A Mistaken Marriage Match 5: Pursuit of Murderer In Liao Yue Chapter 28 Is It Enemy or a Friend Part 2

A Mistaken Marriage Match 5: Pursuit of Murderer in Liao Yue by Qian Lu(错嫁良缘系列之燎越追凶)

Chapter 28 Is it an Enemy or a Friend Part 2

If you are reading some of my translations from aggregators ‘ site and not on the Killerninjablog@wordpress, I am sorry to disappoint some readers because some releases you are only getting half of the chapters.∼Mayo

Originally. She thought that Jin Yan Hen or Xing Mu came to find her. Lou Chen just narrowed her lips and frowned slightly. But after a while, when she  felt the burning gaze was from the other side of the stream, Lou Chen’s face froze and with the  equally icy voice that comes with it.

    “Have you seen enough?”

    Lou Chen also looked where the line of sight was coming from.

    The trees on the other side of the stream were more luxuriant than on her side. Even though, most leaves have fallen but the huge trunks were standing vigorously casting its shadows under the moonlight.

    In that darkness, a figure was crouching beside the stream seemed to be that of a man. He was dressed in black, but his arms were exposed and it was covered with blood. She couldn’t see the wound and she was guessing that the injury might be coming from the shoulder that blood was flowing down his arms.

    The shadows of the trees hid his face and she couldn’t see his facial features clearly, but it did not hinder Lou Chen from feeling the sharp pupils that was continually focused on her.  Although he was already crouching and injured, she could tell that this man was not weak at all. He had a look of ferocious beast  gathering its energy staring on its prey, and will likely to pounced any moment.

    Lou Chen narrowed her eyes and never avoided the man’s gaze, owing to the fact that she felt she would never be the prey.

    The two was staring at each other eye to eye, each one eyeing its prey, no one moved, only the sound of flowing water could be heard.

    Lou Chen was thinking about whether to continue to wait or attack first when there was a sudden movements behind the man. Two man wearing black clothes from head to toe appeared suddenly, and before she could say a word, the man already stood up.


    In the stillness of the night, the tone of the man was extremely low. The clear and cold male voice was heard by Lou Chen very clearly.

    The trio’s qinggong skills were excellent because in a blink of an eye, the three was already flashed in a far distance.

    Lou Chen squinted slightly, with some questions in her heart. How many people will actually appear here in the middle of the night, are they friends or foes? Or  just a total strangers?

    Just when Lou Chen was still pondering in amazement,  she suddenly heard the sound of an  arrow breaking the air and even Lou Chen who was standing on the other side of the stream could feel that sharp murderous intent.

    The man leaned to his side quickly and the sharp arrow plunged into the dead wood behind him, only half of the arrow was left potrude above the surface.

    Lou Chen had excellent vision. She was in and out of the General’s Mansion all year round and in just  one glance she knew that it was not an ordinary arrow, but a crossbow, which was faster and more agile than a long arrow.

    After this arrow, seven or eight more arrows were shot in succession, all were blocked by three men.

   From the darkness seven or eight more men in dark suits also came out, two of the men were carrying  crossbows and the others have different kinds of weapons, and the target was the three men.

    The two sides fought all the way, getting closer and closer to the stream. Although the three were outnumbered but their martial arts skills were superb, especially the injured man, he was very skillful and had very deep internal force. He was very aggressive that even when he was besieged, he showed no signs of retreat or defeat.

    The two men wearing black with crossbows were standing outside of the fighting periphery from time to time shooting some arrows. One of them discovered Lou Chen standing on the other side of the stream and pointed his crossbow towards her direction.

    Lou Chen just grunt and prepared to dodge the crossbow that was about to be shot in her direction. When the man who had been besieged by the two saw it, he leaped forward and swung his sword towards the man holding the crossbow. The man holding the crossbow was surprised and he hurriedly dodge the attack. Naturally, there was no way he could set out the task he intended to do towards Lou Chen.

    “Go.” It was that cold, low voice and Lou Chen knew that the “go” was for her to leave.

    Lou Chen frowned slightly. Both of them were wearing black clothes. Their motions were all sharp and fierce. There was no way they could distinguished their identities. After remembering the several people  that was also in the forest camping not far away, Lou Chen decided it was better to leave first.

    After she had decided, she quickly turned around without hesitation and with one breath run towards the road where she came from.

    The man looked back and took a glimpse of the woman in blue figure swiftly move away seven or eight feet in just one breath and disappeared quickly. The man’s eyes flash with amusement that he was almost hit by a crossbow, he returned to confront and focus to fight the enemy with all his might .

    Thanks to Lou Chen’s sufficient footwork skill,  it took a lot less time for her return than when she first went out. She deliberately relaxed her footsteps when she was about 10 ft away from the fire. Jin Yan Hen and Xi Mu heard the movement and woke up.

    The were fully alert while watching the person approaching. After seeing that it was Lou Chen, the two immediately welcomed her.

    “What’s going on? Chen’er?”

    “Miss Lou?”

    Naturally, Lou Chen did not hide the incident from them, she turned on the side of the fire to untie the horse’s ropes while speaking, “There are two forces fighting near the stream. They are all wearing black and their identities are unknown. We need to leave now to avoid encountering a disaster. “

   If Lou Chen run back in such a hurry, it only indicated that the martial arts of those people must not be weak. Thinking of the strength of their company, Jin Yan Hen and Xing Mu face sank. Both agreed at the same time, “Okay.”

