A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter Volume IV Chapter 123 Finale Part 2

A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter by Qian Lu 錯嫁良緣續之海盜千金 作者:淺綠

Chapter 123 Finale  PART 2

  Watch out for Su Families’ little rascals.

The General’s Mansion is indeed very lively, especially living in Rong Ju, every morning from 7 to 9 am, one can hear all kinds of sounds, noises and the beating of the drums. Today is New Year’s Eve, it should be quieter, less drum sounds but still it seemed that there are many people coming in and out of the mansion.

Mo Yuan sat in the courtyard, one hand holding the black mole and on the other hand holding the white mole, he was playing chess by himself. He usually does it at home, but this time he felt it was meaningless. Su Su is right, once you experience what is interesting, you will have better understanding what is boring and senseless.

 Mo Yuan gently dropped the white mole to end the game.

There was a gentle knocking at the courtyard door. Li Yang went to open the door, only to see a boy about 14 to 15 years old standing at the threshold. Behind him were two servants holding a tray with two sets of clothes. After examining the color of the clothes, Li Yang frowned.

The teenager raised a kind smile and said, “Brother Li, good morning.”

Li Yang, moved to the side to let him in, the youth walk inside the courtyard to look for Mo Yuan and when he found him, he enthusiastically yelled, “Big Brother Mo, good morning.”

Mo Yuan looked at the elegant youth. He was standing straight; his eyebrows are sharp like sword and his lips had a faint smile but full of seriousness. Mo Yuan pondered for a moment where did he met this this youth… he remembered that he was the son of Uncle Su Yu called…

The youth saw the flash of hesitation on Mo Yuan’s face. He smiled with understanding and said, “Big brother Mo, just call me Chen Han.”

Mo Yuan nodded and whispered, “Is there something wrong?” He unconsciously gathered around him that indifferent appearance he learned from his family growing up and the temperament that was carved in his bones was not so easy to change, so he still appeared chilly.

The youth seemed unimpressed, smiled softly, nodded to the servant behind him. They put the trays they are holding on top of the stone table.

Chen Han explained, “Tomorrow is the Lunar New Year celebration and our family has the custom of wearing red for the reunion dinner celebration.  My mother asked me to send a set for my big brother. When big brother eats a reunion dinner, remember to wear them.”

Chen Han carefully pushed the red shirt in front of Mo Yuan, smiling, “This is for the big brother. Then he pushed another dark red shirt in front of Li Yang and said, “Big Brother Li has one too. “

The two looked at the red shirts in front of them with strange expression. It took a long time for Mo Yuan to reply back, “Thank you.”

The young man’s eyes flashed with sly, he chuckled, “Brother Mo, need not be kind to me. Just help me in front of my sister say a few words not to beat me.”

Mo Yuan stared at the set of red clothes with complicated expression, he did not pay much  attention to what he said. Chen Han also decide not to stay longer. “Then I will not disturb Big brother and I will leave first.” After saying that, he did not wait for Mo Yuan to answer, he quickly stepped out of the courtyard leaving the pair of master and servant relatively speechless looking at the shirts and their faces solemn as before.

As the sky darkened, the faces of Mo Yuan and Li Yang turn more sour. When the time arrived, a servant came to tell them that the dinner feast will be held at training ground.

The two men lingered for another cup of tea and then finally put on the red shirts.

The training ground is very close to Rong Yu Court Yard.  As soon they came out, they could hear the noises from people not very far. Mo Yuan walked along the path he walked with Su Su the last time towards the training ground. There was no one on the road. When he entered the gate of the training ground, Mo Yuan saw someone familiar.

Tan Tai Ye Lie was also walking along the path on his way to the training ground. The two men stood at the gate looking at each other.

Mo Yuan wore the red gown but it was so conspicuous, he wore a black cape on top of it. Mo Yuan is not used to wearing red, so even with the black cape, the red shirt was still conspicuous but not too abrupt.  Tan Tai Ye Lie is also wearing along  red shirt but little darker than that Mo Yuan was wearing. He also wear an unlined blue shirt outside and with his good posture, it made him looked sharp. Li Yang also put on his dark red gown, it made him looked strong and tall, with a very  outstanding personality even from afar.

