A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s DaughterVolume III Chapter 100 The Forbidden Land Part 1

A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter by Qian Lu 錯嫁良緣續之海盜千金 作者:淺綠

Volume III Chapter 100 The Forbidden Land (Part 1)

Without waiting for Sang Nuan to answer, the old woman looked back and without looking at anybody, she turned and walked into the stone gate that was open wide behind her.  Then an icy voice resounded behind the stone gate, the echo was very clear and it was also very gloomy. “ If you go in, you might lose your fragile life, but you can’t blame anyone.”

 The old woman and several elders with her went inside without waiting for the others.

  ” It ‘s clear to everyone and it is not too late to turn back.” The Mo patriarch was standing in front of the stone gate, motioning his hand slightly towards the group that came with him. He looked at Mo Yuan, without a word, he turned around went past the stone gate leaving a group of people in line standing on the ice.  He looked at the ancient and towering stone gate, everyone has their own thoughts and for some time, no one dared to take the first step. 

The first one who braved and caught up with the people inside was actually Sang Nuan.  She just made a faint humming sound, with no hesitation walked towards the open gate. 

When Sang Nuan moved, Su Su naturally followed. When they reached the entrance, it doesn’t seem dangerous. The other people who were hesitating also followed. Then one by one everyone walked inside the gate.

Su Su imagined that behind that stone gate would be a cave and it would be very cold inside. However, on the contrary, behind the gate wasn’t very cold at all, it was actually warm.

Now everyone were all standing inside a stone chamber. The chamber was very large, and its surrounding stone walls were not as rugged like it was cut off from a cave, but the stones of the chamber were actually made of slabs.  The room was filled with burning candles making it as bright as a day. On the right side and left side of the stone room were dozens of carved writings and pictures that Su Su could not understand.   The drawings at the bottom looked like meditation postures. Su Su gently stroked the wall, upon touching it to her surprise; the walls were actually… warm?

This was the sacred place of Mohist? Su Su’s heart was secretly thinking. This chamber was hidden behind the thorns which were in the middle of the snow, but it was also made from carefully cut out stone slabs and not only that, it was amazing that it turns up to be a big warm chamber. This was unexpected compared to the ordinary cave where the Su clan dedicated the golden disk, it was simply a cave. The meaning this place was really important that so much attention was given to build it.

 “If you come in, please move on here.”

 It was the same chilly female voice who spoke inside the stone chamber. When the people looked up, they saw the elders of the Mohists standing at the end of the stone chamber, waiting for them. 

When Su Su went closer, she saw several elders standing, behind them was a wall. It was neither ice or stone slab but a wall cast in copper bronze. The four corners of the wall were engraved with a dark line and carved with a thorn pattern. In the middle was a pattern like that of the bagua disk and in the center of the disk pattern was a circular hole. The hole must be for the key.  

They were standing on their places when some elder immediately moved a few steps back to let them clearly see the whole copper bronze wall.  The old woman was not superfluous and  directly asked, “ Who wants to go first?” 

 Sang Nuan smiled and the former aggressiveness displayed before was gone, “With respect to the old and the wise, naturally will let Tan Tai elder go first.”

Tan Tai Feng didn’t hold any fatherly display at this moment, looked coldly at Sang Nuan, picked up the white jade key and went in front of the copper bronze wall. He put the jade key at the center where the hole was and gently pushed it inside.  He tried it and went in part but cannot be pushed any further. He tried it the third time but could be pushed inside partly and no matter how hard he tried, it won’t advance. He knew that the key was originally a fake and he was just doing the motion.  He stepped to the side and his face doesn’t even display any expression of sorrow or awkwardness.

At such a time no one was in the mood to sneer or banter and everyone’s gaze turned to Sang Nuan’s hand. 

Sang Nuan went to the front of the copper bronze wall, took a deep breath and like Tan Tai Feng, she gently put the white jade key inside the hole, pushed it all the way. Suddenly, Sang Nuan’s hand shook until she let go of the key. The key was sucked inside after she let go. the key disappeared into the copper bronze wall.

Everyone stared nervously at the hole where the key disappeared and after a couple of seconds they only heard a “click” and the thick and mysterious copper bronze wall began to vibrate gently.

When they thought the copper bronze wall would open, the ground and the whole stone chamber shook violently. The movement was more terrifying than an avalanche of the snow mountain. The turbulence seemed to come from the copper wall shaking the whole stone chamber. Sang Nuan had strength to stand still that even the ground she was standing on was shaking violently that she fell towards the copper wall.

    “Ah Nuan be careful!” 

When Su Su was about to rush to her, a black shadow moved faster than her and swept towards Sang Nuan. It was Ao San, Su Su ’s heart relaxed at the same time she felt a tug on her waist and a deep calm voice of Mo Yuan spoke to her ear, “ Keep still. Let’s wait”

This time Ao San was already with Sang Nuan, sitting down and holding her arms with one hand pulling her to his back. In just a few breaths he took Sang Nuan to where Su Su was standing.

