A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter Volume IV Chapter 114 The General’s Mansion (Part 1)

A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter by Qian Lu 錯嫁良緣續之海盜千金 作者:淺綠

Volume IV Chapter 114 The General’s Mansion (Part 1)

     Early the next morning, the dock of Mo State was crowded with people watching a drama like an episode staged on the snow played by a person and a white silver fox, one was broken-hearted and reluctant to part with each other.

    “Bajiao , I am leaving. I can’t bear to part with you!” Su Su took Bajiao in her arms, her eyes were red, and rubbing its head and it was very heart wrenching to watch such painful goodbye. 

    Bajiao did not understand why Su Su was acting as such but it continued to bury its head in Su Su’s arm.

   Su Su’s heart was overwhelmed with pain but she could not be selfish let Bajiao to be harmed also because she loved the little fellow. Biting her teeth, she put the little fox on the snow and pushed it buttocks and said, “I also want to carry you away with me, but here you go, you always lived here and I am afraid that you are not used to lived in other places. You have to go and continue living a good life here. “

    The little fox suddenly sensed something not right. What does the owner want to do? ! “Squeak, squeak!” Bajiao quickly jumped and got into the arms of Su Su. It wanted to go inside her robe and hide and just lay there as it usually does.

    Su Su grabbed the little fox that just runs and hid in her arms, feeling sad and anxious, “You don’t have to be like this, I don’t want also to leave you!”

   Bajiao ignored what she said, full of energy got back into her arms and found itself a comfortable position.

  “Bajiao!” Su Su yelled helplessly, she was also very reluctant to part with the little fox, she can’t be mad at Bajiao right now.

    Mo Yuan was watching and sighed, if the two will continue this way, it would be dark before they could leave. He walked beside Su Su and said, “Take it with you. It will stick to you no matter what. Even if you are able to leave it for a moment, it will quickly sneak inside the ship.”

   Su Su raised her head, the big beautiful pair of eyes look pitiful as it turned to look at Mo Yuan, “It is hot in Qiong Yue, will it not die there because of the weather?”

    Mo Yuan tried not to laugh but he could not hold it in, and all he could say, “Isn’t this thing follows its master in a human form?” How it is the master now is the one who wants to follow its own pet? He wanted very much to reach out and rub her head to comfort her.

    With a light cough and the urge reach out to her, Mo Yuan said, “No, you imagined too much. The silver foxes are not as weak as you think.”

   Su Su big eyes blink and the pitiful look was instantly replaced with delight, joyously holding Bajiao, smiling,” Bajiao, we can go together. “

    Bajiao was still diligently working to get inside her robe. It was acting like it wanted to be in the inner side because only getting into the inner side is the safest position, then it could be at ease. Su Su did not stop the little fellow from going inside her robe to hide.

    Mo Yuan’s face was now gloomy with jealousy. He should have not said what he said earlier for this little fox, staying behind in the island will be better.

   As they started to prepare to get on board, there was a person in the distance walking towards them. Su Su tried to see who it is, oh, it was actually Tan Tai Ye Lie?  Su Su also noticed the dark red ship not far off which was a complete contrast to a white ship owned by Mo family.

“So, we coincidentally are leaving on the same day?”

   Tai Ye Lie smiled back like full of sunshine and replied, “Yes, it is going to be New Year soon and my father hopes to go back soon.” 

    Su Su nodded. She had no likes and dislikes about the Tan Tai family, but the last time she was in the forbidden land, the father wanted to kill her and Mo Yuan. She did not have a good feeling and trust in Tan Tai but she did not want to talk to him longer, she turned to continue boarding on the Mo ship.

    “Xiao Su .” Tan Tai ye Lie suddenly called her. Su Su looked back wondering. This time Ye Lie looked a little embarrassed, but still continued to say. “I don’t know if I can board  your ship and go to also to Qiong Yue.” 

