A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter Volume IV Chapter 116 Pitiful Young Master Mo ( Part 1)

A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter by Qian Lu 錯嫁良緣續之海盜千金 作者:淺綠

Volume IV Chapter 116 Pitiful Young Master Mo (Part 1)


       Su Su was engulfed in mystery, she was totally confused but still cautiously replied: “I am…okay, but Dad, what’s wrong with you? “

      Su Ling pulled her behind him, then called the guards outside, “ Come in, you need to escort people off.”

     Su Ling had just finished calling, four young soldiers rushed inside from somewhere, although they did not carry arms or weapons with them, they were very much disciplined and they were ready to do the task.

     Su Su was bewildered and confused, continued to enquire, “ Hey Dad, what are you doing?”

    Su Ling ignored her, a chilly look from those pair of cold eyes swept over the group of visitors, “Besides Sang Nuan, it is inconvenient to accommodate you in the General’s Mansion, inns in the Capital City is abundant, gentlemen, please make yourself at home there.”

      Tan Tai Ye Lie raised his eyebrows and watching Mo Yuan’s reaction the whole time. He looked like he was waiting for a good show to happen.

      Li Yang already had a darkened expression, but since the master did not say anything, he dared not move. Mo Yuan was just looking down on the ground, calmly thinking.

      Su Su totally did not expect such behavior. Father was always reasonable, and on ordinary days, he was also hospitable, but father was so rude today. Su Su was frowning, screamed angrily said, “Dad, they are my friends I invited back home. I promised them that I will introduce them to Aunt Feng. What is the reason why you are rushing them to leave? You do it this way, I will become an untrustworthy person, someone who breaks a promise.”

       This was the first time, Su Su was glared and screamed at him. Su Ling was so distressed about her daughter’s dilemma but he was more afraid if she gets injured. He simply did not open his eyes and refused to look at her. “I will surely find someone to take them to the other side of the mountain. You don’t have to worry about seeking medical treatment.”

        “No!” Su Su saw the four young soldiers were ready to escort them out, angrily she cried, “ Stop!”

        The young soldiers paused and looked at the General. Seeing that he did not say anything, momentarily they do not know what they ought to do. Fortunately, as they stood there paused from their action, Su Ren decided to put down his teacup, stood up and walked in front of Su Ling. He whispered, “Big Brother, can we talk for a moment.”

        Seeing Su Ren come to dissuade him, Su Ling felt a little unhappy but still walk away few steps with him. Su Ren gave him a little smile, spoke in a very low voice in his ear.” I know Big Brother is worried about the bagua disk. The chunk of thing is also not good for Su Su, but she already saw the disk. The time she spent together with Mo Yuan is not short and it seems that she was not harmed at all. Put away the discussion for later seeing her temper. Big Brother, I am afraid that she would sneak out to see them, so it is better if you keep them in the General Mansion, and put them under a watchful eye. That way, it is easier to keep watch of Su Su at the same time make discreet inquiries what Su Su managed to accomplished these days. “

        Su Ling made a quick glimpsed behind him, nor far away a pair of eyes from a little girl was looking at him with bewilderment and huge resentment, he took a deep breath and said,” You make the arrangement.”

        After he finished speaking, Su Ling angrily walked away quickly, but when he reached the door, he suddenly turned behind, said to Su Su, ” You follow me.”

       Su Su was pouting and looked at Su Ren sorrowfully,” Second Uncle…”

     Su Ren lovingly patted her head, he gently smiled and said,” Rest assured, Second Uncle will make arrangement for you.”

       Su Su finally relaxed and said, “Thank you, Second Uncle.”

       After saying that Su Su, turned to catch up with her father, but she paused and stared when she passed by Mo Yuan, who at the moment kept looking down the whole time. He sensed someone’s gaze in front, he looked up and the eyes of the two locked for a very brief moment. Su Su gave him a very sweet smile before she quickly ran out. Mo Yuan meanwhile lingered looking at her, inside those frosty eyes was hidden a smile.

        Su Ren saw that little interaction between these two people. When Mo Yuan saw Su Ren looking at him, Su Ren unconsciously felt shocked and quickly turned away his gaze, with smiles hanging on his lips, he faced the soldiers and instructed, “Come take the few noble guests inside the residence to rest.”

        “Yes.” The young soldiers took the visitors out of the Flower Hall, an old man quickly came beside Su Ren, “Uncle Min, the girl name Ah Nuan, arrange her to stay inside Su Su’s courtyard. Mo Yuan, arrange him at the Rong Ju (Glory Residence), Tan Tai Ye Lie at the Lin Yuan (Forest Garden ) and Ao San in our regular guest courtyard. “

         Uncle Ming nodded and said, “The old servant got it.” Although Uncle Ming was old, his heart was like a mirror, Rong Ju and Lin Yuan are the farthest courtyards in the entire General Mansion from Big Miss’ residence. Somehow, he got the picture that the two gentlemen have something to do with the Big Miss!

         She got Su Ren’s promise of ‘arrangement’, Su Su was now at peace. Naturally, she doesn’t know what kind of “so-called arrangement’ was made…

        Su Su hastened her footsteps and caught up with Su Ling, and grabbed his arms. After all, she had not seen him for a long time, even if they have a father and daughter conflict, but it is incomparable to the length that they have been apart, she missed him so much.

      Su Su quickly sneak a peek at Su Ling, she saw that he was already restored to his normal self. She cautiously asked, “Daddy, you don’t like Mo Yuan…er.. them?”

