A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: The Pirate’s Daughter Volume III Chapter 102 The Mohist Forbidden Territory Part 3

A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter by Qian Lu 錯嫁良緣續之海盜千金 作者:淺綠

Volume III Chapter 102 —The Mohist Forbidden Territory (Part 3)

Su Su was caught off guard. Coupled with the pain on her feet, she couldn’t maintain her balance and after making two steps forward she fell forward in a most tragic posture and she will hit the ground. 

Just when her face was about to hit the ground, her waist was suddenly jerked and her whole body was flipped over. After a muffled sound, her body finally slammed the ground. Surprisingly, she did not hit a cold and hard ground but she was instead caught in a warm embrace. The man’s hug was very tight that it almost suffocated her. At the tip of her nose, she smelled the familiar breath which gave her so much comfort. It was Mo Yuan! Mo Yuan protected her very well and she was barely hurt except for the waist that was hugged tightly, she doesn’t feel pain.  

  It was dark all around and she had no idea where they were and the only thing she knew was that one side of her face was buried on someone’s chest. His heartbeat was beating loud in her ear, very fast and strong,  His unique crisp breath and the thick scent was like a dense net, her arms entangled around her and it was a breath-stopping moment for her. Bajiao who had been nestled in her arm also became restless.

    “Bang!” A loud bang came and a stuffy “Oh” sounded. The ground shook and tiny stones fell down. By estimate, the sound must be coming from the copper wall. She did not know what the situation was outside. When Su Su remembered the other people, she finally I came back from the ambiguous atmosphere and whispered. “Mo Yuan?” 

    After some moment, when she began to think that Mo Yuan might be hurt, the arm around her waist slightly loosened. When Su Su was about to get up, she heard the sound not far from another side. This Sacred Place was just too bizarre. She increased her vigilance and held their breath to listen. The only sound she heard was human breathing, sharp and rapid, it was not like the breathing of a person who practiced martial arts. Su Su was still on guard and asked in a whisper, “ Ah Nuan, is that you?”

For a while, she heard a muffled and replied somewhat weakly. “It’s me…”

 It was indeed the voice of Sang Nuan, Su Su while climbing from Mo Yuan’s arms, asked,  “How are you?”

    “I… I’m fine.” Another sound was heard coming from Sang Nuan’s side and she can hear a little movement in the dark. She also felt that there was a repressed sighing in the darkness. Sang Nuan suddenly stopped moving and the voice was very anxious. “Where are you hurt?” 

    Su Su frowned, “Who else is with her? Ao San?” 

    Somehow, the two did not answer and Su Su reached out on her back, groping for her small cloth bag hanging behind her back. Inside she pulled out a fire torch,  gently blew it until it gave out a faint light.  

  Su Su’s ability to look in the darkness was very good. With just a tiny glimmer, she can see everything in front of her.  Right now, she could see that they were in a tunnel with smooth walls on both sides. This time the tunnel was narrow and it was less than six feet. The stone slab where they fell in was already shut. Guessing from the look of it, it would be impossible to push it open.

 Following the source of the sound, she saw two black shadows. Su Su approached the shadows that were half half-squatting and she saw Ao San was protecting Sang Nuan using his body, one hand was supporting the ground. With some difficulty, he turned over and saw Sang Nuan laying down stiffly like she doesn’t know where to put her hand.

 Su Su guessed that  Ao San just to protect Sang Nuan was injured when they fell. When she moved in the darkness and discovered that he was wounded, Sang Nuan did not dare to move again.

Ao San finally turned over and sat with his back against the stone wall. There was no painful expression on his face, but his right hand looked weak and just hanging to his side. His right arm must have been wounded. Su Su handed the fire in her hand to Mo Yuan. She went to his side to check Ao San’s arm and right shoulder. She found out that he had a broken arm and a dislocated right shoulder. 

Su Su didn’t say much, just whispered. “I will help you put it back, endure…” 

 “Yeah.” Ao San nodded. 

Su Su solving this kind of injury was well trained. She lifted his arm, twisted it and then push it upward.  She listened to the sound of the bone being connected to the right position, “ Alright.”