    Su Su frowned, “What are you going to do in Qiong Yue?” Tan Tai Ye Lie was also considered one of the famous top-notched generals, if there was nothing special, he would not casually go to Qiong Yue.

   Ye Lie forced a smile and replied. “The poison on my body has not been dispelled. Today, I can feel the poison will break out anytime. I want to go to Qiong Yue and seek the cure from the Qing Empress. Xiao Su, if you could arrange our meeting and introduced me to her, I would be very grateful.”

    Su Su remembered what Sang Nuan said the night before, she said something about the condition of Tan Tai Ye Lie. Now listening to him, she was in no surprise and he also looked paler and weaker than before. Although she did not like Tan Tai Feng, she cannot just watch this mighty young general die of poison. She was a little reluctant to bear the thought, she nodded, “ I can’t help introduce you to her. But as for maternal Aunt helping you to dispel the poison, I can’t guarantee.”

    Tan Tai Ye Lie, smiled heartily. Hearing what she said made him smile, “That would be good enough. Thank you, Xiao Shu.” 

    Mo Yuan was always silently standing by her side watching her but never looked at Tan Tai Ye Lie. He just said softly, “It’s getting late, get on the ship.”

    “Okay!” Su Su turned around and grabbed Sang Nuan’s arm to board the boat. Sang Nuan walked very slow and seemed unwilling. After a few steps, Su Su sensed something wasn’t right. She whispered, “What’s the matter?”

    Sang Nuan paused for a moment then answered, “I will not go with you, back to your home.” 

    Su Su stopped, quickly asked, “Why?”

    Sang Nuan smiled and replied, ‘I left the Wolf Island for some time now, I want to go back.”   

    Su Su was observing Sang Nuan as she talked, seeing that she was looking on the ground and not at her, she whispered, “ Sang Nuan, seeing that your eyes twinkled, the manner of your speaking is also faster than usual, it tells me that you are lying.”

    Sang Nuan’s smile on her lips turned stiff, she sighed. She felt helpless, she was caught and she replied reluctantly, “I am not suitable for Su Family. Su Su. I know your sincerity and you are really good to me. In my heart, you are already my younger sister but I will not go to Su home. I don’t want to make it difficult for you and make things awkward. “

    Su Clan was worthy clan in its entirety, first in the nation and other kingdom and very influential. Truly, she should have not sworn sisterhood to someone like her. If she tells them who she is and introduces her as a pirate, isn’t very embarrassing and awkward? How can she bear to let Su Su be punished by her family?

{T/N: Sang Nuan isn’t aware that Su Su ‘s parents have Ao Tian ( Assassins’ Chief) and Mu Cang (the leader of the bandits) as friends. }

    Su frowned and her face also looked cold and upset. “Sang Nuan, do you think, that I said those words that day just to pacify Tan Tai Feng? Everything, I said that day, I said it with sincerity and truth. I pledge sisterhood with you and if I don’t bring you back to meet our parents and introduce you to them, I will be scolded big time for not understanding courtesy. As for the identity or anything like that, ah, don’t take it so seriously. My family doesn’t mind those things. You have to believe, my character was taught by mother and father, my personality is this because of the way my family raised me. If you trust me, you should trust my family too.”

   Su Su showed her a cold face. Sang Nuan felt a warm touch streaming inside her heart, she bit her lip, she doesn’t know how she would answer.

    Seeing Sang Nuan’s reddened eyes, Su Su curled her lips, told herself why? She should be the one weeping after explaining to her for a long time still she did not agree nor said anything. She held Sang Nuan’s arms but dare not to hurt her, or no she couldn’t be angry, she can only say gently,” So, please come home with me. Only when you come I can prove to them how perfect is my elder sister. When my parents see you, she won’t blame me for making a pact with you, because you are so good and if I don’t take you as my sister, they will surely call me a fool!”

