A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter Volume IV Chapter 117 Pitiful Young Master Mo (Part 2)

A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter by Qian Lu 錯嫁良緣續之海盜千金 作者:淺綠

Volume IV Chapter 117 Pitiful Young Master Mo  (Part 2)


       At nightfall, the General Mansion is very quiet, every two-quarters of an hour there will be a team of patrolling soldiers and officers passing through Su Xin Yuan, their footsteps are neat and very lithe, if you don’t listen carefully, you do not know that people are passing through.

       Inside the Su Xin Yuan courtyard, Su Su was half leaning on the gate wearing night-raiding clothes, the poor Bajiao kept jumping and trying to get inside her clothes. Su Su would simply pick it up and put it back to the lawn when it manages to cling on her. After several attempts, Bajiao also gets irritated, quickly ran inside the room, never came back and finally left her alone. Su Su felt it funny, she did not mind the little fellow leaving her alone, she just was quietly waiting, being dressed in black; she almost blends completely into the dark of the night.

       After half an hour, a slender figure pushed open the hidden door, then flushed herself into the middle of the courtyard.

        After seeing the person who just came, Su Su asked directly,” How?” The girl who came was wearing a plain dress, she also has a pretty face, almost the same age as Su Su, her apricot eyes were like that of a goddess and just by looking at the posture, one can tell that her qinggong is not weak…

       As soon as she entered the door, she heard the voice of Su Su and she wasn’t surprised at all. She closed the door then whispered, “Luckily, I bring no disgrace or humiliation in doing this mission. Uncle Ming arranged the man with surname Mo to stay in Rong Ju.”

      “Rong Ju?” Su Su frowned. How can it be arranged there? ! Nevermind, l will go and see, Su Su patted the woman’s shoulder and said, “We wait for the time for the patrol, then we split up.” The woman’s face suddenly collapsed and looked aggrieved, like suffering a graved injustice, “Young Miss, I said I will help you find the news only and don’t count on me from there on.”

    Su Su glared at her, “You think of escaping away at this critical moment? The act of military deserters doesn’t end well!”

    The woman pouted and raised her hand made a gesture of slitting a throat; the whole face had an expression of grief. “ If the general knows that I help you met a man late at night, do you think I will have a good end?!  Other people serve their masters to help them, I also serve a master but my master so cruel?”

       Su Su grabbed her hand and patted it gently, she was speaking softly at the same time scolding her, “What cruelty since we were a child until we grew up, I have only good things for you. When those stinky boys were bullying you, I would teach them a lesson for you.  Also, at one time, who was robbed, and then who snatched it back?

     The woman looked helplessly at Su Su, nodded and said, “Yeah, but it is always me who is being punished.”

      Yes, she was the personal maidservant of Su Su, the two grew up together, Miss was really good to her, she can’t deny that so she can’t say anything.  The lady, however, was really to the highest degree had too much energy and keep repeating her mischief over and over…

     Su Su’s face was blushing red, to conceal her embarrassment, she softly coughed, the clutched Pie’ er’s hand and smiled with great flattery, “ Okay, Pei Er, this time you just need me to help drag the second team patrol just enough for me to slip through. You knew with my qinggong, it is impossible for them to discover me, perhaps you are afraid, don’t be afraid.”

     Pei Er was already dispirited, weakly replied, ” I am aware…” In fact, she casually complained twice. The lady’s request, she did not agree, not once.

       Sometimes Pei Er also thought that dà xiǎojie acts and think this way, always making a din, because for certain, all in the family favored her. Of course, she was also one of them…

      It’s zishi (11pm-1pm), well passed the sleeping time and all the soldiers in the General’s Mansion except for the patrol squads at night, everyone was already sleeping, of course, to the word everyone, it doesn’t include dà xiǎojie whose intention was to meet her lover tonight.

     Every three days, the family will change the route and time of the patrol. They have been observing for two nights and with the help of Pei Er, it was not actually difficult to escape from the patrols and guards to reach Rong Ju when she jumped inside the courtyard, her feet just landed and a tall figure already rushed towards her and almost stabbed her face with the sword. Su Su quickly dodge and cried out in a whisper, “It’s me!”

    Li Yang was actually the one with the sword in hand, seeing this person wearing raiding clothes was actually Su Su, he took back his sword and strangely asks, ”Why are you dressed like a thief in your own home?

