A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter Volume III Chapter 99 The Humiliation

As I am continuing my translation, it dawned on me that the Forbidden Land is a sacred land for the Mohist that’s why it was restricted.  It’s was no wonder why everyone was curious and trying to get in… ∼Mayo.

A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter by Qian Lu 錯嫁良緣續之海盜千金 作者:淺綠

Volume III Chapter 99 The Humiliation

When Su Su wanted to ask what the hell happened between them, she heard  Tan Tai Feng’s voice not far away. Sang Nuan’s face had already calmed and Su Su did not pursue an answer but just glanced at her and whispered, “ When we return, I will carefully examine you!”

Sang Nuan smiled at her with sorrowful eyes. Su Su held out her hand to help her stand and the two women walked together towards the group that was waiting for them in the ice field.

Su Su handed the white jade cup to Yi Qing and lied openly, “ The snow spiritual fruit was so miraculous, Sang Nuan drink it and she woke up immediately.”

Sang Nuan, of course, will not expose Su Su and gently bowed to people and said, “Thank you for being there always to help me.”

 Feng Yi Qing went forward and grabbed Sang Nuan’s wrist to get her pulse. Seeing that her pulse was stable and she was breathing smoothly, he finally put down his worry, loosened her hand and asked her, “Who hurt you?”     

When Sang Nuan was in a coma, all she knew and felt was that this man was very concerned about her. Perhaps, he really owed her mother so much but he never owed her. Hiding her emotion, Sang Nuan shook her head and softly answered,  ” I do not know, at that time after a neck a pain I black out and fainted.”

Seeing that Sang Nuan was whispering softly to Yi Qing, Tan Tai Feng’s heart was not pleased for he concurred from the birth of Sang Nuan, he had guessed that he must have been her daughter. Seeing this old enemy so close to her, who would not be angry? Tan Tai Feng looked tenderly to Sang Nuan, interrupted the conversation, “ As long as people are fine. Ah Nuan you have to be more careful. When we return, I will arrange two guards to protect you.”

Sang Nuan turned suddenly indifferent and answered coldly, “ I will not dare bother the General.”

“Stupid child, after a year, you will be 19 years old.”  Tan Tai fen sighed and said, “All I know that I am sorry for you and Sang Leng, actually you are my daughter…”

” Your daughter, isn’t it?” ” Sang Nuan interjected, suddenly laughed and her laughter was full of sarcasm. 

Look, I was not looking to trouble you but who knew that you were that shameless and come to my door looking for it, now don’t blame me! Sang Nuan looked up and down at Tan Tai Feng so rudely like she was not looking at an elder. After reading him, she gently shook her head and said with a puzzled smile,  “Mother had a lot of gigolos, I did not expect that General of Liao Yue was one of her guests. Mother left letters and there was a special record of the mother’s favorite gigolo and how they look, I did not see the name of General Tan Tai. It is very strange; with the general’s family background and appearance in general, shouldn’t you get my mother’s favor, Ah?

“Shut up! Oh, so outrageous! “What does she meant was that he was a male pet of Mo Sang?” Tan Tai Feng was furious, he did not think that this woman who appeared gentle was talking presumptuously. He was pointing to Sang Nuan arrogantly and said, “For a child, how can you insult your mother, ruined her honorable reputation, with heresy.”

“Reputation?” “Sang Nuan smiled wantonly,” General Tan Tai and my mother never got married? You said I am your daughter? You saying that my mother who had not married, but loses her virginity to people and not only that but also gave birth to children, you were saying such things and is it not insulting my mother and also ruining her reputation?

Tan Tai Feng’s had both sorrow and boiling anger in his chest; he was a senior father of the General mansion, whether it was a concubine or a child, no one dared to talk to him in this manner. For a time, Tan Tai Feng choked on his words and did not refute Sang Nuan’s words.

Sang Nuan finally put up a smile and looked coldly at the senior general Tan Tai.  It did not cross her mind that an orphan like her will be recognized by a highly esteemed person, it should be considered a fortune, and she should be grateful?! Or does he think nobody was supporting her and she was a weak person that can be deceived easily? If he thought this way then, it was the time to let him know that he was greatly mistaken.

