A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter Volume III Chapter 109 Bagua Disk Pit at the Temple (Part 1)

A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter

Chapter 109 The Bagua Disk Pit at the Temple  (Part 1) 

Mo Yuan stared at the three long lights for a while before answering. “This is the temple where the Lingshi was stored before.  As for the book of records, patriarchs were supposed to enter the place every 5 years to add oil to the lamps. Only this hall had this huge lamps designed to keep the flame day and night, so naturally,  this is the temple.”

    Su Su’s eyes sparkled in delight. Laughing, “ So, we finally found the place!” She wants to leave the place as soon as possible was the most important thing she wants to do right now and finding the right place was great news?”

  Su Su was very excited and she carefully observed the hall, the long lamps’ were positioned as to connect together to form a triangle. The light was very weak and there were places that were not illuminated. These places were dark and no one can really see what was the condition or lurking in those areas. The flower pond was not inside the triangle. Su Su patted Mo Yuan and said,” Let us look from the center?”

    Mo Yuan nodded and Su Su supported him up and the two slowly walked to the center of the triangle. Inside the center of the triangle was a circular white jade made in one piece. The jade was flawless in cut and its appearance looked a lot better than the jade bricks next to it. There was also a statue of the silver fox on the middle of the circular jade.

    The two looked at each other with tacit understanding because the fox statue on the white jade was very familiar. It looked exactly the same as the silver-white fox they saw from the last chamber and the only difference was the fox statue was not lying on the side but it was instead facing them. The pair of long narrow black eyes and the flying charm was carved so realistically that the one looking at it could actually feel the spirit flowing from its eyes. Fortunately, it is just a statue.  Su Su’s heart was awed and she imagined that if the white fox is alive, no one would be able to look at it? 

   Su Su avoids looking at the eyes of the fox statue and continued to look at the circular jade stone. She saw a small semi-circular pit in the east facing the long-lighted lamp. It was slightly smaller than the bowl and it was very inconspicuous. If one was not carefully looking, it might not be noticed.

    The size of this small pit was very much like the shape of Lingshi before it broke open. Feeling awed, she asked, “Is this the original place of Lingshi?”

    Su Su was now very convinced that Mo was really a very strange family. Generally, things that were revered were enshrined or placed on a high platform, so that it can be looked up by the people. Who would put a sacred object on the ground and revere it? 

    In fact, Mo Yuan was hesitating if the place was indeed the temple, but the fact that huge long lamps were there, so this was the temple. Mo Yuan hesitated for a while before answering, “ This is the right place.”

    Okay. Since he said this was the place, then this must be it! Su Su pulled out the purple bagua disk that was inserted on the round stone earlier and passed it to Mo Yuan. “ I will hand it to you to try it out.

    There was nothing else to do now.” Su Su tried to make her speech sound calm when in fact her heart was very scared and unsure. Mo Yuan face was pale like dead now and if they drag down further, even if they don’t die from the hidden traps, he might die bleeding. No matter what, they must take a chance now and try!

    The two sat down in front of the semi-circular pit and Mo Yuan was inserting the purple gold disk on the small round pit, when he suddenly stopped and said, “You move back few steps.” 

    What was Mo Yuan thinking in his heart, Su Su naturally guessed it and it made her heart warm and tender but she still gave him a blank look. “Why I have to retreat? This temple Hall has white jade bricks that are so big. If it collapsed again, do you think to retreat a few steps would be useful? Don’t delay,  just hurry up… ” 

    After saying those words, Su Su grabbed Mo Yuan’s hand and held it as to support him. Mo Yuan did not hesitate anymore and gently placed the purple gold gossip disk on the semi-circular pit. 

    “There.”   He whispered and the purple disk fell into the pit. 

    The two held their breath, waited for the result…  

   Half an hour had passed, nothing happened except their own hearts were throbbing with anticipation. 

   Su Su was very disappointed, frowned and whispered, “ How is it that there is no reaction?” 

   Mo Yuan has lost too much blood already and he sat directly on the ground.  Only because of his concern for Su Su not to make her frightened, he would like to lie down. 

    Su Su attention right now was on the purple disk that was on the pit.  Mo Yuan said that the Lingshi was stored here. She was certain that there was some mistake, that’s why they did not succeed.

   Su Su did not lose heart and took out the purple gold disk from the small pit, she investigates the shape.  She was familiar with it since she was a child. She put it on her left and turned it to her right and then looked at the small pit to compare then whispered.” Where did we make a mistake?” 

    Su Su looked around,  looking carefully for some clue where this bagua disk should be. The position of the disk doesn’t look, right?

    Like giving medicine to a dead horse**, Su Su picked up the purple bagua disk again and put it inside the pit and solemnly pressed it with her palm trying to fit it perfectly.  After some effort,  when she was already satisfied, she let go of her hand and waited with anticipation

**sǐ mǎ dàng huó mǎyī   (idiom) – Giving medicine to a dead horse literally means not abandoning hope  and keep trying everything in a desperate situation

    After putting on the disk, she looked, she suddenly cursed and couldn’t help to lament, “ Oppss..” The hand that was bitten by Bajiao unsparingly had a cut all over. Although it doesn’t hurt right now, the bleeding also stopped but her hand was covered with dried blood. Some of this blood was caught on the disk that she pressed solemnly just now. The disk was messed with blood, even the pit was messed with her blood even the jade plate was dirtied by her blood. She wanted to wipe the disk clean using her backhand but the more she wiped it with her backhand this time, the messier it gets.

