A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter Volume III Chapter 112 Coming Back Home ( Part 1)

A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter by Qian Lu 錯嫁良緣續之海盜千金 作者:淺綠

Volume IV Chapter 112 Coming Back Home (Part 1)

   Su Su’s heart and mind was now vigorously shaken up, she tightly clutched Sang Nuan’s hand, in a rush sharp tone,” What do you mean by shaking your head? Are you intentionally trying to kill me of desperation?!”

    Sang Nuan raised her hand and glanced at the wrist that had been scratched by Su Su and casually replied, “What is your relationship with him? Why you are so agitated like this? “

     “We…” Su Su’s cheeks blushed and she did not know how she would answer.

     Sang Nuan did not give her a chance to squirm herself out of her predicament, she did not give her time to think and she pursued her aggressively, “What are you to him exactly?”

      Su Su’s pair of beautiful eyes were nervous, Sang Nuan was staring at those pupils closely. She sighed and sighed before saying openly,” I like him, he likes me. We are both happy. Now, let’s continue.”

     “That being said, sooo…” Sang Nuan secretly smiled, her eyes flashed and softly said, “ Did you two pledge to be married without parents’ approval?!”


Su Su wanted to refute her questioning accusation but she doesn’t know what’s wrong with her that she could not deny it.   Su Su ‘s whole face was now flushed red and under the playful and teasing eyes of Sang Nuan, Su Su looked annoyed, extremely annoyed and embarrassed.

 Sang Nuan shook her head, with a serious face said, “Of course it is not important if the two of you are not pledged for life. I do not need to advise you to reconsider and end it, because anyway, he will soon die…”

 “What?” Su Su’s healthy complexion, when she heard the phrase, ‘he will soon die,’ completely turned pale, her voice was unsteady, “Ah Nuan, say it clearly, finally, in the end, he is what? How can it be..?”  

This time, Sang Nuan was really frowning. Looking at the reaction of Su Su, her affection for Mo Yuan seemed to be deeper than what she imagined. Sang Nuan continued to say, “ His bodily wounds are small wounds and they can be treated, even his blood can be replenished slowly by nourishment and be nurse back to health. As for his pulse, it was really affecting his internal recovery. As long as you find a person with deep pure inner cultivation to supplement his internal energy, it is not impossible to cure…”  

Su Su whispered, “The poison on his body has not been dispelled, right?”

Sang Nuan acclaimed secretly in her heart, these uncertain circumstances, to choose the words to break the news gently was not easy. Sang Nuan did not make her guess this time and continued, “How can the mother’s poison in the tomb be that easy to solve? You should not forget how Feng Yi Qing called it the “bone devouring poison from the underworld. Just listening to its name you know that this poison is difficult. Do you think Feng Yi Qing will really help Tan Tai Ye Lie and completely remove the poison?  His method of treatment using poison against another poison doesn’t dispel the poison but also extremely damages the body. The symptoms will be subdued only for a month and then it will again come back and will be more sinister than before. Mo Yuan is in a better position than Tan Tai Yel Lie, Feng Yi Qing was helping him to completely detoxify, but he was so stubborn and always tossing around using his internal force.  So, Yi Qing has no alternative but use a different method. He sealed his meridians using a golden needle to forcibly remove the poison that is attached to the bones. Mo Yuan’s toxicity is not entirely dispelled and to what degree, that I am not clear.”

Su Su had been listening silently, attentive to all the words but remained quite like she was thinking of something. Sang Nuan finally said, “ I advise you, forget it, you also witnessed and experienced the Mo people, Mo Yuan is now half dead, there’s nothing to love here, it is better to withdraw now.”

After Sang Nuan’s said those words, she remained standing on Su Su’s side, fearing that she might need her and decided to stay with her.  She was secretly observing her expression, but what a pity, she only saw a calm face, never refuted her, nor said what her heart was thinking. Su Su was just standing peacefully, pondering.

     It was already late at night and the snow falling were getting stronger that their shoulders were now covered a layer of snow. Sang Nuan cannot help but make a joke of shivering in the cold. It awakened Su Su from her thoughts; she finally looked up and welcomed Sang Nuan’s eyes looking intently at her. She suddenly said a word.


    Sang Nuan frowned, “ No, to what?”

