A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter Chapter 123 Part 1 Finale

A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter by Qian Lu 錯嫁良緣續之海盜千金 作者:淺綠

Chapter 123 Finale Part 1

The Chapter finale is very long. I might end up dividing it to three parts series. Also if you happen to stumble to my site, don’t ask for update, please. ∼Mayo

Sang Nuan and Qing Feng were indeed grew very familiar , it was like  they have known each other at first sight. Sang Nuan and Tan Tai Ye Lie stayed together for several days inside the Shu Shan Mountain. As for  Mo Yuan , however, he came every morning before noon and went back to General’s Mansion every afternoon,

This particular afternoon, Su Su was driving the carriage to Shu Shan Courtyard to  pick up Sang Nuan and Mo Yuan, have them ready to visit the Prime Minister Lou’s Mansion , first because it is New Year and second, she also have to pay her respects to Uncle and Aunt, also she wanted to have a meeting with Uncle Mo Bai, Mo Yuan’s father’s younger brother.

Su Su and Sang Nuan got inside the carriage. When Sang Nuan got in the carriage she was continuously reading a book. Su Su looked at the handwriting on the book and sure enough, as she had guessed, its Aunt Feng’s handwriting. Indeed, the two were getting along so well even already sharing records.

Su Su gently took the book from Sang Nuan’s hand . Sang Nuan was puzzled at her action.  She straightened herself and looked at Su Su. Su Su just said,”Ah Nuan, tomorrow at Lunar’s New Year’s Eve, we will go back home and you will just go back to Aunt’s place on the 3rd day of the Lunar New Year.”

Sang warm smiled, “I got it!.” She remembered the man who was full of kingly arrogance  who said he is returning on New Year’s eve at Shu Shan Courtyard and that man is particularly irksome of other people’s presence.

The carriage swayed all the way, and at last after half an hour they arrived at the Prime Minister Mansion.

Su Su barely got out of the carriage , a young servant girl immediately came up, “ Hello, Miss Su.”

Su Su nodded and asked, “Where’s Aunt?”

“Madam? When you enter, please proceed to the Moon Building.”

Su Su wave her hand to dismiss the servant, “Okay, I see.” Su Su led Sang Nuan towards the Moon Courtyard. She was very familiar with the mansion as if it was the General’s Mansion. Same is true with Lou Chen and Yan Ning, inside the  General’s Mansion, they are also able to walk in so naturally like it was their own home.

The scenery of the mansion is very beautiful compared to that of the General’s Mansion, which is very distinct, every pavilion and courtyard are profound. When they passed through an arch, Su Su saw a familiar silhouette and cried with joy, “Wu Chen!

Behind the arch, a youth started to walk toward them. He is about thirteen or fourteen years old, thin and tall, wearing a black-colored gown. The young man’s appearance is so handsome and he had a very notable look,  he has a long silver hair and indifferent look in his eyes.

When the teenager saw that the person who called him was Su Su, the indifferent look in his eyes faded a little, stopped where he is heading and called back, “Sister Su.”

Ao San who normally doesn’t care about  courtesies, he slightly bowed and  reverently cried, “Gonzi.”

Gonzi meaning -young master’s son

Mo Wu Chen gave a light “hmm” in response. At his young age, that cold and proud appearance gives a distinct reflection , he was like a shadow of Ao Tian.

Su Su twitched her mouth. With the attitude of Wu Chen she has been used to this. This boy only in front Sister Lou Chen will show an expression.

Su Su gave a light coughed, laughed, “Wu Chen  let me introduce to you my guests. This is Mo Yuan and this is Sang Nuan, this people are your …” Su Su can’t say the word cousin,  the word seems to be stuck in her throat  and how will she mention the complex relationship between Uncle Mo Bai and the Mo Family.

Su Su is lost for words. Wu Chen is completely uninterested to listen further, “I have something to attend to first.”

Su Su hurriedly called out, “Wait, Mu Chen, where’s your father?”

“With Madam.” After saying that, he did not wait for anwer, passed the several people and walked quickly outside the courtyard.

Su Su shrugged and explained to Mo Yuan and Sang Nuan, “He is uncle Mo bai’s youngest son, Mo Wu Chen.” His temperament doesn’t need further explanation, because his personality is very much like a Mo Clan. Uncle Mo Bai also have an older son, Mo Wu Chang. I don’t know if we will be able to meet him today.”

