A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter Volume III Chapter 104 The Mohist Forbidden Territory Part 5

A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter by Qian Lu 錯嫁良緣續之海盜千金 作者:淺綠

Volume III Chapter 104- The  Mohist’sForbidden Territory  Part 5

“Well, I am afraid.”  That time before and after the booby trap incidents, he was afraid again and again.

“ I will not dare let go of those hands. I’m afraid I might lose you.”

The whisper was gentle and lonely in her ear but all of them was kept in Su Su’s heart.  She thought she would be afraid of something but not afraid for her and she thought she could use these to tease him in also in the future.  However, this moment, her heart was beating wildly that her heart was more chaotic than a heartbeat after doing ten laps of frog jump around the training ground? Why this person always makes her heart beat out of the norm? 

The wound in Mo Yuan’s shoulder had opened again, his hand was sticky with warm blood and the blood was flowing to Su Su’s fingers as they clasped hands. Su Su returned to the task at hand and wanted to break the tight hold but Mo Yuan won’t let go, Su Su sighed and said, “ You let go first and let me help bandage your wound.”

After considering for a moment, only then Mo Yuan loosened her hand. Su Su quickly untied the gauze and rewrapped the wound. She used up all hemostatic drugs and gauze. Only then the anxious heart of Su Su was put down, “ I thought the matrix of protection such as this booby traps were resolved, why this is happening?” 

 Just as she finished speaking, the big hand held her tightly again. He whispered back in an unemotional voice, “The six traps array was broken, but unfortunately I still underestimated it. I am afraid that no matter what the final solution is the people inside the chamber will still fall into the quicksand. The only difference is that will they come out dead or alive.”

Su Su felt like her heart was smashed into bits. Sang Nuan doesn’t have martial arts skill and after spending time sleeping, her body must be very weak.  The suffocating experience in quicksand just moments ago, she was afraid if Sang Nuan would ever survive.

Su Su’s mood becomes very low. Mo Yuan guessed her worries and whispered comfortably. “Sang warm should be with Ao San, don’t worry too much.” 

 “Yeah.” She knew that Ao San would in his power protect Sang Nuan as they fall wherever place. He would take care of her and she should not panic. Su Su comforted herself believing this.

The two walked along the passage following the luminous stone all the way and Su Su suddenly said. “I have a guess.”

Mo Yuan did not say anything, just nodded and motioned her to continue speaking. After thinking about the incidents for a while, she said, “When the white jade key opens the copper wall, the six arrays of traps set up in this sacred place have all been opened to come to play. However, whoever designed this place from the beginning did not intend to let people retreat and give up, but instead, that is to force people to come in and move forward. It seems that like death is waiting for all the people who would come in, but they also leave a method to escape or get out of the predicament to survive. I guess, what the elders said only the genuine talent and with ability could crack the code, exactly like the opening of lingshi, the only person who has the talent and ability would be able to crack the code of these array of traps. The place where this bagua disk was originally stored was towards the East. So, when the elder gave you the disk, meaning only you will be able to reach that place! Only you can crack all the codes of these array of traps and get the power to change the future?!” 

 Mo Yuan shook his head without Su Su knowing. He did not feel that he was the right person who can find the place for the lingshi, how the lingshi can be opened, The power was hidden in the disk, no one in the Mohist territory can figure. Before he entered the Forbidden Territory, he decided to follow her closely and protect her. Therefore, what the elders saw was a glimmer of life from her through him. However, these things, the Mohist had no intention of telling her, so Mo Yuan just answered faintly, “Perhaps.” 

Su Su thought he had no confidence in himself, so she squeezed his hand and smiled. “It must be so!  Come one, let us find the place for lingshi as soon as possible to get rid of the booby traps and get out of this predicament.”

 Looking at the blooming smile on her face, Mo Yuan’s unconsciously smiled also and let her lead the way forward. 

The two set the direction of where they are going. They walk hand in hand together.

On the other side of the forbidden territory, the scene was not as fortunate. Sang Nuan while being swept away by the quicksand, she felt that someone was holding her hand, but after a few moments, she fainted. When she woke up, it was dark and she couldn’t see anything. She could only hear her chaotic breathing. Thinking of the person who had been holding her before fainting, Sang Nuan quickly called out. “Ao San?” 