    This girl was such a treasure. Sang Nuan lighted up and she couldn’t help but laughed. “I thought you to be most skilled; your Shiba Lian as your greatest talent. But today, I discovered out that your qinggong is only second, the skill is in your mouth, your glib is most unique, incomparable .”

    Su Su cunningly smiled and slightly shook Sang Nuan’s arm, act coquettishly said. “That elder sister is not too happy to accept defeat, be an obedient darling and come home with me! “

    Sang Nuan hesitated a moment, ultimately admitted her lost, ” Promise, I will be an obedient darling, okay, let’s go!” 

    “Great, then let’s go.” Su Su relaxed and grab Sang Nuan’s hand and hurriedly lead her to board the ship.

    On the other side inside the red ship, Tan Tai Feng ash-gray complexion was sitting on the bed, the Imperial guards would cook Leaf of Iris and give it to him as his medicine, he received his fresh bowl and finished it, suddenly ‘ clang clang’ , a sound of bowl shattering on the ground . Tan Tai Feng was gloomy and sad, as he watched the white ship leaving the dock.

   The Mo Family Study Room

    “Really, you let Ah Yuan leave just like this?” Madam Mo was worried and looked sadly at Mo Zu while he was sitting on the desk reading a book.  He put down the book and replied, “I discussed it with several elders last night, although, the matrix strategy in the forbidden land has been broken, to crack the secret of the forbidden land, we must first find the three bagua disks. Among the Mo Clan, only Ah Yuan has the luck and opportunity, therefore we must let him go out!”

    After explaining, he picked up his book and continued reading. Madam Mo still stood by his side for a while, she seemed to be thinking of something. After some consideration, she spoke again, ” He asked for me yesterday and told me again that he doesn’t want Mu Xue to be trapped,  and I should not interfere with Mu Xue’s marriage prospects, that she should let her be free to find her own husband. Does that mean he doesn’t want Mu Xue and wanted to marry that young miss from Su Family?”

  Mo Zu nodded and replied, “Mu Xue indeed waited long enough, what I heard from Ah Yuan when asked to do it, he said he wanted to marry the girl from Su Family, which is not easy, just watch if it is really his destiny.”

   She observed that when Mo Zu was making excuses about the young miss from Su Family, his lips seemed to have a trace of a very faint smile. Madam Mo frowned and the tone of her voice has a rare revelation of dissatisfaction, ” But Mu Xue is clever and well behaved, it’s rare that someone knows all the cardinal things, she knew when to advance and retreat, she grew up at my side. I would dare say that no one is more suitable for the position of Mother of the Mo clan than her.”

    Mo Zu by any means can ignore the temper of Madam Mo, but still, he explained it earnestly. “In the year when Ah Yuan was edified to the crown (T/N: as successor I guess), I looked at his marriage predestination by divine forecast, and the image was very vague and the road ahead was unknown. For this reason, I did not let Ah Yuan and Mu Xue get married in the same year. Again, I looked just yesterday, the result is like the beginning. Who is the person that is destined for him, although I can’t see it, it is definitely not Mu Xue, since it is like this, there is no necessity to force it.”

    Since the forecast was vague, then it cannot be forced. If this is the case, Madam Mo sighed with regret and replied, “Alright.”


    The Iceland where the Mo territory is not far from the Capital City of Qiong Yue. By the ship it will take only 10 days by normal speed since Tan Tai Ye lie poisoning can not be delayed, the ship’s crew find a way to rush back and in less than 10 days, the group of voyagers reached Qiong Yue Capital City.

   Qiong Yue is rich and strong, even the common people are prosperous, the capital city has a large population, and there are many shops that are bustling and lively. Now is the 20th day of the twelfth lunar month, inside the city walls lanterns are spread everywhere, the city is full of lights and the mood to for New Year celebration is strong. Needless to say, this is the first time for Sang Nuan and Mo Yuan to behold such a scene, even Su Su is excited, she left home for about 3-4 months, she would be deceiving if she would claim that she did not miss home.