Then she suddenly heard a familiar war voice behind her, “Su Su is also thinking of me?”

After hearing the familiar voice, the eyes of the eyes of Su Su brightened suddenly and a bright smile instantly bloom like a delicate flower. When Mo Yuan saw who was speaking, his eyes darkened and turned to squint, before frowning completely.

He notice him and completely cannot forget at the quick glance of the man. The eyebrows were like sword, bright eyes like a the cool of the moon, and the handsome face that is flawless. However, this handsome man is not ordinary, this person not only looked handsome, temperament as charming and the whole body exudes an elegant and noble character. Meeting a person like this, one cannot help but exclaim- true matchless look of a noble.

Su Su may have not permitted the ‘the look’ if she noticed it, she quickly turned to see the person and went to pull the sleeve of Lou Xi and happily yelled, “Brother Lou? Su Su also miss you so much! “

Lou Xi’s by chance had a glimpsed of irritated expression of Mo Yuan. He was smiling and doting stare at the face petite girl beside him, laughing, ” Big brother Xi also miss you very much.”

Su Su remembered the two people behind her, she dragged the sleeve of Lou Xi and  excitedly introduced them, “Brother Lou, this is Mo Yuan and this is Ah Nuan, these are friends that I met when I went out.”

Lou Xi looked to Mo Yuan and Sang Nuan, slightly nodded, a gently smiled, “Thank you for taking care of “my family member Su-er” along the way.”

Lou Xi has always petted and highly favored her.  Su Su is accustomed to it. So, naturally she did not feel this sentence to be strange, however for Mo Yuan, after hearing “my family member Su-er” these five words, his whole body turned cold, but his face remained to have that look of indifference.

Sang Nuan felt funny inside. This Su Su’s brother is really handsome and refined in appearance, but doesn’t fail to see what is around him.  He is smart and quick witted; she is afraid that just by a glance he already knew that Mo Yuan liked Su Su. Sang Nuan think that it was not the intention of Su Su to make Mo Yuan show his intention, only that Su Su’s  elder brother Xi was trying to portray that he cherished her not in common sister’s love relationship, that as for Mo Yuan, he doesn’t stand a chance as  his competitor.

Lou Xi felt that  certain someone standing around exudes an aura of coldness. He smiled with satisfaction, turned to Su Su, “Come on, Mother has been waiting for you for a long time. Let me take you there.”

“Okay.” The dull girl had no idea what just transpired from beginning to end, and cheerfully followed Lou Xi inside the Moon Courtyard.

At the stone table in the front of the Moon Courtyard, there was a couple. One side of the woman’s face was resting in her palm staring at the man who was holding a bowl. The man’s face had a faint appearance of helplessness but at the same time the corner of his mouth carries a faint smile, while he quietly drinks the concoction inside the bowl.  

Su Su snigger and laughing secretly, needless to say, Aunt was able to find something to fix Uncle’s health. Over the years, Uncle’s health has gradually improved because Aunt has been making a lot of research and study.

Su Su approached the stone table and cried sweetly, “Uncle and Aunt!”

Zhuo Qing smiled and nodded, but her eyes were still staring at Lou Xiyan. She must make sure that he finishes the whole bowl of medicine.

Lou Xiyan, was slowly drinking medicine and laughing, “Su Su is here.”

“Hmm! She smiled, “Uncle, you’ll better finish your medicine so we can talk.”

Su Su did not try to be to impolite. It was not the first time that she witnessed this. Lou Xi Yan shook his head; he knew he couldn’t count on her to save him.

Mo Yuan and Sang Nuan looked at the couple who acts in a completely informal or uninhibited manner. Mo Yuan remembered the time when he was in Mo Family home and Su Su was feeding him his medicine in the same manner, his heart suddenly felt warmed inside and his darkened expression changed at last. Sang Nuan cannot help but sigh and notice how unique and favored this Qing sisters are, no matter who, from the emperor to the general that holds a vast army to the prime minister where government depends to rule the people, they all have one soft spot for them.