 After the violent vibration of the copper bronze wall, from the center of the keyhole, the copper bronze wall split and moved in four directions. Part of the wall moved up, down, left, and right. The white jade key fell to the ground and small debris were falling from the ceiling of the chamber like it was going to collapse.  Ao San put down Sang Nuan from his back. As the crowd hurried to moved backward, a dark shadow rushed to the center of the copper wall. Su Su and Sang Nuan was shocked and called frantically, “ Ao San.”

The stone slab around the copper bronze wall fell, the shadow dodged and rubbles almost hit the shadow that was quickly moving. Su Su and Sang Nuan hearts were gripped while they watched. The man stopped and looked at the ground like he was searching for something. He fell forward and stood up quickly again. His movement was very fast and then returned after few falling rubbles missed to hit him.

After the fierce vibration, the four corners of the copper bronze wall seemed to have completed in place and the movement stopped. Everyone was in state shock and fear. After examining the after effect, it seemed that there were only a few slabs that fell but the chamber as a whole remained together.  

Ao San stood beside Sang Nuan and placed something on her palm. Sang Nuan looked down and the white jade key used to open the copper wall was lying on her palm. Her mind went blank for a moment as she stared at the key. He rushed back … just for this key?

 “Are you crazy?!” Although Sang Nuan tried to control her emotions her pair of reddened eyes betrayed how she felt, her hands clenched tightly into fists exposing her surging anger at the moment.

Ao San frowned slightly and pulled back  Sang  Nuan’s hand, and put the jade key on her palm. “ This is your mother’s remnant” The voice was low with no emotion. Making it sound like risking his life to take back the object was nothing and not worth mentioning.  

Su Su was also scared to death by Ao San’s exploit; quickly scolded him. “You are not allowed to act like that again. Do you hear me?!” As her guard that accompanied her to the Mo State, Susie was aggrieved. What if something went wrong just for that object how can he explain the incident to Uncle Ao! In her heart no matter how precious and valuable the object was, his life was even more important.

The two young women were screaming in anger and disgust and the subject of their fierce emotion was stunned. Ao San, of course, determined that their anger were because of fear and worry in their hearts. They do not have to act this way though. He was an assassin from Ju Ling Island, trained and raised to do just the task and every mission was not for life, life was just temporary and death was his destination eventually. If he dies, then the next person will come. His existence was nothing but for the mission and he was just a weapon for murder. So he doesn’t quite understand why they were so frantic, especially Sang Nuan with reddened eyes that were glaring at him. He tried to control his expression and reaction, but he knew his heart was racing.

The stone chamber was full of fallen slabs and dirt and Mo Zhe said, “ The stone room was already unsafe. Let us quit here and discuss it.”

  “The gate is sealed.” 

The man who was quiet for a long time suddenly spoke. Everyone looked back and looked at the man standing near the gate entrance, Tan Tai Ye Lie.  The towering gates were tightly closed, there’s not even a gap.

 An elder heard it and walked over to the right side of the entrance. He pressed hard firmly on something to the right and the stone gate that supposed to open like in the past did not move.  The elder tried again a few times but the ancient gates remained shut. The elder looked at the old woman and said, “The attachment did not respond.”

 The old woman frowned,  Su Su glanced at Mo Yuan, who was next to her. Mo Yuan shook his head slightly. It seems that the closure of the gate was something that Mo clan arranged and knew. Su Su recalled, when San Nuan inserted the white jade key, only then the violent shaking started and the heavy stone gates closed and the whole chamber seemed to collapse.

So, it looked like the key did not only opened the copper bronze door but it also shut closed the stone gate. It seemed that whoever designed the whole thing doesn’t want them to come in and then go out the same direction.   

 Sure enough, as she was thinking in her heart, the chilly voice of the woman resound, “The only known exit to this chamber is the stone gate. Now, that it is completely shut, we must find another way out.”.

 Although, the stone chamber was very large, it also very empty. The so-called another way out must be only towards the copper wall that opened.

The people in the stone chamber, except for a few young people were people who had experienced the storms of life and did not show any panic. Anyway, since there was no other way out, it was better go in and break which was always better than just sitting still and wait. Besides, it seemed that people were being directed to the sacred temple and naturally there no reason not to go proceed.

After consultation with several elders, they decided to move the stone slabs that were blocking the opening by the copper wall and explore a passage from there. Several Mo elders have very high martial arts strength and were able to move the stone slabs.  One person can move the whole slab on his own and they only spend less than ten minutes and the debris that blocked the entrance by the copper wall was completely cleared.

 “How could this be?”  Standing in front of the copper wall entrance were the Mo elders and whatever they saw, their expressions were full of surprise. The all stepped to the side and cried to the person behind them, “ Patriarch, elder, come and see quickly.”

Mo Zhe glanced at the old woman and with tacit understanding quickly walked over and stood in front of the copper wall. Their face suddenly changed. “This… What is going on?” 


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