 Throughout the process, Ao San remained expressionless, no screams, and after the bones were put in place, he was ready to stand up. But the next moment, his wrist was caught by a soft, white hand. Ao San whole body went stiff and did not move…

    Sang Nuan ignored the stiffened body of Ao San, she continued checking his pulse to see if he did not suffer any serious injury only then she can rest assured. She let go of his hand and did not look at him again. She turned to Mo Yuan who was holding the torch, asked, “ Su Su, where did you get the torch?”

   After taking care of Ao San’s arms, Su Su began to survey the surrounding environment, gently banged the stone slate and tap around the slate to look for some hidden mechanism. After determining that it won’t really open again for certain, and after hearing the puzzled inquiry from Sang Nuan, she casually answered, “I don’t only have a torch, but also some wound powder, gauze, dry food, etc. Are you hungry?” It was undoubtedly a dangerous adventure to visit the Mohist’s Forbidden territory. After listening to Mo Yuan’s story last time, she already felt that this trip will not be smooth. Unfortunately, she was in a Mohist State, if she was at home, her preparation will be more adequate. 

    The question, are you hungry? They suddenly fell into an unknown situation and their mood was very heavy, the hearts of a few people relaxed and the atmosphere suddenly became a little funny. Mo Yuan was smiling and  Sang Nuan pretended that she did not see how this man adored Su Su. 

    Just when they were about to look for another way out, another banging sound came like someone was banging the walls. Then a sullen voice came over, “ Is there anyone out there?”

 The voice was very unclear. After listening to it for a moment, it was like, Tan Tai Ye Lie…!”

 They also found the secret lever and were able to hide, right? Su Su was very happy, as the other side hitting the wall,  she knocked back and she yelled loudly, “Hey, they are people! Tan Tai Ye Lie, is that you? Can you hear me? What is the situation on your side?”

Her wrist was suddenly caught by Mo Yuan. She looked back, curious about his action. Mo Yuan with a calm face said, “Don’t knock the wall, you just shout, you will hear them.”

 In such a gripping situation, there were still people who survived and alive, and Su Su, of course, was very excited. She naturally, will not pay attention to the strength holding her hand. At this moment, Mo Yuan held her hand and gently kneaded it. Only then she realized that her palm was actually hot, numb and painful from patting and knocking. She felt a little shy and smiled. Unfortunately, Mo Yuan did not care about the shy face and his face remained grim. 

 “Listen, I can hear you. We are in a narrow passage. It is very dark.”

The sullen voice came again, and Su Su thought about for a moment and shout. “Everyone first report to each side who is with who. It’s me, Su Su. I am with Mo Yuan, Sang Nuan and Ao San. My side has a tunnel. The specific situation and position are not clear.” 

 “I am Qing Feng, the fourth elder with me, Tan Tai father and son.” Soon after, she heard the response, but this time she was not talking with Tan Tai Ye Lie. 

    “I am Mo Zhe,  I am with the great elder, second elder, fifth elder, and the seventh elder.” Sure enough, after waiting for a while, Su Su heard the sound coming from a farther place, but it sounded very vague and she could vaguely understand what was said.

The people waited for a while, and no sound came again. That was to say, the third elder and the sixth elders… after thinking of the huge boulder and the fourth elder who were eager to stop it with enthusiasm. Su Su’s heart was heavy.

 “Mo Chief, what should I do now?” This time, it was the voice of the Liao Yue’s general, Tan Tai Feng. When she heard the tone of his voice, she knew that his mood was very bad at the moment. 

    After waiting for a while, the talents heard the sound. Even if they were heavy on the stone wall, they could still feel the cold chill. It was the great elder. “We must not panic. Before we came in, I had a glimpse of it. Although it is dangerous in this Sacred Place, we will come out alive. This original gate is in the East. The channel we are in at the moment is facing the East. Therefore, everyone can go along the passage first, and perhaps find a way out. Just be careful.”

 It was another divination! She doesn’t know why but at this moment, Su Su was very disgusted to hear these two words and she doesn’t want to hear the freezing voice again. Su Su gently let out a sigh and looked at Mo Yuan who never stopped rubbing her hand, “ Let’s go. Mo Yuan take the front, I and Sang Nuan will walk in the middle and Ao San you take the back.”

