the forest of thorns.
This time, perhaps because of lingcao she was not enchanted and did not encounter any illusion like the previous time, however, Ao San who was walking in front suddenly stopped. Su Su walked towards him quickly and saw his expression full of terror and manner full of vigilance. Su Su’s heart tightened. Was he enchanted by an illusion?
Su Su didn’t dare to slap him but she could only stand beside him, ready to deal with his hands in case it shot towards her, she whispered, ” Ao San, Ao San!”

   Ao San just saw an avalanche in front and the waves of ice and snow were rushing towards him. Ao San was preparing to turn around and ran and he suddenly smells a very faint scent, he suddenly turned a little confused when he faintly he heard Su Su’s voice calling his name.

    Su Su saw that moment of confusion on the face of Ao San, and light in his eyes became clearer and she quickly asked, “ Are you okay?”

   When he looked at the avalanche that was in front of him, it turned into a large thorny forest. If he moved forward, he could have walked inside the thorny forest full of sharp thorns carrying Sang Nuan?!

Ao San’s eyes were turned angry that he mercilessly bit the tip of his tongue. The bloody pain, the misty words, and the illusion were cleared completely. Ao San looked behind him, Su Su shook her head and moved quickly forward in front of him.

Su Su was worried Ao San would encounter another illusion and get confused. She heard the voice that always made her feel at ease, “Don’t worry, the illusion had been removed.”

Su Su looked beside her to find him standing close to her.

It seemed just as what he said. She doesn’t know what the Patriarch did but the Tan Tai father and son’s expression also looked very strange. They gained their sanity back but even though the enchantment illusion had been removed, the two people’s faces still look horrified.

This piece of thorns was bigger than the imagination, illusion or what not. If not for the Patriarch Mo who was leading the way, even without illusion, outsiders won’t be able to go in easily.

Fortunately, the thorny forest was just a little difficult to passed through and they have not encountered any danger. After they crossed those forest of thorns, Su Su wondered if the place behind was the real restricted area? That so-called forbidden area was probably a cave but when they reached the forbidden area, Su Su was speechless.

It was not a cave, nor an ice cave, but a distant ice field separated by a deep ravine about seventy or eighty feet apart. The opposite side was shrouded with ice fog and it was hazy to see what it was. The distant ice field was connected only by a rope bridge. Actually, it cannot be counted as a bridge, it was better described as two twisted hemps the size of a wrist.

Su Su walked few steps forward to look down. From afar it really cannot be seen at first glance but closer, the ice walls were full of ice crystals that looked very sharp. If someone will fall and rolled down from there, for sure if not death, the body will be mangled.

Su Su swallowed a mouthful of saliva and prepared to stay away from the edge when something caught her attention. In the abyss of ice in between the cracks seemed to be red clusters. The color was scarlet and deeper red than blood, very small but in the midst of the ice, it was very noticeable.

Su Su squinted her eyes and examined what she spotted. Finally, it was clear. The scarlet red that grew in the most dangerous place was a circular fruit that was smaller than a thumb.

Su Su’s brain was suddenly hit by a thought and coldly said, “ Don’t tell me, those are the spirit fruit…”


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