A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter Volume III Chapter 111 The Deception

A Mistaken Marriage Match p .4: Pirate’s Daughter by Qian Lu 錯嫁良緣續之海盜千金 作者:淺綠

Chapter 111  The Deception

      Welcoming  Su Su ‘s puzzled gaze,  Li Yang  said coldly, “ Master gave me an instruction, that the three of you to come with me and leave Mo State immediately.”

    Su Su’s heart sank, Mo Yuan, is this what you let Li Yang do? 

    “Li Yang, come over, I have something to say to you.”

When Su Su finished speaking, she did not care how Li Yang reacted, she walked ten steps away and waited for him to follow. Li Yang’s face had a very unhappy expression to the point of turning ugly, googling at the back of Su Su suspecting a sly, he hesitated for a moment before following closely.

    “What did he arrange for you to do? What did you say before?” Su Su doesn’t care even if Li Yang showed his displeasure, she continued asking to her heart’s satisfaction.

    Li Yang was very impatient and he answered her in a tone with that was obviously mad. “Why are you asking so much? Just leave now, my master has no intention of harming you.”

    Su Su was unmoved and she put her arms on her chest and answered with scorn,

 “I don’t know what is going on, I am not leaving. Of course, you can always knock me unconscious. But I will always wake up and when I wake up you will see what I will do. I am afraid it is not what your master wants to see me doing.”

    Li Yang was annoyed to point of anger, how can this woman be so ignorant? Li Yang was thinking about whether he should really just take this woman away unconscious. Su Su moved two steps closer to him. Smiling to him and whispered, “ You see I just really wanted to understand, so make it clear to me what is really going on, then you don’t have to knock me off unconscious and I myself will  behave nicely and  obey .”

    Li Yang glared at this very obstinate woman and he thought if he could take her away obediently, that would be better and much less trouble. He was looking at the rear vigilantly and though really annoyed and impatient, he explained, “The master told me not to alarm anyone. He told me to prepare a ship to leave the island and come here and wait in front of the forbidden land. Master said if something bad happened to him at the forbidden temple, anything unexpected,  l must sneak you out and send you away immediately.”

   ” That’s it? He didn’t explain why he had to send us so urgently?”

    Li Yang was silent. Su Su stopped interrogating him. Mo Yuan gave an order, Li Yang could only obey him and Mo Yuan would not explain the reason. Su Su was silenced for a while then said, “I know.”

    “Then let’s go.” Li Yang breathed a sigh of relief and when he just turned around to lead them away.  Su Su however, looked at him straight then seriously said, “I won’t go.” 

    Li Yang immediately returned, angry. ” Didn’t you just said that if I explain to you the reason why, you will obediently follow and leave?”

   Su Su smiled, “That’s a maybe, I didn’t say that I will follow you for certain.” 

    “You’re a sly!” Li Yang was not a very eloquent person, he doesn’t bad mouth but he knew that he was being fooled by Su Su. He was ‘angry to death’ and tried his might to suppress it. He restrained himself for a long time not to say anything more.

    Since Mo Yuan was not present, Su Su did not want to anger Li Yang further. She quickly put on a happy smile and said earnestly, “ I have Mo Yuan’s lingcao, you should know, if I am gone, how about Mo Yuan?”

   Li Yang’s annoyance did not subside, he doesn’t want to put Su Su comfortably at ease either and he answered with irritation, “ Master said, he will seek you after hundred days but if he did not come, then you don’t have to wait.”

    Su Su frowned. “Is this what he said?” 

    Li Yang stopped glaring at her anymore and gave up caring for her opinion. Although, this was not exactly the same words, but this was  what master meant.

   Su Su nodded and chuckled, “Very good then. When he wakes up, we have to settle an account.”

    Listening to her chuckling, Li Yang had goosebumps,. He was thinking why he had this feeling for without a reason because he didn’t say anything wrong…

    The snow was growing bigger and Li Yang’s heart was also growing more anxious.  While the patriarchs and elders have not found yet that they will be sent away,  he had to send them away if not he will not be able to accomplish the task that the master gave him. Li Yang decided to persuade her again. Just one sentence, if it still doesn’t work, he might need to knock someone unconscious. “You took the lingcao, maybe the master can use this as an excuse to go out and find you, so we should better hurry.”

    “If I didn’t come to the Mo State and didn’t go into the forbidden area if you said this thing before, I might still believe you,  but now,  I have experienced Mo’s indifference and heartlessness, that’s enough for me to see I don’t dare to gamble. “ Su Su curled her lips and said in a low voice, “Furthermore, this is related to Mo Yuan’s life. What if Mo decided to tag him and not let him go?  Granted that I leave, I will be burning with anxiety. So, again I am not eager to be sent away. OK, you don’t have to say anything anymore. If I really have to go, I will also take him away with me. The moment I received his lingcao, I will not let him away from me.”