Su Su knew that the Uncle Lou if he have a chance, he will not finish his medicine. It is better to leave him alone with Aunt right now and so she turned her attention to man standing behind him, “Uncle Mo Bai, good evening.”

Mo Bai nodded towards her. She has nothing much to say, but then looked at man in black standing behind Lou Xi, laughing, “Wu Chang, you are also here.”

“Elder sister Su.” Wu Chang and Wu Chen looks were very similar, only that this older brother had a longer black hair, smiling eyes, and compared to Wu Chen , he is mild mannered and cultivated.

Su Su suddenly remembered the purpose of her visit, she pulled Mo Yuan and Sang Nuan hastily to Uncle Mo Bai. After a moment of deliberation what to say,  “Uncle Mo Bai, I want to introduce them to you, this is Mo Yuan , the eldest son of the Mo Clan. This is Sang Nuan, the daughter of  Elder Mo Sang.”

Mo Bai’s blue eyes fell on Sang Nuan, in his eyes he can’t hide the grief he was feeling remembering past. His eyes is full of pain.

Sang Nuan bowed down and said, “Sang Nuan, please to met his uncle.

Mo Bai paused a long time before nodding.

Mo Yuan was silent. Su Su signaled him with her eyes, before Mo Yuan whispered, “ Mo Yuan greets the Second Uncle.”

Mo Bai eyes turned chilly, answered in tone devoid of warmth, “I have nothing to do with the Mo family, Young Master Mo , I am not worthy of your acknowledgement.”

After Mo Bai said those words, the atmosphere instantly turned awkward, Mo Yuan just stood in his place silently. Su Su gently bite her lips, feeling the pain for Mo Yuan, the previous generation of grudges, Mo Yuan has nothing to do with it why would he made him suffer this grief?

Su Su stood beside  Mo Yuan and said,  “Uncle Mo Bai this is not right, Mo Yuan did not came here with Mo Clan identity, but called you Uncle because of Su Family, this is not at all a mistake, ah”.

Su Su has always been frank, she always say what she wanted to say, Mo Bai did not care about her rudeness, but what she mean to say is …

Mo Bai wasn’t able to respond right away when a smiling female voice quietly said, “ Mo Bai, since Mo Yuan is following the Su Family identity ah, you must answer it.”

So obvious teasing, Su Su heard it and her face blushed, she was not able to to speak yet when Lou Xiyan put down his medicine bowl, laughing: “I heard that the three of you went out this time, in order to find treasures as a gift to your mothers, it seemed Su Su already found this treasure? I can’t wait to see General Su to come to know about this, whether he will be greatly surprised?”

“Uncle!” She blushed even more, but she didn’t know what to say.

“What’s the matter?” Lou Xi squinted at her and sighed. ” Oh, our little family demoness can be shy, too?”

Su Su stared at him, pouted her mouth, and cried, “Brother Lou Xi bullied me, and when Sister Lou Chen comes back, I’m going to tell!”

Lou Xi’s ticked his lips, smiled and said, “She ah, I don’t think she will came back  back so soon.”

Su Su was silent, her heart was little uncomfortable. They quietly sneak out of their homes, it was reckless behavior, Uncle, Aunt and Brother Lou Xi must be worried also about Sister Lou Chen.

Su Su heart turned sad. Sang Nuan on the other hand had a feeling that Lou Xi’s words has some hidden meaning, and she suspects that his brother is not ignorant of Lou Chen’s whereabouts.

Su Su’s mood was low all night.  She was absentminded during the time they were chatting.  It was late already when Zhuo Qing invited them to eat. Only then Su Su returned to her senses, declined her aunt’s good intentions rushed back to the General Mansion with Mo Yuan and Sang Nuan.

Walking outside the Prime Minister’s Mansion,  Mo Yuan gently held her hand and whispered to comfort her, “Rest assured, your two sisters are doing just fine.”

“Hmm! She nodded, and she wasn’t really worried about the safety of her two sisters, and nothing could happen to them knowing their abilities. However, she grew up with them and not seeing them for so long, she just missed them a lot.

Su Su took a deep breath, breathed out the heaviness in her heart, tightened to hold Mo Yuan’s hands and smiled, “Let’s go, let’s go home to celebrate  the New Year.”

∞∼to be continued∼∞

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