A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirates Daughter Volume III Chapter 108 The Temple of Forbidden Land

A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter 

Volume III Chapter 108   The Temple of Forbidden Land 


  “I am to blame…”

“You, you…” Su Su felt like a light just entered the dark hole. She remained still, held her breath, her ears alert for any sound just in case she heard it wrong the first time. That familiar voice just now….

    In the darkness, the light was very scarce and she could hear this low sighing. Su Su heard that low pitched male voice and she was longing to hear it again. The voice doesn’t sound particularly as pleasing but it made her heart hanging eagerly waiting…

    “I will take care of it …” 

   “ Mo Yuan’s words are still half spoken when Su Su already rushed to grab his neck, almost choking him and sobbing uncontrollably. “ Thank goodness, you are not dead… not dead!”

    Prior to saying these words,  he actually opened his eyes to find a person sorrowfully grieving on his neck—it’s her, that what matters and he doesn’t pay attention to what was being said?

    Su Su was really frightened at that moment and could only hug Mo Yuan tightly to confirm that he was indeed alive.  Mo Yuan can only pat the arms of the girl that was obviously trembling, to comfort her. But unfortunately, Su Su’s hold was getting tighter until he could only make a string of coughs in response.

    The repressed low coughing reached her ear and a warm breath was sprayed on her ear. Su Su finally calmed down and let go and quickly asks,” I , I am hurting you?”

    Mo Yuan couldn’t move his whole body and his tongue was numb also but he was always awake. He heard her say that she liked him and she heard her ask him in a frightened manner for him not to die. She said does words in between sobs but he heard every word clearly.   Mo Yuan reached out his hand and groped in the dark to caress her cheek that was wet with tears.

    “Well,  does it hurt.” Those tears that were flowing were for him.  It made him very happy. At least now he knew her mind that he is not a person that she can let go.  However, he also felt distressed at the same time that she was hurting.  She was only suitable for a brilliant smile, big laughs, and wanton yelling–not for crying.

    Su Su wanted to know where his pain was coming from, she groped in the dark and when she found and touched his wound, she did not dare move him anymore. She could only ask anxiously in the dark, “ Sorry, but how did you get hurt? Where does it hurt?

    Su Su’s heart was hanging anxiously again. Yes, although he woke up now if the blood kept on flowing, he would still die. How much blood did he lose by now?

   Mo Yuan’s hand was holding her and he felt that Su Su was biting her lip. He sighed and gently pinched her cheek to rescue her lip from her teeth. He whispered gently to comfort her, “ I just couldn’t move but I did not have serious injuries, do not worry. Let us find our way out okay?”

    Su Su held on Mo Yuan’s wrist, after wiping her tears and clearing her nose, “ Well, the surroundings are too dark to find our way out. Let’s go find a wall and follow the direction of the wall to get us somewhere.”

   Mo Yuan did not die and the fear in her heart now faded. Su Su quickly calmed down and gathered her composure thinking that Mo Yuan must have been hurt and panicking would not comfort him at all.  Although he was injured, he still tried to comfort her and since they are still alive, they must find a way out!

    Su Su took Mo Yuan’s arm to her shoulder and held him up. In the darkness, Mo Yuan shook his head. He thought she would continue to be hysterical a little more. Her feet were now covered in mud and it was difficult to walk and they were very careful fearing that their next step would be a quagmire and with their physical strength, it would be difficult to climb back.

    The two moved forward while groping they way in the darkness. Bajiao had been around making a scene. The little fellow would grab her skirt and step on her foot and then would disappear for a moment. After sometime Su Su  scolded the little fellow, “ Bajiao, don’t just run around I couldn’t see you.” Although this little fox was troublesome it actually helped her many times. Su Su loved this furry fellow and she doesn’t want to lose it.

    “Banjiao?” Su Su called out a few more times and she heard a few “plopping” sounds on the right side, like the sound of someone jumping in the mud.

    Su Su set her footsteps to follow the direction of the sound. “What are you doing, Bajiao? You better come back here.”

    “Arrf! Arrf!” A few sharp barks sounded and it carries some tone of impatience. 

   Bajiao basically doesn’t bark and with occasional petting, it will give whimpers. Strangely today is it.. trying to give them directions? 

   Su Su already suspected that Bajiao helped lift her and Mo Yuan’s numbness. She also thought of the strange white fox lying on the jade coffin, Bajiao’s occasional wounds, the muddied claws when there are rarely have any soil in the area, the place was covered with thick snow through and through. Is this little fox not only visits the Forbidden territory to eat some spirit fruits but also sneaking into this forbidden place?

   The more she thinks about it, the more she was convinced of the possibility. Anyway, she doesn’t know where to go, she can’t trust her own instinct either  so she decided, “ Mo Yuan let us follow Bajiao, there could be something.”

    “Yeah.” Mo Yuan just answered short in agreement.

     Su Su’s heart was also little doubtful at the moment bit did not spoke anything more. She just gave a Mo Yuan a tighter grip on his waist and started moving towards the source of the barking sound.  