“Tan-Tai Feng, let me tell you, my mother, Mo Sang, in her entire life never followed certain custom and acts with wanton willfully. She is the Chief of Huan Lang Island and so what if she raised few men to give her favor? Mother never cared who is my, and Sang Leng’s father. It is the same here, I don’t care less. My surname is Mo! You listen well, from now on I don’t care and don’t mention about my father again, otherwise, Huan Lang Island will challenge Tan Tai clan at sea battle once more, should you make it be the reason!”

Sang Nuan ’s voice was gentle and crisp, it echoed against the ice cliff, it sounded as sharp as a blade of a knife, and that ice blade had just pierced someone. Sang Nuan was nine points very similar to Mo Sang. She was arrogant and this moment she was displaying a wanton character. Feng Yi Qing’s expression, on the other hand, had a look of admiration.  Mo Zhe and Tan Tai Feng unconsciously stepped back.

Su Su also gasped. The elder Mo Sang when she was young, she was so… indulgent and willful? And Ah Nuan was very fierce also. After saying those words the faces of the two elders all looked enraged.

Sang Nuan was indeed the daughter of Mo Sang, whose gentle smile, humble polite manners were all fake …

Su Su bowed her head very low, afraid that she could not control herself. It such occasion it was not good to laugh out loud.
For a time, the freezing deep voice spoke even colder. Mo Yuan broke the awkward atmosphere, “ The hour is not early. Let’s hurry and finish our task.”

Mo Zhe finally recovered from the momentary shock,  gently cough a sound to conceal his gaffe, whispered to Sang Nuan, “ Sang Nuan, your body has just recovered. You may rest here and we will be back soon.”  

“No, “Sang Nuan’s calm face coldly answered. ” I heard  from Su Su said that General Tan Tai claimed that I gave her a fake key, something  useless, and I wanted to really see if the key that was left by mother was to covet a lover and to please him, or she left it to me, her daughter.”

Tan Tai Feng hawk-like eyes burst out a murderous look. Su Su now believed, she must endure if she really wants to enter the Forbidden Land and it started now with Sang Nuan.

Su Su slightly turned around, her eyes slightly swept over Ye Lie. For some reason, his reaction was very strange. His father was so humiliated and he just stood at one corner to witness it, he did not even chime in to help even with just words. He was too quiet like he deliberately made himself look non-existent. 

“Sang Nuan has no martial skill and walking through the rope bridge will be hard for you. Su Su has your key and lets her confirm for you, it will be just the same.” Mo Zhe obviously could feel the murderous aura of the man beside him. It looked like he moved on purpose in front to block Tan Tai Feng.

Su Su knew that Sang Nuan had done so much to be able to enter the Forbidden Land. So, naturally, Su Su will help her and said quickly, “ Don’t worry about it. Ao San will help Sang Nuan to get through the rope bridge.”

Sang Nuan previous calm face turned a little stiff. Su Su did not miss her little moment of loss and asked, “ What’s wrong?”  

Sang Nuan twisted her eyebrows but didn’t speak. Su Su glanced at Ao San behind her who just lowered his head. She couldn’t see clearly his reaction and she whispered, “ Or … do you want …I ‘ll carry you?”

The rope bridge was very unstable and the distance between the two ends of the ice field was quite long. Sang Nuan thought of Su Su’s previous injury and she bit her lip slightly, finally shook her head and went to Ao San. 

Ao San seemed to be frightened by something and look at Sang Nuan with horror. Sang Nuan’s eyebrow raised, “ What? You don’t want to?”

Ao San paused a bit and hurriedly turned around and offered his back. Sang Nuan hopped on without smiling and gently embrace his neck and she felt that his body stiffened. Sang Nuan felt the slight blushing on her face, she simply closed her eyes and to pretend to be still dizzy was better.

“Let’s go.”  Seeing that Sang Nuan was already settled at the back of Ao San, Mo Zhe was the first to jump across the rope bridge. Mohist clan seemed to have very good martial arts skills; their internal forces were very deep.  Seeing that his body just alight a bit and this black robe was flying like a black wing of a black eagle. In just one jump it was already about 7 to 8 ten feet in an instant. Tan Tai Feng made an eye signal to Ye Lie and he went to jump first and the senior general followed very closely. Next was Ao San carrying Sang Nuan, then Feng Yi Qing followed after carefully.

