A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: The Pirate’s Daughter Volume III Chapter 105 The Mohist Forbidden Territory Part 6

A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter by Qian Lu 錯嫁良緣續之海盜千金 作者:淺綠

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Chapter 105 The Mohist Forbidden Territory Part 6 

Su Su held Mo Yuan’s shoulders for support and tiptoed to curiously gaze towards the center of the jade coffin, the squinted eyes quickly turned wide, gasped in surprise, “Oh, good heavens…”

   Su Su thought at first, the one laid inside the starry chamber, sleeping among the grass and the owner of this grave was a stunningly more beautiful person than Mo Sang, that of a woman of celestial appearance or if it was not a celestial beauty but at least a Mo ancestor, but unexpectedly the one lying inside the coffin was a… white fox.

    This white fox was very large; it was the size of an adult male fox. It was lying on its side inside the jade coffin. The color of the white jade coffin was eclipsed by the pureness of snow-covered fur. The fox has narrow eyes and even with closed eyelids, it looked very charming and it still carries that sinister aura, like a crazy wild beast that might awaken any moment from its sleep. Just looking at the appearance, a person will feel that blood- curdling chill, sweeping her whole body to be stiff.

    When Su Su’s gaze fell on the ear of the white fox, she couldn’t help but squint, the presence of two black hairs were quite familiar. At this moment, the little fellow in her arms seemed to be very agitated. The head poked out of her coat and its two tiny claws grasped Su Su’s neckline. She didn’t know if it was afraid of being taken away by Mo Yuan, because it only exposed part of its head, with eyes curiously staring at the white fox inside the coffin while its two black hairs were swaying unceasingly in front of Su Su.

   Su Su raised her brows and groaned within her heart, thinking when Bajiao grew up,  will it be like this sinister monster? 

   After being interrupted by Bajiao, Su Su’s shocked feeling completely disappeared, she sighed and when she looked beside her, she also saw Mo Yuan standing stiffly. She whispered, “Is this a silver fox?” 

    Mo Yuan’s eyes still fixed on the jade coffin mesmerized.  Su Su grabbed his hands to see if he was actually awake. Her touched awakened him from his reverie, he turned his eye at Su Su who asked him again, “ Inside the coffin, is that a silver fox?”

   Mo Yuan replied after a long silence,” “Yes.”

   Su Su wanted to ask him again when Bajiao that was quietly nestled on her arms suddenly jumped towards the jade coffin. Su Su was surprised and called after the little fox, “ Bajiao!.” 

  Bajiao went inside the coffin and stick out its tongue out and licked the nose and the eyelids of the white fox. Su Su wanted to chase after Bajiao but stopped short and decided to just watch the interaction of small silver fox and the big silver fox.  

    After licking for some time, Bajiao found that the white fox did not return a response, the little fellow looked a little distraught and started to run around jumping inside the coffin. It rummaged through the soft fur of the white fox making a mess. Su Su felt terrible for this behavior and she couldn’t help but yell, “ You come back here right now. It is not good to be disrespectful to the deceased.  “

  Bajiao who always listened to her was ignoring her at the moment. It jumped harder and used its claws to vigorously claw the belly of the white fox.  The little fellow’s claws were really sharp and it scratched the belly and a very bright red liquid began to come out of the white fur of the white fox.

   Su Su’s couldn’t believe what she was seeing, According to Mo Yuan that the place was considered sacred and no one has entered it for hundreds of years. The body of this white fox was stored in this chamber for at least a hundred years and it did not go to decay at all! The blood was still bright red, this is really incredible! Just when Su Su was secretly marveling what was before her, the blood seeping out of the fox belly wouldn’t stop flowing out until it filled the whole jade coffin with red blood. The white fox remained to lie on its side. The fur looked messy now but sinister aura did not diminish one bit. The red color covered the coffin, it was dazzling in the middle of the white surroundings. Su Su now felt bad for … just now Bajiao destroyed the body of the corpse?