    Because of the two sick people in their group, one has no martial arts skill, they did not ride the horse. Li Yang and Ao San each drove the carriage until the six travelers reached the General’s Mansion.

   As the carriages were approaching, a young man who was guarding the gate of the mansion came up to welcome them, he didn’t have time to ask when the curtain of the carriage was lifted and a person inside stretched out her head outside the window with a bright smile.

    The gatekeeper when he saw the person’s appearance, the squinted eyes opened big and say, “Dà xiǎojie ?!” When the people around him heard him call, they also glanced, they quickly looked at each other, the other ran towards the street and another person ran inside the house.

dà xiǎojie – a respectful address to the eldest lady of an affluent family,

    Now back home, Su Su was very excited, she was very happy. She jumped out of the carriage and stood on the side of the young gatekeeper to greet him, ” Xiao Wu, today you are on duty, ah?”
The young guard already recovered from his initial surprise and answered quickly, ” Yes!”

   Su Su smiled and help Ah Nuan get off the carriage, after Mo Yuan, Tan Tai Ye Lie also came down, SuSu then led her guests together into the General Mansion. 

   In Su Su’s mind, she just wanted to hurry and meet her relatives quickly, the rest of the group were silently looking and sizing up the mansion.

    The general government mansion, which is the home of the highest general of Qiong Yue and other generals is not exquisite, nor magnificent. There was nothing special inside the mansion besides being big and the pattern was more complex. Since the new year is approaching, the decoration is just right, not excessive, it was obvious that the Madam had given it a lot of thought.

   The group of newcomers just entered the front yard, a team of 50 soldiers suddenly appeared rushing towards them. Some of the guests were shocked and they did not understand what they were doing, then they saw the target clearly, some of the soldiers blocked the exit and others surrounded the outer wall.

    This is… what? 

    The newcomers were wondering, even Tan Tan Ye lie who is from the family of generals was also baffled.

   Su Su droop her head, she was laughing as she mumbles, ” Hey, this not necessary, I already came back and I will not run …” 

    The people behind her have strong martial arts skills and naturally heard her mumbling voice clearly, the faces that were gawking was now covered with smiles. Sang Nuan who stood beside Su Su laughed right out. She felt that these soldiers were really fast and swift, in one quick move the battle array was formed to avoid their dà xiǎojie from slipping away again.

   Su Su pulled Sang Nuan and walked away quickly. She did not want to see these group of soldiers, it is giving her embarrassment! 

    When they just past through the front yard, a blue figure rushed over like a wind. The beautiful qinggong seemed to be comparable to that of Su Su. She has not reached the ground yet when her voice already sounded, ” Hey, smelly girl, you finally decided to come back!”

  The person approaching is a woman, in her twenties. She looks bright and beautiful, especially the pair of pupils looks very smart, the voice is also pleasant but a with some vigor to it. 

    The guest were wondering if this woman is Su Su’s mother, they have a similar personality but she seems very young.

    When Su Su saw the person coming, she was so excited and cried out. “Oh, Xiao Shěnshen!” 

shěnshen- the wife of father’s younger brother, aunt { T/N: either Su Ren or Su Yu’s wife}

    Han Qian Xun raised her hand and poke Su Su’s head with her finger twice, scolding at the same time smiling,” You, girl is too unkind. Running away to play? Why did n’t you call me, ah? You know how we loved you and how much pain you have caused, you have no conscience.”

    Su Su was secretly screaming in her heart. ‘Who would dare to call you, we will not be out of the city gate, uncle would have caught us already’. Her heart is groaning but she could not say it. She just nodded hurriedly, ” Well, I am wrong. I will surely bring you next time!”

    “Don’t dare, what another one?”

     Suddenly a subtle voice of man sounded behind them.” hmm,” It was simply a cold groan but the people around Su Su shivered in fear unconsciously.

   Su Su afraid of no one turned around, smiling and threw herself to the person like a spoiled child, ” Daddy, this girl missed you!” 


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