A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter Volume IV Chapter 118 The Mother In Law

A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter by Qian Lu 錯嫁良緣續之海盜千金 作者:淺綠

Volume IV Chapter 118 The Mother In Law 

    Mo Yuan sensed that a line of sight was looking at him; he pulled Su Su on his arms to protect her, with a look of coldness in his eye, he saw a woman standing next to a wall under a tree. She was wearing a black dress and her hands were crossed in front of her chest and holding a long sword with a snow-white body. He could not clearly see her appearance at the dim of the night but those sweeping eyes were very sharp, no person would dare to look straight.

   Mo Yuan suddenly felt that the girl in her arm suddenly sat up straight, Mo Yuan heard the trembling voice softly whispered, “Mommy…”

    Mommy?! Mo Yuan was rigid all over. For the first time he learned the meaning of the word ‘thunder from the clear sky ‘. On the first day when he just entered the General mansion, he was almost thrown out, now, it was possible to be beaten and tied out of the gate.  For the first time in his life, Mo Yuan’s heart was filled with panic and fear, his greatest fear, that in the end that the woman beside him will not eventually belong to him.

    Gu Yun was standing under the tree and observing the two panicked stricken people sitting on the wall with a look of horror on their faces. At that moment, she did not know what to say.

    Two days ago, a soldier came to report with a news saying that Su Su was back. She finally managed to finish the difficult task and wrap up. Gu Yun went riding home quickly and she thought she will be able to arrived by zishi (11-1pm), When she reached home, she wanted to see her even just on her sleep because she missed her. But who would have thought, when she reached Su Su’s courtyard, she was wearing a black raiding outfit and sneaked out. She did not know what scheme this young girl was playing this `time so she decided to follow her all the way, then she saw her holding a man from Rong Ju, then they sat on the wall to talk and laugh. She did not want to interrupt them, but after talking, they kissed. She was surprised and annoyed, that for a moment she forget to control her breathing and  surprisingly discovered her presence by the man.  

    Gu Yun doesn’t know what kind of feeling it was like for another mother to run onto your own daughter kissing a boy, besides from being irritated she also felt awkward. Gu Yun was thinking to leave them alone in the beginning. She initially planned to find the identity of the man and what was their relationship the next day, but seeing the horror and panicked from these two faces, suddenly an evil thought to delight in it was something not to be missed. Leaving now will be a bad decision, without saying something or doing anything, she might regret if she wasted their sincere fearful expressions.

    Gu Yun deliberately put on a cold front, she walked toward the wall, stepped on the wall and found a metope,  took the advantage kicked it and jumped then caught the top of the wall with her hand, tread up and both her feet fell on top of the wall. Her body movements was strange, it was not like the usual qinggong, but it was equally light and fast.

        Under the moonlight, Mo Yuan finally saw the woman Su Su called ‘Mommy’. She was also dressed in a black suit, but her personality was very different from that of Su Su. Apparently, she looked young, her face was lovely and her cheeks, there were two superficial scars but it did not affect her beauty, instead it added to her charms. Su Su and her mother have similar eyelids. They were both charming and brilliant however the way they look, the eyes of Su Su were pure and clear, her mother had piercing bright and sharp gaze. 

   When Gu Yun came up the wall, Mo Yuan and Su Su did not dare continue sitting but abruptly stood up.  Su Su were tightly pinching her fingers behind her back, dropped her head low, tensed  and nervously spoke, slowly said, “Mommy… …you, don’t be angry, please, I…”

   He felt that Su Su seemed to be very scared. In front of Gu Yun, Mo Yuan did not dare grab Su Su in his arms, but he turned sideways and kept Su Su behind him,  in a low voice, “ Please, don’t blame her. It is my fault.” 

    After hearing claimed responsibility, Su Su quickly raised her head and hurriedly said, “No ! It’s me… I sneak out to find him and brought him here. “ Su Su secretly clenched her teeth, took a step forward, walked in front of Gu Yun with a ‘let me die a martyr’s death’ appearance , said ,” Mommy punish me. Whatever kind of punishment will be okay.”

    Gu Yun slightly raised her eyebrows, what is this? This pair of mandarin ducks, she didn’t say a word yet but they already turned her to be a  vile creature. Gu Yun caressed the ancient ice sword in her hand and smiled lightly. “Okay, what kind of punishment?” 

  Su Su  took a deep breath , nodded enthusiastically, “Hmm!”

    Actually, Gu Yun did not thought of punishing her. She just listened to her on the wall telling her childhood memories .  Gu Yun sighed with sorrow. Her daughter  was born as the treasure of the Su family, all loved and pampered her dearly,  she had been  worried all the time  that in the future  she will grow up arrogant, crafty and unruly or someone with exaggerated opinion of her abilities,  or  grow up as a frail very pampered young lady.  Gu Yun looked at the huge pit on the field where they have fallen before, she couldn’t help but smile.  Fortunately, this little girl did not let her down.

    Gu Yun didn’t talk for a long time. Su Su sneaked  a look at her and saw her looking at the training ground. Su Su was wrong in assuming that Gu Yun wanted to punished her by doing leapfrogs, she quickly said loudly, “ Good, I will leapfrog.”  After saying that, she did not wait for Gu Yun to speak, she jumped of the wall and went to the training ground to do leapfrogs.

    When Gu Yun came back from here reverie, she saw a small body image like a little frog in a black suit jumping on the dark training ground.  Gu Yun felt funny, but she did not tell her to come back. This opportunity was also good and perfect. Separate interrogations were more conducive to understanding the case. 

    Gu Yun turned her head and looked at Mo Yuan. 