     Bajiao now was on the neck of the white fox. Looking at the blood around, the little fox had an appearance of confusion and panic, run out of the coffin and jumped towards Su Su. When she was about to catch him, the stone under her foot quickly moved and a piece of stone slab fell quickly.

    Mo Yuan’s caught up very fast and pull back Su Su quickly at about three or feet distance, avoiding the falling stone slabs.

    The stone slabs did not collapse completely but it just moved the jade coffin about five-foot square distance giving way to a small opening. The water that was originally flowing from the jade coffin was now flowing towards that hole. Down the hole was a stone step, the sound of the water clatter echoed, indicating that the hole was deep.

   Bajiao who fell back on the jade coffin suddenly cheered up and rushed inside the hole and jumped in the flowing water. It appeared very excited.

   Su Su pulled Mo Yuan toward the hole opening as they watched the little figure excitedly jumping the down the hole. She did not call the fox to return but whispered to Mo Yuan, “ About the silver fox, what did the Mohist ancient record say?”  

    Mo Yuan was also staring Bajiao kicking and jumping on the water excitedly. Mo Yuan’s brows knitted a little before it replied, “ Well, according to the record, silver foxes were native species to Iceland. Two thousand years ago, when the Mohist clan moved to this region, there were silver foxes. There was a very little record about them but it ay that there was one particular silver fox that was inseparable from the Patriarch. The fox can also create illusion and confusion. When the Patriarch died, that silver fox also disappeared. Since then, the number of silver foxes in the mountain became very rare. In the last  hundred or so years, only a few people have seen a silver fox.”

   Su Su was surprised only a little. She had already guessed that the silver fox and the Mohist family should have a direct relationship from the beginning, but what she did not expect that the silver fox was actually the guardian spirit of the ancestors of the Mohist family. The forbidden land was probably set by the Mohist ancestor and this silver fox here was actually more than 2000?! If it was, then under the black hole could be the original place for the lingshi?”

  At any rate, although the probability of that happening was very little, Su Su was still excited and pulled Mo Yuan towards the hole, excited with anticipation, “Let’s go down and have a look!” 」

  Mo Yuan pulled her back, his eyes were deeply serious… “This black hole is different from the passages and darkrooms we have encountered before. It may be a living, maybe it is a place of death.” 

   Su Su did not understand the hesitation in the heart of Mo Yuan. She lifted his hands and swing them. Su Su smiled, “ If we don’t enter the tiger nest, we will not get the tiger cub! Besides you have to believe the strength of our combined skill, we complement each other. If we do not break through, how we will know!”

    Mo Yuan looked at the hands that were holding him, the frown on his brows were even tighter. Su Su knew that her lobbying had failed. She moved closer to him, smiled and sighed, “Mo Yuan, we have to attain the power to change one’s destiny! Anyway, if we can’t break through this series of traps, we will also die in the end!” Previously, the lingshi and Mohist family has nothing to do with her but right now, that power was related to the life of Mo Yuan, it was also related to Uncle Mo Bai’s family which was now related to her.  

    Su Su’s last sentence persuaded Mo Yuan to compromised and let her led her into the hole. 

    The cave was not dark. Upon entering, there were stone steps made of white jade and the surrounding walls were also studded with a luminous stone. But the most terrible thing was the icy water flowing down that looked totally harmless, when a Su Su stepped into it, she felt like thousands of needles pricking one’s feet giving her an urge to jump. “Wow! What kind of water is it? Why is this so cold? “ Since young, she had been washed by cold water but this one, the chill pierced her to the bones. Su Su was treading on the water only up to her ankle but even her scalp also turned numb.

   “The water flowing from the eye of the ice is naturally much colder than the ordinary iced water.” Mo Yuan’s reaction was not as much as her but his brows were almost tied like a knot.

   “The Eye of the Ice?”  Su Su jump quickly, walk down the stairs faster and also talking at the same time. “ But the stone chamber before, the room was warm and the whole forbidden land is warm. I thought before that this ice mountain has a hot spring somewhere and the Mohist directed it to Forbidden land to keep it warm, but I could not believe that below this ice mountain is actually the eye of the ice which is colder than the regular ice. The forbidden land, why is it warm then? This is very strange indeed.”

