A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter Volume III Chapter 113 Coming Back Home (Part 2)

A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter by Qian Lu 錯嫁良緣續之海盜千金 作者:淺綠

Volume III Chapter 113 Coming Back to Maternal Home (Part 2)

     Each one had their own twisted expression. Mo Yuan’s profound black eyes had a stunned look of amazement; his eyes’ expression sparked a deep complex emotion inside of Su Su making her fearful and apprehensive. She finally felt that the atmosphere doesn’t seem right, something was awkward.

     She recalled her previous pronouncement and it seemed something was misunderstood. Mo Yuan’s poisoning was not yet dispelled and they probably misunderstood her meaning for Mo Yuan come home with her as fast as possible to remove the remaining poison in his body, but she was too anxious to announce it and did not said it clearly.

    “What I mean, the poison in your body…”

     Su Su was going to explain and clear up the misunderstanding, but she only said a few words when Mo Yuan interrupted her and enthusiastically said, “ Yes, good!”

   “Huh?” Su Su barely started explaining and she was already interrupted, and that time she did not understand what Mo Yuan was agreeing on.

    Mo Yuan gave a slight smile and again declared, “I said yes, I will come home  with you.”

   Mo Yuan just finished speaking when a cold female voice immediately said,“ Young Master, think twice!”

    Listening to the tone of her voice, it was respectful but carried a quite a bit imposing grandeur that of an elder. Su Su looked at Mu Xue, her face was frosty but her beautiful eyes were frowning, with a cold expression from those black pupils.

   Mo Yuan seemed to hear what Mu Xue said but just gave a faint smile. His eyes were fixed at Su Su from the moment she walked in and asked, “Is your forehead still hurting?”

   “Uh?”She was very tired and sleepy the night before, the wound stopped bleeding that’s why she forgot all about it. Su Su touched the wound before answering,” No, it did not hurt.”

    Mu Xue was still looking on with a cold expression and she kept silent this time. Li Yang’s eyes saw the doctor that was standing by the door like a fool holding the medicine bowl. He quickly said, ” The medicine must be taken in while hot, do not let it cool down.”

     The doctor moved slowly while holding the bowl and brought it up to Mu Xue. Mu Xue naturally tried to reach out and prepare to receive the bowl when Mo Yuan suddenly said to the doctor, ” Bring it to me.”

    The bowl that the doctor already placed on Mu Xue’s hand took it back slowly and he did not dare to look up to see her reaction. He turned and bring the bowl to Mo Yuan and hurriedly left the pavilion.

   Su Su thought the atmosphere inside the pavilion was really strange and intense, but why is it strange, she can’t really pinpoint the reason. After seeing Mo Yuan drunk the medicine, she felt relieved . “You rest well. I will go to Patriarch Mo and talk to him about coming back home.”

“Okay.” Mo Yuan did not stop her.

  Su Su greeted Mu Xue with a slight nod and smile before leaving. Unfortunately, her smile made Mu Xue’s ‘face color’ even worse, also Mo Yuan, observing them he suddenly looked upset.

   Su Su doesn’t have much time, she will leave tomorrow and there are still a lot of things to do. After her nod, she did not bother about the look at the two people’s facial expressions but went straight out of the pavilion.

    Su Su just stepped out, Mu Xue immediately went beside the bed, salute and said,” Young Master, please forgive me, you are for being impolite, as the Young Master of Mo and you should not leave the Mo territory without authorization. Also, your body needs the utmost care and you need to recuperate. Please, for the sake of Mo family, and your identity and also for your status sake, don’t decide so casually. ” Her indifferent voice was not arrogant nor humble, it was neither also harsh nor gentle.

     Mo Yuan put the empty ‘medicine’ bowl on the wooden table next to his bed, he spoke with the tone of habitual indifference, “You are tired too, go back to rest. After you go back, say this also to my mother, if she has time to spare in the afternoon, please come to Lin Yuan Pavilion to see me. I have something to discuss with her. You don’t need to accompany her. “

     Mu Xue took one deep breath and replied in a cold voice: “Yes.”

    Mu Xue turned her gaze away from Mo Yuan and looked out on the distance.

     Li Yang whispered, “Master, Mu Xue, she…” He did not mention it to master yesterday, while he was unconscious, Mu Xue stayed vigil all night, whether good or bad, she was also the lady that always assists by madam’s side, Mo Yuan not even giving her even a glimpse as she walked away was not appropriate.