    They woke Fang Ru Hui and Uncle Li in the middle of the night. Even though they were not clear what was happening, the expression of the three looked serious, they know that it was something complicated. Fang Ru Hui went inside the carriage quickly, Li Shu in turn quickly drove the carriage in the direction of the official road.

    Xing Mu led the way, and when Lou Chen got on the horse, she noticed that Jin Yan Hen was falling behind. When she looked back, he saw that the man was covering the almost extinguished fire with fine sand, and at the same time he was  carefully erasing the footprints on the ground. .

    After Jin Yan Hen packed up the traces of their camping, he immediately turned over to get his horse. When he raised his head, he was facing the cold scrutiny from Lou Chen, Jin Yan Hen responded by shyly grinning at her. Lou Chen raised her eyebrows slightly, neither of them spoke as the rode in the direction of the carriage.

    These group of travelers ran for about half an hour although there was no trace of anyone chasing them.  When they finally relax and put down their hearts, they heard a string of horse beats coming from behind. Although still at a far distance, Lou Chen and Xing Mu having high martial arts skills could hear it very clearly.

    They were riding ordinary horses and it was not that easy to rush in the dark road at night and on top of that they were also dragging a carriage. It will not be very long that these group of riders will overtake them.  Although it was unclear who were coming, they did not want to have any contact with them.

    Jin Yan Hen assessed the surroundings, unlike the forest before, the official road was lined with dense bushes on both sides. In the dark of the night, they can use it as a cover.  Jin Yan Hen whispered, ” Let us go down there and hide. ” He then took the lead to move behind the bushes.

    The sound of the horse’s hooves behind them was getting closer. The group couldn’t think of other alternatives, they could only turn their horses’ heads  and follow Jin Yan Hen behind the bushes.

    The shrub was almost as tall as person, and coupled with the dark of the night, even the carriage was hidden from view. If you don’t look close enough, absolutely it can never be found. They did not dare to go further for fear of the swaying the leaves and branches that will make people feel that there was something peculiar and suspicious.

    Fang Ru Hui and Uncle Li hid in the carriage. Jin Yan Hen, Lou Chen, and Xing Mu took the horses and stood among the trees five or six feet away from the official road, they were comforting and pacifying  the horses at the same time observing the situation on the official road.

    Soon enough,  they saw three horses galloping from a distance, the speed of the horse was extremely fast, as if the black lightning  was passing through in the night.

    Seeing the speed of the three horseman, Xing Mu felt relieved,  because they rushed past  and they wouldn’t notice anyone hiding on both sides of the official road.

    Unfortunately, things did not go as they expected. When the galloping horse almost ran past them, the leader somehow suddenly reined the horse with the hissing sound for it to stop. The two behind them also hurriedly tightened the reins, but they ran past about two or three feet before stopping.

    The few people hiding in the bush were shocked, but they didn’t dare to act rashly.

    The person just stopped the horse, turned his head to look towards the bushes, his gazed was so precise, as if he had already seen where they were hiding.

    That vision …

    It’s him?

    Lou Chen was secretly shocked. This man was extremely keen, nothing can escape his eyesight?

    Both Jin Yan Hen and Xing Mu’s hands were already holding the hilts of their swords. Lou Chen was not wary. She doesn’t think this person will do anything to them. If he wanted to kill her, he wouldn’t tell her to go before. So why does he stop here at the moment?

    Previously across the stream, now across the bushes, the two are still facing each other coldly. The  man was sitting upright in his tall and lofty spirit horse, but there was something carried by the night breeze, the pungent smell of blood.

    The man suddenly turned around, and it seemed like there was something important and using the whip urged the horse to depart.


    The bleak tone carried some chill. The man unconsciously pulled back the reins again, when he turned his head, he saw something shiny flying towards him. The man raised his hand and caught it firmly and he looked down, a white porcelain bottle was laying on the palm of his hand.

  The rubbed his eyes in astonishment, glanced at the figure hidden in the dark and then took the bottled in his arms. He then decisively kicked the horse’s side and galloped away. The two men in black followed behind hurriedly.

    Only when the three horse riders disappeared completely into the night, Jin Yan Hen let go of his hand from the scabbard. “Chen’er know that person?”  His voice doesn’t sound tensed  or nervous but in the contrary it sounded relaxed and casual.

    Lou Chen shook her head, “I’m just returning a favor.”

    After speaking Lou Chen didn’t continue to explain further and led the horse slowly out of the bush.

    They escaped the crisis this time but the surrounding forest  was dense and dark,  resting on the bushes was not an option.  Xing Mu said, “It’s almost dawn. Let’s go to the next town and rest.”


   The group continued their travel unto the night until they finally reached the nearest town in the morning (7-9am).

    They went riding throughout the night, both horses and people were exhausted.  Jin Yan Hen glanced at the expressions of the people around him, and said, “The whole night we have been tossing around, everyone is tired. It is better to take a rest in this town and how about if continue tomorrow? ”

    He knew only he could make this suggestion, in his body was a malicious poison and dragging the treatment for another day would be taking higher risk.  Their party was originally to rushing to Ling Cheng to find a cure, and naturally no one would propose to take a break and delay the trip.

   The people in their party were really exhausted, especially Fang Ru Hui and Uncle Li. After Jin Yan Hen finished speaking, everyone had no opinion, and Lou Chen was also silent. So, the travelling party  decided to  stay in town to rest a day.

    Only if  Jin Yan Hen  had known what would happen next, he wouldn’t stay in this town even just for a single second.

The next chapter will need Doctorwu to open the protected chapter.


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