   Mo Yuan looked at the girl who was jumping and hopping around like a rabbit and his mouth unconsciously raised a smile. Good smart girl, she originally thought that there was spring somewhere. Mo Yuan whispered back, “ Below this ice mountain, there’s indeed a hot spring.  The eye was divided into two, the hot spring and the ice cold water. Instead of devouring each other, the water had become more extreme. The hot side became very hot and the cold side very cold. This is one special feature of Iceland region, hot and cold.”

    Su Su nodded in understanding and the next moment she smiled with acclamation, “ I understand, like the lingshi, black and white, ying and yang, under the ice mountain is both cold and warm.  Are they for each other and mutually complementing each other?”

   Su Su was smiling brightly, but her lip color was already purple and her voice was quivering very badly. The smile on Mo Yuan’s lips immediately vanished and displeasure was on his face. “I am carrying you.” 

   Mo Yuan half-squatted down in front of her, Su Su was so touched and patted his uninjured shoulder and smiled. “Go, I am not Ah Nuan, there is such a weak wind!” Mo Yuan was unmoved, pulled her directly. Su Su  quickly took a step back, looked up and saw not far in front, there was a circular stone table, Su Su said quickly, “Look Mo Yuan in front, hurry, let’s go there quickly!” 

    As Su Su was talking, she also pulled Mo Yuan to run towards the roundtable no far away. Mo Yuan did not resist but followed obediently and climbed the on top of the roundtable.

    Su Su was relieved from the tormenting chill when they reached the stone platform she jumped up and down to warm the blood in her feet, muttering,”Whoa… Fortunately, we get here. If I stayed longer, my feet will form a piece of ice!”

  She finally gathered back her consciousness did not stop hopping even her feet were numb, but at least there the feeling of thousands of needles piercing her feet was gone. Su Su finally turned her attention in observing her new surroundings.

   The ice water was flowing down the stone steps and all of the water was gathered below. There was a big pool of icy water forming an ice lake and the center was the round stone table. The spherical table was hanging above the icy lake.

    The round table was not big, so it about 10 meters at a given side and at the center was a graphic figure that of the lingshi. There was a circular groove where the yin and the yang met (the hot and cold). Mo Yuan kneel on the ground and stroked the groove.  

    Su Su also crouched beside him, stared at the groove and asked, “The size of it, this looked like it is the place where the lingshi is being stored? Or why not give it a try.” 

    Mo Yuan took out the lingshi from his sleeves. The gorgeous golden purple color was shining gloriously inside the room full of luminous light, strange aura enveloped the room. Mo Yuan rubbed the purple lingshi quite some time then gently placed it into the groove.

    Su Su wanted to ask Mo Yuan why he hesitated to put down the lingshi, when she suddenly felt a murderous attack coming towards them. When he looked up, she saw a black shadow leaping from one side of the ice lake and rushed towards the round table.

    Su Su stared at the man and it was actually…

  “General Tan Tai? Why are you here?” Su Su looked at the place where he appeared only to see that there was a dark passage from there. The road has no luminous stone and thus the reason why she did not notice it earlier. Was he lurking in the dark or did he just escape from that place?”

    Tan Tai Feng body was in a sorry state. His body was covered with blood and sand, and his tone was devoid of warmth. ” Hand over the lingshi, I don’t want to cause more trouble to you young people.” 

    Su Su was surprised, so he was here to steal the lingshi? Su Su laughed instead of being angry,” The lingshi was owned by Mo Clan, it can’t be that you entered the sacred place Mo just because you wanted to steal the treasure in their sacred place? You are from the generation of the great and famous clan and you are doing this kind of thing. How will you face the world after this?! You will walk with deceit! Shameless!”

   Tan Tai Feng screamed back as Su Su derided him. His eyes were full of viciousness, “ Said enough?! When you are dead, no one will know.”


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