    Li Yang was so annoyed that he was ready to stun her, but when he heard her reason, his hand paused and the anger in his face calmed a little. What Su Su said had some truth. If the lingcao was far away, the antelope will be restless and the master was sure to suffer. But if I don’t send her away,  I will end up doing what was contrary to the master’s instruction. Li Yang’s heart was conflicted, now he answered unlike previously, now without the firmness,  “But the master arrange this, he must have his reason…”

    “Indeed, but there is nothing much you could do .” Once again, Su Su cut off what Li Yang had to say. She already strive to shake his will. “Mo Yuan is worried that Mo will make an accident and cannot protect me. He doesn’t want Mo clan to be embarrassed.”  But he did not expect that the situation inside and what he expected will be the same. “The Mo clan will not give me a threat; the only big deal was if they threat my Su Family using me to hand over the clan’s bagua disk. If Mo clan will act like this, then my Su family will become an enemy.  I am only afraid that I have to measure my worth, this little Iceland Territory, even if it is surrounded by an array of strategies, can it stop my family’s 300,000 soldiers and horses?  When that moment comes, they will swallow their own words and also suffer the consequence!”

    Su Su inwardly, actually wanted to vomit, this kind of dandy men’s tone of arrogant speech, she used it the first time, but this feeling of swearing-in arrogance… it was actually felt cool. Those were such big words to say and so embarrassing to say it to the face of Mo Zu chief but with Li Yang, so be it, if it was the only way for him to be tricked or can he be? On the snow surface, the cold wind was hounding, no matter how good a person’s ear acuity, they won’t be able to hear what they were discussing and that was why Su Su had the guts to say so much nonsense deviously.       

    Li Yang was listening with brows frowning tightly, but he did not interrupt her. Su Su continued, “ Feng Yi Qing is dead and Mo Yuan is poisoned. I don’t know if other doctors in Mo can cure him, Sang Nuan’s medical skills, she inherited from Mo Sang. Even if it is not as better than Yi Qing, but she is better than an average doctor. If I stay behind with Sang Nuan, that is great for Mo Yuan!”

    Li Yang’s twisted eyebrows, twisted even more, in his mind he was like waging a war with a celestial being (or deity) and felt like he was awfully tangled to death.  On the other hand, while his attention was distracted, there was some movements behind him. When Su Su saw the flowing black figure nearing them, her  heart finally relaxed and she patted Li Yang’s shoulder, laughing. “ Li Yang, you don’t have to worry about it. It will not work. It is already too late.”

    What do you mean? Li Yang was shocked, alerted immediately at the same time, he heard the voice of Patriarch Mo coming from out from the stone gate. “ How are you still here?”

    Li Yang glared at Su Su very annoyed, she spoke these piles of words just to drag down the time! Truly, she was a sly and treacherous woman.  

    Regardless of Li Yang’s desire to choke her, she was not leaving,  at least not on her own volition.  Su Su walked quickly to the side of Mo Zu, avoiding the stabbing glare of Li Yang and at the same time cleverly said, “ Mo Yuan was already brought back by the people brought by Li Yang. As for us, we are waiting here, because we are worried about Patriarch Mo and the rest of the elders, now seeing that everyone is out safely, we can already relax.”

    This woman was blatantly talking nonsense! Li Yang decided that he must keep his eyes open around her always and remind the master in the future, whatever this woman says, do not believe it at all cost!

   Patriarch Mo Zu gave her a slight nod, and his voice carried some tone of weariness,” You are all tired for today. Go back and rest early, if you have anything to say wait until tomorrow when your body have enough rest and your strength are recovered.”

    “Okay.”  The group were very much willing to follow the good advice and ready to go down the mountain. 

    The next moment, few elders came out holding a bloodied man in their hands. The man was so distressed and in a great messy condition. Judging from his looks alone, she doesn’t know whether the man was dead or alive.

    After looking at the man, Tan Tai Ye Lie  eyes narrowed and bend down, and immediately welcomed him worriedly, “ Chief Mo, is this my father?”

    “General, General Feng was injured in the forbidden land. You should go back to rest first. I will send a doctor to treat him and do not worry.”

    Tan Tai Ye Lie quickly salute and said︰” Many thanks to Chief Mo.”