  “Ao San!” Her childhood experience and suffering since she was young,  Sang Nuan even though she had no martial arts skill, although, in such an environment, she had no fear and let alone give up. She believed that Ao San was close by and he can’t be very far away.

 Sang Nuan sat down, slowly moved in the dark while reaching out her hand as she explored. Suddenly, she smelled a bloody scent. Sang Nuan heart became excited and at the same time, there was fear. She cried out again, “Ao San? Su Su? Mo Yuan?”.

Sang Nuan was screaming their names at the place where the blood scent was strong. When the hand touched Sang Nuan’s body, her heart froze a little and immediately she touched the person’s chest, flat and generous, so she concluded it was not Su Su. When he touched the man’s collar and looked for the cloud pattern of embroidery, she knew right then it was not Mo Yuan. The man’s clothing was very ordinary and she grope the man’s face and his cheeks, she felt the deep facial features and person’s breathing was shallow. Sang Nuan was relieved and shouted, “Ao San?”

 Sang Nuan grabbed the man’s hand while she kept calling. “Ao San? Ao San!” 

After calling several times and she did not get a response, her relaxed heart suddenly feared for the worse. Why Ao San was unconscious? Sang Nuan grabbed his wrist and took his pulse.

After Sang Nuan felt his pulse, her hand shook nervously. The pulse showed that he was losing his breathing and his meridians were not working very well. The person must be injured but he cannot be in a coma for so long. She was reminded of the strange odor before they were swept away and that thought made her nervous even more, was he poisoned?  

She doesn’t carry a detoxification medicine in her body, and she doesn’t know what kind of fragrance they just encountered if only she could ask him, all she had… Sang Nuan did not hesitate, she lifted her wrist, gave it a hard bite until she tasted the blood with her tongue. Her face did not show any sign of pain, as if biting her wrist to bleed was not a painful thing.

She put her wrist near the man’s mouth and then hesitated a bit. Although her blood can suppress poison, buy if Ao San was not poisoned, giving him her blood, won’t it be harmful to him? 

Sang Nuan was confused about what to do. One thing she was not aware that the unconscious man in the dark had already opened his eyes. He was an assassin and he was always hidden in the darkness, it was their means of survival. He could see clearly in the dark and just like how he was watching Sang Nuan, just now he observed everything.

 Just like now, when he woke up, he saw that the person was sitting beside him, and the wound in her wrist was bleeding, bit her own self to bleed and then was worried about something. He sat up and snorted. “What are you doing?” 

After hearing the voice of Ao San, Sang Nuan was very happy. He woke up! She did not think any further and explained, “ Just now, that fragrance might be poisonous and my blood can detoxify.”    

 So, she intended to detoxify him with her own blood? In the darkness, Sang Nuan couldn’t see the expression of Ao San, and naturally, she wouldn’t know that the coldness in his eyes that ignored countless lives that had disappeared and replaced by warmth. He looked straight to her eyes and wanted to see what was she was thinking in her heart. 

After a long silence, Sang Nuan only heard him say coldly. “I am not poisoned.” 

 Sang Nuan frowned and before he could even speak, she heard the sound of cloth being ripped, then he grabbed her wrist and a piece of cloth was wrapped around the bite wound. Sang Nuan was so amazed how could he help her bandage her wound so accurately in the dark. The next moment all she knew was that she was carried at the back of the person. Sang Nuan protested, “ I can walk myself.”

 “Don’t move.” 

 Sang Nuan would have listened to him willingly but she just took his pulse earlier and he was obviously injured, but she, on the other hand, was completely alright and she can walk on her own. Sang Nuan started struggling to be freed when she heard a bone-chilling whisper, “Don’t make me touch your acupuncture points.”

 Sang Nuan stiffened, she couldn’t see anything in the dark but she could only smell a scent of blood, but she dare not move because she knew that Ao San was a very inflexible and willful person.

 The two walked in the dark, Sang Nuan did know how Ao San did it but she just quietly lay on his back, alert to everything around her. After walking for half an hour, Sang Nuan started to see a glimmer of light in front of them. She whispered to his ear, “There’s a light in front.”

