A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter Chapter 106 The Mohist Forbidden Land (Last Part)

A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter by Qian Lu 錯嫁良緣續之海盜千金 作者:淺綠

Volume III  Chapter 106 Mohist  Forbidden Land (Last Part) 

Tan Tai Feng was burning with fury and taken over by his arrogance yelled at Su Su,  “ You have scolded enough? If you two are dead, no one will know, of course.”

   His expression was so murderous and his voice has not faded, he already rushed to Su Su with a knife. The short blade in his hand was about 7 inches long and pointed directly towards Su Su.   

   The moment Tan Tai Feng appeared, Mo Yuan was also ready behind Su Su, vigilantly watching and guarding her.  When Tan Tai Feng attacked her, Mo Yuan already pulled Su Su and avoided the stab. He stuffed the purple bagua disk inside Su Su’s hands and said,” Quickly run outside!”

  Mo Yuan did not wait for Su Su’s response and quickly met Tan Tai Feng’s attacks. Mo Yuan does need a weapon, he relies on his internal energy and most of his martial arts movements uses the power of the air to attack and defend. His internal energy was actually comparable to the general however it was unfortunate his body was still suffering from poison and Dr. Pu Shan sealed his meridians days ago to prevent him from abusing his internal force. Although the golden needle was removed, his internal force was only half of his usual strength and it was not enough to resist Tan Tai Feng.

   The senior general, however, had made up his mind to kill them both. His attacks were very fierce and after just two tricks, Mo Yuan already fell down on the ground.

   Su Su did not leave.  She was clutching the bagua disk tightly. Her eyes were fixed on the two people fighting on top of the round table. She was analyzing the situation. She knew the character of Mo Yuan, to give her time to escape, he would risk it all and with Tan Tai Feng, it would surely be a life and death struggle.  Tan Tai Feng was already very enraged, if he would be irritated further it was difficult to make him stop and she doesn’t want Mo Yuan to die!

   Her heart decided what to do, she secured the disk in her waist pocket the immediately pulled out the copper scale fan. Mo Yuan and Tan Tai Feng were tightly wrapped against each other fighting. She couldn’t send the hidden needles. Su Su decided to bring out the hidden blades inside the tip of the fan and then quickly blocked  Tan Tai Feng.

   Su Su joining the fight, the battle immediately changed. The two guarded each other on their attacks and they were constantly changing their style and movement in a very tacit understanding.  Not too long, Tan Tai Feng realized that he was not strong enough to resist the two.

  Tan Tai Feng was holding the short knife tightly and coldly looked at Su Su like a falcon staring at the prey. He quickly waved the knife towards Su Su’s neck and Mo Yuan in a state of panic hurriedly moved forward.  Mo Yuan wanted to knock off the knife from Tan Tai Feng’s hand but the move to stab Su Su was just a trick but his real purpose was to hit Mo Yuan, when Mo Yuan moved forward, he hit him on the chest in full power with his palm. Mo Yuan felt like being smashed by a rock on his chest and he was thrown two feet away and a mouthful of blood sprayed on the stone platform. He tried to stand up several times but he couldn’t get up.  

   Besides her qinggong being great, Su Su’s other martial arts skill is really flat, nothing one can gush about. Without the help of Mo Yuan, an experienced fighter like Tan Tai Feng, she wouldn’t be able to resist him that long. But no matter how hard he attacked, Su Su did not let the General succeed.

   Tan Tai Feng did not expect that this little girl’s qinggong was so superb to perfection that she was dragging him down. She was giving time for Mo Yuan to recover and they will soon join forces again. Tan Tain Feng caught the glimpsed of the cold pool of water under the platform. His eyes instantly changed. His murderous look changed to a tricky one, his attacks were to force Su Su to moved little by little towards the edge of the stone platform. 

    When Su Su feet almost stepped on empty air several times, she also guessed the intention of the Tan Tai Feng but she couldn’t get away at the moment because she already saw Mo Yuan stood up and Su Su immediately took the bagua disk from her arms and throw it towards Mo Yuan, “ Mo Yuan, go take it:!” Su Su thought that this could trick Tan Tai Feng when he turns to take the disk and she will have his back and use her hidden weapon against him. The pool of water behind her even though cold, she wouldn’t die if she fell in it.  The disk will be at the hands of Mo Yuan anyway and not Tan Tai Feng. 

    The bagua disk draws an arc as it flew in the air, but the Tan Tai Feng has no intention of turning his back to grab the disk and his attacks intensified even more. He attacked to stab Su Su in the heart and Su Su was surprised and the knife, she can only avoid it if she fell down on the pool of water below.  

    Falling down to the pool of water is better than being beaten to death. Su Su gnashed her teeth and leap and flipped her body to avoid the fatal blow. As her body begins to fall, she closed her eyes and took a deep breath, waiting to be drowned in the icy water…

    The water in the pool is icy cold water flowing out from the center and if her body entered the cold pool, there would be no chance for her to even climbed out of it. The moment she fell on it, her blood will be frozen, the heart of Mo Yuan stopped at the thought and he totally ignored the disk, he did not throw even a glanced but he instead rushed towards Su Su’s side.

   Tan Tai Feng’s eyes flashed with happiness and he was proud of his accomplishment. In his calculation, he did not think possible that Mo Yuan would rush and catch up and save Su Su.  The Mo patriarch has been indifferent and ruthless, and so all other Mo patriarch was trained to be. His knowledge of them as he heard from Mo Sang, he knew they are not emotionally attached to anything. If they use their heart to act, it is considered to be an “idiocy.”