    Su Su doesn’t have the mood and patience to listen to them. ‘Collect that leader of the wizard that bend over for greed, eat your karma gelded ram dare to try to ‘rub along one’s hand’ (steal) and fester to make as bones of your body the pure heart of Sang.’

    “Hump, You are still in luck, after chewing what you should not chew.” Li Yang could only feel from her demeanor towards Tan Tai Feng that she was strange woman indeed.

    Su Su doesn’t care about anything anymore except for one thing. She told Li Yang, “ You don’t have to lead me. I can find my place to rest.”

    Li Yang didn’t even glance at her this time, he just simply turned and left.

  Su Su wanted to keep up with him but suddenly she felt a cold hand holding her wrist. Sang Nuan grabbed her wrist and said, “ I want to go with you.”   

Ah Nuan, honestly she wanted her to come along with her. After all, Feng Yi Qing was already dead, Mo might have any other doctors but Su Su was more than willing to trust Ah Nuan. But thinking that Sang Nuan was in a coma for days and trapped the whole day in forbidden land, she wondered if her body will be able to bear. Su Su had also no excuse to say that she couldn’t, she held her hand and said, “ Thank you, Ah Nuan.”

    Sang Nuan glared at her and said, “ You don’t have to mention it.”

    Su Su smiled, nodded and replied, “Okay, then I won’t say it.” 

    Sang Nuan had no martial arts skill and Ao San was carrying the body of Feng Yi Qing down the mountain. Their speed going down was twice slower than when they were going up the mountain.

    By the time Su Su and Sang Nuan reached the Lin Yuan Pavilion, the wounds of Mo Yuan had been bandaged and two men in their 40’s were standing by the bed, taking turns to take his pulse.

    Li Yang was standing outside the pavilion. When he saw Su Su and Sang Nuan approaching his face turned gloomy and angry. Sang Nuan thought his expression was really weird but still he did not stop them from coming in.

  The pavilion was surrounded by screens, it was not cold. Mo Yuan was lying on the bed, his face was pale. The blood and the mud on his face and body was all cleaned up. The whole person doesn’t look like that he was in a sorry state after the  visit to forbidden territory.

    By the bed also, there was a  snow-white figure standing. It was Mu Xue. Su Su did not expect her to be there also. 

    The two looked at each other but no one greeted this time. They also tried to avoid each other line of sight…

    After the two doctors finished their diagnosis, Mu Xue immediately gently moved Mo Yuan’s hand back inside the quilt. After the two doctors discussed with each other for a while, Mu Xue asked in a low voice. “How?”

    One of the doctors stepped forward, bowed and salute, respectfully replied, “ Miss Mu, the Young Lord’s wounds are not the big problem. He just lost a lot of blood. It will take time to recover it’s just that… … the young lord’s meridian’s seemed to have been blocked and we are worried that it will affect his recovery.”

  After hearing the doctor’s words, the three women have different reactions. Mu Xue and Su Su were actually worried because of Mo Yuan, Sang Nuan, however, was because of other things.

    Miss Mu? Sang Nuan slightly raised her eyebrows, the identity of this beautiful woman doesn’t seem to be low. Sang Nuan looked at Su Su who was beside her and saw that her whole attention was on the pale person on the bed and oblivious about anything else. Sang Nuan shook her head, forget it, for this kind of opponent was too difficult for her to manage.

    Sang Nuan stepped forward, and the eyes of the people followed her especially when she pulled up the quilt and calmly grabbed Mo Yuan’s wrist and took his pulse. 

   Su Su was waiting for her to finish and her heart was very worried because this time, it took her longer to finish, it was so much longer than before. When Su Su’s heart was heavy with anticipation, Sang Nuan took back her hand and put back Mo Yuan’s hand under the quilt and said, “ Let us return to Keju first and then I will discuss it with you.”

    Su Su felt strange, why can’t they talk about it here and also can discuss it with two other doctors, but since Sang Nuan said to go back to Keju Pavilion first and discuss it there, she held herself from asking questions and she just wanted to quickly go back. Li Yang was also not happy with Sang Nuan’s decision to discuss the matter of his master’s health privately with Su Su, (T/N:him not included?) he was now giving a cold glare not only to Su Su but also Sang Nuan and said, “ We will take care of him here, you go first.” Su Su pulled Sang Nuan and quickly left the pavilion.

   When they were finally back at Keju, after closing the gate, Su Su eagerly asked, “ How is he?” 

   Sang Nuan just sighed deeply and shook her head and did not speak. 

   Su Su’s heart and mind was now vigorously shaken up, she tightly clutched Sang Nuan’s hand, in a sharp tone,” What do you mean by shaking your head? Are you intentionally trying to kill me of desperation?!”


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