 Sang Nuan did not know why she felt his body tensed, thinking that he felt the danger, she also quickly held his breath and stared nervously ahead. 

 Maybe it’s because Sang Nuan and the source of the light had not met yet, or is it the people in front were equally nervous, they were still far off when they hear a low voice. “Who is it?!”

 When Sang Nuan heard the word ‘who’, she knew right away who was the owner of the voice, she replied, “Is it elder Yi Feng?”

 After hearing the voice of Sang Nuan, Yi Feng was very excited and he spoke louder, “ Sang Nuan? Sang Nuan is it you?”

  ” It is me.” Sang Nuan patted the shoulder Ao San and he carried Sang Nuan to the source of light.  

He did not know where Feng Yi  Qing voice came from and luckily they found the source of light. The torch was on one side and the fire was weakening that it was almost going out. The light not far from its front showed three men were standing at the stone entrance with two doors. Feng Yi Qing hands were supporting the doors, Lie Ye had his shoulders on the door gate and fourth Mo elder had their back on the door, they were holding it back as if something like a poisonous snake or beast would run out from the inside.

 When he saw Sang Nuan coming in with Ao San, Feng Yi Qing quickly yelled, “ What happened to you?”

“I am fine.” By the fire, Sang Nuan also saw the looked at his appearance and his head had big cut that half of his face was full of dried out blood. The look was distressing and the thick bloody scent was coming out from there. Sang Nuan quickly patted Ao San’s shoulder, anxiously said, “Quickly, let me down.”

 Ao San gently put her down, and Sang Nuan wanted to help him and looked at the injury on his head, but he was avoiding her hand from the beginning. Sang Nuan hands stopped in the mid-air, gently biting her lips, withdrew her hands and no longer attend to him. 

 Sang Nuan felt that Feng Yi Qing, and Ao San’s demeanor towards each other were little odd. After she stepped back, he asked, “ What happened?”

Feng Yi Qing was also little distressed in appearance, coughed before he answered, “We were just walking in the passage, for some sort of reason, there appeared a quicksand with raging momentum and it wouldn’t stop.  We were able to escape here and resist it for a while.

Sang Nuan suspected that it was the same quicksand that they experienced before, she does not know if they touched something to trigger the mechanism, but she whispered, “The quicksand should be over by now.” 

The three people holding the door entrance listened carefully and the sound of the flowing gravel outside was indeed gone. Feng Yi Qing and the other three men listened carefully. The sound of the gravel flowing outside the original stone gate was indeed gone. Feng Yi Qing said to Sang Nuan,  “You step away.”

 Sang Nuan retreated seven to eight feet away from them before she stopped.  Ao San was beside her constantly just a few inches away.

 The three men holding the door looked at each other and they released the door at the same time and they quickly moved to the side. The stone door could not withstand the force outside, it was pushed open and the sand poured in. The sand that poured in only crowded at the door and the flow was not as raging as before.  

The group breathed a sigh of relief. Tan Tai Ye Lie approached Sang Nuan and asked, “ Xiao Shu?”

“ What about  Xiao Shu?” Sang Nuan shook her head and replied vaguely. “We ended up in a dark room and encountered the quicksand, then suddenly the quicksand swept us away. When I woke up,  I couldn’t find them both …” 

 Sang Nuan suddenly stopped, she frowned, “It’s the scent.” It was the same scent they smelled before being swept away by the quicksand, but compared to earlier, the scent was a lot lighter.

Feng Yi Qing also smelled it and asked. “Have you smelled it before?” 

 “We smelled it  in the last dark room, but it doesn’t look like a poison gas.” Although she was sure that it was not poisonous, she was particularly sensitive to poison gas. For so long, her body did not have any reaction to this scent should be non-toxic, just in the dark forbidden place, smelling such a fragrance,  she always felt that it was not a good thing. 

 The scent quickly dissipated, and Feng Yi Qing just nodded and did not ask anything more.

 The fourth elder’s appearance also looked messy and distressed. They picked up the torch on the ground and sighed,  “Everyone takes a sit first and have a break. We don’t know what danger is lurking ahead, recharge our strength rest well before we proceed.”