    Su Su guessed it right that the little fellow was leading them. Every time they reached the place where it is standing, it would move two to three feet away and bark.

   Su Su thought to do things this manner will take a long time but after just a short distance, not even a hundred feet, she touched a wall, it is a soft mud wall.  Su Su stood close to the wall and waited for Bajiao to lead them. She is already short of breath and just waiting for Bajiao but the little fox did not go anywhere but just kept stomping on its feet.  

    Su Su put Mo Yuan down and rests his back on the mud wall. She sat down and listened intently to the sound made by Bajiao.  She could hear a sound of claws digging the ground and falling soil. Su Su thought that it would be a bit difficult but not impossible… digging a hole?

   She had been squatting there for a while before she finally decided to make a move!  She pulled out the copper fan hidden from her boots and solemnly said in her heart,” Uncle Ao, I don’t want to do this too but I have no other choice. Don’t be angry!”

    With the sharpness of the copper fan, it could even dig a pit on a rock, let alone a soft soil. Su Su dug with rage like something was buried inside when suddenly the part she was digging disappeared and the fan fell from her hand at the same time shot of white light appeared.  Su Su turned away her eyes to avoid the sudden reflection from the sun and waited a moment to adjust her eyes to the light before looking again.

    A look of surprise was in her eyes. She couldn’t believe that she really dug a hole through the mud wall. It was the size of a first, and with more effort, they will be able to get out from there.

   Su Su went closer to investigate the hole. The hole she made was only fist size and she was afraid that an ambush might be waiting outside. she kept her eye a distance away from the hole while looking, afraid and cautious of an ambush but all she could see was a spacious place. Its floor was made of pure jade.  

   Su Su sat down and thought for a moment and thought of going through the other side. Whatever is on the other side of the wall, it seems better than the cold and dark muddy place.

  Su Su looked at Mo Yuan behind her, under the dim light he was slumped on the wall and his eyes were closed. Feeling the gaze of Su Su, Mo Yuan opened his eyes. Su Su got up quickly and smiled happily, “Mo Yuan, look, a light outside. We found a way out.”

    When Mo Yuan opened his eyes and saw the swashes shrouded in the glow. Su Su had now a messy hair, half of the face was covered in blood and the other half was covered with mud, there was no clean place but her eyes were shining brightly, full of hope and joy.

    She may not be only one girl in this world who was dazzling like light, but if the light needs to accompany him groping in the dark going forward, there was only one person for him.

   Su Su find it strange why Mo Yuan just remained there gazing at her face after he opened his eyes? He looked mesmerized and adorably at her that she doesn’t have the courage to lock gaze with him. Without looking at him, she staggered and told him, “ I.. I will go out first!”

    Su Su used the copper fan to make the hole bigger, big enough for her to go through to the other side. After she got out of the wall, she discovered that the other side of the wall was actually a hall with a  flower pond. The water on the pool had dried out and the original plants raised on the flower pond still remained, but it looked more like dead snow grass.

    As for the little fox, when it made a hole big enough to pass through, it ran out and Su Su did not know where it goes. Now, Su Su was out of the mud wall, she did not know where to go. Mo Yuan also climbed out of the hole to join Su Su.

    Su Su suspected that Mo Yuan was heavily injured and should have a hard time going forward. Seeing his appearance at the moment, she couldn’t help to have reddened eyes. The black cloak was now missing and the silver-gray shirt was soaked with blood and that she could not even tell where the blood was coming from. He must have few wounds in his body and she was worried about the mud that covered him. There was no medicine, no clean water, and no clean gauge either. If they can’t get out of the place as soon as possible, she feared how long can Mo Yuan last? 

    Mo Yuan looked at the eyes that were holding back the tears. He took a deep breath and said quickly, “ I just shed a little blood, it is nothing. It doesn’t hurt, it only looked terrible.”  

    “Shut up.” Su Su stared at him. At first glance, he can’t tell if the anger was for herself or for him. She climbed the flower pond stretched her hand to Mo Yuan.    Her mood seemed to be irritable and restless. Mo Yuan knew it better not to provoke her this time. He reached out his hand and climb towards the pool.

    At least, their foot stepped on the hard jade bricks. Both can relax now and look around the place. Su Su thought of the entire chamber they have seen, this one looked like a palace hall. It was very large but very empty. The ground was laid with white jade brick especially spreading towards the east of the main hall. The southwest and northwest were illuminated by a long light and three weak lights that looked like it would extinguish anytime.  Su Su still admired the antique lamps and wondered what excellent oil they used that it did not extinguish for 100 years.

    The whole hall exudes a solemn feeling as if talking loudly would profane the place. Su Su whispered at Mo Yuan,” What is this place?”

    Mo Yuan stared at the three long lights for a while before answering. “This is the temple where the lingshi was stored before.  As for the book of records, patriarchs were supposed to enter the place every 5 years to add oil to the lamps. Only this hall has the big lamps designed to burn day and night, so naturally, this is the temple.”

    Su Su’s eyes sparkled in delight. Laughing, “ So, we finally found the place!” Getting out as soon as possible is the most important thing she wants to do right now and  finding the place is great news?”


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