    She just wanted to tell to Mo Yuan that she was sorry that she soiled their sacred altar, but at one corner of her eyes, she saw that the blood mess actually gathered together to form small blood beads. Now, these beads are flowing slowly towards the top of the purple disk.

  What is happening?  Su Su hurriedly called, “Mo Yuan, you…come and look!” 

   Mo Yuan looked back and saw the beads of blood gathering inside the purple disk, then it would flow out to form a large bead of blood on the top of the disk, then little by little the blood beads are being sucked in inside the disk until the small blood beads disappear without a trace …… 

    Su Su was watching this scene. “This is… what is going on…”  She has not finished asking when she felt the ground shaking.

    “No, it is coming again! Run!”  Su Su was like a frightened bird pulled Mo Yuan towards the flower pond thinking that it is soft mud and if the temple hall ever collapsed, that place would be relatively safer.

   After the two ran a few steps, they felt that the ground stopped shaking, it was just a slight shock and there was no sign of anything falling. They finally relaxed and sighed with relief.   “ Whoosh!” A bright light was shining brightly, the long lamps suddenly burst out string of flames nearly  three to four inches high as if some poured a big basin of smoldering  oil and it was burning  exceedingly  that the abundance of light brightens the whole hall including the places that were previously covered by the darkness  ow came into view.

    Su Su finally saw what caused the ground to shake.

   Whatever her prejudice to Mo House before, the place where they now stood is actually a very high platform and it is very spacious. Under that platform, she saw a wall slowly opened up in front of her. The wall looked like a maze and small bricks fell on the ground. On the ground where there was no light, there were many circular lights. She was quite familiar with these lights now, these were luminous stones.

   Su Su looked at the scene in front and heart had been stunned incessantly.   Could it be that the wall that disappeared in front of her was actually the passage where they have been trapped? They have to encircle around the tunnels to find their way to the East side? The temple, as a matter of fact, remained at the same place, it had never moved, very close to them but they were surrounded by a stone wall like a maze?

   Su Su looked at the distant luminous stones were arranged in an irregular manner and just as she guessed earlier, the passages were lined up by neat luminous stones and the halos had camouflaged the passage. They thought they are walking in straight tunnels but actually, they are just going around in circular maze separated by just a wall outside the temple hall.

    Because of these speculations and thoughts in her mind, she felt dumbfounded and tricked, exclaimed,” Mo Yuan… your ancestors were too powerful. Their best talent is not the art of foretelling or divination, it is their ability to set up the mechanics of these traps… Such a large scale mechanism and the stone wall can also move so casually and linked each trap together. Your ancestors are really awesome and I am curious how to make this kind of mechanism, is there a map?!” She wants to see it!

    Su Su was busy praising and gushing and was not paying attention to any other, when Mo Yuan suddenly called out, “There seems to be someone over there?”

    Someone? Su Su immediately became vigilant, and following Mo Yuan’s gaze, she indeed saw few black shadows outside and dozens of feet. Su Su ts thinking if she will call out or hide with Mo Yuan first when she heard a familiar man’s voice, “ Xiao Shu?”

    There is only one person that calls her Xiao Shu, that is Tan Tai Ye Lie. When she taught of Tan Tai Feng who did not only want to snatch away the purple disk but also wanted to put them to death. Su Su’s expression turns cold and quickly pulled out the copper fan. If out of that shadow is the Tan Tai family again, it would be terrible, she and Mo Yuan are not suited to fight right now.

   Su Su wanted to leave the hall and hid in the dark with Mo Yuan before Tan Tai family arrives. But she also thought, on the other hand, Mo family elders are also coming.  

    As soon as she just pulled the arm of Mo Yuan, she heard someone called her, “ Su Su!”

    Ao  San? What is going on? Ao San and Tan Tai Ye Lie were actually together, what about Sang Nuan? Did the Tan Tai family catch them and leading them on? No, a person like Ao San would rather die than and fight to the death, he can’t be held hostage by them that easily.

       Her heart is worrying about Ao San and  Sang Nuan, even if it is a trap, she wanted and they will find a way to break through. Su Su loosened Mo Yuan’s hand and said to him, “ You sit there while I check it out.”

    “Okay.” Mo Yuan nodded and whispered. “Be careful.” 


    Vigilantly looking out toward the place where the sound came from, then rushed through the darkness.  Mo Yuan who had been holding out finally closed his eyes and fainted.

    Su Su rushed to the place where she saw shadows moving about. The cooper fan in her hand was opened and ready. She could release the hidden weapons at any time. Su Su was making a variety of preparation in her mind while running but when she saw the scene in front of her, she was stunned and blankly stared at the sight.


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