 The group sat down to rest and  Sang Nuan noticed that there was one person missing. “What about Tan Tai Feng?”

Feng Yi Qing’s turned angry and cold, “ Dead!”

 Sang Nuan was startled and she quickly turned at Tan Tai Ye Lie. He saw him just looked indifferent and there was no sign of sorrow or sadness. He doesn’t look like the person had just lost a father. Sang Nuan glanced questioningly at Feng Yi Qing, who looked very indifferent. “ When the raging sand came in he did not help blocked the door but instead explored the way out, he hasn’t returned until now, not even connect with his son, but he just runs on his own!”

 Sang warmly raised her eyebrows. It was highly probable that Tan Tai Feng did not help blocked the entrance.  As for the escape, it was possible, but he would not leave Tan Tai Ye Lie for no reason unless he was dead, but regardless, were there other plans? Sang Nuan did not voice out her opinion, covered her questioning eyes and sat close to Ao San, while Ao San pretended to be asleep.

 Mo Yuan and Su Su were walking along the stone path and after about fragrance incense time, they came to a fork road once again, She glanced at Mo Yuan and asked, and asked. “Left or right?” 

 Mo Yuan doesn’t have to think and answered,  “You choose .”

Su Su felt amused,  ” According to the vision of your clan, you are the one who can find the missing lingshi and your choices were always precise.” 

“That’s why, I let you choose.”

Now, facing the serious expression of Mo Yuan, Su Su’s ear turn red and she cleared her throat. She looked left then the right and saw that there was no difference between the two passages. It had the same width, same luminous stone and at a glance, no one could see what’s ahead.

Su Su did not have a clue and looked at Mo Yuan again. She only heard him say. “Think slowly, it is not urgent. Take your time.”
Su Su glanced and replied, “Left.”
The two walked along the left tunnel. This time, they walked for a long time and Su Su felt the tunnel was getting wider, it was like a shape of a horn, also the luminous stone around became more and more. This time the stones were not only on the ground but also on the walls and the ceilings. It came in different sizes like stars in the night, it looked beautiful. 

The two glanced at each other and knew that they were must have entered a new place once more. They raised their vigilance but they did not stop moving forward.

The luminous stone around became more and more, space also became bigger and wider and looking around the place it felt like looking at the stars on a summer night. Su Su can’t help but lament, “Really, beautiful.”

Su Su rushed out clasping her hands tightly to admire and turned to Mo Yuan whose eyes was fixed at one place, he was staring at the place with a serious expression. She followed the direction of his gaze and marveled what was it that was more beautiful and attracted his attention? 

There was a jade platform shining with warm light and next to that platform was flowing water, the tinkling sound of flowing water was very faint, soothing and pleasant. Around the platform was a large sea of white flowers and Su Su run to the place where the jade platform was located, “ Wait!” She was pointing to a rectangular jade stone at the center and whispered,” that …it’s a tomb. Isn’t it?”   

 Mo Yuan nodded slowly, do not know what was it. Su Su held his hand and shook her head and cautioned him, ‘ First, do not rush to get to it, it may be like the tomb of elder Mo Sang, it could be a poisonous tomb, what do you think? “  

 “No.” Looking at her nervous appearance, Mo Yuan smiled slightly, tried not to look cold and indifferent, whispered, “Beside coffin, everything around it is snow grass, the reason why the lingcao can avoid a hundred poisons, it is because of the snow grass and so this tomb cannot be poisonous”

Su Su examined it carefully and indeed that large sea of flowers were snow grass just like the bloodied plant she saw in Mo Yu’s room, but it was so much here and looked lovelier.

 “Then let’s go and look closer.” Su Su put down her worries and she was also curious what was on that tomb. The two slowly walked towards the platform, a chilly air met them and Su Su looked she noticed that it was coming from water flowing from the stone tomb. The water was much colder than melting ice water and Su Su could not help but felt a shiver through her spine.

Su Su was holding Mo Yuan’s shoulder, tiptoed behind his shoulder to take a glimpse of what was lying on the tomb. Her eyes widened for what she saw and exclaimed in shock, “ Oh my goodness…”


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