Three people size up each other’s get up, on their faces appeared a hint of embarrassment, but decided it was best not to talk about it, acknowledged each other with a nod, then walked towards the training ground.

When the three went to attend the dinner feast at the training ground, they guessed that there will be a lot of guests.  But they were not prepared to witness a scene in front of them and made them speechless.

The large training ground was filled with round wooden tables,  hundreds of them.  In each table were ten strong man, although they are not wearing armors but casual clothes, they are sitting straight with the heroic spirit that cannot be ignored, showing their status.

They were whispering and laughing, talking but the sound was not loud,  the atmosphere was very inviting.  Tan Tai Ye Lie is also from military family and have been to three gatherings for military victory award for three armies but never experience something like this. Putting a dinner feast at New Year’s eve for the generals and officers, he never heard of this before.

“Mo Yuan! Ye Lie! Li Yang! Come here and sit down! They heard a  crisp and loud female voice. When the three looked up, they saw Su Su standing at the front of the big table, waving at them.

The shout of Su Su attracted many eyes.  Mo Yuan and Tan Tai Ye Lie  were outstanding people and already accustomed to having the eyes on them, they did not find it troublesome at all. But as they approached the round table and saw the outfits of the people sitting, the two have a look of embarrassment on their faces, especially Li Yang. His face completely turned black.

Several elders of the family were sitting and the three generals are  wearing casual clothes, their waist were decorated with jade and red tassels. The women are either wearing a red belt or red brocade, only Su Su was wearing a plain pink long gown. She appeared to be very delicate. Su Chen Han, the youth, who sent the red shirts to the three of them is wearing blue shirt with a pair of red boots. On his face is a wistful smile and there was no trace that something is odd or out of place. 

Against the backdrop of the crowd, the red clothes of the three men were really conspicuous.

Su Su looked at the Mo Yuan and the other two people, she can’t help but laughed very hard. She naturally knew that they have been tricked but at that moment they can only pretend that nothing had happened.

“Sit down.” Gu Yun whispered. Su Su just stuck out her tongue and obediently sat down.

At the big table, only the three positions opposite Su Su  were empty. The three sat down when a puzzled male voice asked, “ And who are these two?”

The man speaking is wearing black and looked very young, he had a definite eyebrows, and some points similar with the General Ling. He was very care free, straight forward and it is difficult to hide his splendor, presumably this is Su Su’s younger uncle – General Su Yu.

Su Su heard her uncle’s question, immediately got up to introduce his friends,  “Uncle, they are my friends, this is Mo Yuan, this is Ye Lie of the Tan Tai Family.”

Su Yu did not pay attention to Mo Yuan but  stared at Ye Lie with a look of surprise.

Su Su replied with a smile, “Yes, he is from Tan Tai Family.”

Su Yu was very puzzled, why the man from Tan Tai Family came and visited Qiong Yue. This is rather strange, not only that, this person actually came to their home to celebrate Lunar New Year?! Su Yu was staring intently at Tan Tai Ye Lie probing if there is something. His behavior did not slipped his wife’s eyes, so Han Qian Xun stepped hard on his foot  to warn him get back to his senses and  composure. Well, he thought, since these two men are friends with Su Su, he did not have to worry much. He raised his glass and smiled, “Since the two of you are guest, let us drink first.”

“No!” The two people who made the toast had not had time to speak when Su Su stood up and protested, “Uncle, they were poisoned earlier, and now they are just getting better and can’t drink yet! Also uncle the dinner wasn’t serve it, drinking before eating is not good, you have to careful with your health! “

After being scolded by Su Su, Su Yu did not know if he will laugh or cry, this little girl is getting more mature, no.. they are losing the little girl that they doted most.  Su Yu shook his head and sighed,” After Su’er came back from running away, she become like an old lady, nagging like a fuzzy wife.”

Su Su was muttering to herself and not very happy, said softly, “Uncle Yu if you just want to drink, let me accompany you, bottoms up!” After saying that Su Su picked up the bowl at the table, filled the whole bowl and drink it up boldly…

……. ?

…….. !