   Mo Yuan just humped and said, “She absolutely doesn’t even learn to care about all this at all.”

    Mu Xue was the one his mother was training, but for what, to follow all the conduct and behavior, the norms of the Mo Family.  Mu Xue’s feelings for him were like his mother to his father, obey, assist, and exhort, everything for the Mo Family. Mu Xue and his mother think that they were doing the right thing, but they don’t know that it was the reason why he was so fed up and bored of this place.


Su Su walked out of Lin Yuan Pavilion and looked up to see the sky. It was still very early. Meeting Partriach Mo at this hour was also not right. She decided to return to Keju and will come back to seek the patriarch after an hour. When she entered the room, she found the door of Sang Nuan’s room was open, Su Su called, ” Ah Nuan…?”

After calling for a long time, no one responded and she went inside the room and it was empty, but the things inside were neat and tidy and the bed was also tidied very well. Ah Nuan must have gone out.

Su Su frowned and wondered to herself, ” Where is Ah Nuan? “

“Today’s Feng Yi Qing was buried, she probably went to pay respect.”

Su Su turned around and looked behind her, ” Ao San, he was buried so soon?”

“Patriarch Mo said last night that Feng Yi Qing already chose a place to be buried more than 10 years ago. He said that if he will die, just bury him quickly and there is no need to choose an auspicious day, he did not have any relative, there is nobody who will come to mourn.”

Su Su sighed with deep sorrow, contrary to one might expect Feng Yi Qing was finally free and peaceful. At long last, the two of them finally met. Su Su also wanted to pay respect and asked, ” Where is the place?”

“Melting Snow Peak.”

Su Su did not know where it was so she asked several people for direction and quickly rushed over.


Melting Snow Peak

    It was a place that was actually full of snow and it doesn’t mean the snow here melts fast. It was actually the highest mountain in Iceland, its peak was closest to the sky and therefore closest to the sun. Sun just has risen and the orange glow was shining across the sky as if you can hold the sun on your palm if you reached out your hand,

    On the Melting Snow Peak, two shadows were standing quietly in front of a lonely grave. Their faces have no trace of sadness, they were just silently standing there.

    Mo Zu was watching Sang Nuan as she stood there bathed with the morning light, some of the emotions that had been buried in his heart for many years was starting to float. During their early years, Mo Bai, Feng Yi Qing and him, four of them often went there to accompany Ah Sang to watch the sunrise. Now, four of them were standing there again, only this time one is a grave.

    Mo Zu sighed and said softly, “The Melting Snow Peak was Ah Sang’s favorite place when she was a child because it was the best place to watch the sun rising.”

    Sang Nuan did not even lift her head, she was totally uninterested to look at this so-called Mo Sang’s favorite place.

     Mo Zu frowned. and he doesn’t know why but at this moment he wanted to say a few more words with Sang Nuan, but she looked like that she wasn’t in the mood for listening at all. She was just looking intently on the grave.

     Mo Zu went to Sang Nuan’s side and whispered, ” Do you want to know what’s between your mother and Feng Yi Qing?”

    “I don’t want to know.” This time, Sang Nuan contrary to what he expected, answered firmly and this was not the answer he thought.

    “Why?”Mo Zu cannot understand, Sang Nuan came to the Mo State not to see and know about her mother’s childhood? She had been to the forbidden territory, isn’t to examine what made her mother to rebel against the family so badly and end up in such a miserable place?

     “Didn’t you want to hear the story of Mo Sang? And also about Feng Yi Qing, why he had to come to her rescue to the point of his death? Is she not curious what was between them?”  

     “It doesn’t make any difference now if I were to learn what happened between them. Be it a misunderstanding or fate, that’s their story, it has no meaning to me. At present things are already like this, opportunities were already missed. Besides … ” Sang Nuan chuckled, her lips were smiling but her eyes were full of indifference.

     “Aren’t you curious who is your father?”

     “What to be curious about? Curious as to how mother conceived us and finally left? Is he not he curious of the woman and the two children for the last 20 years? Or you want me to wonder, did he even knew about our existence?” In every question asked, the degree of Sang Nuan’s indifference goes deeper. In the end, even Partriach Mo felt uncomfortable and avoided those cold eyes.

     Sang Nuan did not stop and continued, “When I need my father, he was not there. Now that I don’t need him, I don’t even want to know him. If I knew about him, I am afraid I will add another person to hate, Partriach Mo, do not increase my burden anymore.”

