Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter Chapter 122 Su Ling’s Knotted Heart

A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter by Qian Lu 錯嫁良緣續之海盜千金 作者:淺綠

Volume III Chapter 122  Su Ling’s Knotted Heart

It was already late in the afternoon, the sun already set, Tan Tai Ye Lie and Sang Nuan was still inside the treatment room. Su Su together with Mo Yuan patiently waited outside the courtyard until Fu Ling came out to tell them that Tan Tai Ye Lie state was critical and desperate that he had to remain at Shu Shan Mountain. He also said that Qing Feng asked Sang Nuan to stay until the patient is better.

Reminded of Gu Yun’s instruction in the morning to meet them at the study room, Su Su and Mo Yuan hurried to go back on their carriage .

When the two reached the the General’s Mansion, it was already late, they hastily ate their dinner and then quickly proceeded together to the study.

There was light in the study, but the door was closed. The two stood outside the door. Su Su look solemn and nervous. Mo Yuan gently rub her head to soothe her uneasiness.

Su Su took a deep breath before knocking the door. “ Knock.. Knock.”

“Come in.”

It’s her mother’s voice. Su Su loosened her hold on Mo Yuan’s hand and gently pushed open the door. Su Su did not expect that her father was also inside the room. He was sitting straight with indifferent countenance but there not an appearance of anger. Her mother however was sitting on the table beside him. She looked like she was upset with something.

Just one glance, Su Su knew that her parents were having an argument before they enter. She dare not make a disturbance she gently whispered, “Dad, Mom.”

Mo Yuan also sensed the intense atmosphere and also whispered, “General Su, Madam Su.”

Gu Yun motioned her hand to the two chairs opposite and said, “Sit down. “

Gu Yun has always been the one that “pass like thunder and swift like a wind”. She said before they even sat down,  “Today, I called you because of the bagua disk. Mo Yuan, I heard you said that your family also have a bagua disk?”

Hearing Gu Yun’s direct questioning, the tension and suffocating feeling in Mo Yuan’s heart eased.  Glancing at of General Su’s expression, he understood that the madam will handle the discussion. He was wondering if the madam told the general about the “night incident”. He wondered if the general already knew that Su Su and him are in each other’s heart.  For Su Family, their opinion mattered to him. He doesn’t care if Mo patriarch or his mother accepts his relationship with Su Su or not,  but he hoped the General and Madam accepts his affection for their daughter.

Fortunately, at the moment, Madam doesn’t seem to be disgusted in him.

Gu Yun knew what Mo Yuan was worried about and saw him relaxed. With a heart full of gratitude and respect, he answered Gu Yun’s question very politely and in detail, “The Mo family from the very beginning is the guardian of Lingshi. However, the Ling Shi was lost a hundred years ago. I happened to meet Su Su when I was searching for the stone at Wolf Island. That moment, I felt the breath of Lingshi coming from her.

“Who? Me?” Su Su was surprised. She had the breath of spiritual stone in her body? Why Mo Yuan never mention anything about it before?

Su Ling’s face suddenly turned sinister.  Gu Yun glanced thoughtfully at Su Su, and then turned her attention to Mo Yuan, “Continue to speak.”

“Afterwards, together with Su Su we found the Lingshi, then the blood of Su Su stained the Lingshi , the stone cracked open and inside was purple-gold bagua plate.“

It’s a blood also.  Gu Yun remembered that year she was transported, her blood also dropped on the gold gossip disk, suddenly together with Zhuo Qing, they came to this place. Gu Yun picked up a case on the table. It was engraved with the gold gossip plate and used as paper weight. She gently held it on her palm and traced the lines . After pausing for a long time, whispered, “Can you draw the image of purple gold gossip disk ah? I’d like to see.

“When I came out, the patriarch gave it to me, hoping to compare it with the gossip disk of the Su family.”  Mo Yuan reached into his sleeves. However. when he was about to take it out, he heard a low cry,  “You brought it ?!”

