A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter Volume III Chapter 110 The Bagua Disk Pit At the Temple Hall (Part 2)

A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter by Qian Lu 錯嫁良緣續之海盜千金 作者:淺綠

Ten chapters more to go! Thank you for the readers who put up with me and continued to encourage me.

Chapter 110 The Bagua Disk Pit At the Temple Hall (Part 2)

   Su Su rushed to the place where she saw shadows moving about. The cooper fan in her hand was opened and ready. She could release the hidden weapons at any time. Su Su was making a variety of preparations in her mind while running but when she saw the scene in front of her, she was stunned and just blankly stared at the sight.

    Su Su thought of the possibility of Sang Nuan taken hostage by Tan Tai Family. If they asked her to come over, she also thought that they might put her under siege. Sang Nuan might be needing help, she was coming to help. However, she did not expect to witness such a strange scene. Sang Nuan was sitting in a large pool of blood, so thick that she could smell its pungent bloody scent. Sang Nuan looked numb and shocked, her eyes were fixed on the person she was holding in her arms.

     Su Su was also startled that she could only stare, “ Feng Yi Qing… “ The person held by Sang Nuan was indeed Feng Yi Qing. Su Su doubted it because Feng Yi Qing was highly skilled in martial arts and how did he die.  Not only die but died in a miserable way. Su Su did not dare look at it but she suspected that the lower part of the body had something to do with it for it was covered with blood all over. Su Su looked away, she knew that Sang Nuan’s relationship with Yi Qing is not as bad, it was not intimate either but what was bizarre was that how can she hug the body of Yi Qing, even so tightly? Feng Yi Qing even had a smile on his face, he looked peaceful and happy. Looking at the scene makes her hair stand.

    Su Su did not know if she should say something or not but then San Nuan suddenly spoke and her voice was very solemn, “ He is dead.”

Su  Su lowered her head slowly and then bowed down. She had to pay respect to Feng Yi Qing. Although the two of them were not friends, he was not her enemy either, after all, life lost was still life. Right now, she did not feel settled in her heart because of her concern for Sang Nuan at the moment.

   Sang Nuan finally raised her head and lowered Feng Yi Qing. She slowly stood up and replied softly,” I am fine, about you… you are a mess!”

   Su Su looked at Sang Nuan and she wanted to say that she looked more of a mess than her. Sang Nuan was bloodied all over from the person who just died. But the words did pass her lips and she decided not to answer.

  Within this group of people, there was also Tan Tai Ye Lie and some Mo elders, and there were some things that she did not want to mention. Su Su just shook her head and replied, “It is a long story. Let us go there first. The six strategy traps of the Forbidden Land is already lifted; it is on its stable state. If Mo Patriarch is all right, we will find them soon.”

    It was really inappropriate not to look after the body of Feng Yi Qing and leave it there, but with this situation, who was willing to….

    Su Su was still thinking what to do with the dead body when Ao San lifted the body covered in blood and walk towards the direction of the temple hall.

   As soon as Ao San started walking, Su Su pulled Sang Nuan and started following him. Sang Nuan’s hands were full of blood and the blood already dried up and it was cold. Now, her hand was freezing cold and this made Su Su very worried. She always feels that Sang Nuan’s condition was not right but it was not the right time also for her to ask questions.  After walking for some time, she tried to comfort her,” Sang Nuan, don’t worry, we will find our way out soon.”

    “Hmm.” Sang Nuan whispered back. She did not know if she is really perceiving it right now because her face is full of indifference.

     As the group entered the temple hall, Su Su saw that Mo Yuan on the darkness lying on the ground. His face was very pale. Su Su quickly rushed to him and lifted his head from the ground. She quickly probes his nose for breathing only when she confirmed that he was breathing, her heart that was beating like a drum finally calmed down. “  She looked as Sang Nuan and pleaded, “Ah Nuan, can you help him, please look?”

    Sang Nuan came over and grabbed his wrist to take the pulse of Mo Yuan. After a long time, Sang Nuan did not say anything. Su Su was  restless and she did not wait for Sang Nuan to speak, so she nervously asked, “How?”

    Sang Nuan withdrew her hand and check the wound of Mo Yuan. Then she replied. “It’s simply an excessive loss of blood, for the time being, he will not die?”

    He is not going to die for the time being …

   Su Su doesn’t know if she will be happy or sad. The people around who were watching were also silent. Suddenly, a cold voice everyone was familiar with can be heard from the dark. “ Sure enough, you have found the temple.”

   It was the voice of the elder! The eyes of Su Su brighten with hope. She quickly looked at the place where the voice came. It was a group of people coming out of the darkness, four of them to be exact and they too were a picture of misery. The Mo patriarch and one of the elder were also badly hurt, the two other elders were supporting them to walk.

Su Su was very happy to see Patriarch Mo Zu. Now that the traps had been solved, the chief surely knew the way out. She put down Mo Yuan gently to the ground and got up to greet the patriarch, “Patriarch Mo.”

Mo Zu nodded his head and his gaze fell on the dead body of Feng Yi Qing. He paused and sighed but did not say anything. Then he looked at Mo Yuan that was lying on the ground, “ How about Ah Yuan?”

“He fainted for excessive blood loss. Patriarch Mo, now that the traps had been untangled, can we go out?”.  Su Su wholeheartedly wants to hurry and go out to treat the wounds of Mo Yuan, but unfortunately, not everyone was as eager as she was.

Some of the elders were more eager to go inside that temple hall and walked up to the steps, “ Is the Lingshi already in place?”