     When Sang Nuan mentioned the word “hate”, the heart of the Mo Zu was shaken. At that time, before Ah Sang left, he also yelled at him, saying that she hated the Mo family and hated everything about the Mo family. Today, he heard this word “hate” again. Mo Zu felt a deep sorrow in his heart. If Ah Sang was truly indifferent towards her own Mo family, thought out Sang Nuan’s life, it was probable that she experienced many despairs and disappointments, in the end, turned suspicious and sensitive growing up?

    Looking at Sang Nuan, Mo Zu sighed and said, ” You are really Ah Sang’s daughter, your temperament is also strong, you don’t tolerate imperfection, you love is extreme and when you hate, also to the extreme. You look delicate contrary to your temper .”

     Sang Nuan suddenly lifts her head, glared at Mo Zu before screaming, ” We are not alike!” At least not her, she will not give birth and die irresponsibly leaving only a pile of notes to the children and nothing else. She left them to fight for their survival against the evil in pirate’s den full of wolves, tigers, and leopards!”

     Seeing the shock in Mo Zu’s face, Sang Nuan closed her eyes and took a few deep breathes to calm herself. She turned around to leave only to see Su Su and Ao San.

     Sang Nuan’s face was full of sadness, her eyes were red. Su Su hurried to greet her. ” Ah Nuan, are you alright?”

   Sang Nuan shook her head and pulled a hesitant smile before answering., ” I’m all right. What are you doing here?”

     Su Su was under the impression that she was sorrowful because of the death of Feng Yi Qing so she did not inquire further. When she saw Mo Zu, she replied., ” I went looking for Patriarch Mo because I have to discuss a matter with him, wait for me a little and let’s go back together, okay?”


    Su Su walked over and lighted some incense for Feng Yi Qing before proceeding to Mo Zu and said, ” Patriarch Mo.”

    When he saw Su Su, Mo Zu already sort out his mood, smiled back to her and said,” Su Su you are up so early? How is your rest last night?”

     “I have a good rest. There’s a matter I want to discuss with you today. Yesterday, Ah Nuan took Mo Yuan’s pulse and found out that his poisoning has not been dispelled. Now Mr. Pu Shan is gone, I want to take him back to Qiong Yue, let my maternal aunt give him treatment, and if she can’t we will try to seek the Ghost doctor’s help.”

     Mo Zu thought her to be interesting. When she talked, she was quite frank and straightforward, there was no beating around the bush but still he did not intend to comply with her just for this matter,” Ah Yuan is the Young Master of the Mo Family and should not leave the territory, he has a responsibility. As for his poisoning, the Mo family will find a cure.”

     She already expected that Mo Zu will not agree easily, that’s why she already prepared a countermeasure in such a situation, she did not show any anxiousness but she actually smiled widely, ” When the Mo Family had  Patriarch currently present in the territory, so Young Master even not there will not matter much. I think the urgent matter now is unlocking the secret of the Forbidden Temple. The Mo family has the purple gold bagua disk, Su Clan also has a yellow golden bagua disk and then there is another piece missing? Does Patriarch Mo have any clue about the third one? “

     Mo Zu slightly raised his eyebrows and replied, “I don’t have a clue at all. Do you know any information about the third bagua disks?”

     “Actually, I don’t know also, but grandfather may know, and even if you find the last piece of bagua disk, it would be futile unless you get also the piece that is in our ancestral home.”

    “Su Su, is this a threat?” Mo Zu felt very funny inside, thought that the threat was laughable. So, she threatening for the sake of Ah Yuan. She probably also set her heart  for him. She bravely faced him on her own and not trying to curry favor, but actually ventured to threaten him instead.  This small girl’s courage was not small at all.

     Su Su laughed. “Patriarch Mo also know how to make a joke. How dare of me to threaten you? What I am telling you is just the fact. ?”

     “If this is the case…” Mo Zu sighed defeated, “Along the trip, Su Su I will trouble you to take care of Ah Yuan .”

     Su Su’s eyes lit up and she quickly replied, “Certainly. Then we will leave tomorrow.”

    “Okay then.” Mo Zu also answered casually.

     Sang Nuan was also listening silently on the side. She didn’t know that at dawn, Su Su had already met Mo Yuan and he agreed to come with her. Sang Nuan was thinking, her cousin was quite pitiful, while he is still unconscious, these two people were bargaining for him, after the negotiation when he wakes up, he will find that his own father had sold him out …


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