A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter Epilogue 1 Don’t Dare Offend This Woman

A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter by Qian Lu 錯嫁良緣續之海盜千金 作者:淺綠



(Story of Sang Nuan and Ao San)

This is one of the limitations of using MTL. I can’t capture the mood of the scene as vividly as probably the author put it even the humor. I gave it a try though.

It was early summer, the weather was very refreshing, between the blue sea and blue sky was a big ship sailing across the layer of fog and slowly approaching the shore. At the bow of the big ship stood a proud woman in purple dress. The sea breeze was blowing her silky hair, her figure was outstanding but her beautiful face showed no expression. As the island comes closer to the view, the expression in her eyes was more difficult to read, whatever is in her thoughts it was hard to know.

The big boat slowly docked, the woman in purple who was standing proudly suddenly looked very feeble and about to fall to the ground. A very fast shadow quickly appeared behind her, hugging her waist securing her in his arms.

“What’s wrong with you?” Seeing the woman in his arms too weak to say something, Ao San felt his heart was being squeezed, he carried her in his arms and from the bow of the boat leaped down with her.

Ao San was running towards the nearest island’s cabin when he saw a group of people rushing over to meet them. Leading the group was Sang Nuan’s brother, Sang Leng.

When Sang Leng finally able to see who was coming and saw his sister looked very weak and nestling in the arms of a man, he could help but exert more effort run faster, “Sister?! What happened to you?”

Sang Nuan softly patted Ao San’s shoulder to put her down .
Ao San hesitated for a moment, but finally he gently put her down. Sang Nuan’s feet just landed, Sang Leng step forward and put her in his arms, anxiously asked, “Sister, where are you not comfortable?”

Ao San withdrew his hand from supporting Sang Nuan, his fist tightened when he suddenly felt something was not right and took a step back and started feeling dizzy.

“Me?” Sang Nuan slowly stood straight, pulled from the embrace of Sang Leng, slightly raised eyebrows, smiled, “I am very good.”
Sang Leng couldn’t understand what was happening. Before he had a chance to ask, the tall figure behind Sang Nuan fell heavily down with a loud ‘thud’ on the ground.

Sang Leng glanced strangely at Ao San, just to see that he was by no means had any panic or frightened appearance but he merely turned and gave a meaningful glance at Sang Nuan.

Sang Nuan standing arrogantly, slightly leaned over and squinting at the man on the ground, laughing. “ Ao San, what’s wrong with you? Is it now your turn to feel sick?”

Ao San did not say anything. just gave her a burning stare.

Sang Nuan knew she was overstepping her limit, without looking at Ao San, she said coldly, “Come on take him to the medical cottage”

“Yes.” The four strong men immediately came forward and carried Ao San to the medical cottage.

Sang Leng does not understand why his sister was acting oddly, isn’t this man left by Ao Tian to protect Xiao Su? He wasn’t accompanying Xiao Su back to Wolf Island, then what was he doing here that he seemed to offend his sister? Sang Leng raised his eyebrow, thinking and asked in a whisper. “Sister, what are you trying to do?”

Sang Nuan was in a very good mood as she caressed her messy hair blown by the breeze, she did not answer her brother but she instead examined and had a close look at him. For six months she hadn’t seen him and now here he was standing strong and full of confidence and he also looked peaceful. San Nuan smiled and said, “Brother, how have you been?”

Although he knew that his sister’s weak feeling was just an act, Sang Leng still felt the need to hold her shoulders to steady her. He took her away from the frigid sea beach before answering her, “Ah, very good, those damned were all dead. As for the island affairs, with uncle Ma’s help, I managed them all. By the way, how’s Xiao Shu?”

“ She’d gone home. “Sang Nuan said while laughing, thinking of the woman who was upset the moment she told her she’s not coming. She and Mo Yuan should be reaching Liao Yue by now. “When she and Mo Yuan got married, I want to go and visit her.”

After hearing that Xiao Su and Mo Yuan got very close, Sang Leng although a little surprise but in his heart but all in all he doesn’t really care. He doesn’t care about the Mo clan, his nominal cousin, no matter who he marries he naturally doesn’t care at all. It was Xiao Su that he cared about. After a while, he considered her to be a little sister. His sister Sang Nuan had no friends, even a confidant when growing up. Su Su becoming close to her even though they are far from each other now was a still a good thing. Sang Leng nodded back,” Okay, we will do that.”.