Although Su Su was eager to go out, it was not good to go against the Mohist elders at this moment, she could only patiently reply. “As it supposed to be.”

The elders went passed her and looked excitedly toward the circular white jade stone with the purple bagua disk. Patriarch Mo Zu chief also followed.

    Su Su secretly bites her lip and reminded herself not to be angry at the moment, lest something bad might happen. When she looked up, she saw Mo Zu and the elders have unusual expressions on their normal steely cold faces. Their facial expressions were too complex to describe. 

   Su Su was puzzled. The bagua purple disk, have not they seen it before, why they need to react this way? Su Su who was looking down, looked up also to see. Her eyes widen in surprise and wondered, “ Why it turned like this? It doesn’t look like this before… “

On the circular white jade floor, there was the statue of the white fox that was standing, and facing the east was the round pit like the size of the bowl where she inserted the purple gold disk, but now it looked different. On the circular jade floor, the white fox statue that was originally there disappeared and in its place was a transparent smooth block of ice. Now, in addition to pit of purple bagua disk that was facing the east, another set of pit facing northeast and southwest appeared and those positions corresponds to the direction of the long lamps on the temple.

The elders wanted to hear what  Su Su had to say.  A pair of sharp eyes stared at Su Su, “ What was here previously?”

    Su Su was frowning as she ponders about the incident, she had hidden some facts,” Well, I and Mo Yuan encountered quicksand and fell into a passage and then into a mud pond. When we climbed out of the mud, we ended up in that flower pond.” At the time there is just that circular jade and on that jade was the pit the size of the bowl and they just put the disk inside the pit, then the fire on the lamps burn brightly and then the wall moved. Well, she can’t also explain why the place looked as such now.

    The old woman elder looked at Su Su coldly but with some calmness. Su Su had nothing to fear about and let her stare at her. After she satisfied herself staring at Su Su, she finally looked away and turned her vision on the transparent disk on the ground.

    Mo Zu’s gaze only stayed on the disc for a while, then looked up and looked around the surroundings. He looked around a few times before asking, “ How about General Tan Tai?”

    Su Su’ eyes suddenly squinted and she narrowed her head as if she did not hear anything. After a while, she heard Tan Tai Ye Lie whispered back,” We also encountered quicksand and we got separated from him.”

    Su Su looked at him, he looked very calm and he was not worried at all. This appearance was somewhat strange for a father and son, but she did not want to pursue this matter because she just wants to leave now.

    Su Su went to Mo Zu and she did not have time to ask when he suddenly said, “ Hey, Miss Su, your family, you also have a golden bagua disk right?”

Su Su could not believe her ears, Mo Yuan is now unconscious, either he dies or lives, don’t you all care? Is it now more important to find our way out and save him right now? Can we just go out first, then ask this?

Su Su took a deep breath to calm the rage rising from her heart so that her voice would not sound too incisive. “My family does have a golden bagua disk, which has been kept by the patriarch. I don’t know anything about the golden bagua disk. Patriarch Mo, I would like to know now, how can I go out?”

   Her last few words were little urgent and curt. Mu Zo could clearly see that she was having trouble controlling her temper now, he felt a little funny inside. This young miss certainly cares for Ah Yuan so much, but one thing she did not know that there is spirit grass in Ah Yuan’s body, he will not die easily

    Ahem! Mo Zu did not want to play the little girl’s temper, he whispered, “ The six matrix strategies have been lifted, just go along the temple directly and the exit is there.”

    “Oh, Ao San you go in front with Feng Yi Qing. Ah Nuan, you help me hold Mo Yuan on our way out. “ She was afraid that the Mohist will take more time to investigate the pit where the disk was inserted, if they asked more about it, she won’t be able to hold back anymore and will swear at them. Su Su pulled Sang Nuan, pick up Mo Yuan and left in a hurry.

    The three men left quickly, and Tan Tai Ye Lie watched their back as their leave and without hesitation like a flash followed them and went out.

    Patriarch Mo Zu was right. After walking along the hall for about a quarter of an hour they already reached the copper wall with which they entered.

    However, boulders blocked the doorway.  Ao San put down Feng Yi Qing, Tan Tai Ye Lie also came to forward to help push the boulders away.

    The boulders deformed the copper wall and outside the chamber, there were no more candles burning. They have been accustomed to the dark, so they grope their way until they reached the closed stone gate.

   The stone gate was still closed and Su Su looked for the position where the elder hit to open the wall, she kicked it with her foot and sure enough, the stone gate opened immediately. 

    It was already dark outside, the cold wind and the snowflakes were blowing in. They unconsciously shiver a little as it hit them.  

    They have been inside for the whole day and they have no idea what time it was. After they walked out of the gate, they are shadows of five to six tall men standing outside the door. The snow was falling but they remain motionless.

   Ao San was the most vigilant and alert among them. He already blocked  Sang Nuan to protect her and Tan Tai Ye Lie moved beside Ao San to block Su Su also to protect her. 

   Su Su looked at the people stationed outside the gate, and one looked very familiar. She screamed.” Li Yang?!”

“It’s me.” Li Yang whispered back and the two black shadows of men behind him immediately stepped forward and took Mo Yuan from the hand of Su Su. Su Su did not stop them but looked at Li Yang frowning.  She had a hunch that Li Yang has something to say. Li Yang motioned to the two people who took Mo Yuan and they quickly left.

Welcoming the puzzled stare of Su Su, Li Yang said coldly. “The master instructed me, that the three of you to come with me and leave the Mo State immediately.”

    Su Su’s heart sank, Mo Yuan, is this what you asked Li Yang to do?


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