The group had no objection to Su Su’s arrangement. They carefully move along the narrow passage, their steps were very light, but because the passage was very narrow, although it was extremely quiet, every sound no matter how small was infinitely magnified, just like how their every step seemed to express the feelings of their heart.

   After about a quarter of an hour, Mo Yuan suddenly stopped. Su Su took held her copper scale fan and watched the surrounding with vigilance. But after waiting for a long time, she did not find any danger. The voice whispered. “In front were a fork, if we walk straight it leads towards the east and the fork road towards the south.” 

   Su Su blinked and looked towards the south. The light of the torch was weak. If it was not Mo Yuan who reminded them, she might miss the south fork. Su Su thought about it and asked. “What do you think?” 

   The crowd was silent for a while, Sang Nuan said. “You first tell us about your thoughts.” 

    Su Su could feel that their visions were all on her. Su Su pondered for a while before she decided to say what were her thoughts and idea. “Although the elders said that the original gate is in the East, it is so coincidental that the directions of the three tunnels are towards the East. I think it is not that simple. Even if it is possible for this tunnel to be facing the East at the beginning, but if this passage is not so straight, then we are likely to deviate from the direction, and we are in it, we simply can’t feel the shift. So, I think we can go to this south fork on the tunnel and see. ” 

    After Su Su finished speaking, the three people were silent.  She was waiting for them to speak their minds when they just hear –    Mo Yuan nodded and only said, “Good.” 

   Sang Nuan smiled and said to her, “We listen to you.”

  Ao San just whimpered, ”Hmm.” 

 She wanted to laugh. She smiled wryly and thought to herself if the responses just now can be considered a full vote and it passed? Su Su was very moved because they trusted her but at the same time, it was distressing. If she was wrong, then she would be leading them to a point of no return.

Su Su secretly took a deep breath, calmed herself and admonished herself to stay calm and focused to be able to bear their trust. Su Su reached out her hand wanting to take over the torch from Mo Yuan hand. Unfortunately, Mo Yuan gently raised his hand to avoid her hand, turned to walk towards the fork on the tunnel.  

Su Su stared at Mo Yuan and in the darkness; Mo Yuan could feel the eyes was tenderly gazing at him. 

Sang Nuan gently patted her on the shoulder and whispered with a smile. “Stop staring, let’s go.”

Su Su took back her vision, gave Sang Nuan a glance and followed briskly.

This tunnel was narrower than the previous passage. It was only three feet wide and they walked inside cautiously. In such a narrow way, if there were something unexpected, it would be very difficult to dodge. The tunnel was not long. After walking for just a few moments, they reached the end, yes, it was a dead end

Sang Nuan whispered. “Is it the end of it?” 

  “No.” Mo Yuan faintly replied, bending over a small bump on the right side of the tunnel, giving it a good beating and the stone wall blocking the end slowly opened. 

    Everyone stood at the door and did not enter in for a while. They always felt that the entrance would close like the previous doors once they walked in.

    But they all came here and reached this point if they don’t continue, all was vain? In the end, Mo Yuan who leads the front entered first. Su Su without hesitation followed.

  The stone door that opened did not connect to another tunnel. It was rather a large chamber with two torches inserted to the wall. Mo Yuan light the torches. He gave one torch to Ao San and he held the other one.

    The light of the torch was naturally not comparable to the first one they carried around, this illuminated the whole surroundings. 

   Su Su squinted her eyes and adjusted her vision using the new torch and looked up. 

    The place was quite strange. It can’t be regarded as a stone chamber because there were no stone slabs on the wall and on the ground, they actually standing on thin soil.  The walls were also dark and uneven. With the illumination from the lighted torches, they could see that there were drawings on the wall.  

    “Mo Yuan, what is that drawing on the wall?” Su Su couldn’t understand it and she could only whisper as she walked inside and stared at the ground without saying another word. 

    Mo Yuan looked up to see the place where Su Su pointed.  His face sank and he said loudly. “Don’t move.”

Ao San who was following after them dare not move another step.  Mo Yuan  in a cold low voice, “There are also another of the ‘six strategy traps’ here.”

 Su Su wanted to ask what kind of  ‘six strategy traps’ he thought it was, she found out she did not have to ask because she felt that her feet started sinking on the soft sand… 


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