    His purpose was achieved and Tan Tai Feng did not consider entangling himself with the couple. He quickly turned and jumped to catch the bagua disk that was about to fall on the ground. 

    She has been waiting for a second and just waiting to splash inside the icy water. Su Su found herself just hanging on the side of the round table. She looked up and meet those deep black eyes of Mo Yuan. The blood on his mouth was still fresh, his face was pale and his hand was clutching tightly her collar. 

    Her feet were touching the cold pool and the water felt She doesn’t care how cold she felt about her feet because, at this moment, she feels the heat coming from her heart was unusually hot. 

    Mo Yuan gathered his strength and pulled her up. Su Su lowered her head to hide waves from her eyes and at the same time reached for the edged of the stone table to climb. When the Su Su finally got back on the stone table, as the looked up they saw that the person holding the purple bagua disk was ready to put it on the circular groove that was on the center of the stone table. The expression of Mo Yuan suddenly changed and he cried out,  “Don’t put it in!” 

    Unfortunately, Tan Tai Feng doesn’t care and pay attention and continued to press the bagua disk that fitted exactly inside the groove.

    The moment when the purple gold gossip disk was embedded, the round table began to vibrate. The surrounding cold pool instantly resembled the water that were being boiled. The puffing fluttering bubble of cold air rose and the surrounding temperature plummeted.  The icy water was bubbling crazily, beating and pounding the whole round table until it began to sway. The stone bricks on the top of their head suddenly collapsed. The huge bricks smashed down toward the bottom. Tan Tai Feng did not expect to have such effect and the changes came quickly that he could only flee to the side of the table. but unfortunately, on top him, more stones kept falling down and one stone just happened to hit the shoulder and he was pinned to the ground and he spat blood as he fell down.

    Su Su has no mood to care for anyone . The only thing in her mind is that the purple gossip disk must not fall into the hands of this General and that the power of reversing one’s fate must not be opened by him!

    Though her feet were still very numb because of the icy water, she directly fluttered forward and reached for the golden purple disk. The purple gold gossip disk once again fell into the hands of  Su Su, as the rocks continued to fall around then they heard a loud bang and the table completely broke under them.

    The people who were sitting in the dark passages were also disturbed by the sudden movements. The four elders stood up and hurriedly. “What happened?!” The   ground shook again. The surrounding front also began to shake, this movement was definitely bigger than the previous quicksand, incident and Tan Tai Ye Lie also immediately got up and said, ” We have to move!” 

    They started to escape towards the direction where Sang Nuan appeared in earlier time. However, the ground and the stone slabs begin to collapse. They were running and at the same time they were trying to avoid the falling debris. But they are in a passage and it was surrounded by stone walls and were falling rocks everywhere. Escaping will be impossible, not to mention, Sang Nuan was not a martial artist. Ao San was carrying her using the left hand and covering her with his right.  In the midst of chaos and darkness, a huge stone suddenly fell from the passage ceiling but the front passage was completely blocked by the fallen stones. Suddenly, Ao Tian felt a gush of wind behind him, followed by a sharp pain on his shoulder. He was thrown backward by a huge force.  Ao Tian and Sang Nuan were forcefully pushed away by a huge force as the big stone hit the ground.  The stone that would have fallen on them was not pressing down another person on the ground.

 Sang Nuan got up under the rubbles and noticed a white hair exposed under one heavy stone slab.  The hair was too obvious not to see, it was dazzling in the dark, she ran over crying, “ Feng Yi Qing!”         

 At this moment, the shaking of the tunnel suddenly stopped, debris and dust surround them and they saw Feng Yi Qing’s body was crushed by a stone, only his chest and the head are still exposed. The sense of desperation suddenly came upon everyone in the tunnel. 

    “Help me to lift the stone!” 

  Ao San came towards Sang Nuan to help Qing Feng. They tried to lift the stone together and removed the rubbles that covered him.

    Sang Nuan sat on Feng Yi Qing ‘s side. He was coughing out blood. Sang Nuan quickly raised his head as he continued to vomit blood. “Oh, why? Why? Is this place worthy of all this trouble?! Is it really worth fighting with one’s life?” 

    His dazzling white hair was not stained with blood and its appearance was beautiful and bewitching.  When she first saw it the first time, she was not really fascinated but at this moment it looked unusually radiant. His look was also radiant and he motioned to say something. “ During the most difficult moment  of Ah San’s life…. I was not able to protect her.  I regretted it my whole life.  Even if I guarded her small building everyday… it would not make up for that mistake in the past… Now, I had a chance to save her own daughter… it is very good. Now… I can see her again,  behold her  face…now I could talk to her and her…” 

    His pale face suddenly burst into a brilliant smile, and he saw the hand of the Sang Nuan his head. He tried to shake it off to get up.  

    “Let us take him out.” 

    Sang Nuan suddenly heard the voice of Ao San and she returned from her shock. Ao San was lifting the stone away and she quickly grabbed the collar of  Feng Yi Qing.  With all her might she tried to pull half of Feng Yi Qing away from the stone. She held him up on her arms and tried to get his pulse, then cried again,” Feng Yi Qing, wake up! Open your eyes!”

    “Ah… San?”  She felt that her hand suddenly felt cold. Sang Nuan looked down and saw Feng Yi Qing bloody hands were holding her hand tightly, as he was staring at her like he was seeing an illusion and the voice for of expectation, “ I, finally found you. Ah San, sorry… you.. can you forgive me?”

    The blood is oozing out of his body and two of them were now soaked in blood. Sang Nuan took a deep breath and held back his hand, kneeled down and she smiled at him warmly and whispered back, “ Yes, I forgive you.” 

    “It’s so good… It’s so good…”


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