       After all that happened, Su Ling was reluctant to look at his dearly beloved daughter’s face, he sighed and said, “Whatever you do normally, I did not say anything to you. But this one you better be obedient.”

     Su Su pursed up to smoothed her lips, hugged her father’s hands tighter, she did not act like brat this time, “Dad, I know that you have done this probably you have a reason. But I promise them to take them to Aunt Feng for medical treatment, and I will certainly fulfill that promise. If you are going to look for a doctor, sure to bring it and we will wait until they are cured, is that okay?”

      Su Ling paused to look at his daughter,  he had not seen her for many days and saw that her eyes were looking steadily at him.  There was no trace of that spoiled brat look or an appearance to flatter him. It was different from the past. Maybe Gu Yun was right, the experience will let people grow.

     He could only sigh before he could speak. He continued to walk forward and scorned, “  Yesterday, your Emperor Uncle left the palace and went to Shu Shan Residence. You think if you rush there now and asked for help, will it help or it will harm people more?”

     Su Su was howling in grief, it is absolutely harmful! In the past when she went to see Sister Yang Ning to play, it took up a little time of her aunt and her emperor’s uncle’s face was already dark and scary. Su Su looked at him and replied, “ I will wait for Uncle to leave. Dad, when will he leave?”

    “It will take three or four days at the earliest.”

     “Oh.” Su Su’s mood was very low. Su Ling now almost choke with rage but held it in. This girl ‘s concern and care for these two men was too much!

      “The girl named Sang Nuan, since she is your sister now, accompany her around tomorrow, take some silver, have good fun and amuse yourselves. You take care of her.”

      Su Su nodded her head,” I know. Then I am going to find her.”

     “Go ahead.

      Su Ling stared at the back of Su Su as she walked away. His eyes were full of anxiety. When he heard the words ‘bagua disk’, he was suddenly afraid, that kind of feeling came again after a long time. He could hardly control the dread in his chest. Isn’t Mo Clan guardians of Ling Shi? How could all of a sudden another purple bagua disk appear? What is the connection between this disk and Su Su…?


The Capital City was always lively, even after dusk, it was still bustling. The New Year celebration is coming soon, red lanterns hung on both sides of the street, even the trees were decorated with red silk, the display was very festive. Along the Qing Shi Road, two women were walking slowly, one with a purple dress and a beautiful face. Her lips were full of smiles, making her looked even more elegant and making her appearance extraordinary. Another woman was wearing a simple white snowy dress, the face was also pretty, walk nimbly and have an extraordinary personality. The passers-by one after another cast sidelong glances, but one was absentmindedly wandering and preoccupied with her own thoughts.

       Sang Nuan shook her head and sighed, “Why? Are you unwilling to accompany me?”

       Su Su returned from her wandering thoughts when she heard Sang Nuan’s exaggerated sighing. She quickly replied, ” Where? Come on, I will take you to try my favorite snacks.”

      Sang Nuan slightly lifted her eyebrows and smiled, ” It is only half-hour to go before the evening meal.”

       Su Su rubbed her nose awkwardly and said, ” “That… Okay, let’s go then to the ready-made clothes shop. There are several famous shops in the city. It’s almost New Year, we can have a few new clothes.”

      Sang Nuan’s eyes were gleaming with a smile, “We have been there at noon, we bought a lot of new clothes.”

       Su Su wanted to say something again but Sang Nuan said quickly, ” Jewelry, we also bought a lot already!”

      “…” Su Su opened her mouth, but she did not know what to say.

      Sang Nuan shook her head, amused by her, smiling she said, ” Is your mind still wandering somewhere? Su Su you have not seen him, this is only the second day, you are already like this?”

       Su Su face blushed, and finally, she did not deny it, ” I am just worried about his health…”  On the way home, they were also hurrying and it was not easy for her and Mo Yuan to see each other and speak privately. Now back home, they couldn’t even see each other.

       Sang Nuan couldn’t help but giggle. Now, she had seen a lot of relatives in the family, but just as Su Su said, they are all very good. Her three younger brother ( actually cousins) were also very interesting. Their family dinner at night was an interesting affair. But these two days, she still did not see her mother. When she was eating the first night, she saw a very gentle and elegant woman. She guessed that it was not her mother right away, she was the Er Shen ( Second Aunt of Su Su, younger brother’s wife). Her curiosity was growing of what kind of mother Su Su had.

      But Sang Nuan smile was not because of these fun during dinner, but because of Tan Tai Ye Lie and Mo Yuan. These two people were also arranged to live in the General’s Mansion, but she had not seen them, not even once. Well, it was better to have been driven out at that time and stay in an inn, at least they knew where they are. Now what, we don’t even know where to find them! Not to mention these two days, her Second Aunt (Er Shen), Youngest Aunt Han (Xiao Han) and three younger brothers took turns to pester Su Su saying that Mo Yuan appeared to be panting for breath and will not last very much on a brink of death.

      Sang Nuan did not laugh this happily for a long time. ” Hmm! My pitiful cousin, I don’t know how much blood he would vomit again…”

     Su Su was originally just sullen and unhappy, but after hearing the words of Sang Nuan, her face changed, then suddenly stopped and cried, ” No, I must find a way to see him.”

      Sang Nuan was scared by her sudden outburst, she wasn’t happy and asked her, ” What do you want to do?”

    Su Su was not a person who cannot think of ways, suddenly she smiled and said humming, ” In the General Mansion, there is nothing I can’t do if I want to do things!” Anyway, Mom will not come home yet.


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