A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: The Pirate’s Daughter Volume IV Chapter 120 Familiarity at First Sight

A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter by Qian Lu 錯嫁良緣續之海盜千金 作者:淺綠


Chapter 120 Familiarity at First Sight

“It is really a good time.”

She heard a low and majestic male voice behind her, Su Su’s smile immediately become stiff.

The people around gave their bows while Su Su feeling deflated , her mouth sunk, nevertheless, when she turned around she was wearing a bright smile and a very clever smile, “ Su Su greets Uncle,”

Seeing her Emperor Uncle was standing next to her Aunt Feng, she was able to calm down the tension in her heart. Her mother’s sister was there, Uncle wouldn’t give her a hard time. Smiling sweetly at Qing Feng like a spoiled brat, greeted her, “Auntie…”

The people following her behind, when they saw the man in black robe knew right away that he was the emperor of Qiong Yue , the Emperor of Six countries, Yan Hong Tian. Even if he did not wear the robe that day, his presence was domineering like of a majesty, people will not be mistaken. Emperor Yan had been enthroned for 30 years, he was not young anymore. However, there’s that man in front of him, tall and strong, eyebrows like sharp a sword and his eyes were fierce. He doesn’t look like to be a man on his fifties.

Beside him stood a beautiful woman, Sang Nuan had guessed that this woman should be Su Su’s aunt, because she and Su Su’s mother looked somewhat similar, only that this woman was more glamorous than her mother. Her skin was like milk, wearing a little make up and her black hair doesn’t look like ordinary lady but those hair were casually gathered behind her head with no adornments. She was wearing a long red dress and standing in front of the fortress, she looked even more dazzling than the plum flowers of the courtyard.

“I thought of all three girls you are the wildest and has most gimmicks. Now look at you, you are actually the clever and good one, you went home before New Year. It was not like the two girls who run away and just putting things aside.”

Yan Hong Tian slightly squinted his eyes and the corner of his mouth had a smirk. That squint and smirk will not escape Su Su and her heart trembled and she just wanted to cry. Sure enough, as expected, the two sisters weren’t back yet. Since, she was the one who returned first, then this must be her misfortune. Su Su slightly lowered her head and explained, “ No, the sisters still have something to worked on , but they will come back a little later.”

Yan Hong Tian looked at her now like he will hear something amusing.

“What something?”

Su Su’s head was now spinning with various reasons, and she finally seemed to think of something, raised a good smile, and replied, “Yes, the three of us made a bet that we will find a treasure by our own skills, dedicate it to our mothers as gratitude of their teaching and nurturing grace. So, the two sisters were certainly still busy to find the gift, just that they were not able to catch up for the New Year.”

This girl was indeed witty. Now, it was hard to say that the three of them had a selfish playful behavior and willfully ran away from home. Now the narrative was instead, the three went out looking for gifts for their mothers in return for their mother’s kindness. Well, deceiving a monarch, counting up in from of him, will be considered a crime, but this girl was naturally not afraid. The things she said from her infancy until now, no one knew which ones were really true, its only up to Yan Hong Tian which ones he really believed.

“Oh?” Yan Hong Tian’s eyebrows slightly raised and he chuckled. “So, is it really to find a treasure?”

Su Su stuttered a little, bowed her head lower, replied embarrassed, ” Also, me I haven’t …. but I came back this time because my friend’s poisoning, ordinary doctors couldn’t do it, so I took them back to ask Royal Aunt for help.”

Looking at her dejected appearance, Qing Feng smiled and said, “You are most honorable.”

When Su Su heard the voice of Qing Feng, Su Su knew that she was safe, she quickly raised her bowed head and smiled happily, ” I knew my Aunt loves me so dearly.”

Yan Hong Tian glanced across her and saw the other people behind her.
His eyes swept a look at Mo Yuan and Tan Tai Ye Lie, the two looked at each other, in tacit understanding stepped forward.

“Mo Yuan greets the Emperor of Qiong Yue.”
“Tan Tan Ye Lie greets Emperor of Qiong Yue.”

Sang Nuan noticed that Yan Hong Tian did not look at her, she quietly stood on the side and did not come forward to greet.

“Mo…” Yan Hong Tian looked at Mo Yuan thoughtfully, then turned to look at the Ye Lie and smiled: “Tan Tai Ye Lie, the young general, I have already heard .”

Tan Tai Ye Lie bowed slightly, and with generous smile said, “The Emperor is over praising.”

“Is Can Fu Xiang good or not?”

“Wàigōng is safe and sound, thank you emperor for your concern.”

Su Su was curious, who was this father Fu Xiang actually that his father and Uncle seemed to respect him very much.

Yan Hong Tian looked at the sky, it was already past noon. He hugged the waist of Qing Feng and gently kissed her in the forehead. He whispered, “I will go back to the palace first, and come again on the New Year’s Eve to accompany you, wait for me.”

Qing Feng smiled slightly, “Okay.”

From the time Yan Hong Tian gave Qing Feng a kiss, others were aware and looked down. Su Su was so used to it already. In this world if you will hear the Uncle Emperor calling someone as “mine’, that would be only for mother’s sister.

When Yan Hong Tian left, he passed by Su Su’s side, he raised his hand and knocked her head before walking away.

Su Su was upset. She always wondered why Daddy and Uncle Emperor liked to knock her head. Su Su was rubbing her forehead while walking towards Qing Feng, she held her arms and called sweetly, “Auntie…”

Qing Feng watched until Yan Hong Tian’s back disappeared outside the courtyard, then walked to the backyard with Su Su.


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