Su Family was actually accustomed to it, but for few people on the table who have not seen Su Su drink were startled.

Although Gu Yun banned her to drink as a child, she was always with the group of unreliable soldiers. Naturally, she doesn’t need to steal orbuy wine to drink. No one knew how many times she got drunk but no one has seen her drunk since she turned fourteen.”

Looking how Su Su finished the large bowl of wine, Su Yu was embarrassed and drink also the wine in his glass. He did not say anything more, my goodness, it would not be me who would let this tiny girl get drunk!

Tan Tai Ye Lie candidly laughed , with a glass of wine in his hand he got up, smiling, “Thank you general for the wonderful thought, but Tan Tai Ye Lie is not really suitable to get drunk right now. A little sip might not do me harm, so today with this little glass, I pay respect to you all.”

After saying his speech, Tan Tai Ye Lie, happily drink his glass of wine.

Mo Yuan is not sociable, but he also intends to finish his glass of wine to pay tribute to all. The moment he lifted his glass, he saw the indifferent face that was intently staring at him, Mo Yuan held up the glass of the hand, finally, he just took a sip of the glass put it down, he did not drink up the glass.

Su Su breathed a sigh of relief and smiled with satisfaction at him. Sang Nuan gently leaned over, in her ear whispered, “Su Su, you are really powerful, look at my cousin, you made him docile.”

Su Su’s ears turned red, muttered back, “If anything, this is just related to his own health.”

Sang Nuan was laughing heartily beside her. Su Su’s face blushed red even more and finally General Su Ling made a toast for the crowd. Only then Sang Nuan stopped teasing her.

“This year we labored very hard, tonight at this Lunar New Year, drink to your heart’s content, Su Ling’s first drink to give my salute.” 

There is no need for a magnificent rhetoric, also there is no need for encouraging and sensational words, after Su Ling’s speech and after he drank the glass of wine, the generals and officers also raised their glasses in unison, “ Thank you General! Thank you, Madam!

Then the dinner table was opened, three group patrols were serving wine,the three Su family generals were pulled by the deputy general for a wine contest.

Su Su and Sang Nuan also ate half full, then they started drinking and chatting, “Ah Nuan, Mo Yuan and Ye Lie’s poison, how it was cured?”

“Madam not only excellent in the art of poison, she as a doctor is also quite clever, they were almost detoxified and in few days there is no need for daily treatment. But their bodies were hurt by the poison gas and they needed few more days for their bodies to fully recover.”

Su Su was very happy. She felt guilty. She was the reason why Mo Yuan was poisoned. First, she took his spirit grass, then Bajiao break in to the Land of Illusion leading him to risk his life to save her, then at the forbidden land also, he protected her. Now, she was relieved to learn that his poison is almost cured and the worry in her heart that she carried daily finally can be put to rest.

Su Su had a habit of pulling at Sang Nuan sleeves as she laughs, “After the poison of Mo Yuan is completely detoxified, I will bring you together to my ancestral home . You come and you will meet the patriarch.”

Sang Nuan held Su Su’s hand  and softly said, “ You should go and find out about the bagua disk. For the issues of the Mo clan, I am not interested and I am not going to meet the patriarch. I already meet Aunt and Uncle and paid my bows, we are sworn sisters and that is good enough for me and I don’t need anything else. As for Madam Qing, we close and I want to go back to Shu Shan Mountain to learn more medical skills and poison techniques. So, I will stay.”

“Ah Nuan …” Su Su wanted to urge her but Sang Nuan in gentle voice whispered, “You should listen to me this time.”

Sang Nuan voice was still gentle, but firm, so she can only keep quiet, but her heart was really at a lost.

Together they sat down in silence.  Gu Yun, who had been sitting next to Su Su, suddenly called out, “Sang Nuan.” 

Sang Nuan, hurriedly sat up straight, and replied, “Yes, +Madam Su.”

Gu Yun looked at her, her eyes was soft and tender and softly whispered, “If you are not going to the ancestral residence, then stay in the Capital to play. You are Su Su’s sister, so you are my daughter, the General’s mansion is your home, when you come back, have the freedom to come to see us more often.”