   “ I want him. Nobody else but him.”

   Su Su spoke shyly and she said the words very softly. Sang Nuan heard it but not so sure if she heard it right. She thought of it for a second, and then she couldn’t help but smile. The smile turned into crisp belly-like laughter. Su Su was baffled, “ Why are you laughing?”

“I am laughing at myself. It is better than fainting. I certainly missed something very interesting. Otherwise, someone said just a couple of days ago that Mo Yuan was indifferent and cold, inexplicable, stubborn and doesn’t listen to advice, and is he not anymore?” She really said so many things before, that the Mo Family was not a good family, and if she could leave the place, then it is good. But since Su Su made a decision by herself, then she could not say anything.

“Ah Nuan” Su Su was now very embarrassed and annoyed, of all the time, she needs to remind her of those!

 “Okay,  I will not tease you.” Sang Nuan also knew that Su Su was very worried about Mo Yuan and quickly comforted her. ? Mo Yuan will not die for now. He has the antelope insects in his body. Although the bone devouring poison was not dispelled, its symptoms can be suppressed. If it is not removed, his health will decline day by day. Now that Feng Yi Qing is dead, only the Ghost doctor can save him.”

” I thought the Mo Clan has the spirit fruit that can cure hundred kinds of diseases, can’t it solve the poison?”

Sang Nuan shook her head, “ For most poison, it will work but not for bone devouring poison. “ Mother did mention about the spirit fruit in her journals and that it has this miraculous effect, otherwise, she will not take the chance of putting herself to a self coma, just to force Mo Zu to let her come in the forbidden territory. But mother’s poison, this bone devouring poison was the result of her life’s effort of constant research, that even perhaps using the spirit fruit to dispel, it was not possible

Su Su pondered and hesitated for a moment, then said, “As for the old Ghost doctor, his whereabouts are uncertain and his temper is also erratic. Mo Yuan’s poisoning must not drag on and it is best that he come back home with me at Qiong Yue first. Mother’s sister is the Ghost Doctor’s disciple; maybe she can solve the bone devouring poison.  If maternal aunt cannot dispel it, then I will ask her favor, Uncle Ao’s also, Uncle Yan ( father’s younger brother) together with his wife, Aunt Mei to help find the Ghost Doctor, I might be able to find how was to persuade the doctor to save a person. ”

Sang Nuan cannot help but grin, the ghost doctor’s four apprentices, even if we say she was able to plead for the help of three, having this these three even if the doctor wanted to refuse it would be difficult.

Sang Nuan thought disposition of the Mo Family, it was  something to worry about,” Do you think the Mo Clan will let him go?”

Su Su was grinning mischievously, “ I wasn’t so sure before but right now, I found a way to naturally make the Mo clan let me take Mo Yuan. “ She believed that Mo Yuan will not be preoccupied with anything, she also firmly believed that will be able to find someone that could cure him. Su Su felt a little more at ease now and then she realized that they have been standing under the snow for a long time. She reached out and patted off the snowflakes on Sang Nuan’s shoulders and hair while saying, “Okay, we should stop chatting now. Let’s go inside quickly and rest.” 

Sang Nuan smiled and replied: “I just woke up from sleeping for a few days and nights, and I am not sleepy at all.”

Upon hearing this, the little flame in Su Su’s heart flared up, with one hand she grab Sang Nuan’s wrist and used her other hand to poke Sang Nuan’s shoulder and began giving an account, “ Now, you have the guts to say that. What if I did not find the pills you left behind? What if I did not guess right that you might have given yourself something? “

Sang Nuan covered her shoulder and looked at Su Su pitifully saying,” No, you are clever and capable, I know you will get it. By the way, it is not even a poison, if you didn’t figure it out, I will wake up on my own after 7 days.”

On the very first meeting with Su Su, Sang Nuan already felt that she was not ordinary. On the evening of Wu Mu’s death, she discovered that this person was extremely keen and her observation skill was distinct to minute detail.  So in the death of Yi Wu, she purposely buried the shoes, a strategy to shift blame to someone else. She does not believe that such kind of person will not be able to find the clues she deliberately left inside her room, the pills she also intentionally left to be found by her.

In the end, just as she expected, she never let her down.