Sang Nuan suddenly remembered that Su Su left her to care for Qin’s brother and sister, Sang Nuan quickly enquired about them. “Qin’s brother and sister? How are they?”

“After their injuries were cured, I sent them back together with the other fishermen. “
Sang Nuan was satisfied. She developed some affection with the Qin’s siblings and also she doesn’t want them to talk bad about Wolf Island and as to what happened, otherwise it will not be good on account of Su Su.

Sang Leng was hesitating and secretly observing her face before asking, “That Ao San … What are you going to do with him? “

Sang Nuan slightly raised her eyebrows, those beautiful eyes squinted and unusually gentle smile appeared on those lips, “While on the journey, he took care of me everywhere we go. Naturally, it would be good also for me to repay him and happily take good care of him. “
Looking at his sister lips that has that very gentle smile, Sang  Leng had goosebumps all over his body and that certain look from her sister only meant forthcoming disaster.

There were few rooms in the backyard of the medical house, in addition to the Sang Nuan’s cabin, there were other three cabins and Ao San was arranged to stay in a cabin nearest Sang Nuan.

He was carried yesterday at noon inside the cabin. The whole night passed no one came, not even for drink or food. Ao San doesn’t really mind, he just can’t guess what this woman was really plotting?

Just as that the very moment, the always closed wooden cabin door was finally pushed open and Ao San was hoping  all night, finally it came.

Ao San was half lying in bed, his hands and feet were not tied, but it wasn’t necessary because his hands and feet right now have no strength in them, he felt like his limbs turned to jelly.

Sang Nuan was very pleased with the scene before her, with a smile of sly in her mouth, she slowly walked towards the bed. She had a medicine bowl in her hand which contained some black lacquer with very odd smell. She handed the bowl to Ao San and said, “ I could see that sailing makes you very weak nowadays. I brought you some medicine, please drink it…”

Ao San slowly raised his hand and grab the medicine bowl from Sang Nuan. He did not wait for her to finish her sentence; he drank all the black liquid in silence.

Sang Nuan stared at him blankly, groaned, “Well, you really dare to drink it just like that. You are not afraid of me poisoning you to death?”

Although she was saying such, Sang Nuan still reached for the bowl and put it on the head board. Seeing that Ao San’s hands was weak and unsteady that he spilled some medicine concoction on his neck, Sang Nuan gently took out a silky handkerchief from her sleeve and gently wiped him.

The faint flower fragrance of the silk handkerchief gets into his nose, his body stiffened and in a low muffled voice with the filled with suffering and constraint, said, “ I am not worthy of this.”.

Sang Nuan’s pleased looked suddenly turned gloomy. She held the silk handkerchief tightly and coldly said, “ Since you knew that you are not worthy, in Mo Family state, why do you hold my hand while I am unconscious? Why do you have to carry me faithfully in your back when we were in forbidden land? On the night of the New Year, why do you guard  outside my room the whole night?”

Sang Nuan’s words was deathly serious, as if spoken it with a heart full of rage. In her mind, Ao San’s actions and words were simply hateful, why did he always stood behind her  protecting her, that every time she glanced behind her, she sees his figure, even if told that she did not need his protection, he acted as if he never heard her words and completely ignored her. On the ship, he told her that once she is back to Wolf Island safely, he will leave Wolf Island at once!

Sang Nuan hated him extremely for this, because nobody and she will let no one in this world pull her heart this way and just casually leave!

Sang Nuan was looking at him intently like someone that was caught in her inescapable death trap. The gentle voice is now like frost, “You think you can come to the Wolf Island and can just leave casually like that?”

Ao San doesn’t regret anything he had done for her. He doesn’t regret carrying her on his back at the Forbidden Place. One thing he did regret was not being able to hold her hand the whole night when she was unconscious. He sighed lightly and after a long pause he said these words, “No matter what I am at your disposal.”

” I am free to do anything, anywhere, whatever….” Sang Nuan secretly gnashed her teeth and thought there was no point arguing, well then you said at my disposal! She took a deep breath, press down the burning flame in her chest, before raising her head with an intent to entice and seduced him with her charm. She sat on the edge of the bed smiling, “Well, explain to me why you said we are not suited? You then remain here in Wolf Island for awhile and help me find a man that is suited for me, there is no hurry, it is not not an urgent matter. We have to line up more than few men anyway. The number of men we collect doesn’t make any difference, more men there is. meant I have a better selection to pet with.”