    Mo Yuan felt that he was shrouded in a sharp gaze, actually he was the type that could hide one’s emotion. Mo Yuan’s expression was always been icy cold, his face was very pale and he looked calm. However, Gu Yun’s ability to observe people’s micro-expressions and subtle movements was higher than that of  Su Su , therefore the tension inside  the young lord of Mo didn’t  escaped her eyes. 

   Nervous, very good. Gu Yun looked at him coldly , she asked in a quite voice, “ What’s your name?”

   Mo Yuan secretly swallowed and replied,  “Mo Yuan.” 


    “Twenty five.” 

    “Where is your home? ” 

    ” Iceland. ” 

    ” Who are the people at home? ” 

    ” Parents and brother. ” 

    ” Married yet? ” 

    ” No. ” 

    “Do you know what are you doing just now? “

    Mo Yuan heart sank, beads of sweats came out of his forehead, and answered, “ If you and General will agree, I will make preparation as soon as possible, I will come to your door to propose marriage. “ Mo Yuan’s heart was waiting nervously with anticipation, who would have thought, Gu Yun when she opened her mouth, words were like a bucket of ice water poured on him.

    Gu Yun said coldly. “I don’t agree.” 

    Mo Yuan’s heart and mind felt awfully anxious, but he was not good at words. He really didn’t know what should follow afterward when Su Su’s mother walked in a scene just like moments ago, how he would express that he was not a reckless and unstable person. After thinking for a long time, Mo Yuan finally said a word, “Madam Su, Mo Yuan…a moment ago, please believed that I am wholeheartedly sincere about Su Su.”

    Gu Yun was observing him from the very beginning. She could see that he was a quiet minded man. Rarely he would have waves in his eyes, his feelings were restrained and he is not a treacherous person. She also believed in her daughter’s judgment.

    After a few days of training, she was tired. Gu Yun did not want to give him trouble or embarrassment in the middle of the night.  She whispered, “Only after Su Su turned 18 years old, I will not agree to any marriage before that, don’t raise this issue and don’t think about it for the time being.  As for your sincerity, I believed Su Su will naturally distinguish. I only ask of you of one thing, if you must marry Su Su, you must only have one wife in your lifetime, can you do it?”

    Mo Yuan somehow was still unable to guess her thoughts, but for the last question, he can answer without hesitation. “I only want her.” 

    Gu Yun did not expect Mo Yuan to say these four words, Gu Yun can tell that he was sure of what he was saying, at least for now, Mo Yuan said this sentence with sincerity.

    Gu Yun leaped gently off the wall, she prepared to leave, suddenly she turned around and said to Mo Yuan coldly. “The matter that happened tonight, don’t let me see that a second time!”

    Even though she encourages liberty in love, let Su Su choose freely, but her heart had some resistance. Su Su is only 16 years old, in her eyes, this is just a puppy love, ah?

    Su Su’s hands were behind her back and she jumped silently. She dare not look at the wall while the people were talking.  She was not particularly worried about Mo Yuan. She already confessed that she was the one who came to find him, although her mother was strict but she was not the type who was unreasonable. Her heart beats chaotically not because of ‘frog jumping’; she knew clearly it was because of that light kiss.

    Just when Su Su was blushing just thinking of that kiss, now even her ears were red. A black shadow suddenly came around her. Su Su was shock and looked up to see Mo Yuan. She glanced at the wall and Mo Yuan, then looked behind Mo Yuan and asked, “ My Mom?”

    Su Su’s cheeks were red from jumping and shock. Mo Yuan thought it was very cute and laughed.

   “ She left. ” 

” Left? Not only did Su Su not very happy, but her heart is crying and sullenly asked. “That… When did she say that I can stop?”

    Mo Yuan thought back, she did not mentioned anything…

   Su Su really wanted to cry openly. “She did not say? Does that mean that I am going to jump for the night?!

    Mo Yuan was surprised and whispered. “You can stop after this lap.” 

    “Really?!”  Su Su’s eyes lit up and sighed relieved. mother also shown some mercy. With the goal in mind, Su Su jumped faster and quickly finished the lap

    Su Su hold her knees and straightened up. Mo Yuan reached out to helped her. Su Su suddenly felt that warm electricity and stiffened. She quickly withdrew her hand and put it on her back, her face was blushing profusely.  

    Mo Yuan frowned, reached over her forehead and asked. “Are you okay?” 

    This time, Su Su was not only blushing but her heart also began to beat wildly; she quickly took a step back, smirking. “Nothing, I only jumped five laps. If Mom made me jump to the dawn, then I will be disabled.” Su Su did not lie; Gu Yun often made a penalty of ten laps to twenty laps, so today was really grace. 

    “I will send you back.” 

    Su Su waved her hand. “No, I, I can go back.” After that, she didn’t wait for Mo Yuan to respond and panicky ran. She felt if she will not leave fast, her whole body will be on fire.

   Mo Yuan looked at the fleeing figure that escaped quickly, thinking of her red cheeks, the corners of his mouth could not help but smile.

    Mo Yuan stood in the middle of the training field and slowly squatted down, trying to copy the posture of Su Su moments ago. Along with the place she skipped before, he continued to jump little by little. If Madam Su intention was to punish her jump until dawn, then let him jump for her.

    Gu Yun went back after walking for a while; she remembered that she hasn’t told how long Su Su should jump. In the past if she did not tell her to stop, she wouldn’t stop, so she turned back.

    Gu Yun leaped up the wall and there was a black shadow on the training ground. He was sitting at the moment and jumping but the person was not Su Su.

    Gu Yun slightly raised her eyebrows. Since he wants to jump, let him jump, to let somebody off lightly who mess up with her daughter was also not good.


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