After hearing from Sang Nuan that even though she did take a pill, that the effect of potion will wear out and she would eventually wake up in her own, Su Su’s heart then calmed. She continued to glare at Sang Nuan, laughing and scolding at the same time.

 Sang Nuan’s mischievous adventure had been explained, now they knew that they always have this tacit understanding but when Sang Nuan spoke she cleverly changed the subject, “How can I not believe in you.”

 Su Su growled but did not say anything. She suddenly remembered that when Sang Nuan woke up, she had this strange look on Ao San. She decided that time to investigate once they returned, Su Su looked around and Ao San wasn’t there, probably carried Feng Yi Qing’s body to Sang Sang and had not come back yet.  Recollecting the past, she asked softly,” Oh right, between you and Ao San, what’s going on?”

The smile of Sang Nuan’s lips obviously turned stiff. “What is going on?”

Su Su gave her a “ don’t make me look like I’m a fool” expression. “It is. What happened between you, ah?”

Sang Nuan’s gave her the “ innocent and silly appearance,” “I am not getting it. What you are talking about?”

Su Su was grinning confidently. “Ah Nuan, don’t try ‘to skirt out of it’, he- he- he.”

Sang Nuan just gave a string of coughing and took her wrist from Su Su ‘s hold and proceeded casually toward her room, saying, “I am really tired and sleepy.”

“Hey, who was just bragging about sleeping for a few days and not tired?”

Sang Nuan really did not hide the fact that she was eager to escape and avoid the issue at all cost. She got out of her sight so fast and doesn’t care even if she almost tripped….


Su Su was so worried about  Mo Yuan, although it was a tiring day the day before she still woke up at dawn the next day. When she opened her eyes, she felt the furry hair snuggled on her arms under the quilt. Su Su relaxed. Bajiao was back. Yesterday, when the little fellow did not followed her out of the forbidden territory, she did not worry as much because it seemed to her that Bajiao had been inside the forbidden land many times before. The place was very dangerous to human but not to this little silver fox.

Sure enough, Su Su could see it hiding in her bed. She was so happy and adoring it. She took it at her palm and rubbed its little ears. Bajiao was enjoying the tenderness and continued to lazily lie on her hand.

After playing with the silver fox for a while, Su Su got up and changed her clothes and readied herself to leave. She also slipped inside her clothes the little silver fox that continued to sleep lazily.

When she got out to the courtyard, she saw that Sang Nuan’s room was still closed. She decided not to wake her up and to go straight to Lin Yuan Pavilion. Barely leaving the gate of Keju, she saw Ao San silently appeared behind her. Su Su did not say anything and the two of them just walk towards Lin Yuan Pavilion in silence.  

It was still so early in the morning and the door of Lin Yuan Pavilion was already opened. Su Su walked right in and she remembered from the night before, outside the pavilion was cooking stoves and two doctors were concocting medicines. Right at this moment, the doctors were filtering the medicine and placing it in a bowl.

Inside the pavilion, Li Yang was next to the screen and Mo Yuan was half leaning on the bed. Mu Xue was also standing by the bed.

Su Su stared at Mo Yuan. Mo Yuan seemed to feel the burning sight on him, immediately opened his eyes and the moment he saw Su Su, his black pupils sparked hints of happiness

Su Su went to the bed and greeted him, “Mo Yuan.”

“Hmm?” When he woke up the night before, Li Yang had already informed him that he was not able to send Su Su away.  He had guessed that Su Su would be angry with him but he did not expect she would come down in a calm and peaceful mood so early. Mo Yuan was half leaning on the bed and diligently made himself looked very weak, she would not punch a very sick person, right?

Su Su just looked at him and said calmly, “ You get ready because you will come home with me tomorrow.”

“…”  The doctor who about to walk inside with the medicine bowl almost dropped the bowl.

 “…” Mu Xue, who was always been noble and generous, calm and collected, also widened her eyes in shock.

“…” Li Yang was even more dumbfounded. He didn’t have it wrong. Why does this tone sound like a helpless and angry wife was talking casually to her husband, that there’s no room to say no or she will throw a tantrum if he did come with her to her maternal home?”

Sang Nuan was not in, otherwise she will surely admire Su Su because she does not need to know who was the enemy or opposition, just one shot, immediately killed the enemies from all four directions, she owned them all… destroyed.


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