Ao San’s eyes widened because of the incredulity of this beautiful woman, whose spewing such words without hint of embarrassment.

Seeing the provocation in her eyes, Ao San said in a chilly voice, “You are not doing such thing! “

Sang Nuan smiled, ” Why not, do you care about me?”

“I can’t say for sure. “

Ao San’s face turned more sinister, however Sang Nuan’s smile became more charming and enticing, “Why not?” I really don’t know who suits me, naturally I have to find few more men  to pet to know.”

Sang Nuan just finished her sentenced when she felt a pain in her waist in one quick turn and by the time she knew what was happening he was pinned under the body of Ao San.

Sang Nuan was taken by surprise but did not struggle. She could only look at him with indifferent smile, “Just now you can’t move, ah. Didn’t you say you are not suited for me and you will just drop me off to Wolf Island and then leave? Since you can move, why don’t you go now! Once you are gone, I am going to catch several men that I think suited for me and we will come and try… “

Behind the cold dark black eyes, Sang Nuan was not able to continue her sentence, because she saw hidden in those cold pupils were pain and grief.

Sang Nuan bit her lip in secret , though her heart felt an inexplicable pain but she still continued to say, “Ao San, let me tell you, I will certainly do what I say …” She was trying to compel him to confess to her, she didn’t believed that he didn’t had an affection for her, and as long as he had could admit that she had an affection for her, she would surely sweep away all the doubts in his mind and heart about them being together as couple.

Sang Nuan’s tolerance was being tested as this very moment, she had to reign her temper as their eyes locked in each other’s gaze, after a long silence, Ao San whispered back, “I am an assassin, whether alive or dead, I belong to Spirit Island.”

He has never done anything on his own accord as long as he remembered, and never in his life did he felt he had done something wrong. This time however, he felt like he had done something wrong. He is a person who didn’t even have control over his own life, for that of course how could he deserve her? He shouldn’t have gotten close to her at the beginning, he shouldn’t have cared about her.

She mustered all her patience and waited quietly for him to talk only to say this, so this the mere reason why he is denying himself? So, this why he was saying we don’t suit each other?

Sang Nuan find it very ridiculous and said, “It so happens that you got poisoned, remain in Wolf Island until you get stronger. Let us wait for the Master of Spirit Island to find me, the matter about your life and death is not irrelevant Wolf Island.”

Ao San frowned and quickly replied. ” In no way you must clash with master.” He knew that the woman, whose appearance looked weak was actually not weak at all, or even somewhat crazy, but with the current strength of Wolf Island, they don’t stand a chance at all.

Sang Nuan smiled and replied back, “Of course not.”

He looked at her strangely and wondered what made her so confident?

“Su Su left a letter before she left saying that if Ao Tian come to the island , I only need to let him know that Aunt Gu Yun had recognized me as a daughter and the Master of the Spirit Island will not make anything difficult .”

So this is what it is. He breathed a sigh of relief. His master looked up to Gu Yun and he could compromise on anything related to her. If that is Sang Nuan’s bargaining chip, there is no need for further explanation. Even if she asked for few warships for Wolf Island, it is not at all difficult.

What she said pierced through all the chains that weighed his heart. Ao San lovingly looked at the woman lying in his arms, with sly smile, his heart was surging with irrepressible feelings, whispered, “The antidote.”

Sang Nuan just pouted, “You are difficult to deal with, there’s no antidote for you.” 

“The antidote.”

“No. “

Ao San’s eyes narrowed, the arms that originally propped his body to keep him from touching Sang Nuan suddenly relaxed, his entire body was now pressed on her body that she needs to gasps for air, Sang Nuan angrily, “What are you doing? Get up.”

“I am not able to get up of this bed, you will not be able to get out of this bed also.”

Sang Nua’s eyes opened wide with spark, “Is that for certain?”


The voices inside the room, gradually become inaudible. Standing in the courtyard was Sang Leng, frozen in his place with cold expression. He stood there stiffly outside the door, not knowing if he should go in or leave.



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