This…… What this means is… Madam Su has acknowledged her friendship with Su Su? Although she came to the family only for a few days, but she is already aware of the madam’s status in the family, and she is also quite serious and icily arrogant in some days. At this moment, for her to suddenly said these words, Sang Nuan took some time to recover her composure. She heard again Madam’s Su declaration, “From today on, I have two daughters.”

With Gu Yun’s acknowledgement, Sang Nuan’s identity is fixed, she is now a lady from General’s Mansion. Even if Su Su is not at home, she lives in the General’s Palace and she will carry also the authority.

Both  Yu Han Dan and Han Qian Xun heard Gu Yun’s words, they smiled and said, “Congratulations!”

Sang Nuan was teary eyed, she was deeply moved and myriads of thoughts are coming to her mind,  “Thank you…” Sang Nuan doesn’t know how she will address her now. The word mother for her was a word of both love and hate, she doesn’t want to call her that. But Madam Su has already declared publicly that she is her daughter, if she doesn’t call her mother, is she being discourteous?

Gu Yun power of observation is amazing, with one glimpse she can already read the conflict going on the girl’s heart. She smiled and said, “As for the salutation, Ah Nuan call me Auntie will be fine.”

Sang Nuan’s heart was now overflowing with warmth, she was very grateful. She got up, walk to Gu Yun and slowly kneel. She wanted to bow before her.  Gu Yun reached out, grabbed her arm, pulled her hard, unloaded her salute, and said, “This is not necessary, just sit down and eat.”

Su Su also hurried forward, held the arm of Sang Nuan and smiling happily, “Sister Ah Nuan , this time you are really my sister.”

The two looked at each other and then Su Su said softly, “How much time do we have before you return to Wolf Island? Let Ao San accompany you back.”

Sang Nuan’s smile suddenly became slightly stiff, “There is no need, I can go back myself.”

“That’s not going to work!”

Sang Nuan looked at her and snorted, “Why it is not going to work? Are you under estimating me?” Although she did not have martial arts skills, but she cannot let this person get close to her, who would believe the opposite that she is up to malice, naturally who will take a great risks for her.

Su Su looked the person sitting opposite her, who was pretending not to care, but in fact, her eyes from time to time is casting a glance at Ao San, she laughed heartily,  “It is not that I am under estimating you, but letting you be accompanied by Ao San when you go back, Sang Leng should properly inspect, if Ao San could be the proper brother-in-law ah?”

“Su Su! Sang Nuan’s face turned rose red in an instant, angry, “You say that again, I will poison you.”

Sang Nuan fly to rage for embarrassment. Su Su was laughing happily and hiding  her fist that was hitting her own body, holding back not to shout, “ I am afraid then that I can never tell the truth then, my good sister!”

These two people talking this way, the disturbance they are creating is not small, Ao San looks at them, Sang Nuan also happen to look over, two people’s eyes met, Sang Nuan withdraw her gaze quickly and stare back at Su Su, “You are still not stopping! I don’t want to talk to you now!” After saying that,  Sang Nuan turned to walk to the gate of the training ground. Su Su would like to chase after her but  she saw someone chase after faster than her movement, and she recognized those familiar footsteps.

It was dark, red lanterns were lit around the training grounds, and the atmosphere on the wine table was just right at the moment. Her father and uncles were pulled over by the soldiers for wine competition. Su Su looked opposite her table where Mo Yuan was sitting. She doesn’t know if they have  mutual romantic sensitivity with each other because Mo Yuan at the moment was also looking at her. Su Su gave him an eye signal, she quietly got up and walk towards the direction of the path.

Mo Yuan sat for a while, glanced at Gu Yun, only to see that she was also drinking with two tall men in black. Then he got up and also walk towards the direction of Su Su’s path.

Su Su was sitting on the side of the road waiting, watching Mo Yuan on a red coat slowly walking. She can’t help but laugh. She rose up, pull the edge of his cloak to see the red gown inside, smiling and teasing him.

Mo Yuan pulled back his cloak, held her hands and sighed helplessly, “Your brothers are not simple.” There are not many people who can trick him and Tan Tai Ye Lie at the same time.