     Su Su patted her chest, it was good that she was able to dodge, otherwise she will be disfigured, and listening to Li Yang’s comment that she was like a thief, but she did not argue though annoyed just gave him ‘that look’ and said, “ You manage your words! Where is Mo Yuan?”

      The voice of Su Su just fell, the door of the cottage was gently opened, Mo Yuan, came out when he saw Su Su, his black pupils were gleaming, the sound of his voice was plain and low, “ So late, why are you not sleeping?”

    For her it seemed it was already many days, now she finally met Mo Yuan. She was very happy. She walked up to him without hesitation, “I haven’t seen you for many days. I want to see how you are, is there anything uncomfortable? “

    Mo Yuan also slightly smiled and replied, “Nothing. I am all right.”

   Hearing that he said he was all right, Su Su’s face turned gloomy. “You say you are all tight every time, nothing is wrong! In the end?!” he said that his poisoning was nothing, when he was using his internal forces, also claimed it was all right. In the forbidden territory, he was still saying he was okay, if there was nothing going on with him now, why he looked half dead and half alive?!

    Su Su’s heart was raging mad but Mo Yuan was just looking at her calmly, only those black pupils were expressing itself. The surging emotions it stirred, even the sentimental dull-witted Su Su, there was no way she can ignore that scorching look.

     Su Su’s cheeks turned crimson, she gently bit her lip, said gently, “Come, I will show you place.” She just pulled Mo Yuan’s hand and she felt his fingers were icy cold, and could not help contain her anxiousness, “Why is your hand so cold?”

     Mo Yuan turned his hand over, clasp her hand and softly, whispered back, “Maybe because I stayed in Iceland for a long time and my hand doesn’t get warm.”

    When he was down in Wolf Island, his hand was not that cold, Su Su did not expose that, just held his hand tighter and took him away.

     Li Yang wants to keep up, but Mo Yuan looked back at him, those black pupils were looking at him coldly. Li Yang could only stop. He used to be always where the master was, wherever he went, he never thought that one day, the master would not let him follow…

    Li Yang was very sad. Su Su and Mo Yuan were so eager to leave. She led him through a narrow road and after walking about 7-8  minutes, there was a 2 meters wall blocking their path, Su Su pointed on top of the wall and said mysteriously, “ Let’s go up.”

    This height was really nothing for these two people, they kept holding hands, with one light leap, the two were on top of the wall.

    The two people sit side by side on the wall. The weather of Qiong Yue was really lovely. It just entered the 12th Lunar month, the weather was not too cold. The gentle breeze makes one feel refreshed. Outside the wall was the military training ground. It was filled with neatly stacked ropes, sandbags, wooden planks, and other things. There were also big drums in front and at the back of the training ground. Mo Yuan suspected that this was where the Su military would practice and drill.

   The two sat side by side, Mo Yuan was quietly looking at the scenery in front of him when Su Su suddenly whispered, “Mo Yuan, I am sorry…”

    Mo Yuan slightly knit h his brows, his heart trembled, he does not expect to hear those three-letter words, she was sorry for what, he was now very afraid to listen for the explanation of these three words.

    Su Su not aware of the frame of mind of Mo Yuan simply continued, “My father was not that overbearing to anyone before, do not be angry with him okay? “

      Su Su was a little embarrassed. The Mo clan, although the people were indifferent, doesn’t simply regard people, but they still extended courtesy to her. They did not make it difficult for her. But when Mo Yuan came to her home, the treatment was really… she was embarrassed to compare.

.    Huh, what she wanted to say is …this? Mo Yuan sighed and relaxed his heart, “I am not angry.”

    Su Su quietly looked at him with pretty smile and Mo Yuan also smiled back. It was a relief to know that he was not offended, she had some assurance at last.

    “You live in Ron Ju, are you able to sleep or there is so much noise?

     Mo Yuan shook his head and replied, “It’s okay.”

     Su Su felt funny and gave him a ‘you don’t lie’ look, smiled and said, “What is okay, the noise is terrible. Rong Ju used to be a small dilapidated cabin. Later, it was rebuilt into an arsenal of weapons, then it became a temporary resting house for young soldiers. When I was a child, I heard that my mother also lived in Rong Ju before the reconstruction. Soldiers have a meeting at 7-9am,  they will drill and practice, the sound of gongs and drums, the practice for the battle array, it was terribly noisy and there is no way to rest.”

    The more she was talking, the more Su Su felt that with the current body condition of Mo Yuan and him living in Rong Ju was really inappropriate. She was disgruntled, “ Tomorrow I will talk to Second Uncle and moved you to another yard. There are so many courtyards, why arranged you in Rong Ju?”