When Feng Ye Qing was already on the middle of the rope bridge, Su Su was already ready to keep up but she saw Mo Yuan still standing in his place. Su Su looked at him, her eyes went around looking for someone and she did not see the man’s figure. Su Su whispered, “What about Li Yang?”

Mo Yuan did not know what he was thinking until he heard the voice of the Su Su and he returned to his senses and said, “I asked him to do something else.”     

Su Su foot that already she already put forward was taken back. Staring at Mo Yuan , her pair of eyes seemed like she wanted to punch him, “Your poison is not yet cured and your skill has not yet restored and we have no idea what this Forbidden Land is, yet you let Li Yang do something else? What the hell are you thinking?!”

Speaking to the person behind her, Su Su was yelling at him and she looked angry and ferocious. Mo Yuan was amused by her behavior and walk over to her, pointed forward with a smile, “Aren’t you going? You are the next one.”  

Su Su ahead of the bridge and sure enough, she saw that Feng Yi Qing’s shadow to see the wind at the end of a green figure had gradually disappeared on the ice and now walked inside the fog.

Su Su look at him fiercely and she stepped back yelling, “You go ahead!”

 Mo Yuan just nodded and did not argue with her. He obediently walked in front. The rope bridge looked very dangerous, but for people who were not weak, it was actually nothing, but Su Su was very worried about Mo Yuan because Feng Yi Qing said previously that if he still continued to use his internal force, by the 3rd day it would hurt his body permanently.

In her heart, she thought about it. Su Su took advantage of her good qinggong and chased up after him, grabbed Mo Yuan’s wrist and held him back. He turned to look back at her. Su Su coughed a little, smiled and just wanted to say something to him when Mo Yuan turned his hand to hold her palm and smiled back saying.” I forgot that you will be afraid. Like this, you will not be scared anymore. “

Her smile stiffened and her foot almost slipped. Mo Yuan held her tighter. So, the two people crossed the rope bridge holding hands, slowly grinding towards the opposite side of the ice field.

When they reached the other side, the people across had waited a long time.

Su Su broke away from Mo Yuan’s hold and began to look around. They stood in front of an ice wall. The wall was crystal clear that she could see her own reflection like a mirror.  The ice wall had a huge stone entrance. At the moment, the door was open and there were seven people lined up standing in front of the door.

The seven people were also wearing black robes. Unlike the other people in Mohist territory, these people were not just wearing an expression of indifference but it was up by a notch, everyone’s faces were like a mask of ice, totally expressionless.

They cannot be regarded as elders because they were not old at all, except for one woman. She had white hair on her temple and by estimate, she was on her sixties. The other people were men and probably the same age as the patriarch.

Among these people, sure enough, their leader was the old woman. She just nodded her head to acknowledge them and said coldly, “Where is the Key of Lingshi?”

This time Tan Tai Feng did not shirk. He directly took from out his arms a wooden box and took out the key. Seeing him very ready and active, Su Su also took out from her sleeve the white jade key that was handed by Mo Yuan the day before and passed it to Sang Nuan.  

The man standing next to the woman went to Sang Nuan and wanted to take away the key from her hand. Sang Nuan step back, holding the key inside her palm and said in a cold voice, “ No way! I will not hand over the key to you.”

The old woman looked to at Sang Nuan and voice with a bit of coldness, “Can Mohist still swallow your little key?”  

 “That’s hard to say,” she answered with no trace of fear.

The old woman’s gaze studied Sang Nuan’s face one more time; her expressionless face suddenly wrinkled a brow but also quickly recovered back her ice mask. “You are the daughter of Mo Sang.”

Sang Nuan did not reply and the woman took back her gaze and did not look to any of them afterward. She turned to open wide the big stone door and with the voice of indifferences echoed from inside the door and the tone was rather gloomy, “When you enter the stone threshold and you lost your life in the process, you can’t blame anyone.”


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