“Skunk boy, see how I fix him the next time I see him!” Thinking  of Li Yang  with that annoyed  black face, Su Su can’t help herself but laughed, “If I don’t fix them,  Li Yang will not let them get away with it.”

Her eyes were bright and her face was relaxed and wears a cheerful smile. On ordinary days she loves to wear white, today she put on a long pink coat, delicate and cool, made her looked more petite. Mo Yuan caressed her silky hair and whispered,” It’s good to be wearing red this New Year. I am very happy.”

Su Su nodded and take look at Mo Yuan, his skin is already white, with the red shirt and black robe, he looked fairer but that chilly face actually added few charms. “Actually, you look good in red, ” she laughs.

Mo Yuan slightly picked up eyebrows, did he? Because he did not think he looked good.

As they talk, not far from the training ground came a sound of laughters, he sound is very lively. Su Su took Mo Yuan’s hand and whispered, “Is my family very noisy? In the capital, the guarding  army is the people from Su Family Army, many are from the home of the General  and during New Years’ time, many will not be able to go home for reunion dinner, some even have no family, so Daddy every year invites everyone to eat reunion dinner with the family. They will make troubles until 11 to 1 pm, then they will calm down and stop.”

Su Su thought of the Mo family and in that a large area of snow. Even if you walk more than half a day you can’t meet a single person. Also there is the Lin Yuan Xuan Pavilion, it did not even have a single servant. Mo Yuan is certainly a person who likes peace and quiet. Su Su felt so sorry for him, said, “It is so noisy, you are not used to it,”

Young soldiers naturally when drunk, they become more enthusiastic and expresses their happiness without constraint, the wave of their cheering is so loud that it almost drown the voice of Su Su . Su Su wanted to pull Mo Yuan away to a more quieter place but Mo Yuan refused to move.

Su Su looked up, only to see him slightly leaned over, whispered in her ear,”I used to think that I did not like the noise, not anymore. I may have thought it wrong; I also like the lively atmosphere. Like you said, when you see what is interesting, only then you will know what is boring. “

His breath, tickled her ear but also send shudders into her heart, ” Mo Yuan, you are very good.” Su Su just wanted to pounce and hug him,but suddenly behind the flowers came the sound of violent coughs, “Cough!Cough!”

Both of them were startled and they hurriedly separated a little. Su Su looked up to see the small figure of Yu Fan standing on the edge of the bushes covering his eyes  shouting, “Elder Sister, I did not see anything! Uncle is looking for you, if you do not go back, you two surely will be miserable!”

Su Su’s face is blushing, and Mo Yuan is also a little uncomfortable, “Let’s go.” Su Su took Mo Yuan’s hand and ran quickly toward the path behind him.

Yu Fan let go of his hands covering is eyes, tiptoed to look and he saw Su Su and Mo Yuan walking quickly to the direction of the training ground. He gently patted his chest, Yu Fan has some concern, “Brother, the Generals are drinking and did not pay attention to our sister at all. So, we deceived her like this, she will not let it be! “

Under the flowers, there was also a youth sitting casually on the ground and not in the least concerned.

Su Chen Dan was happy and a good mood, “So what? Do you just want to watch him take advantage of our sister?”

Yu Fan thought for a moment and nodded enthusiastically in agreement , “That’s right!” Anyway, he has nothing to regret, absolutely he can’t let this sick man take advantage of sister and let it off lightly!

Su Su and Mo Yuan nervously returned to the military training ground, only to find that General Su Ling was so silly drunk and confused. Generally, every officers and soldiers were very intoxicated and muddled. Su Su secretly grind her teeth and it seemed that these rascals really needs some fixing!

In the following days, Mo Yuan was gloomy inside, beside battling with the internal injury, he is afraid of having to constantly deal with the battle of wits against his brother in laws.

 After the lantern festival, the bone marrow poison of Mo Yuan and Ye Lie will be completely solved with the combined effort of Qing Feng and Sang Nuan. Gu Yun decided to depart immediately for the ancestral residence even though Su Ling still against the idea for his wife and daughter to be involved in the risk. But how can he resist Gu Yun’s insistence, so angrily he also began to embark on the road towards their ancestral home.

∞∼ to be continued∼∞

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