    Mo  Yuan gave her a sidelong glance and smiled bitterly, “Needless to say, you are not afraid of the setbacks. General Su will not contain himself to invite me to leave, or they will just throw me out.

    Su Su then laughed, “It is possible!”

     Mo yuan also unconsciously laughed, the company of this person always makes his heart feel pleasant.

    “Do you see the woods over there?” Su Su pointed to the woods not far away, and a large area in the dark of the night.

      Mo Yuan lightly “hmm”, Su Su’s tone of voice was full of excitement, “Unfortunately, it is wintertime, but during summer, there are many fireflies. There are many spots of green lights, it is beautiful. Even if you don’t like lights but if you see them in the palm of your hand, it was ohh…”

   Mo Yuan was looking at the distant woods, holding her two palms tightly, faintly replied, “ I’ve caught my light.”

    Su Su was a little stunned, her cheeks were blushing, this person is really… this way?

    Su Su bowed her head trying to calm her heartbeat. Mo Yuan asked as if nothing happened calmly asked,” What is Gray Hawk?”

    Su Su was secretly stunned, stared at him said,  “The Gray Hawk ” is the troop my mother trains. The soldiers who get in the squadron felt it an honor to enter the team. The people inside were very fierce and strong, one soldier is equivalent to a thousand enemy. However, their training was also extremely hard, it will leave you no strength that you can’t even cry.”

    Su Su answered him so sadly, but Mo Yuan just smiled, “ No wonder you are so scared.”

    “ It is pretty scary but I kind like it. The feeling of being challenged to your limit is addictive.” Then she heartily laughed.

    As the two were sitting on the fence wall the stories were becoming more interesting, she was smiling with her legs dangling, Su Su’s laughter was so beautiful that no one could tell that she actually feared anything. Mo Yuan thought that he was getting more acquainted with her a little more, he could help but sigh, “ It seems like there is nothing in this world that you are afraid of?”

    Su Su’s expression was that of a very happy person, pointing to the several huge pits on the training ground, “Look at those pits.”

    Mo Yuan could see it or not, she continued her story,’ When I was still a child, I was playing with two sisters and the three of us fell inside the huge pit. Sister even broke her legs. I was the youngest and I cried for a long time but no one came to save us. The pit was so deep that we are not even halfway from the top. Later, Sister Chen thought of a solution, she lets me step on them and climbed on their shoulders. After I came up, I kept crying and run to find my father to save two sisters. They were rescued but since then I always have a nightmare that I fell from a height and couldn’t go out.”

   “And then?”

    “And then…” Su Su lamented, “Then my sisters and I were, the following days were miserable. Sister Ning, Sister Chen and I, three of us were thrown by mother inside the very same pit every day. Then she will throw us a rope to climb up and it went on until the time, mother took away the ropes and we were able to climb up without the ropes, just by our bare hands and feet. Then that pit can’t trap us anymore. When I was a child I was very naughty, I always like to play tricks on others, I like to also bully my younger brothers, I am very courageous and never feared anything. I am not afraid now, because I know whatever pit is in front, I will surely be able to climb up…”

   “And there is that, a very spacious place for flying kites…”

    Su Su was speaking softly, wanting to share her interesting childhood memories to Mo Yuan, when suddenly her cheeks felt cold, Mo Yuan gently stroking the side of her lips. Mo Yuan his hand, it supposed to be cold, why it felt so hot…

     Su Su shifted a little, dared not to look at Mo Yuan’s eyes because she could feel his gaze even if she didn’t look him. Mo Yuan was actually looking on her face and then his sight paused on her lips. Su Su did not know what he was looking at only that her heart like to leap out of her chest, the moment he leaned over, she remained still.

    His warm breathed, she could feel on her face. His lips became one with hers, his lips were a bit cold, her mind went blank, she couldn’t hear anything, she could  only hear the thumping of her own heart

   “Who’s there?!”

   Mo Yuan sensed that a line of sight was looking at him; he pulled Su Su on his arms to protect her, with a look of coldness in his eye, he saw a woman standing next to a wall under a tree. She was wearing a black dress and her hands were crossed in front of her chest and holding a long sword with a snow-white body. He could not clearly see her appearance at the dim of the night but those sweeping eyes were very sharp, no person would dare to look straight.

   Sensing that the girl in her arm suddenly sat up straight, her voice was trembling softly whispered, “Mommy…”


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