Su Ling who was quietly sitting is now wearing a sinister and frightened expression.  He suddenly stood up and pulled Su Su from Mo Yuan’s side, blocking GuYun behind him.  Analyzing his reaction, it seemed like Mo Yuan is holding something from his body which is extremely dangerous  for Su Su and Gu Yun.

Mo Yuan paused and he did not continue taking out the bagua disk. He sensed that the General was very hostile to the gossip disk. Is this disk harmful to Su Su?

“Daddy? Su Su was confused. This is the second time her father reacted this way and pulled him away from Mo Yuan, the reason seems to be because … of the disk? But why?

Gu Yun felt awful but also helpless. She stood up and patted Su Ling’s shoulder, said,”Ling, don’t be so nervous. If there is anything to worry that something might happen with me and Su Su, it would have happened earlier already.”

“Mom, what is it that makes you feel this anxious?” Su Su recalled when she was a child, one time her father was also very nervous that he hauled her back to their house angrily. His father seemed to be very frightened of the bagua disk.

Gu Yun nod her head, for a moment she does not know how to explain the situation. She reached out her hand and clasped Su Ling’s trembling fingers tightly. These hands that held three hundred thousand military soldiers, the man that could look disdainfully at the world however his hands were trembling at this moment. Gu Yun clasping  his hand, turned her head to look at Mo Yuan, said, “Take out the bagua disk.”

Mo Yuan looked at Su Ling for consent, he doesn’t want him to be angry at him, but looking at his eyes, he saw a calmness like an ocean, but underneath the serenity is hiding a great storm. However, because of that pair of hands clasping his, he is able to keep all his emotion inside.

Mo Yuan hesitated, this lump of disk will really hurt Su Su?

Gu Yun watched Mo Yuan as he hesitated. To put him at ease, she sighed and said,  “I assure you, it is nothing, take it out.”

 Mo Yuan carefully pull out from his sleeve the  purple gold bagua disk.

Gu Yun  did not let go holding Su Ling’s hand, with one hand she took the purple bagua from Mo Yuan.

The bagua disk was very cold to touch, gorgeous purple color under the light of the  candles made it more luminous and charming. Gu Yun look at the exquisite pattern drawn on it, it was delicate and she knew it too well.  But on the account of Su Ling, she has not seen the yellow gold bagua plate for nearly twenty years. Looking at the disk on her hand now, she could not tell the difference except for the color. 

Gu Yun could feel the tension from the body of the person beside her, even though he did not say anything . She understood him clearly  and protected her dearly for this two decades. She return the disk to Mo Yuan, asked, “You bring the bagua disk, there must be a reason for it.”

Mo Yuan took the purple disk and put it immediately inside his sleeve and to keep it there for good.

“The Lingshi  that was missing for a hundred years, we finally found it. We tried to put it back to Mo’s sacred land that has been forbidden to unravel its secret. But when when we are trying to find the…”, thinking of the Forbidden land and all that they have gone through, Mo Yuan suddenly lost for words. How he will tell her parents that he was not able to protect Su Su , that she suffered an injury inside the cave?

Su Su turned and gave a supercilious look at Mo Yuan to be cautious. She did not know Mo Yuan to be careful and cautious. When she was in Wolf Island, Mo Yuan and the whole Mo clan were always cold and indifferent, always straightforward . Right now however, although he wanted to say something, he must be prudent and cautious with  his words.

He went on with his story, ” But after we entered the Sacred land of the Mo Family, it was actually guarded by a maze, the series of traps was started. The traps were very delicate designed and it was beyond our expectation. When we finally found the temple and the altar and place the bagua in its place,  although the maze was already  broken, but another strange thing happened, the pit where the bagua disk supposed to be, there appeared not one but three pits!”

Gu Yun and Su Ling said unanimously in surprise, “Three?

Su Su nodded with affirmation, “Yes, three! That is what I saw with my own eyes!”

Gu Yun’s eyes was glowing and she  couldn’t hide her interest,  “So, there should be another bagua disk?”

Su Su  nodded with excitement, “Yes, but the Mo family doesn’t have any clue about it. Mother, probably you know?

Gu Yun shook her head and glanced Su Ling. She smiled, “About the matters of bagua disk, the patriarch should know more than we all know.”

Noting Gu Yun having this kind   kind of interest, Su Ling had a bad feelings.

“What did your aunt say today?” 

Su Su relate words of Qing Feng , ” Aunt said that the poison of the two of them can be treated, but it will take awhile.”

“After the new year, when Mo Yuan’s poison is cured completely,  we will go back to our ancestral residence to meet with the patriarch.

Sure enough! Su Ling finally can’t bear it anymore. Gritting his teeth said, ” Neither the two of you are  going. You are not going!”

Su Su quickly shivered in fear.  Gu Yun on the other hand, isn’t affected one bit. She waved her hand to motion them to leave, “You two, go out first.”

“Yes.” Su Su felt like she just received capital amnesty. She quickly made an eye signal to Mo Yuan and got out quickly. Mo Yuan who had no idea what was happening also followed in haste.

Just out of the threshold of the study, she quickly closed the door. She pulled Mo Yuan and started to run, seemingly wanting to use her qinggong skill to leave quickly.

Watching her run like her ass is burning, Mo Yuan couldn’t help fill his curiosity, “What’s the matter?”

“Quickly go, go! Father and mother will have a fight  or perhaps they will.” While talking her feet also doesn’t stop running.

Just keep moving… ? Mo Yuan for a split second couldn’t grasp what’s happening, It can’t be true. General Su seemed to be excellent to his wife and children, is he really going to hurt his wife?

Su Su looked behind her, looking at the conflict in Mo Yuan’s expression, she could not help but laugh. “Ha.. ha.. ha. It’s all right, let just go back. Circumstances like this, Mom, always win.” If she tells us to go we just go. If mother’s temper got the best of her, it would be scarier than father’s anger. This is what she learned  and experienced for so many years! Is this distance safe enough? Mo Yuan probably did not see Bian Lian (Ice) and Chi Xie( Fire), the two ancient swords hanging inside the study. Considering those two swords, probably they have to distance themselves farther…

Su Su thought that the two people would actually fight but in reality, her parents were just quietly looking at each other, Gu Yun sighed, helplessly said, ” After all these years, what do you still worry about it?”

Su Ling did not seem to listen to her words, stubbornly replied, “After the New Year, I will take Mo Yuan to the ancestral home. Whatever information we gathered, I  will tell you when we come back. No matter what,  neither you or Su-er is allowed to get close to the golden bagua disk that is in the ancestral home.”

Gu Yun was silent for a moment, a calm voice slowly said, “It seems that you and I can not escape around it. In fact, I have always wanted to know why I came here, the gold bagua plate it I holds what kind of power?” Before she thought that the golden bagua disk is by itself, but now there is even  a purple gold disk, hidden inside the Lingshi. That purple gold bagua disk contains what power? What is its connection with Su Su. Su Ling, the bagua disk is not only your heart’s knot, but also mine .This time, I want to untie that knot. 

Escape is never Gu Yun’s character. She is obsessed with finding the truth  and solve mysteries. Over the years, she did not pursue the truth about it because she doesn’t want to worry Su Ling. Besides, she have no clue but now a new development appeared, she doesn’t really want to let go.

She firmly clenched the hand of Su Ling. The two of them were wielding sword throughout the years. Their hands are full of callouses  and rough, and it is not easy to hold his hand without getting hurt. But Gu Yun still did her best to hold his big hand, in a soft and tender voice she said,  “The last time you are able to prevent me from leaving, this time even if there is any accident, you can still certainly protect me and Su-er. Ling, we go together, together we face it, let us not hide anymore from the past.”

After a long silence, Su Ling finally spit out three words, ” You’re not going!”

Together lived for more than twenty years, she mastered observing his behavior, in her analysis, understanding of Su Ling’s point of view, Gu Yun knew that he was not persuaded and unwilling to compromise on this.

Gu Yun take off her hand and replied without care, “Well, even if you don’t let us go, Su Su will go together with me.”

Su Ling this time did not grasp her hand, but caught her in his arms and hugged her, grunt ferociously, ” You dare!

Gu Yun’s eyes brightened as she smiled. “Must I try or not?”


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